27 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-17-20

  1. 😦 A press that is not doing its job. Not talking about individual reporters, although many are not doing it, but of the whole atmosphere or corporate culture. Some things (like Klobuchar supposedly finding elk tracks here) is harmless, but so much else is not. We NEED the press. We NEED an honest press and the freedom to share the information they find.

    🙂 Those who are working in jobs, including the press, in this challenging time for truth.

    🙂 My granddaughter is out of quarantine with both she and her family being just fine. I am grateful for each school and sports day these children can enjoy.

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  2. Just normal life has become something to be savored. So many people have lived without it for so long. 8 months is just a taste of what the North Koreans, Iraqis, Uegers, Somalis, etc. have been enduring for way too long. 😦

    I’ve been going through the filing cabinet, scanning very old papers, and recycling them.

    I can’t bring myself to throw away anything my parents wrote in their hand, but I’m leaning in that direction.

    The other night I dug out the first short story I wrote–as payment to my then-boyfriend, current husband, for something he did for my family.

    I scanned it and handed him the envelope marked “The Creature That Ate Bakersfield.” (Title contributed by my father).

    He laughed as he read it last night. “Your writing has improved.”


    As soon as the paper is dealt with, I may finally paint my office. No one seems to care the living room is still full of unscanned photo albums!

    (Handy for potential evacuation purposes; all ready to go!)

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  3. Michelle, I will let Chuck & Linda decide which papers should be kept.
    It occurred to me recently that there is an event in my life that no one has ever questioned. So? I wrote a section to put with my papers. It’s title
    “Answer to a question nobody ever asked”. It i puzzles me that no one ever asked me, “Why did you leave Civil Engineering at Carolina and change to Psychology and go to Southwestern Seminary?
    Lots of people know that I did. Nobody ever asked “WHY””

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  4. I’ll be glad when this election is over.
    I don’t understand why there is so much commotion about it. I understand that so many people don’t like Trump. But Biden has absolutely nothing.
    We are fighting against corruption here and everyone knows it. You may not like Trump. But Biden is not a viable alternative.
    He, and his son are crooks. We know that going in.
    Last time, I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary.
    This time, he is not a Biden.
    That’s reason enough.

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  5. 😦 My Nightingale has never met a meal that didn’t need cooking. And I’m the official cleaner-upper. (Okay, “never” is an exaggeration, but not far off! 😀 )

    On her days off, she makes breakfast. Then for lunch, rather than merely “grabbing a sandwich”, she heats up the cast iron skillet to grill a sandwich, and often also heats up some soup in another pan. And then, of course, there’s dinner to be cooked later. And the times she does some baking.

    Today is Boy’s birthday party, being held in our backyard. (He turns 10 on the 25th.) Nightingale has been busy bustling around, getting things ready, and neither of us had had anything to eat. She saw that I had just gotten myself a bowl of cereal, and decided she should have a bite to eat, too, after she finished one more thing. Just as I finished with the finishing touches in cleaning up the kitchen for our company, she pulls out eggs and bacon to make herself some breakfast. (I have to admit that I swore under my breath.)

    You could argue that she should clean up her own breakfast, but she has been so very busy yesterday and this morning, cleaning up and preparing for this party. Just in general, with work, school, and being a mother, as well as other things she does around here, she is a very busy lady, so it seems only fair that I, who am not nearly as busy as she, should continue to keep the kitchen clean, even when I don’t feel like it.

    To be fair, she does make an effort to clean up when she is baking, and sometimes will take the initiative to clean up after a meal. But sometimes, I wish she could be content grabbing a quick sandwich or having a bowl of cereal.

    Okay, that’s my selfish rant for the day.

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  6. Kizzie, I have a piano student who started last month who has on more than one occasion spoken enthusiastically about her birthday coming up. She turns 10 four days before your Boy does. 🙂 Is he excited about reaching “double digits”? 🙂

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  7. Chas, I don’t think voters care much about Biden’s son. Voters have chosen to overlook personal character in large part.

    If Biden wins (and I suspect he will), I think some of it, maybe much of it, will be a result of Trump fatigue. He’s a pot-stirrer, he loves a fight (and the media and the left provide that all the time now) — no matter who’s “fault” it’s been, it’s frankly been an absolutely exhausting, chaotic, angry 4 years.

    I’m not saying that changes under Biden, it may just wind up looking different. The underlying division and problems and anger will still be there. So there may be no relief in that sense, really, but it will look and sound different and I think for some voters who don’t follow politics that closely, that’ll be good enough.

    The country is exhausted.

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  8. *whose

    😦 Rant, I can’t write this morning.

    🙂 Saturday. More sleep.

    🙂 I’m slowly adapting to the new car.

    😦 I still really miss my old Jeep.

    😦 The campaign and coming election, playing out in a horrifying fury around us. It’s also going to be a busy and somewhat chaotic time at work over the next few weeks.

    😦 The continuing pandemic, especially with concerns about higher numbers as the seasons change.

    🙂 My still-recovering knee is hanging in there, still functioning, but still somewhat painful, better some days than other, in the post-PT weeks so far. I am exercising (probably need to do more of that, admittedly) but I miss the “connection” and oversight of a professional trainer from week to week.

    😦 Carol’s predicament and declining health

    🙂 God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the world — even when we don’t clearly see or understand it.

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  9. 6 Arrows – Yes, he is excited about turning 10. Lately, he has talked about how mature he is getting. That makes me laugh, because he is still a little less mature than he should be at his age. But to his credit, he has matured quite a bit over the last several months.

    (Don’t worry, anyone – I don’t laugh at him when he talks about being mature, but I smile, and I laugh “inside”. 🙂 )

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  10. DJ – Nightingale had a hard time when her Honda Civic “died”. She took a selfie with it before it was hauled away.

    Thinking of that, I remember that after Hubby’s death, I was surprised to find out that he had been the actual title holder on the Civic. I think Nightingale owed back (car) taxes when she bought it, so his name was used as the official owner. He may even have helped her pay for it. (She would reimburse him for the auto insurance.)

    You know what was kinda funny? I – the non-driver – ended up owning two cars after his death. But we didn’t waste time waiting to go to the DMV to get them both in her name. That actually turned out to be easier than I thought it would be, except for the long wait at the DMV office.

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  11. When my neighbor said something to me the other day about how the new car had been parked in front of my house for a couple days — rather than in the driveway — I said i was leaving the driveway clear in case the old Jeep came home on its own. Kind of like Lassie.


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  12. 🙂 Salsa made and tomatoes all dealt with.

    🙂 Surprise BBQ sauce when I over-simmered the thin tomato juice that we strained off the thicker tomato flesh. It was on the edge of caramelization and husband said “it looks like BBQ sauce” so that’s what we made and it’s in the freezer – so yummy.

    😦 🙂 Winter tires are on both vehicles.

    🙂 Halloween candy divvied up into individual bags and ready for our two trick or treaters.

    🙂 Found some cast iron coat hooks on Amazon for our front closet area.

    🙂 Twins are almost 29 weeks gestation – every week is a triumph 🙂

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  13. DJ, we had next-door neighbors growing up who were raising their granddaughter. When they moved in, she was four and they also had two dogs, an old female and a younger male, her son, that looked a lot like his mother except he was a lot thinner, smaller, and had a curl at the end of his tail, and he was male. One day the younger dog was having spasms in the driveway, and I asked about it a few days later and was told he had epilepsy. Then we stopped seeing him and we were told he “ran away.”

    One day I was out in the front yard when this young dog came trotting up their driveway, to be met by an enthusiastic hug and his name by his little girl and “You came home!” We never saw him again, though. I’m assuming they gave him away and he found his way home, but they didn’t want to keep him. If they came up with a new lie or told the truth the second time, I don’t know. But it was clearly the same dog, same markings, same curl of the tail, trotting up the driveway as though in familiar territory.


  14. Kizzie, it’s sad to me too. At the time I was 13 or 14. When I saw the dog trotting down the driveway coming home, I thought he really had “run away” or gotten lost. But then he was just gone and nothing more was said about it.

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  15. 🙂 In-person church (outdoor service at our sister church, this was the church I belonged to before transferring to the current congregation, both in the same denomination), first time in 7 (!?) months for me. Quite a few folks were there, including many from our congregation — since our church can only manage indoor gatherings (which is against the current state orders), several feel more comfortable coming to the other church across town. The pastor was an intern at our church some years ago, he looks amazingly like Matt Damon.

    🙂 Communion

    🙂 Singing/humming together (behind masks)

    🙂 Prayer of confession and forgiveness

    🙂 Learned that our associate pastor and his family are up and moving to … Boise. They can afford a house there.

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  16. This sister church has its own property that includes a patio and “backyard” open area behind the church building so doing the outdoor service is pretty easy. They’ve had attendance challenges though, it’s not in a great part of town and is crunched in among blocks of apartments with a fairly transient population. Some of our elders and members have been ‘loaned’ out to help them get back on their feet after a few key families left due to job transfers.

    So until the state order changes to formally allow indoor services, this is where I plan to go.

    Sat with a couple I know well, along with their daughter and son-in-law (the LAPD-Hollywood officer) and two young boys. Officer’s wife does our email prayer ministry. Interesting, she and I were chatting a bit afterward and she said she abstained from voting for president in 2016 (and will again this time) also. I suspect a lot of us have taken that route.


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