106 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-17-20

  1. Good morning everyone.
    I just wrote a long post about California legislators.
    But then, I considered that this is California’s problem. And I deleted everything and just say.
    Good morning.


  2. That is a calming header. A nice focus for these chaotic days.

    I hope everyone has a good start for this Saturday which is forcast to be a beautiful fall day in Atlanta. It’s starting out around 45Β° and will go up in the 60Β°s. I have been taking some and just realized that is where that bit of shoulder stiffness came from. I tend to forget if I don’t overexert that I can still get sore from continuous repetitions.

    I look forward to fewer political ads on television but still expect runoffs here to make them drag out.πŸ™„πŸ˜₯😫

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  3. β€œa mere three geese?”

    The rest are off pooping in people’s yards. Or else the AFLAC duck showed up and they’re getting his autograph.

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  4. Did anyone Christmas shop this week? With Prime Day(s) it got some in the mood. I think with the expectation of more online purchases that stores would like to level out the delivery season so there are not too many deliveries to make at one time. I found a good deal on a flannel pj set that my brother can give me for Christmas.

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  5. Michelle- Have you considered a solar powered generator? There are a lot out there, though they are higher cost than a gasoline one. But you never have to worry about fuel, and with the California sun you should always have a charged battery.

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  6. My friend, Florence, is keeping up with the baseball games. She is from TX originally so is pulling for the Astros, too. I was only keeping up with the Braves so she has expanded my world in that regard. If it ends up with the Astros against the Braves I suppose she will have a heart tug-o’-war.


  7. Mr. Energy is also extremely knowledgeable about solar power. The problem is two-fold for us.

    You need a battery. (See above).

    The amount of energy that ultimately comes from solar panels is NOT equivalent to the amount of energy used to construct them. If they were manufactured in California, say, where we have green energy, the world’s carbon footprint would shrink at the same time we would own a product that might last long enough to justify itself. (total payback)

    Most of the solar panels in the world are made in China–where the energy is three times dirtier than the energy in California (in terms of how it is produced).

    Using solar panels out of China actually increases the world’s carbon footprint.

    In addition, our current state is increasing their tariff on solar production which soon may not make it a wise money decision for many.

    We talk about it. We look at it. It never pencils out.

    The other problem is California needs solar power at night, not during the day. Panels should be facing west and most face south. It gets more complicated than that and Mr. Energy can easily put people to sleep discussing the issues.

    Otherwise, it’s not necessarily a bad idea. Natural gas would be better.

    But of course, the anti-frackers come unglued as soon as you point that out.

    The US has enough natural gas reserves to last for 100 years or more.

    But, if you get to the heart of the radical environmentalist’s agenda–and a lot of them live out here–it’s really about shrinking the population.

    Now I’m discouraged again. I think I’ll turn off the lights. I don’t need them while typing on the computer. πŸ™‚

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  8. Chas, it means there are only three geese on that side of the pond (socially distanced geese).

    Well, the frost wasn’t as heavy as yesterday, but it’s still pretty to get frost when some of the flowers are still in bloom and when pretty fall leaves are on the ground. Frost itself can be gorgeous, but add the bits of color of the flowers or the leaves and it can really be special. It may very well have kept me from getting a good night sleep, though, since my hubby told me at bedtime that there was supposed to be frost this morning, too, and frost lasts such a short time that that means going out as close to first light as possible. Making “plans” for early in the morning can definitely interfere with my sleep. (A lot of things can.)

    Speaking of sleep, has anyone tried weighted blankets? It’s kind of the opposite approach to “sleeping cool,” but it really sounds like an option that might work well for me, since I have to have at least a sheet up to my neck even on warm days, and being more or less snuggled in is even better. But they’re fairly expensive and I kind of hate to spend the money without being fairly sure it would work for me.

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  9. Michelle, solar power is not a good power grid option, but as an independent power generator for individuals, it is an excellent option. I speak from experience. Two small panels could generate fridge, freezer, fans, and lights for a family in West Africa, not just overnight, but also for a couple of days (cloud cover in the rainy season could keep off the sun for a few days). Each panel was connected to about 6 batteries. As a single, I never ran out of power. They also powered the clinic’s fridge that stored vaccines, which needed a consistent temperature (we checked it twice every day). On grid, it cannot account for the power surge demands of mass use, but off grid in a sunny climate, it can supply individual household day and night.

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  10. I slept in way too late today and had some snippets of unsettling dreams to pay for it.

    Weighted blankets sound stifling. I have just sheets and a really lightweight comforter on my bed; if I need more there’s a quilt nearby. And usually a cat.

    Well, our scorchingly dry heat wave seems to be breaking, the fog did it, although it says it should still get up to 80 degrees today. But its still only in the 60s at 10:30 a.m.with very fog-hazed skies. Will it ever rain again?

    Janice, why are you just eliminating the Dodgers altogether? Don’t answer that.

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  11. Oh, DJ, it was hypothetical. Anything can still happen given it’s 2020 and a crazy year. It truly does not matter so much to me, except that it seems to matter to those I care about. I mainly hope everyone stays well and free from injury. And it is a good distraction from politics.
    When I talked to Wesley and mentioned the Braves he was surprised by my mention of them in conversation. He is not keeping up with it. And sports is usually reserved for conversations with Dad. I invaded the male domain in my family! Wesley is busy writing another article on top of his teaching activities. He stayed up one night really late working on if and said it’s a rare thing to do that now but it used to be routine as a student.


  12. This sounds interesting, but I knew nothing about weighted blankets until today. A cat or dog does serve the same purpose but only for those who appreciate them in the bed. That never would have been accepted in my family when I was growing up, and Miss Bosley is the only cat who has been so privileged in my life.


  13. Husband and I spent yesterday processing tomatoes into sauce and this morning, making salsa. It’s a lot of work, but we then get salsa that doesn’t have onions in it. (Husband can’t eat onions).

    I am so thankful that chore is done. The small containers are now cooling on the deck and then they’ll go in the freezer.

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  14. Mmmm, salsa.

    I always had a cat on the bed (and later a dog) growing up. My mom’s childhood home in Iowa was populated with at least a couple house cats. Her 2nd cousin once told me — recalling her visit to the house when she was growing up — that cats could be seen just about everywhere, or so it seemed to her, including one lounging and warming itself on top of the wood stove.

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  15. Your salsa sounds wonderful, Kare, although I can’t have much tomato these days. I miss salsa and a basket of warm chips at a Mexican restaurant. Queso sauce is good as a substitute though.


  16. Michelle, grilled cheese sandwiches.

    Cheryl, nineteen has a weighted blanket. She says it helps her calm down but she refuses to use it as I told her the instructions said not to put it over her head.

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  17. I think you’re right, Roscuro, when individuals can control their own energy usage. It’s foolhardy, though, to build an entire economy–and the eighth largest one in the world at that–around renewable power when you can’t control the sunlight and the wind.

    Many companies are no longer investing in our community because they can’t afford to have to plan around power outages and fire. This is a problem with our civic and state-wide government’s decisions.

    The electrical company doesn’t seem particularly interested, nor has the government helped, in ensuring a sufficient power grid. Many of us feel like we’re living, forgive me, in a third world country where we’re being asked to “suck it up,” rather than those have the “experts” provide us with utilities.

    That, frankly, is absurd. Billions of dollars are being squandered on untried theories while people sit in the dark and hope their cell phone will tell them when they have to evacuate their property.

    My neighborhood has been here for 50 years. It’s only in the last four years we’ve had to evacuate for fire and to adapt to rolling blackouts.

    Meanwhile, our legislature is excited about ideas to blow up dams, to let the rivers go free (while doing nothing about the illegal marijuana growers who routinely siphon all the water out of the aforementioned rivers), to shut down viable power plants and leave the people in the dark.

    A better question might be–why do these same incompetents keep being voted into office and/or paid gazillion dollars a year to make matters worse?

    1 Samuel 8:

    10 So Samuel told all the words of the Lord to the people who asked him for a king. 11 And he said, β€œThis will be the behavior of the king who will reign over you: He will take your sons and appoint them for his own chariots and to be his horsemen, and some will run before his chariots. 12 He will appoint captains over his thousands and captains over his fifties, will set some to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and some to make his weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. 13 He will take your daughters to be perfumers, cooks, and bakers.

    14 And he will take the best of your fields, your vineyards, and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. 15 He will take a tenth of your grain and your vintage, and give it to his officers and servants. 16 And he will take your male servants, your female servants, your finest [a]young men, and your donkeys, and put them to his work. 17 He will take a tenth of your sheep. And you will be his servants.

    18 And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the Lord will not hear you in that day.”

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  18. A friend loaned me a weighted blanket to try–hoping it would help me sleep.

    I took a comfortable nap under it in the recliner, but after that, it was too heavy and did not affect my ability to sleep well. I particularly couldn’t handle it on my feet. I’m better with a duvet.

    Obviously, that’s not true of most people. πŸ™‚

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  19. This was a lovely day for Boy’s backyard birthday party. Earlier in the week, the forecast was for rain all day, which is why Nightingale and I made sure the inside of our home was cleaned well. But as each day went by, the forecast looked a little better, and then a little more better.

    The rain ended last night, and today was sunny, with temps in the mid- to upper-50s, and felt warmer in the sun. There was only a total of four children (a few others did not bother showing up 😦 ), but that seemed to work out pretty well anyway. And now we have plenty of leftover grinders! (For you non-Connecticut folks, grinders = submarines, hoagies, etc.)

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  20. So far so good with the Dodgers, DJ. We went to bed at 2-1 down last night (though I hadn’t gone to sleep yet by 2:00 in the morning or so, and checked the score to see they’d won), but they’re up 3-0 now and so far holding on to force a game seven. My husband said they hadn’t won a World Series game since before he met his first wife (in the eighties). I didn’t realize it had been that long. I always think of the Dodgers and Yankees as bring the teams to win that, but probably my one sports-minded brother was still home and talking Dodgers in one or two such wins. (He now lives near LA, has ever since he attended college in California in the late seventies and married a classmate who was daughter of the dean.)


  21. Michelle, I thought I remembered reading about rolling blackouts in California in a couple of decades ago. I looked it up to make sure, and yes, it was 2001, summed up in one word, Enron.

    We have sometimes discussed the phenomenon of California amongst our family, as we find it weird that a semi-arid region is supporting a population bigger than the entire population of Canada (California – pop. 39.8 million; Canada – pop. 37.7 million). The warm climate is a huge draw no doubt. But other, less warm regions, are better equipped with water and fertile earth for a large population. It makes one think of other places built on slender strips of fertile land next to arid regions that eventually collapsed and became ghosts, such as the cities of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, or Tyre and its daughter city of Carthage.


  22. Yesterday was a day of admiring the sky around here. During the day, as I drove to a nearby town to run errands, I was delighted by the sight I saw as I started down a long hill. There were rain clouds being blown across the sky, alternating with patches of blue sky, so that one drove in and out of rain and sunshine, and the two combined perfectly to create rainbow that arched over the farms spread below my vision.

    Then, after dark, the sky cleared, and Mars was supposed to be the closest it had been to two decades, so I took first Tiny and then Sixth out to see Mars, easily located by its steady orange light in the eastern sky. We also found Ursula Major (which we call the Big Dipper), Orion’s Belt, the North Star, Venus, and the Milky Way of course. I also spotted Cancer and Pelaides, but they were fainter due to light pollution (which increases every year as Toronto and other communities grow larger).

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  23. Babylon rings a bell … πŸ™‚

    It’s still remarkable to see all the open land across the country when traveling either by plane or car; we do live in a rather crowded area and forget it’s not all like it is here.

    I’ve had so little energy today, but finally did tackle the stack of junk mail and hand-washed the dishes from last night and this morning. Got the dogs fed. And we have a wonderful cool breeze coming in the windows today, a welcome change from the hot air we’ve had all week.

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  24. We got the opportunity to see the wide open spaces while taking the train through France, the Chunnel, England, Scotland. My impression was that the place was a solid city, but going by train, it was clear there was a lot of farmland, vineyards, etc. and just wide open spaces or forests. Not exactly the overpopulated orb people want to believe it is.

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  25. I found the people the perfect house. They went to lunch then drove by one that was under contract. They called the listing agent and that deal fell apart. They already have another offer in play but I wrote one too and we are going to see it in the morning. Ugh.

    This afternoon I baked oatmeal dried cherry πŸ’ coconut πŸ₯₯ pecan chocolate 🍫 chip cookies because Youngest Son requested that. Mr P requested plain oatmeal raisin cookies and he also got chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. Altogether I baked about 75 or 80 cookies.
    I did buy myself another sheet pan. πŸ˜‰

    Regarding solar power: They cost about $30,000. Most people finance them. No one wants to take over the payments if the house sells. If you have to remove them to put in a new roof it can void warranties. Insurance will not cover them, and if you produce enough that you sell some back to the local power company it turn your home into commercial property. They add nothing to the value of a home on resale.
    Bottom line? Not cost effective.

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  26. I was wondering, DJ, since I did not have the television on. If Art is not here then it is not on, and he has not yet gotten home from work. I am glad that everyone is getting some joy from these games.


  27. Art did not know that the Dodgers won so I was the bearer of bad news, and he declared that the Braves are going to lose their chance. It means a lot more to him than to me. I never have understood that phenomenon about teams meaning so much to people unless they actually are playing on the team.

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  28. Cheryl – Not sure about the others, but I’m pretty sure at least one mother had said that her son would be here, and then didn’t show. Stephanie and Grace were intending to come, but Steph had car trouble this morning.

    Like you, we have been in a serious drought this summer, so I certainly would not complain about the rain, but I was glad it got itself over with in time for today. It helped some, but I think more is needed. I’ve read that we’re supposed to have a bad winter with lots of snow. Last year we had very little snow, which was great for not having to shovel it, but not great for water needs.

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  29. Home from an all day class at church on shepherding children during covid. Shepherds are to protect, provide and be present. At one point they spoke on forgiveness for those who had failed to shepherd us well. Then we had fifteen minutes to go somewhere and pray for those folks. Very moving.
    Also so different to actually be in a group in a class.

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  30. Earlier, I mentioned the grinders. Nightingale had ordered and picked up three “super grinders” from our local grocery store, that were each just about two and a half feet long. Nightingale, Boy, Gabby, and I each had some, but the two other boys must have had lunch before they came over because they didn’t have any, although they munched on some chips and cookies.

    So Nightingale took the grinders over to our neighbors who were hanging out together (next door neighbors and Gabby-Mom), and told them to have as much as they wanted and then return the rest. We still ended up with plenty for tomorrow.

    I can imagine those with serious concerns about Covid must be shuddering at the thought of the boxes and the food going back and forth between houses. And maybe we should be more careful, but I think “Covid exhaustion” has settled in.

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  31. Neighbors got their Halloween decor out today in the front yard. They go scary — spider webs, etc; I go ‘harvest’ with just some orange LED lights, a maple leaf garland and plain, no-face) pumpkins on the front porch. I also have a fall wreath in the garage, I suppose it’s finally time to get that out. Maybe tomorrow.

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  32. Kizzie, I think I have heard “bad winter with lots of snow” fir 15 to 20 winters straight. Maybe twice they have changed it up a little with “really cold winter but not a lot of snow,” but usually it’s “bad winter with lots of snow” and it’s never “mild winter.” Here the last two winters (the only two we’ve spent in our new home) have both been mild. Last year we got a snowstorm in November (while leaves were still on the trees) and wondered if it would be a snowy winter, but that was the heaviest snow of the winter, with nothing but occasional flurries after that.

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  33. It is getting darker so much earlier in the evenings! I don’t like what is coming up in a couple weeks…daylight savings time…..
    Monk is always good Janice…my daughter gifted me the entire dvd set a few years ago. Sometimes I have my own β€œMonk” marathon! 😊
    There are two new fires burning and they are getting closer south although on the other side of our interstate from us. I guess it is time to take new inventory videos of the house and possessions, gather together important papers and make a plan. 😞 Praying for those in harms way right now…I have two friends in the area of one of the new fires….

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  34. Cheryl – We usually get several snowstorms throughout the winter. I’m hoping this winter is a normal one, and that the forecasters are just exaggerating. I’d love another mild, little snow winter, but I know we need the precipitation.

    In a comment above, I mentioned “Covid exhaustion” (referring to the mental/emotional exhaustion many people have with the whole situation, not the physical kind that Covid patients may experience). Not long after that, I saw one article that says that Dr. Fauci is suggesting that people not have Thanksgiving gatherings, and another article in which he says that mask wearing and social distancing may or will continue into 2022. 😦

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  35. NancyJill – I actually like it when we turn the clocks back and it gets dark early. I like the cozy feeling inside.

    Hubby didn’t like it, though, because it meant that he went to work in the dark and came home in the dark.

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  36. It’s easier for me now, the time change, since I’m working at home. When I commuted about 30-40 minutes away, it was always dark by the time I got home from work; now I still have a little bit of daylight as i can stop work and “be” home right away πŸ™‚

    I’m watching a documentary on the royal family, interesting to see all the more recent clips of the Diana era

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  37. Although when the clocks do actually turn back, that won’t be the case I suppose.

    Still, love working at home, although I sometimes wish there was an office to go to still.

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  38. Not defending the cheaters, but the ones who cheated were let go so the ones who lost were not cheating as far as I know unless there is a new allegation about the team. The current players are suffering the price of a bad reputation because of past personnel. The article I wrote that won third place for the conference that got cancelled was about that type of cheating and included the Astros as an example. The article, written for teens is entitled, “If Everyone Cheats, Why Shouldn’t I?”


  39. Decisions must be made about what to wear to church. I wish I could feel upbeat about going. It’s not the same and that makes me sad. My brother’s church is pretty much back to how it was before Covid. My church is in the midst of a large medical community and CDC is nearby where some members work so it makes sense that we are acting with utmost precaution.

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  40. Janice, the manager was fired, but the players were not. And they didn’t lose the World Series title that they didn’t really win. I don’t know how many of the current players were involved in the cheating, but enough of them were that we see it as a team of cheaters. They should have had the title stripped, and my husband said they should have either been disbanded as a team or been banned from the post-season for five or ten years. Last night’s game is the only one we watched in their series, but we watched it hoping to see them lose and eliminated. Allowing them to continue to play with no real punishment sets a very bad precedent.

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  41. Cheryl, you are much better informed than I am. Thank you for letting me in on the scoop. I have not kept up with it since I wrote the article. You are always on top, in the know, and ready to set things right. God uses you to keep people on their toes. Thank you for being a challenger for God’s good purposes!

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  42. Is this something I should be concerned about?
    Gamecocks beat Auburn, if that’s what you are tlking about.
    Good morning everyone.
    I have been up and about but things are settled down now.
    Have a nice Sunday.

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  43. Chas, we are talking about Major League baseball leading up to the World Series. Some people care about it a lot more than others. The final game between the Braves and Dodgers will be deciding who goes to the World Series.


  44. Morning! It was a bit breezy around here at 4:30am but it has all calmed down now. Our skies for the past two days have been odd. Appearing as though it would rain but no moisture in those clouds…so we just go with β€œovercast” 😞
    I wanted to attend the West campus service this morning but husband wants to wait and attend our East service at West campus tonight at 6:30. It is wearying for me as I am usually tired and unfocused by the time the evening service starts. Husband says I need to adjust my attitude…I just drink coffee instead….. 😜

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  45. Afraid to even watch the Dodgers game. Are they back in LA?

    I’m off to the outdoor service at our sister church this morning, it seems like the best option for me as it is within the state’s current guidelines (like them or not — our home church had logistical problems doing that so is meeting indoors but has encouraged members also to attend the outdoor service across town if they’re more comfortable with that option) — between the knee and then the car mayhem it’s been a challenge to get to the Sunday morning service period, but it’s beyond time for me to do that.

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  46. I may have found a simple solution for the cat and the screen (when I just can’t keep her locked in).

    There are plastic mats with spikes on them (plastic) that are supposed to serve as a very effective deterrent that keeps cats and other critters away from areas. I can put one or two on the porch right in front of the screen area and also one or two next to and under the side gate, the ‘escape route’ from the backyard, I’m pretty sure.

    I ordered them from amazon, they’re supposed to arrive today.

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  47. Janice, actually my husband “followed” the scandal and read about it, and I really didn’t. I was thinking that they won the World Series last year and that the cheating included last year, so I had my years wrong. Nevertheless, they did cheat to win a World Series and the win wasn’t taken away from them, and apparently the whole team was involved in the cheating, so we’re not really supporters of the team.

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  48. My kids gave me the entire Monk series for Christmas. We watched our favorites at the start of COVID.

    I’m currently watching the Anne of Green Gables movies from the 1980s. Just the first two; I detest the third.

    A friend, Rachel Dodge, has a devotional coming out based on Anne–called Kindred Spirits. I’ll be writing a blog post on it soon, and liked it so much I bought a copy for all my girls AND a copy of the book.

    So, it’s fun to watch the films again.

    Adorables are gone, house is a wreck, I’m tired, but life is good, rich and full.

    And my kids finally got some time alone without the Adorables in 8 months. Score!

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  49. The third Anne film was produced by a Japanese company. The Anne series is huge there apparently, and before COVID-19, poor old PEI would get flooded by Japanese tourists. Canadians also found that third film ridiculous, since the book series places Anne’s youngest daughter as growing up during WWI. None of my family can bring themselves to watch it. The more so since the story of the Avonlea community had been carried on by the long running Canadian TV show ‘Road to Avonlea’, which incorporated stories from many different Lucy Maud Montgomery books, including secondary characters from the Anne of Green Gables series, such as Marilla and Rachel Lynde. The main characters of Road to Avonlea, the children and adults of the King family, were drawn from the Montgomery books ‘The Story Girl’ and ‘The Golden Road’.

    I understand from some non-Canadians, that they do not quite understand the TV series and some find it boring, but to us, who watched it whenever we could while visiting our grandparents on Sunday afternoon, the charm of L.M. Montgomery’s work was always in those secondary characters, who might have been characters drawn from our own communities. I recognize the people in Montgomery’s world, because they were the people I grew up among. It is a world that is rapidly disappearing, as broken homes and economic migration have splintered once tight knit communities, which is perhaps why the atrocity of the Netflix series ‘Anne with an E’ was able to be produced.

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  50. Just finished the Zoom Sunday school class on Daniel 4–where Nebuchadnezzer basically becomes an ox kept in a pasture for seven years.

    I fell apart recognizing that’s what happened to my father–not the ox part–but a proud man broken in so many ways over the last seven years of his life. Except, he never repented.

    I had to excuse myself and go off and cry.

    Grief never really ends, does it?

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  51. Nope, my brothers and I were just reminiscing on our sister who died twenty years ago, just a couple of days before her big fiftieth birthday bash was to take place, followed by a traveling adventure with her husband. Before that, it was our mom who died thirty eight years ago.

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  52. I just got a call from the school nurse. She is doing contact tracing. One of my students must be positive, because the nurse asked that since her desk is closest to mine if I was near her for more than 15 minutes at any time. Well, my desk is at the back of the room and I spend most of my time at the front. Plus I move around the room a lot, so I doubt I am close to anyone more than 5 minutes at a time.

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  53. The other day Second went apple picking with my father and the two little ones, and they brought back several varieties of apples. This afternoon, the Seconds were going out and leaving the little ones to our care, and Second left two russet apples for the little ones to eat as a snack. Russets have a slightly fuzzy skin, and are an old fashioned variety. When Tiny decided she would like a snack to eat, my mother and I asked if she wanted her apple sliced and peeled, she replied, “Yes, this apple has a skin like a potato.” Sixth chimed in, “This apple is not good for us.” I remarked that it they were a very old apple, meaning the variety. Sixth, taking my remark entirely literally, stated, “Then they should be thrown out.” Despite all that, they are now eating their russet apples slices.

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  54. Peter:
    It wasn’t luck that the Gamecocks had. Turns out, they played good football.
    Shows they can play with the big boys. So? Let’s try Gamecocks against LSU for the tie-breaker.
    There is some switching around due to the virus. So if you need to make a change, feel free.


  55. Spiked deterrent mats are all laid out in front of the window with the screen.

    I’ll have to replace that screen as it is, but at least it’s not shredded, just has some poked and weak places; maybe he can repair that?


  56. Well we put a house under contract today. I’m not complaining. It fell in my lap so to speak.

    Apparently 2 weeks with daddy then mommy has caused Little Miss to develop an attitude. She refuses to go potty and doesn’t like to have her diaper changed. I only have 2 weeks to straighten that out. I knew they would ruin her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I have been reading this afternoon. It is set in a small town I. Northern California. It makes me want to visit.

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  57. I did some reading today, too, a legal-mystery novel.

    Well, the first half of the first inning sure could have been worse. Still not good. Deja vu …

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  58. DJ – I don’t want to discourage you about those new mats but. . . The other day, Nightingale switched my old bath mats (one in front of the tub and one in front of the sink/vanity) with ones she had from upstairs. The new ones are larger than my old ones, and they are the kind that you can feel “squishing down” (for lack of a better term, but it is a very plush feeling) when you step on them.

    Well, my kitty Angel, who is scared of so many things, apparently is scared to step on the new mats. But she managed to jump over the mat onto the vanity, where I keep an old tea cup of water for the kitties. When I saw that, I thought of Annie and your new mat. Hoping she reacts differently than Angel did.

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