10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-3-20

  1. šŸ™‚ Thanking the Lord for living in a place where when we hear gun shots we wonder who is hunting or target practicing instead of shooting at other people.

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  2. Amazing thank you from the President at Walter Reed, once again, giving credit to God. Good to see and continuing to enjoy watching our brother grow in the Lord.

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  3. House is standing and my Engineer didn’t think it smelled badly.

    He left the refrigerator until we both return–possibly on our anniversary. The romance never ends! LOL

    I’d rather not have to deal with insurance and smoke damage. I’d prefer not to have smoke damage.

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  4. To treat for smoke you need to do an ozone treatment. The house I own was formerly owned by smokers. A 24 hour ozone treatment got rid of all of the smoke smell.


  5. Jo, I assume the person didn’t leave possessions behind? I think part of the issue is the possibility of having to clean smoke-damaged items.

    I too bought a house from a smoker. my house in Nashville. Fortunately they had been mostly living in a motor home for the previous few months or so, but all the wallpaper had stains that stopped where the photos had hung. In one instance I had the “brilliant” idea of saving space in my trash can, because I was still renting a bedroom in another house while I did work on the one I had bought, and the two homes had different trash pick-up days. Since trash was going to be picked up the next day where I rented, I filled the backseat of my car with bags of “wallpaper” we took down from the bathroom. My car reeked for the next week! (The paper on the bathroom wall wasn’t actually wallpaper, but shelf paper, and in the humidity of a bathroom it bubbled off the wall. When I took it down it uncovered a big area of plywood where a window had formerly been. They built a shed outside–which had rotted and gotten infested with termites and had to come down–and they simply replaced the window with plywood. So many “surprises” in that house.)

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  6. A dream I had last night: I was sitting with Hubby on a couch, and at some point it became apparent that I was in some kind of medical treatment room, in which I, not Hubby, was getting some kind of treatment (like chemo). I got up to leave and thought I should stop and say goodbye to the other two ladies there, who happened to be my aunts. As I was walking past them, after saying goodbye, my Aunt Janet was standing there waiting to talk to me, which surprised me because she died a couple years ago.

    She said, “See those men there? They’ve come to take him.” I turned around to see three men now sitting in the area where Hubby and I were, who I hadn’t seen before, and I knew that they were some kind of spirits, and that they were waiting for Hubby to die to “take” him (presumably to Heaven). The way she said it was pleasant and friendly, not in the manner of a dire warning.

    Anyway, when I awoke, I realized that everyone in that dream, not only Aunt Janet and Hubby, was actually dead in real life, except for me. Thinking about that on waking in the middle of the night, I have to admit that I felt it was a little creepy. If I was one of those people who believe in getting messages in dreams, I would be a little worried! šŸ™‚

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  7. Michelle, we did not have any smoke damage on our house and the smoke was so thick and dark, visibility was about 10 feet or less. Then again, it was forest burning, not plastics and other man-made items. And, we had a wood furnace, so our house already had a very faint smoky smell at all times.

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  8. Good to know, Kare.

    Iā€™d been thinking about replacing the cheap carpet and painting the walls, anyway, so maybe this is the perfect time.

    Husband acted surprised when I mentioned that idea.

    We know some painters who could use the work.


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