Our Daily Thread 9-9-20

Good Morning!

Today is 6 Arrows’ birthday!



Anyone have a QoD?

51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-9-20

  1. Morning! Umm…his eyes are glowing! Is that why they call them Lantern flies? Eww!
    Happy Birthday precious 6arrows! β€˜Tis a sweet blessing to celebrate our Lord’s beautiful gift of YOU this day! πŸ’• πŸŽ‚
    25 degrees and lots of snow around here…brrrrr

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  2. Today BG turns 23. About this time, I had gotten up, gotten a shower, shaved my legs, and put on make-up. It was the fulfilment of many years of prayer. There is a connection to the Brownsville Revival that went on for several years in Pensacola. My friends used to joke that I would be the only woman to deliver a baby in pearls with flawless make up. I coudn’t let them down.
    Whatt she has asked for is to spend the day with me. The BEST gift I could get on her birthday.

    Happiest of Birthdays to you, 6

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  3. It’s all concentrated down here. We got the power!

    Now Adorables are coming over to help me reorganize, er, play.

    It’s miserable out here, but yesterday alone in the house without electricity was surprisingly lovely.

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  4. I see our company is not implementing Trump’s employee tax deferral program, which is fine with me — Sounds like it would just come back to bite us later, it’s not a tax forgiveness, just “deferral.” No thanks.

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  5. We had a great women’s Bible study which I attended in person. I knew better what to expect this time and that made a difference. I wore a different mask and a different pair of reader glasses which did not fog when I read. I took a smaller Bible and no drink. It’s the little things that can make things seem right.

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  6. Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes! And it is lovely to share a birthday with BG. Someday I will have to meet her, and her dear mom, too. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day today, Kim.

    Speaking of joy, and the kind wishes for a peaceful, joy-filled year, I am looking forward to the new sermon series that our pastors are beginning this weekend (after having finished up our summer series on the Hebrews 11 / Heroes of Faith): Philippians. The message of joy abounds throughout that book. Such a wonderful and important reminder to live with contentment and joy through all our circumstances.

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  7. As of yesterday, it was three years ago that Hubby had the stroke, less than 24 hours after getting out of the first hospital. But by the next day, because of how quickly treatment had been started, he was able to use his right side again, and he was speaking clearly. Remember that photo I shared on here of him in his hospital bed, smiling his big smile and giving a thumb’s up? (Our pastor had taken that photo.) That was taken the evening of the day he had the stroke.

    (I have a slip of paper on which he had written, in his best cursive, “My handwriting as of Sept. 10, 2017.” It is in a photo frame with his hand-print, which was made by a nurse after his death.)

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  8. So that hit and run will cost us $1000–our deductible. The insurance company estimates the repair at $4200. That’s more than I expected, but I knew it would be bad because the kid hit the muffler, both parts of the bumper, the tailgate, and the side panel. Our CRV is three years old.

    Ironically, I bought it for safety features! LOL

    We did not file a police report, for a variety of reasons, and I’ve been praying for this kid to be convicted of what he did. He was driving too fast on a curve with children living on both sides of the street. I’m thankful he hit my car when he didn’t make the curve and not one of the children.

    Prayer is the greater work and the Holy Spirit is now after him.

    My daughter-in-law ended up helping the eye witness with a phone call–and meeting a woman with a host of challenges. My daughter-in-law offered to pray for her, the woman was so happy to receive prayers, she reciprocated.

    We’ve got the money, this is not an issue for us, but if this incident can be used by God to change lives, thanks be to God, I’m happy to participate.

    It’s just one. more. thing. in a screwy time.

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  9. I did a four mile walk around the golf course. Beautiful out there. When I began there were lots of planes flying over heading for the fire just above Oroville. I had the privilege of praying for them. My radar app told me that there were at least five planes doing the loop to drop retardant. That went on for an hour and then they seemed to be done.

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  10. Shhhh…. don’t tell my friends, but as soon as they left I unplugged Alexa. Can’t stand to have something listening to me and I would rather look things up myself.

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  11. For a few days now, each day I have been re-reading emails I had kept in my Saved folder and deleting those that I didn’t really need to save. Some I had merely saved to reminisce over, but after reading them, I realize I won’t need to go back and read them again, so I delete them. A few I am keeping for personal reasons.

    Anyway, some of those were emails written in the midst of some of the worst of what X had put Nightingale and us through, going back to when they were still together, and continuing into her time back home after leaving him. At first, I thought they should be deleted because they are “old news”, but I passed it by Nightingale, and she said that it could possibly be good to hold onto them. So that is what I am doing.

    Re-reading some of them brought back some of the emotions of those times. That young man has caused a lot of pain and anxiety, and even trauma. And that was even before he physically attacked Nightingale that night four years ago.

    Have I mentioned that the custody case has been on hold because of the Covid lock-downs?

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  12. Some horrifying images of the fires out here in the west:


    WILDFIRES have reduced towns to ashes as “unprecedented” blazes fuelled by a “heat dome” and 14,000 lightning strikes ravage the United States.

    The fires, which started in California on Friday after a scorching heatwave and have now spread up the West Coast, burned homes to the ground and left a path of devastation in their wake. …

    … California is heading into what traditionally is the teeth of the wildfire season, and already it has set a record with two million acres burned this year.

    The previous record was set just two years ago and included the deadliest wildfire in state history that swept through the community of Paradise and killed 85 people. …

    … Temperatures in Woodland Hills, about 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles, reached 121 degrees – the highest ever recorded in Los Angeles County.

    Chino, about 32 miles from LA, also hit 121 degrees.

    The National Weather Service office in Los Angeles described the heat as “kiln-like” as 99 percent of the state was put under an excessive heat warning or heat advisory, according to The Washington Post.

    Many areas were also under fire warnings as the heat worsened ongoing wildfires in the state, and helped fuel new ones.

    At least one death has been recorded due to the heat as a 41-year-old woman who was hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains died on Saturday, where temperatures surpassed 110 degrees, according to CNN.

    The woman reportedly collapsed after beginning to feel sick during the hike, and paramedics on the scene were unable to revive her. …

    … Randy Moore, regional forester for the Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Region that covers California, announced national forest closures and said the decision would be re-evaluated daily.

    β€œThe wildfire situation throughout California is dangerous and must be taken seriously,” Mr Moore said.

    “Existing fires are displaying extreme fire behavior, new fire starts are likely, weather conditions are worsening, and we simply do not have enough resources to fully fight and contain every fire.”

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  13. Hiking in 110-degree weather – maybe it was cooler when she started out? But I can’t even imagine. …

    We’re back up into the 80s today on the coast, but looks like it won’t go any higher for the week to come, thankfully.

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  14. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to 6 Arrows!
    All those Arrows are keeping you young, smart, and strong. I hope today has been a great blessing to you. And your students keep you agile in mind, hand and eye coordination, and hearing β™‘ Have a sweet treat to celebrate!πŸ¦πŸŽ‚πŸ§

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  15. _________________________

    LOS ANGELES β€” What’s Halloween without trick-or-treating? Los Angeles County residents are about to find out.

    Citing the coronavirus, the county Department of Public Health has banned door-to-door or car-to-car trick-or-treating for Halloween, along with Halloween parties, carnivals and haunted houses.

    In the latest update to the county’s coronavirus health orders, the Department of Public Health states that such activities pose too much of a risk for spreading COVID-19.

    … Banned under the county guidance for Halloween are:

    * Door-to-door trick-or-treating or β€œtrunk-to-trunk” events, in which children collect candy from the trunks of parked cars
    * Parties or gatherings with people outside residents’ own households
    * Carnivals, festivals, live entertainment and β€œhaunted house attractions”

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  16. Jo, no, it was the story I linked to & quoted above about the woman in the Santa Monica Mts who was hiking over the weekend in 110 degree temps and died. 😦


  17. Why we’re so confused in LA

    County backs down?


    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Warning again that holiday gatherings can lead to spikes in coronavirus cases, Los Angeles County’s public health director said today residents should begin planning safer ways to celebrate upcoming fall holidays, but the county backed down from its previously announced ban on trick- or-treating for Halloween.

    “Our guidelines have been slightly revised, so we’d ask that people go back and look at them to distinguish between those activities that are not permitted by the health officer order — that includes events, gatherings parties — those are just not allowed,” Barbara Ferrer said. “They’re not allowed for anything. … The only activities you can have a party or gathering for are with those people that are in your household.”

    On Tuesday, the Department of Public Health posted Halloween guidelines on its website stating that door-to-door trick-or-treating is banned under the county health order, as is “trunk-to-trunk” treat distribution, in which children take candy from trunks of parked cars. By Wednesday, however, the guidelines were changed, with trick-or-treating listed as “not recommended,” instead of “not permitted.”

    Despite that change, Ferrer still insisted that allowing children to go door-to-door during the coronavirus pandemic isn’t safe.

    “Trick-or-treating, we’re highly recommending that it not happen,” she said. “We don’t think it’s an appropriate activity during a pandemic. … You know, there’s no guarantee when you go trick-or-treating that your child goes up to a house where the person who opens the door is wearing a face covering. And when you don’t know the people opening the door, there’s no guarantee they’re not sick and that the candy they’re passing out that they’ve touched may not be safe for you to want your child to be sharing.”

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  18. Bonne Anniversaire, 6.

    Kizzie, on the link you asked our opinion about, the article is a mix of truth and untruth. It is true that Michael is the only archangel named in the Bible, in fact, he and Gabriel are the only ‘good’ angels named, although the Seraphim and Cherubim are mentioned and even described in detail by Ezekiel. In that, the article was accurate, but in nearly everything else, it reflected a modern reinterpretation of Scripture that I have noticed cropping up in orthodox circles and find unhelpful. This modern interpretation tends to discount or downplay supernatural being other than God in Scripture.

    The interpretive connection between Lucifer and Satan preexists Milton’s Paradise Lost, contrary to the article’s claim. Lucifer is simply a transliteration from the Latin for “light-bearer”, a name occuring in Isaiah 14, in a prophecy that begins speaking to the king of Babylon and ends in speaking to a fallen angel. Isaiah’s words are echoed by Ezekiel’s prophecy to the king of Tyre (ch. 28), and ends up addressing a fallen angel – Ezekiel says, “You have been in Eden, the garden of God… You are the anointed cherub… you were upon the holy mountain of God… You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, until inquiry was found in you.”

    Contrary to the article’s claims about Satan’s general absence in the Old Testament. The appearance of Satan, another transliteration, this time of the Hebrew word ‘satan’, literally meaning adversary (incidentally, the related Arabic word ‘shatan’ also means devil) not only occurs in Job, but also as the tempter in I Chronicle 21, the parallel account to II Samuel 22 of David’s sin in numbering Israel. In the parallel accounts, the Samuel account says God was angry with Israel and provoked David to do what he did, and in the Chronicles account, it says that Satan stood against Israel and provoked David. Both are true. There is another account in the history of Israel that shows a similar interaction between God’s will in punishing and the fallen angel’s desire to deceive humanity, related to King Ahab by the prophet Michaiah:
    ‘And the Lord said, “Who will persuade Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramothgilead”… And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, “I will persuade him… I will go forth and be a lying spirit…”‘ (I Kings 22:19-23).

    The connection between the serpent in Eden and Satan/Lucifer is made not only in Ezekiel’s words about the fallen cherub. It is also found in the parallel passages of the curse God gave the Serpent concerning the enmity between the seed of the Woman and the seed of the Serpent (Genesis 3:15-16), and the vision in Revelation 12 of the Woman and the Dragon, who is later specifically called the Devil and Satan (Revelation 20:2). The vision of Revelation 12 ends by saying “the dragon was wrathful with the woman, and went to make war with the remainder of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

    As for the Nephilim, oddly enough, the article is wrong in saying they represent mythical beings. That the Nephilim were tall of stature is not in dispute. The later (post-flood) Anakim and other related groups in Canaan (Deuteronomy 2:20-23, 3:11), terrified the Israelites by their height. But they were humans (Number 13:33). Goliath of Gath was one of the few remaining of these tall statured peoples, and it only took a slingshot to bring him down. The Nethinim were no different. I am fully aware there is an interpretation that says the Nethinim were descendants of angels and human interbred and that they somehow survived the Flood to reappear in Canaan. I simply take the word of our Lord on how the angels are incapable of marrying over a fanciful human interpretation.

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  19. Incidentally, further regarding the tribes of giants, the post flood group appear to have been descendants of Ham via his son Mizraim, since both Deuteronomy 2:23, which is speaking of the various tribes of giants, and I Chronicles 1:11-12, which lists the descendants of Mizraim (also the ancestor of the Egyptians and the Philistines) both mention the Caphtorim. Note that Mizraim, although the son of Ham, was the brother of Canaan, on whom Noah’s curse fell, so that fact that his gigantic descendants were driven out by the sons of Moab, Ammon, Esau, and Israel (see Deuteronomy 2:20-23) had nothing to do with their ancestry.


  20. Roscuro – Thanks for your input. The feeling I had about it was that it was going too far in its debunking. I kept thinking, “But what about. . .?”

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  21. LOL, DJ (8:12)! Yeah, that’s about right. πŸ™‚

    And thank you for the second round of birthday greetings here in the last seven or so hours. πŸ™‚ I had a nice day at home (and a little out and about — one rescheduled piano lesson for a student who can’t make it tomorrow). I got some new fall decor and chocolate for gifts. Beautiful and delicious!

    Nice phone calls from my mom and my adult son, too, along with a tasty lunch prepared by 4th and 6th Arrows, and another excellent meal prepared by 3rd Arrow to have when I got back from the piano lesson.

    Now it’s time for cake and ice cream! Gotta run! LOL

    A very blessed day it certainly was. God is good.

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  22. Happy birthday, 6! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    I had lunch today with our Triple K club (three Karens that work at Kadesh). It was likely our final lunch as co-workers. One Karen and I are both laid off at the end of the day tomorrow. The other is our contract bookkeeper and she will be reduced to coming in twice a month just to get bills paid, etc.

    For my part, I will likely be hired back on in January, but Chef Karen doesn’t know exactly what she is doing. Please pray that God will guide her. She’s had some serious emotional trauma in the past and has come a long way with His help.

    It was a sweet time, with much laughter but in the background was always the thought that we may not be meeting together again.

    I will be staying home and catching up on all the household things (like cleaning screens) that haven’t been done since I started working full time.

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  23. Peter, let’s do it.

    Cleaning screens?

    Well, I just got in from deep watering sessions in both the back and front, feels good to have that done but it was dark for the last half of it, I had a late start.

    Found out one of our more remote lifeguard stations on the cliffs burned down last night.

    I’m going to walk the dogs tonight but will play it by ear as to how far, I’ll see how it goes. They’ll be happy for anything.

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