35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-24-20

  1. Good morning Chas. I always wake up early the morning after working several shifts. Silly internal alarm.

    The work on my basement room proceeds apace. We had a rather traumatic experience last week with it. The cement floor of the basement has never been the smoothest. So we decided that we would rent equipment to grind out the rough edges. We were aware it would be dusty, so we carefully taped off the area with plastic sheeting. But, the window was open when my father started grinding the floor, and before I discovered what had happened wind blew the flap open. The cement dust column created coated the basement in a fine layer and began to billow up the stairs (we do not have a door to the basement stairs). My father referred to the disaster as Chernobyl, I called it Vesuvius, as being more accurate regarding the dust. We survived, and amazingly, have not suffered too badly from the exposure, but never again will we be using that type of equipment to smooth the floor.

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  2. Good morning!

    Roscuro, I know it was distressing when it happened and concerning for those with lung problems, but imagining it as you wrote it made me think it could be a comedy show scene on Home Improvement. It made me laugh out loud but at the same time still be concerned about the effects on your asthma.

    I am still all involved with the car sale. Now there is so much more paperwork when you do anything in our “paperless society.”

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  3. Janice, we will laugh too, but there were layers to the distress. Second was worried about her children of course, and she was making zucchini relish at the time and worried about contamination. There were a lot of stressful factors involved. But, yes, we will laugh.

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  4. Currently I am at Bucee’s waiting on the tow truck to take my car to the tire store. At 75 or 80 mph my car flashed a message between the odometer and tachometer that my tire pressure was low. Then it messaged me that I needed air now.
    I put air in the tire. I used fix a flat and put more air in the tire.
    Thankfully this didn’t happen exactly like Chas’ story but you can be sure I thought of him when I got out of my car and saw how flat the tire was. Now it ha occurred to me—-can you still ruin a rim by driving on a flat tire?

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  5. I got a flat tire last week. I had bought brand new summer tires (winter tires have softer rubber and can be ruined by driving on hot roads) this year, and somewhere going to appointments, etc. I picked up a screw in one of those new tires and developed a slow leak. Thankfully, my 20 year old car came with a brand new spare tire.

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  6. I am on my tablet now and see the header. That is a passionflower, Nancyjill. The first time I saw one as a child I chose it as my favorite flower. The Gulf Fritillary Butterfly caterpillars thrive on the leaves of the vine. They were late this year but have been stripping the leaves off vines in the past week. They become very hungry caterpillars this late in the season. We have had a lot of pounding rain so I have been concerned for these late blooming vines and their guests.

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  7. I like the basement tragedy nicknames. 🙂

    Kim, hope the rim is ok and glad you were able to stop OK.

    We had another uncomfortably warm and humid night, for me that’s too much tossing and turning and not enough sleep. Temps should slowly go back down this week. Hopefully they’ll take the humidity with it.

    I’ve been leaving the doggie door open overnight in the past couple months, but will have to rethink that strategy — twice now the cat has awakened me at around 2 a.m. with claws on the open bedroom window and incessant meowing — she’s been going out front in the middle of the night which is not a very safe place for her re coyotes (and certainly not good for my still-new screen — she knows how to wake and get me up quickly).

    In the news, I see Falwell seems to have thrown his wife under the bus as a way to explain his own lax behavior (she had an affair so he was “depressed”). Classy.

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  8. It’s Monday and that means babysitting the littles. We may be making pumpkin cookies today, if I am feeling brave. What could go wrong with making cookies with a 2 and 4 year old?

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  9. PSA If you have tire sensors on your vehicle DO NOT use Fix a Flat. It can damage the sensor. Wish I had known that before Mr. P convinced me to use it.


  10. Such an interesting family Zoom meeting last night.

    Stargazer gave us a tour around his tiny apartment. I was so touched to see he’s got a cross hanging on the wall behind his computer camera. It’s the only thing he’s got on any walls right now except hooks coming in the door.

    Our EMT spent the weekend looking at job openings and was quite surprised to discover how completely in demand she is right now. She looked much chipper to realize she doesn’t have stay where she’s not well treated and that a whole lot of people would love to pay her any price to provide anti-COVID help.

    Sometimes you just got to turn the prism.

    And, the oh so interesting query of Stargazer about manufacturing jobs in WA. One of my daughter-in-laws has had enough of fire. 😦

    With the EMT chiming in, “Space-X is looking for someone with my skills.”

    And the son replied, “Mom’s been wanting to get back to her friends and their beautiful houses in western Washington.”

    The fourth child said nothing.

    Oh, and talk about family hazards! My other daughter-in-law spends her days trying to keep the near-two-year from streaking through the three Zoom meetings that never end at her house . . . .

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  11. Story idea, DJ–the trials of companies trying to find an EHS manager, or anyone, who can advise them about how to live within the changing COVID mandates. Text me and I’ll give you the EMT’s number. 🙂

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  12. I like the passion flower. We had them in front of our house growing up, Mom’s choice of what to plant. (And as far as I know she didn’t choose any of the other landscaping, it was just there.) After we planted the passion vine and it grew high enough to grow across the top, house finches nested on the beam among its leaves every single year.

    Apparently they are native flowers here, but somehow I just can’t imagine coming across that flower “in the wild.”

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  13. By the way, lest you envision me as being about to live in a dark hole in the ground, my parents, when they built the house, spent the first winter living in the basement, while they finished upstairs. My mother’s there often tells how she could set jelly by leaving it on the table, as it was so chilly. She also tells, and this will demonstrate how uneven the basement floor could be, one day when they had guests for dinner and she had iced a layer cake for dessert. When she went to the fridge to get the cake, she found the top layer had slid off, due to the angle the fridge was on. I didn’t care about the highs and lows of the floor, just the jagged ridges in the cement as they finished the floor late one evening and couldn’t see properly to smooth it. The basement is not a walkout, but because it was built into a hillside, there are two large windows set Galway up the wall on the south and west sides. I will have one of the windows in my room.

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  14. I told you earlier that I had a story similar to Chas, but it wasn’t devine intervention, it was just my car texting me.
    I have since decided differently. As you know I had another incident with The Child Friday and have have stewed over it all weekend. I have analyzed it from all angles.

    We teach people how to treat us. Therefore, I must teach people to treat me like crap.
    I’m the adult child of alcoholic. Oh, that explains a lot of it. I always think that if I love people enough and am good enough they will love me back.

    If you listen closely people will tell you who they are and what they really think of you. Well of course I heard how they treated the former broker and I just thought it was her and who was in charge then. I was different. Certainly they would love and value me.

    My attitude was still bad this morning and I was still stewing through this thinking about what I would say, what I would do, how I would act.
    I have been pouting and having myself a good old pity party.

    My attitude didn’t need to be there this morning. I got a flat tire.

    I’m also getting four new tires because I had budgeted for them next week, not this week.

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  15. I’ve printed out my census confirmation number and put it by the door — my proof that I’m legit and now accounted for when the census taker comes again.

    Tire sensors are great tools but when they go bad they drive you crazy. I had new sensors put in about 2 years ago. But they still act up.

    They are good for letting you know when a tire is running low, though.

    I have the cutest little rogue flowers that have popped up next to the house, under where the flower baskets hang. I clip those trailing flowers in the baskets from time to time and sometimes will drop a clipping or two to the ground.

    Last night when I was watering I spotted two cute little pink flowers had taken root apparently from those clippings/seeds, just spontaneously. Love those little surprises. I didn’t have to plant or water, they just sprang up, cute as could be.

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  16. We have been out but now we are in. Picking blackberries (praying for Chas and Elvera) transplanting raspberries, watering, eating apples, weeding, chopping, walking. Now it is schoolwork time.

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  17. Life on the prairie 🙂

    Meanwhile, life in LA: I’m doing phone interviews and writing yet another story about a canceled 2020 event (the run over the bridge which draws thousands every Labor Day). This whole year seems to be one big cancelation notice.

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  18. Mumsee: Thanks for praying for Chas and Elvera. I haven’t requested it, but I am going to the DMV tomorrow. They think I have a vision problem. I man not be driving tomorrow afternoon.

    I have never heard of a “Fix a flat” instrument on a car. To fix a flat, you first need to know what caused it.

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  19. Praying concerning your trip to the DMV tomorrow Chas. I am somewhat surprised they want you to come in. Here they stated anyone 65 and older should not come in but renew online due to Covid. They ask if you have had your eyes tested within the last 3 years and if yes you were good to go. I actually went to my eye doc the day I renewed online just in case and she filled out paperwork stating I was ok to drive…But only in daylight 🤓

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  20. Baby has a problem. Mommy has been using disposables but I noticed this morning she had gone back to cloth, so I went with cloth. But baby has been learning to get around in disposables. Cloth adds a new dimension and she is tipping over when she sits. Needs to find the new balance point I suppose. Ah, the problems of youth….

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  21. My friend came through the procedure and has no blockages. They are on track now with more info to treat her condition. She could even go home today but may stay until tomorrow. Thanks to those who prayed. I still know nothing about Wesley but he must be swamped with starting the teaching. He has four classes. It boggles my mind to consider all the papers he will have to grade.

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  22. Thanks Donna. Pet rock is no longer lonesome. It has a place to be now.
    I want to thank all of you for your prayers and friendship.
    I’ve said before. You are all I have now. All of my friend are gone now except for Bro-in-law Mel, and a friend and former colleague I still communicate with, but haven’t seen on over 30 years now.

    And the guys in my SS class? I haven’t seen them in four months, same for Lions. It’s just me and you now.

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  23. Rock was homeless out here in my California backyard. He may be old, I don’t know. I have lots of rocks in my 1924 backyard. Maybe even some fish fossils.

    Glad to see you’ll keep him. 🙂

    Prayers for the DMV and you.

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  24. Mine was built in 1900. Most of the basement walls are still the original rock walls. The wood floor in the dining room still has the old wooden nails.

    Other than those things, though, the house has been renovated and changed at least a couple times throughout the past 120 years. A man who used to live here as a child and teen works at the local place where Nightingale takes the car when it needs fixing. He has told her that it was once a side-by-side two-family home, and his father decided to change it to the current upstairs-downstairs kind of two-family home. We can see in the attic where it was once a living area instead of an attic.

    There was someone named Karen who lived here before me, and her name is spray painted on one of the attic walls, and elsewhere, the name Leon is painted on a wall up there, too. Weird, huh? (Cue the Twilight Zone theme.) Also up there in the attic is one of those large, heavy metal advertising signs that you often see in front of a gas station. This one is for Camel cigarettes. Someone must have stolen that for a lark, and stashed it up there.

    It was the man who changed the format (so to speak) of the house from side-by-side to upstairs-downstairs who did a lot of shoddy DIY work. I think I’ve mentioned that the plumbers who have done any work for us in the basement shake their heads at the crazy pipe set-up down there. (For instance, there are some pipes that go nowhere, and there are others that have bends where they should have been straight.) We also have at least a couple floors that have an obvious slope. There are also a couple or so places where you can tell that what is now a part of a wall was once a window or a door.

    But as I like to say, the house has character – in abundance!

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  25. Chas- “Fix a Flat” is an aerosol spray fluid that clogs leaks in tires and fills the tire enough to safely drive it long enough to get the tire fixed.

    New cars have electronic sensors that tell you when the tire has low air pressure.


  26. I would sell that sign, Kizzie.

    We lived in our basement for two years while we finished the upstairs enough to move up there. It was not finished then and isn’t now. I suppose we would have been considered ‘homeless’ in today’s terms, but we never realized that. We were just living.

    Thanks for the information on the fix a flat. I never knew that.

    We ended up going to church in the building, since they were not outside. There was no rain, but enough clouds to make them decide to go inside for the service. I was sorry. especially for the couple whose wife cannot walk enough to get into church, but would have listened in their vehicle. We sat in the back with one other person on the other end of the pew. There were 25 people in the church and everyone wore masks except for the praise team and speaker when they were doing their duties. It was our first time back since mid March.

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  27. Kathaleena – Quite frankly, that sign is large and heavy, and I have no idea how they got it up there! Maybe it was up there before they made it an attic, when they had easier access? As it is now, there is only one of those things where you pull down the ladder to go up there.

    Sad about the couple who couldn’t make it into the church. That is one complaint that the disability community has about churches – so many of them are inaccessible. At my own church, there was a disabled man who used to struggle to make it in, and eventually stopped coming because it was too difficult. I don’t know if he found another church or not.

    My friend Mike has COPD and is on oxygen. He no longer comes to church because he can’t make it up the stairs. He would either have to go up the stairs out front, or come in the back way and then go up the interior stairs. 😦

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  28. Walked the dogs, still cutting it substantially shorter than in the old days, but we’re getting back into the groove. My knee/middle section of my leg hurt a bit tonight, but nor too bad — still, glad we didn’t plan to go any farther than we did.

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