43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-20-20

  1. Good morning! I called my friend Karen a little while ago and prayed with her before she leaves fof the hospital. I am glad her daughter is taking her to the hospital.

    It almost chilly here. The high Friday and Saturday are suppose to be around 81. And this is August in Atlanta? Say what? Bring out the flannel.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. Thanks again to technology, I will be teaching in Auburn today on Lead Generation and Working with Sellers. I pulled more information together yesterday to try to help them in a tight market.
    If you think of it, please pray that I am able to pour into them and truly help them. As I told you the other day, I am not a lecturer. I am an interactive instructor and Zoom and Google Meet just doesn’t give me what I need.
    Yesterday, for example, I was teaching new agents in the office. One had a listing appointment at 3pm. He asked if he could do his presentation for us. ABSOLUTELY! If you are going to mess up do it in front of people who love you and want you to succeed. After he presented, we spent about 20 minutes helping him refine it. He was trying to make a $32,000 lot worth over $100,000. After years of this sort of thing my gut said NO WAY! But, I had to show him why. I also showed him how to find photos of the lot and the property lines and other information he would need. The others in the class participated as well. One is a former mortgage lender with a large bank in Chicago–so she was able to give insite on how and why you can’t get a loan on land and another is buying a lot right now and told what she is having to go through. This led to a different conversation because we are in Pensacola about what is acceptable and what is not for a VA Loan…again, former loan officer and a woman who she and her husband have bought two properties recently using his VA benefits (no, they did it the right way and did not commit mortgage fraud).
    It also led to a discussion where my student who is a 23 year old African American man got sexually harrassed by the customer he was showing properties to last week. Ew Boy! I know how to handle sexual harrassment as a woman but not as a man I have to admit he is a cutie pie, but NO ONE should ever feel like they have to compromise themselves in order to make a living.

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  3. Good morning. I’ve been awake since 2-something this morning and spent part of that time writing a convoluted series of posts late on yesterday’s thread, essentially to say that I’m thankful to God for His hand of protection on my girls going to and from work yesterday.

    I hope this is a more concise and understandable version of what I wrote on the other thread:

    My daughters were spared from being involved in a horrific, fiery, and fatal crash with a pile-up involving many vehicles driving behind a tractor and hay wagon on a state highway a few miles from our house yesterday afternoon, around the time one daughter would have been coming home and the other would have been leaving for work. Both take that route.

    6th Arrow and I were also out and about late afternoon, and I saw, but not clearly at all, the aftermath of the crash from a distance and did not know for about 20 minutes whether 4th Arrow was involved.

    3rd Arrow tried going home a different way because of the accident, but she had a panic attack start while she was driving on a different road. She pulled over safely, thankfully, as she started to get numb and began blacking out.

    Both arrived home safely.

    My mother heart is worn out today.

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  4. 10:00 Central today is my aunt’s live-streamed memorial service. I will watch it from the comfort of my home and then try to take a nap.

    My husband and 5th Arrow just headed out on a 2-hour road trip to visit two of hubby’s sisters. The older has brought the younger, who has cancer, to be at her home. I guess so that the younger doesn’t have to spend her last days alone in her home.

    So much sadness; sometimes I can hardly bear it.

    That’s why yesterday was such a miracle. God spared my children from the tragedy that struck close to our home.

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  5. All quiet out here this morning. We’ve got the windows open on a chilly morning. Sky is brownish blue. Winds are supposed to pick up this afternoon with 40mph winds on the ridges. This is the calm before the nightmare.

    Not worried about my family.

    But then there’s everybody else. Sigh.

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  6. air is smoky, not sure if I want to go out walking.
    I also don’t know if my family is still evacuated or got to go home.
    I was looking at flights to Brisbane, on the way to PNG, this morning. I wondered why the group trying to go home weren’t going across the Pacific. Qantas and Virgin Australia are not flying that route this year. Air New Zealand had a flight on October 27 available. Oh, that’s why….

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  7. Good morning. My day off turned into a baby day after all. I forgot to tell daughter a guy wanted her and twelve to move some firewood this morning. Not fourteen. I remind him that if he wants jobs, he has to work when it is offered.

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  8. Michelle, someone can be touting QAnon theorieswithout actually knowing the name. Youngest in-law is certainly deep in the kind of things QAnon peddles, but he was in it before the posts from ‘Q’ became a thing. Many of the QAnon conspiracy theories are old ones rehashed for a new era. Being homeschooled, some of the homeschooling families we met, even before we joined ATI, were into very similar conspiracy theories, and this was before there was even internet. One family we knew then, the mother would talk of little else whenever we visited. This was the early 1990s. It was a dark household, and without exception, the children all eventually spun completely out of control. That was not the only instance I witnessed of how Christian parents indulging in conspiracy theories left their children in darkness – I can think of four more families with similar stories. So it is sickening to see it happen in my own extended family.

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  9. Chas, see Michelle’s link to the World article on it. Basically, it is the latest version, on the internet, of the old habit of thinking everything is a conspiracy.


  10. This one is for Chas, and anyone else interested in maps.

    We live in such amazing times. This camera is focused in the direction of our house, and you can see, little smoke (thanks, really, be to God). The side-by-side map allows you to look in any direction by clicking on the arrows and see how things are progressing.

    Two of the cameras were destroyed by fire two days ago. That was sobering to watch.

    It provides with time-lapse photography, too, if you want to see how things are progressing.


    (We live to the northeast of Sonoma County, off Calistoga Rd.)

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  11. Chas, I asked that same question here a few weeks back. I hadn’t been aware of hearing the term either, though I am familiar with some of the thinking found among those who are classified in that group.

    I like the “do your own research” remark they use.

    Sadly, the collapse of mainstream journalism has contributed to the explosion and popularity of frankly odd and way-out notions posturing as real “news” on the internet nowadays.

    But so many factors have led us to this place, from the internet to the extreme division in our own culture in the U.S., to the failure and disintegration of common-sense coalition politics, to what I think also is a weakened state of the church (too often theologically shallow and too politically involved or influenced in its world view).

    Hard to determine which came first to set it all in motion, as there were already changes moving in this direction even before the advent of the Internet.

    As I’ve said before, I think we may be witnessing something of a modern-day historical sea change in western culture — books will the written about it years from now with the benefit of hindsight and where it all went over time.

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  12. Kim, 9:53, thank you for your understanding. Your post brought tears.

    Beautiful memorial service this morning, with the gospel message on full display.

    I napped for about an hour this afternoon, but am utterly wiped out, even more than before. It seemed to do more harm than good.

    Piano Girl’s lesson tonight. I will need prayers to acquire some energy in the next three hours. I only feel like sleeping more, but it’s 3:00 and I haven’t even taken a shower yet. Then I’ll fix an early supper, eat, and head off to work.

    Work being only 75 minutes, but that first 30 minutes, with the little one, will require more stamina than the 45-minute lesson with the high-schooler who follows.

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  13. 6 Arrows – I echo Kim’s sentiment (as I’m sure do all the mamas here). I started to cry a couple times as I read your fuller account on yesterday’s thread.

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  14. I suspect Donna is correct there. I’m not part of it and it doesn’t affect me in any way. Other things changed my life. However, we are going through a serious transformation now. It not only had to do with what people believe, but how they respond to each other.
    Your world will not be the same when this is over. The changes in ways we interact have changed.

    A comment aside, but significant in meaning: I was talking with my great-granddaughters who came to visit Elvera. They are not attending school. They are attending class on the computer. That is: They don’t go to school. But when school is out, they gather together at someplace or someone’s house.
    You can’t keep boys and girls apart.

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  15. I’ve read a few different articles about QAnon, and I recognize some of its conspiracies in the posts of a few of my Facebook friends, whom I know in real life. The article Michelle posted is one I came across earlier, but haven’t read yet. It is disturbing to see fellow believers get so deeply into these things, or even so deeply into their political leaning,s that it obscures their Christianity.

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  16. Chas, that is happening here, too, with the granddaughters. There were several pool parties and get-togethers this summer.


  17. 6 Arrows, I read your story last night before reading your mention on here, and I teared up too.

    Today is our granddaughter’s second birthday. We haven’t even seen photos of her since we saw her at Christmas, and I e-mailed her mom to say it would be nice to do some kind of video call on her birthday, but I haven’t heard back on whether they like that idea. I sent her a custom-made book (an animal alphabet book in which I took all the photos), and hopefully that will become a treasured gift. But we’d like to see her growing up!

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  18. It’s odd to know things are changing in really significant ways yet we all just go on, day to day, working, taking care of businesses, doing what we need to do. Meanwhile, it’s very possible that our nation and others are being remade in some pretty major ways while we tend to our daily lives.

    It’s always hard to grasp the “big picture” in history when you’re living through it, of course, to understand or know what it will all mean, where it will wind up in a few years or in another generation — or two.

    God knows and is sovereign over it all for his own purposes, but it’s hard to use to figure it out from our own little plots of earth.

    I still have a couple stories to finish, this morning’s harbor commission meeting was unexpectedly “newsy” — meanwhile, this heat won’t stop, I didn’t sleep well last night (house temp never dipped below 80), tossed and turned; and today, again, I’m sweltering in about 90 degrees inside the house. My skin is clammy, I’m having stomach cramps and I have a headache, so I canceled my 5 p.m. physical therapy appt a little while ago. I hate doing that to them on such short notice but I felt it was best. I told them I was glad to pay the $35 cancelation fee, though I doubt they’ll charge me since it was heat-related illness, but either way, I just wasn’t up to doing any of that. Work is doing me in as it is today.

    And I still have trash to haul out tonight, but I have tomorrow off, thankfully — I’ll probably have to drive around in the air-conditioned Jeep. In the future, I think I’ll have to try to figure out how to get A/C in here.

    I can deal fine with a few hot days, and we really don’t “need” a/c for most of the year; but when these heat “events” (w/humidity) just park themselves on top of us for longer than a week and sometimes close to 2 weeks, with no end in sight, going on and on and on like they have for the past few summers, it starts to wear me down.


  19. 6 arrows, glad all is well, I could feel the stress and tension and fear through your words. Scary times when we think our loved ones, especially children I’d imagine, could be in peril!

    The fires up north are horrendous, praying for a couple folks I know up there too, especially for michelle.

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  20. Humidity, though, is better for those fires. It all looks horrendous to the north.

    judge upheld county’s health ruling requiring churches (including Grace Community) to hold outside only services due to Covid-19 risks, now it goes to another hearing on Monday. This will bounce around for a while.

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  21. It has been pouring rain off and on today. It’s on right now. I keep asking God to send the drenching to CA.

    6 Arrows, yes, that was a frightening time you wrote about when you had that horrible time of wondering. And it is awful to go past something like that. How do people manage during times like that without faith in God?

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  22. The header is a monarch butterfly on swamp milkweed, one of my favorite milkweeds. Since milkweed is all monarch caterpillars can eat, it’s fun to catch the adults on a milkweed flower.

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  23. DJ, have you thought about getting a portable dehumidifier or even a portable a.c.unit? I know that the portable dehumidfiers can be helpful. We had one window air conditioner up north, which was “enough” most of the time, but in the summer I avoided using the oven and we otherwise worked to make it be enough. The dehumidifier helped. (Now we have central a.c. and we don’t end up using it, and I use the oven if I want to, though I’m still less likely to make cookies in the summer.)


  24. I see on the TV news that Biden is questioning Trump’s intelligence.
    Seems to me that you have to be pretty dumb to question a man who has been president four yerars.

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  25. Beautiful butterfly and it does look like stained glass on the wings 🙂

    I’ve looked into some of the portable and window A/C units, I have no standard size windows and the portables take some work to move around, making sure exhaust fits out a nearby window, emptying the water … I am still going to hope to find a handyman who can hook up A/C to my existing central heat since all the ductwork is in, it really seems like the more logical way to go.

    But it’ll have to wait a while.

    Meanwhile, I’m about to start writing my 5th story of the day which may actually be a one-day record. I’m exhausted.

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  26. 6arrows I am so blessed too read the continuation of your post written in the wee hours of the morning. I helped my friend all day today and wondered and prayed about the conclusion…oh so thankful you all are safe and snug at home…
    The huge thunderstorm once again went around our area and the Springs again received the lion’s share of rain. As I was driving home I suddenly smelled smoke. As I crested the hill I could see low lying smoke across the valley. A sickening sight and smell. That storm brought along with it the drafting of smoke from the fires north and west of us…we need rain badly…and none is in sight…but high temps are predicted for the next week….
    The dear couple in our small group have tested positive for Covid. He is 90 and she right behind him in age. 😞

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  27. DJ,

    Go window unit. The portables give off too much heat thru the exhaust hoses, and don’t cool as well. A window unit of the same BTUs will cool better.


  28. Tomorrow is the big day. 😦

    We take Liz off to school. The rental van is mostly packed, and we leave in the morning. I’m happy for her, scared for her as parents are, excited for her too, and am already missing her. 😦

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  29. Good luck on the goodbye tour, AJ. I never realized how hard it was for my mom when I moved out, but later realized wow, that was pretty emotional for her. For me, it was just exciting, of course.

    A/C: I have virtually no standard size windows. The only ones that come close are the old 1923 double-hung windows in the dining room but in that location it would have a huge space to cool (long, combined living room/dining room).

    The mobile ones looked like a big pain, ruled those out quickly. And they’re not really mobile anyway. And big, bulky, ugly. Family from church tired the one kind that comes out from the walls but they were underwhelmed by the result.

    I feel better tonight, took a cool shower and with the sunset it seems to have cooled off a little again.

    Tomorrow is the DJ edition of the paper, as my editor put it, I think I wrote most of A1/A3, though one story was held for Saturday.

    And I’m OFF tomorrow, hooray.

    I made some nachos for dinner, have a lot left over for tomorrow. \

    Now the cat is kicking things off the kitchen counter again. Crash, bang. Must be time for meal #12.

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