15 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-8-20

  1. Democrats and Fauci have had a change of heart.


    “Democrats About-Face, Are Suddenly in Favor of Reopening Schools

    Maybe the Democrats should phone their teacher union allies and let them know that refusing to educate students while making political demands is not scoring them any political points.”

    “Well, well, well.

    Finally, after months of criticizing Trump for the same suggestion, Democrats have come round and endorsed the CDC’s recommendation that schools should reopen.”

    This would be hilarious if they weren’t so horrendously shameless.”

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  2. The voting booths too, because mail in is an epic fail.

    Yet another example…


    “Nevada Sent More Than 200K Mail-In Primary Ballots to Wrong Addresses

    One-sixth of Clark County mail-in ballots were sent to outdated or undeliverable addresses”

    “More than one-sixth of the mail-in ballots sent to voters in Nevada’s largest county during the 2020 primary went to outdated addresses, according to a new watchdog report.

    The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity group, reviewed the 1.3 million mail-in ballots Nevada’s Clark County sent during the June primary. It found that more than 223,000 of the ballots were sent to outdated addresses, leading the postal service to designate them as “undeliverable.” The undeliverable ballots accounted for 17 percent of all ballots mailed to registered voters. Nearly 75 percent of Nevada’s total population resides in the county, which includes Las Vegas.

    “These numbers show how vote by mail fails,” said J. Christian Adams, PILF’s president and general counsel. “New proponents of mail balloting don’t often understand how it actually works. States like Oregon and Washington spent many years building their mail voting systems and are notably aggressive with voter list maintenance efforts. Pride in their own systems does not somehow transfer across state lines. Nevada, New York, and others are not and will not be ready for November.”

    “The addresses that we used were provided by the voters when they registered,” Dan Kulin, a spokesman for Clark County, told the Washington Free Beacon. “If they no longer reside at the address they provided to us, then we would expect that mail to be returned to us, which is what happened.”

    The new figures come as Nevada takes center stage in a debate over mail-in voting. President Donald Trump’s campaign sued the state over its plans to mail ballots to every registered voter for the November election. As Democrats across the country push for mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic, critics have said the practice can lead to a number of problems such as lost ballots. Recent reports also showed that 84,000 mail-in Democratic primary ballots cast in New York City were disqualified.

    PILF communications director Logan Churchwell said the Clark County elections department asked the county commission not to send ballots to every registrant on file, cautioning that it would be “a costly exercise of sending mail to addresses that were sure to bounce any parcel.” The county sent out the ballots despite the election department’s warning.

    “Nevada’s voter rolls aren’t maintained to the standard required for an all-mail experience like Oregon or Washington,” Churchwell said. “The Nevada governor is foolish to think he can replicate his regional neighbors’ years of development and practices with mail voting in a matter of months with a weekend emergency bill.””

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  3. They should do this as a pay per view. 🙂


    “John Durham set to interview John Brennan”

    “U.S. Attorney John Durham will soon interview former CIA Director John Brennan, another sign that the investigation of the Trump-Russia investigators is ready to wrap up by the end of the summer.

    Durham, the federal prosecutor from Connecticut appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the Crossfire Hurricane inquiry and to scrutinize the conduct of the law enforcement leaders and intelligence officials involved in it, has asked to interview Brennan, according to “people familiar with the request” cited by NBC News, and the former top spy and vociferous Trump critic has reportedly agreed to the sit-down. The same report cites sources who suggest Durham’s inquiry may be nearing the finish line.

    Brennan has acknowledged that he is in the “crosshairs” of the criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation led by Durham. He recently claimed, and the White House acknowledged, that he asked the CIA for his official records, including his personal notes and any classified CIA documents that he had signed to help him write his upcoming memoir, but the agency denied his request.”



    “Durham Investigation Into Origins of Russia Probe Reportedly Nearing Conclusion

    Trump says: “Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t, but I do hear it’s breathtaking what they’ve found.”

    “The Durham investigation has been going on quietly for months now, but may be coming to a close. Democrats and their media allies have worked very hard to discredit Attorney General Barr, who ordered the investigation.

    Could this end up being an early October surprise?

    Ken Dilanian reports at NBC News:

    Trump administration’s probe of the Russia investigation may be nearing conclusion

    The investigation ordered by Attorney General William Barr into how the CIA and the FBI looked into the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia’s 2016 election interference operation may be nearing a conclusion, people familiar with it say.

    One indication is that the prosecutor in charge, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, has asked to interview former CIA Director John Brennan, according to a person familiar with the request. Brennan has agreed to be interviewed, and the details are being worked out, the person said.”

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  4. Speaking of tools…..

    All the members of The Squad are corrupt.


    “Ethics Committee Orders Tlaib to Return Campaign Funds She Paid Herself”

    “The House Ethics Committee ordered Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) to return $10,800 she paid herself from her campaign, a violation first discovered by the Washington Free Beacon in March 2019.

    The committee ruled on Friday that Tlaib violated federal election laws in 2018 when she received $17,500 from her campaign after the election. While Federal Election Committee rules allow candidates to receive a salary from their campaign up to Election Day, candidates are prohibited from receiving contributions after being elected.

    Though the payments violated the law, the report said the payments were not made out of “ill intent,” but rather “in bad timing.”

    “The Committee, after further reviewing the allegations, has determined that the evidence is sufficient to support a determination that a portion of the salary payments that Representative Tlaib received after the 2018 general election was inconsistent with the requirements outlined by the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971,” the report said. “The Committee also recognizes, however, that Representative Tlaib’s violation of the applicable restrictions was one of bad timing and not ill intent. Representative Tlaib engaged in good faith efforts to comply with the relevant FECA requirements.””


    Of course House Dems run cover for her illegal acts…..


  5. Slowly but surely….


    “RECOVERY CONTINUES: Employment Up 1.8 Million, Unemployment Falls To 10.2%”

    “On Friday, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the economy took another step toward recovery, as the total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 1.8 million in July and the unemployment rate fell to 10.2 percent.

    “In July, notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, government, retail trade, professional and business services, other services, and health care,” the Labor Department reported.

    Employment in leisure and hospitality increased by 592,000; government employment rose by 301,000; retail trade added 258,000 jobs; professional and business services increased by 170,000; other services industry added 149,000 jobs, and health care added 126,000 jobs. Manufacturing employment increased by 26,000; employment in transportation and warehousing rose by 38,000

    The unemployment numbers dropped for many groups: the unemployment rates declined in July for adult men (9.4%), adult women (10.5%), teenagers (19.3%), Whites (9.2%), Asians (12.0%), and Hispanics (12.9%).

    Another piece of good news: the number of unemployed persons who were on temporary layoff decreased by 1.3 million in July to 9.2 million, roughly half of what it was in April.”


  6. I guess reality became too much to ignore….

    But the real reason is because they know the rioters behavior helps Trump. 🙂



    “Portland mayor condemns rioters for ‘attempting to commit murder’

    The mayor said violent protesters will be used as “props” for President Trump’s reelection campaign”

    “Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Thursday evening condemned the actions of rioters who attempted to set fire to a police precinct and blocked the exits while officers were inside.

    “When you commit arson with an accelerant in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people who you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder,” Wheeler said in a news conference with Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell.

    “Don’t think for a moment that you are if you are participating in this activity, you are not being a prop for the reelection campaign of Donald Trump — because you absolutely are,” he said. “You are creating the B-roll film that will be used in ads nationally to help Donald Trump during this campaign. If you don’t want to be part of that, then don’t show up.”

    A riot was declared Wednesday evening when agitators descended upon the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct building, spray-painted over security cameras, broke a glass door with a 2×4, lit a fire using an accelerant and threw fireworks and other objects at officers, according to FOX 12 in Portland.

    Police said that a truck also attempted to run over officers.

    The front doors of the precinct were barricaded before the fire was started with more than 20 officers and civilian employees inside, police said, according to FOX 12.”


    Wheeler seems more upset that this gives Trump ammo than he does by the fact they they tried to burn 20 cops alive and bar their exit from the burning building.

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  7. The working people thanking Trump?

    Dems can’t have this. 🙂

    Couple this with the lowering of the extra unemployment money and it might incentivize some to return to work.


    “On August 6, President Trump tweeted that the White House was preparing an executive order which would temporarily suspend the payroll tax.

    An idea first proposed by Stephen Moore and Phil Kerpen in the Wall Street Journal on August 2, President Trump’s order would direct the Department of the Treasury to suspend the collection of payroll tax dollars.

    While Democrats, the media, and even some Republicans have expressed their disapproval towards a potential suspension of the payroll tax, this move will do more to revitalize the American economy than any trillion-dollar stimulus package. A payroll tax suspension would greatly benefit our country’s frontline workers, resulting in an immediate raise for millions of American employees.

    Opponents insist that this measure would do nothing for the unemployed, but this could not be further from the truth. President Trump’s executive order would put cash back in the hands of businesses that would otherwise be confiscated by the federal government, thereby enabling companies to hire additional workers.

    Suspending the payroll tax would also add less to the national debt than any proposed stimulus bill, all while eliminating the need for trillions of dollars in unnecessary spending.

    Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have dragged their feet and refused to take bold steps to put the American people back to work. While politicians often pay lip service to our “essential employees,” they have failed these individuals by continuing to disincentivize work, all while encouraging government dependency.

    There’s even precedent for declaring such an executive order. The IRS deferred payment of income taxes from April to June of this year. Therefore, this payroll tax holiday is essentially a payroll tax deferral. What’s needed for sake of posterity is the passage of a bill into law that would protect workers and forgive such payments down the road. If Democrats in Congress refuse to stick up for America’s workers and pass such a bill, Trump could add the issue into the mix this November.”


  8. I guess these are the “heroes” Pelosi and Dems Heroes Act is designed to help.

    I don’t think that word means what they think it means…..



  9. Like I said, Dems can’t have that…..


    “President Donald Trump signed four orders aimed at providing coronavirus relief through executive action on Saturday as Congress is currently gridlocked on the issue.

    Trump’s first order seeks to establish a payroll tax cut holiday from August 1, 2020 through the end of the year. The second directs the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other federal agencies to prohibit evictions. The third order establishes a $400-per-week addition to the paycheck protection program for workers. The fourth will provide relief for Americans’ student loans.

    “It will be rapidly distributed,” Trump said.”


  10. The power of the purse is generally with the legislature specifically the lower house. Not sure if Trump actually has the power to do this. “Payroll” taxes fund Social Security so some on the left see this as a way to make social security insolvent. Tax cuts to stimulate the economy only work if the tax burden is too high for the economy; that hasn’t been the case for decades in the US. There is very little return on tax cuts anymore.

    Another article on our quarantine and covid rules


  11. This may look like an obscure piece of news but the decline of dollarization does not bode well for the USA. Being the default world currency comes with benefits, soft power, and has allowed the US a better standard of living then economic statistics, productivity indicates. The powers to be in the US have generally recognized this. When the EU released the Euro the US was very careful to make sure the dollar remained dominant. When Chavez proposed OPEC price oil in Euros instead of Dollars, the US was quick to have the Saudis to shoot down the idea and the EU was not supportive of Chavez. The decline in the use of the dollar correlates to the decline of US power and image. The US is currently perceived as weak and its rivals no longer feel obligated to use dollars. The perceived weakness is both from the world’s opinion of Trump and the US failure to contain covid.




  12. I think it’s cute that you actually think most American’s would care about the opinion of the rest of the world. You always talk badly about us, right up until you need us to save you yet again.


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