38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-7-20

  1. Sorry, Michelle.

    This is the second buck I saw on the day with the one that was so flustered he didn’t know what to do when he saw me. I was photographing butterflies or something small when another woman on the trail asked if I photographed “animals” and then told me there was a buck on the trail. Figuring she didn’t mean the four-pointer I saw on a different spot earlier, I asked “Ten pointer?” She said, “Well, probably not ten . . . but close.” I asked because very close to this spot I had accidentally flushed a ten-point young buck from where it was sleeping under a willow, and a week or so later had walked past that seem willow and peered in (without getting close) and seen it in there.

    I don’t think this is the same buck as that one; this one is smaller. Still, it’s a decent young buck feeding quite out in the open, a good opportunity for a photographer.

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  2. Good morning. I read both of them and did not see anything wanting to sell me something but my mind is set on automatic at times and may have deleted whatever ad popped up without me noticing. Both were good articles.


  3. Speaking of puppies, our seventh son wants to rent our house in Boise. Just he and his girlfriend and her dog and his dog and their new dog, a three week old mastiff lab cross.

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  4. Morning! My neighbor and I saw a scene very much like that one on the header last evening during our walk. A couple of bucks were munching down on a neighbor’s flowers instead of bushes though….I will be spraying what’s left of my plants today with deer be gone…that stuff stinks but should do the job at keeping them at bay…..


  5. Off to watch the grands for a few hours. I am looking at another vehicle a little farther away. I need someone to take me to Shingle Springs so I can purchase. Michelle, did you want to go for a drive???

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  6. Chas, there’s always an “x” or a “no thanks”

    Another night with some active dreams. I need to find a story today, but have a couple possibilities.

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  7. Hello, Wanderers. I hope everyone is having a good Friday. I am still trying to get an answer from the power company about the lines caught in the downed small tree. I did some quick checking on the internet and see there is an order to the madness of the lines. The upper most lines on a telephone pole are the power lines. The next lines are the telephone and after that, the cable for internet/tv. Can anyone here verify that?


  8. Would love to, but I”m busy today. I have a dear Christian sister from high school who lives in Shingle Springs. Her husband just died. You’re not buying it from the Cox family are you? If so, mention my name and tell them you’re a missionary.

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  9. Triumph!

    I returned 17 books and 4 videos (Goodbye, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood!) this morning.

    There were 30 adults and 2 children standing in line when they opened the return slot five minutes early.

    I was #10 in line after arriving 15 minutes before.

    While standing in line wearing a muffling mask, I asked what books had stood out to the people in line near me. When the woman ahead of me demured, I pulled out Dignity, which has been so helpful in changing my perspective.

    As I launched into an explanation of why, the woman said, “I have that same book to return! You’re right, very good.”

    The woman behind me was far more chatting and we swapped titles. 🙂

    A man rode up on a bike and tried to muscle to the front of the line. “I just have to return this one book.”

    You all know, don’t mess with library patrons.

    An indignant cry went up and everyone pointed to the end of the line–which was around the corner.

    I actually volunteered to return it, but he didn’t hear me and rode off, disgusted at the indignity of having to stand in line to return a book.

    I confess. I discovered a book I hadn’t finished reading yet. It was too hard early in COVID.

    So, I still have one library book out . . .

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  10. Wow, who knew?

    Just got off an unusually lengthy morning staff call today. Interesting dynamics going on with issues of advocacy journalism. Grateful we have a very level-headed young editor who is big on “playing it straight” and objectivity being never left behind, even when a somewhat newbie reporter becomes overly rambunctious about making a point on particular issues. Editor is good at calmly reining folks in when they get overly-enthusiastic 🙂

    Me, I’m writing about a proposed $300 million high-rise at the marina and (maybe) the uptick in shark bites being seen this year on sea lions that are brought in for treatment (though I expect our more environmentally-steeped reporters at a sister paper, who have written about sharks this year already, may snap that up which is fine).

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  11. Knee is cranky today so far, but still (overall) better than in the earlier weeks and months, for sure. Just not quite there yet after 4(?) months already. I’ve not had to deal with a lot of physical injuries in my life which has made this lengthy period difficult for me mentally and in terms of patience, I’m afraid.

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  12. Got another couple hours of wood splitting in, while husband is off shopping with younger three and daughter is here for granddaughter and God provided cloud cover and cooler temps. Progress. How do you eat an elephant?

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  13. Errands now completed. Ran into Goodwill after going to the post office. I found an antique brown crock in the garden section? It was 6 dollars…I grabbed it and went my merry way to the cash register. It was worth running in and donning my mask 😷

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  14. I have yet to be anywhere that requires a mask. Perhaps Sunday, if we make it to church. I did not go the past two weeks because of the time spent with contagious grandson. And Idaho is back to masks in church. Though our county still has zero known cases.

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  15. Ministry news from a friend:

    God is doing amazing things across the globe and it is no different here in America. The harvest is truly plenteous, and there is an opportunity and call for all of us to labor fruitfully in it. Here are 3 encouragements that I want to offer to help you take part in what God is doing:

    1-STAY FOCUSED. While many people are focused on the virus or issues of social justice, don’t lose sight of what God is doing and the unique opportunity we currently have.

    2- BE INTENTIONAL. In order to see fruit in the harvest, you must actually be working in it. Take every opportunity to bring up Jesus and clearly share the Gospel.

    3- ASK. Don’t beat around the bush. Ask people if they want to surrender to Christ. Ask people and your friends when they were born again and when they were baptized. Most of all, ask God to give you eyes to see all of the opportunities around you, and boldly step into them.

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  16. My story is turned in and my knee feels better.

    Not wood-chopping or snake-slaying or goat-wrangling better, but … better. I’m beginning to get glimpses, at least, of what recovery feels like. I hope. Praying for no relapse.

    My neighbor picked up a quart of milk for me today when she was at the store.

    She and I are both lamenting the loss/retirement of our longtime GP in town and how different the new doctor’s office is — honestly, he was like your hometown “doc” in the midwest, a one-man operation who liked to chat with his patients, had deep roots in the community. All the front office people & nurses were long-timers there, they all knew your name when you called or showed up, and you knew theirs.

    He’s still involved in seeing some patients and his name is on the board in front, this is a practice that has taken over or merged with his for the most part as he makes the transition (he has Parkinson’s). But talk about a radical change in office “vibe.” And no longer can you call up and get a refill quickly, my last one took more than a week before it was ready to pick up. The office is filled with somewhat curt, officious young women, probably heading off to med school asap, whom you figure will probably never be there long enough to recognize you. They always have a bunch of health survey questions to ask you when you come in. Didn’t we already go through all this, I wonder?

    I will say, though, that the Xray tech in the office was delightful when I had to go in to get the knee photographed. She was the only easy-going, friendly staff person I’ve met so far.

    I suspect all doctor’s offices are like that now, I told my neighbor we just lived in a cocoon all these years going to our GP’s one-horse town-style practice. They don’t do medicine like that anymore, at least not where we are, I suspect.

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  17. Growing up just a few towns away near LAX, all of our family members went to “Dr. Larsen.” He was an Iowa transplant, too, and there was never any thought of going elsewhere, even though you had to wait for at least 3 hours beyond your appointment time to get in to see him. He liked to gab and even hold his patients’ hands, which is what made him so popular with the Iowa crowd I guess.

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  18. And the gal at the front desk never changed in all those years. I still can see her (a redhead) sitting there behind the little window with her big appointment book and pen.

    Kind of like Perry Mason and Della Street, they were.

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  19. Kim, just as Idaho is among the last for educational expenditure, it is top for pet ownership. Four dogs are allowed in Boise homes. More than that and you need a small kennel license.

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  20. So I found this car at a dealer’s on the internet. It is just what I ‘m looking for. Then it said press this button if you want to get your best edeal. Not sure what that meant, but I was willing to try. I got a quote today that was 1600 dollars less. amazing. So I will be heading over there today to buy that car after a test drive. Today was babysitting.

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  21. Yay for finding the right car. Let us know how much you love it lol

    LA now allows 3 dogs, I believe, they have increased the number as the city and county are big on no-kill shelters and adoption is always being pushed.

    I had 3 dogs once, it was too much for just me, a single person working full time. Two are just about perfect but I may have to cut back for financial reasons at some point if the paycheck vanishes. I hope not, though. Love having 2 dogs.

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  22. I wrote a story today on a project (waterfront condos) that will never happen (state forbids housing on port property). Main source was a guy who studied film writing and production in college and now lives on a yacht with his wife, They’re apparently very rich.

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  23. I miss having two dogs 😞 We were hoping a friend’s dog would be having puppies this summer but it didn’t happen. We are waiting. . These dogs are the most beautiful well tempered Aussies we have ever met. We think the wait will be worth it…
    Praying for your decision concerning the car Jo…will someone be going with you to look it over?

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  24. Mumsee, in most places people delay buying dogs until they own their own homes. I wanted a collie all my life, and that was part of my motivation to buy a house. Most rentals don’t allow dogs. (Some allow cats, which always puzzled me. Cats are at least as likely to be destructive as dogs are. Quieter, maybe, but no less destructive.)


  25. I wanted two dogs. My idea was that as Misten aged (five or so), I’d get a younger dog so they could have each other’s company while Misten was still young enough to play, and then I’d still have a dog when I lost her. But I realized my house in Nashville was barely big enough for one collie (it had a long hallway, for one thing) and it had a very small backyard, so two big dogs would never work. I researched smaller dogs and never did find a breed I liked well enough. Then I met my husband and he definitely didn’t want two dogs (he gave away his own dog–which sounded like a royal nuisance of a dog–before we married), so even though we were in the country, that wasn’t going to work.

    And now we’re in a condo, so even one dog won’t work. (Many others in the development have dogs, but they have to walk them several times a day, and I just don’t want to do that. And anyway, when I do go out for a walk I usually have my camera, and dogs and wildlife don’t mix well.) So it looks like I never will have two dogs.

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  26. After two passes by the house in two days I finally got an answer from Georgia Power about the lines tangled in that little tree. They were not power lines. When I heard the new neighbor guy out mowing I put on my mask and walked over. His dog was loose so I tried not to sneak up on him since I did not know if the dog might react negatively to a person in a mask. The dog was very friendly. I also found out they have a second dog, a three legged huskie, that barks more than the lab which was outside. I got to pet Ollie, the lab. I told the neighbor that my brother would be by tomorrow and take care of the tree. Then he said he would cut it and get it over in my yard for my brother to finish. He got out his chainsaw and took care of it in a few minutes. And he again offered that if we need anything to call on them. I told him how pleased we are to have them as neighbors.

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  27. Nightingale has one dog and I have one dog. Janie spends a fair amount of time downstairs with me and Heidi, but Heidi rarely goes upstairs.

    Although I was annoyed when I realized how much I would be taking care of Janie after Nightingale got her, I know that she will be a comfort to me when Heidi dies. I do love Janie, but I love my Heidi more.

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  28. Lots of people in Connecticut still don’t have power after Storm Isaias. Many roads were closed because of the downed trees, and many houses were destroyed.

    Thanking God that we only lost power for a little while, internet for a day, and cable for a couple days, and that our house had no damage. There are small branches and sticks and such on the porches, and some debris in the yard, but no actual damage.

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