2 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-8-20

  1. 😦 New sources that scare parents needlessly. There have been cases telling parents that children have died of Covid and had no pre-existing conditions. However, there are follow up reports that show differently. The one in California was obese, for example, and that is a condition that seems to make a difference. My niece (as a baby) was examined by a cardiologist who pronounced her to have no problem with her heart. She believed that until she was close to thirty and trying to conceive. A huge hole in her heart was then found and believed to be congenital. How do we know how many have this happen? It certainly seems to be found when children suddenly die while playing in sporting events? We need to hear when children die of any disease, but to do it in a way that scares parents to death seems a disservice to me.

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  2. 🙂 In the same week, I got to see (and photograph) a beaver, three otters, a kingfisher, a green heron, several swallowtails, and a pair of mating monarchs. Also a rushing creek and some really beautiful scenery.

    🙂 Our friend who has been buying groceries is back home from vacation, and he did a Sam’s Club run and a regular grocery run for us this week, so we’re restocked on food.

    🙂 Including fruit and ice cream and chocolate.

    🙂 I got a date with my husband to see the lovely state park (new to us, but worth returning).

    🙂 I got a new big book that will be great for our budget, and initial contact from another author.

    😦 I can’t seem to get to a reasonable place in the stack. Finish editing one book and a bigger one comes through. That’s good for finances, but I wouldn’t mind a break, at least long enough not to feel “behind” all the time.

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