14 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-29-20

  1. Good. Tell them Antifa will provide for their security.


    “More Than 100 Police Agencies Are Pulling Out Of Security Agreements For The Democratic National Convention”

    “It looks like the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee is going to have a hard time finding police officers to work the event. The Associated Press reports that more than 100 police agencies are pulling out of security agreements for the convention. Some are citing a recent order by the city’s police commission to end the use of tear gas for crowd control:

    A citizen oversight commission last week directed Milwaukee’s police chief to publicly account for why the department used tear gas during protests in late May and early June after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and to change Milwaukee’s police policies to ban the use of tear gas and pepper spray. The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission said in its order that Police Chief Alfonso Morales could be fired if he fails to comply…

    Since the Milwaukee order was issued, more than 100 law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and across the country decided against coming to Milwaukee, Morales told WTMJ-TV on Tuesday. They were concerned with directives placed on the police department, including not allowing tear gas or pepper spray, he said.

    Yesterday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel identified four Wisconsin police forces who were pulling out:

    The moves by police departments in Fond du Lac, Franklin, Greendale and West Allis cast doubt on a program to bring about 1,000 police officers from outside agencies to help shore up security for the event, scheduled for the week of Aug 17. Even though Democrats are holding a mostly virtual convention, protests are anticipated.

    Asked on Monday if the agreements were collapsing, Fond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb said, “Yes,” adding that he expects other agencies from across the state to withdraw from the program.”


  2. Liar.



  3. Jerry Nadler is a hack.

    This was a circus, they kept asking loaded questions, and then cut Barr of when he tried to answer. This was yet another Democrat run charade.


    Pretty much….

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  4. The walk back….


    “Hoyer: On Second Thought, We’d Like To Negotiate On The Unemployment Bonuses”

    “Perhaps Democrats in Congress should have acknowledged the “validity” of Republican concerns over disincentives in the unemployment benefit bonuses in March. At the time, the fierce urgency of now argument prevailed as Senate Democrats shot down an amendment that would have fixed the disincentive issue in April. From that point forward, Democrats steadfastly refused to debate or negotiate the $600-per-week unemployment bonus that paid some workers more than they made from working. Their latest version of Phase 4 relief, the HEROES Act, would extend it through the end of the year.

    In April, Democrats essentially issued an ultimatum, forcing Republicans to swallow the disincentive in order to get aid passed. This time around, Mitch McConnell is trying the same tactic in reverse — and it might be working. Steny Hoyer, the House Democrats’ second-ranking leader, told CNN that the provision should be changed — in negotiation, rather than in an ultimatum:”

    “CNN’s John Berman is so surprised at this switch that he has to double-check with Hoyer to make sure he heard it correctly. ““I just want to make sure I’m hearing you correctly,” Berman says, and for good reason. Just a few hours earlier, both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi rejected the Senate Republican proposal in toto out of hand, including the cut to $200 per week, as Jazz noted this morning. They didn’t bother to acknowledge the “validity” of GOP arguments on anything, including the disincentives in the jobless benefits in the CARES Act.”


  5. The real reason behind this latest charade.


    “Anytime Democrats in the House or Senate conduct public hearings, you can expect more theatrics than thoughtful exchanges, and more showboating than substance from the likes of House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and his merry band of carnival clowns.

    Today’s House hearing on the federal response to the violent left-wing riots taking place in Democrat-run cities like Portland and Seattle was no different, as my RedState colleague Jen Van Laar reported earlier.

    But while these show trials can be maddening to watch, they also provide an opportunity for Republicans to expose the duplicity and hypocrisy of Democrats on the issues they claim to want to get to the bottom of, as House Judiciary ranking member Jim Jordan (R-OH) masterfully did today after Nadler’s opening statement.

    Attorney Gen. Bill Barr, too, went beast-mode during the hearing after being asked by Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) if “this body would rise up if [rioters] decided to go tonight and paint the Capitol building?”

    “This body? I’m not sure,” Barr responded with a chuckle.

    Barr, who was the guest of honor during today’s hearing, maintained his composure throughout, even as the Democrats who pretended to be asking him questions would not let him complete answering them. But in one exchange, a mildly frustrated-looking Barr inadvertently exposed the real reason for today’s hearing after yet another Democratic legislator interrupted him in the middle of an answer:”

    “In under five seconds, Barr exposed the “hearing” for what it was: a pathetic show trial designed to give cover for the failed leadership shown by Democrats including the governors and mayors in the impacted states at the expense of Barr and President Trump. Their hope was that by repeatedly cutting Barr off after their “gotcha” questions, many of which had absolutely nothing to do with a hearing about the federal response to the riots, they could make Barr look incompetent and overreaching and, via extension, Trump.

    Barr clearly was not going to have any of that.”

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  6. Follow the money….

    And where does it lead? Where it always does with Democrat dark money, back to Soros.


    “In Early July BLM Contributions Moved to the Tides Center – A George Soros Linked Entity”

    “Donations to Black Lives Matter were flowing through Democrat Funding apparatus ActBlue and then to Thousand Currents, a non-for-profit entity with a terrorist from the Weather Underground on its Board.

    This must have looked bad so the Democrats and BLM moved the contributions to BLM from Thousand Currents to George Soros connected Tides Foundation.”


    “First, they removed from Thousand Currents’ website that convicted terrorist from the Weather Underground is on the Board. This occurred shortly after we reported the connection between Thousand Currents and the terrorist group, the Weather Underground.

    Next, they decided to move all the money Thousand Currents was receiving related to BLM to the George Soros related the Tides Center. We have located evidence that this took place earlier this month (see filing below):”

    “The Tides Foundation is a George Soros related entity with a long history of suspect actions. The entity is listed as one of the many organizations being funded by George Soros. The Tides website shows how the Soros connected entity has nearly $1 billion in assets:”


  7. Bad news for Biden….


    “Former Vice President Joe Biden is not mentally fit for the presidency, and he would likely become a “puppet” for the “deep state,” several Michigan of swing voters said during an Axios focus group session released Monday.

    The focus group included nine people who voted for former President Barack Obama in 2012 but voted for President Donald Trump in 2016. Seven of the nine swing voters said would vote for Trump in November’s election, Axios noted in a report Monday on the group.

    The focus group, part of Axios’s monthly Engagious/Schlesinger swing-voter series, is not a scientific poll, but it does provide a snapshot into how a select number of voters in the battleground state are thinking ahead of the election, according to Axios. The session was conducted last week, Axios said.

    Biden is “showing signs of dementia” and would likely become a “puppet … controlled by a lot of people in the deep state,” one member of the focus group calling himself Matt T said. He used the term “deep state” to describe “the lobbyists, the people that have influence on a lot of the politicians,” he said.”



  8. Thankfully folks on the right no longer care about the opinion of these traitors like Max Boot, the faux conservative.


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  9. This is wrong.


    “Nearly 14% Of Canadian Assisted Suicides Cited “Isolation Or Loneliness” As Cause”

    “Not the sole cause, but that number pops out nevertheless. The Canadian government has issued its annual report on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program for 2019, which appears to have been a banner year. Over 1200 practitioners in medically-assisted suicide performed 5,631 assisted deaths, the vast majority of whom were primary-care physicians (65%) rather than specialists. Oncologists, for instance, only represented 1.7% of all MAID providers, while palliative medicine represented just 9.1%.

    It’s this chart, outlining the reasons given by those whose MAID requests were approved and who received an assisted death, that looks shocking. Assisted suicide activists sell this as a means to put an end to needless suffering, but this non-exclusive list of approved reasons for MAID encompasses a lot more than unsolvable pain:”

    “Click on the chart to expand, but read the descriptions carefully. These percentages show that the written requests often contained more than one reason for assisted suicide, which means that one cannot extrapolate a specific number of deaths to one specific complaint. Nevertheless, this list contains a lot of reasons that could be addressed for some improvement. Only a narrow majority (54-56%) cited unmanageable pain, which is what most people have in mind when it comes to suffering that would justify medically assisted suicides.

    For instance, the two leading causes cited are rather basic medical issues — loss of ability to engage in “meaningful life activities” (82%) and “activities of daily living” (78%). Needless to say, these are common in some degree to all chronic medical conditions, which is why people go to doctors — specialists in particular — to manage those issues. How many of those cases did the Canadian health system enthusiastically try to alleviate? The fact that 65% of MAID providers are family doctors suggest that those efforts didn’t get much attention from specialists.

    The more shocking numbers are those of “perceived burden on family, friends, or caregivers” (34%) and “isolation or loneliness” (13.7%). This suggests that one driving factor behind hundreds of assisted suicides, if not thousands, is the impression that people want them out of the way rather than help support the sick. That’s not just an impression, actually — it’s the reality in Canada’s health-care system. Those numbers should be cause for shame, not for celebrating the success of a government program of any kind.

    This is what happens when we take a utilitarian view of life. And it’s only going to get worse, Wesley Smith writes at National Review, both in Canada and in the US:”


  10. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    And double bonus, because his own GrandMa outed him. 😂🤣😂🤣



  11. Looks like the Mayor lied.



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