35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-22-20

  1. Good morning AJ, et al
    This probably belongs on the “Politics” thread, but I’ll mention it here.
    I read on my “news” update that China is forcing Christians to renounce their faith.
    I don’t understand all of that, but I do understand that those people need our prayers. (I have read elsewhere that there are over a million Christians in China.)

    I understand that it happening to Islam and other religions too. I am against all religious persecution, but my prayer is for believers in Jesus.
    God knows.

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  2. Morning and I have been up since 3am…so there! 😊
    Chas indeed we are called to lift our brethren up in prayer and I trust He hears and knows. I sense a level of persecution knocking at our door here in the US…

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  3. What I was referring to”
    China Forces Christians To Renounce Faith, Destroy Christian Symbols Or Be Cut Off From Welfare, Reports Say

    China Forces Christians To Renounce Faith, Destroy Christian Symbols Or Be Cut Off From Welfare, Reports Say
    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is reportedly forcing people of faith to renounce their beliefs and replace religious symbols and imagery with portraits….


  4. Good morning! I took some photos of my straggly Black Eyed Susan’s this morning. I need to give them fertilizer or something. They are spreading but are never robust. The other yellow flowers, the blanket flowers, really appear much healthier without any amendment to the soil.

    It is time to prepare for Bible study.

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  5. Good morning! Blue dragon flies are my favorite.
    Chas, the entire world is unsettled. Hongkong has been so imporrant as a gateway to bring Bibles and supplies to Christians within China. You could predict this was coming when they wanted to treat them as they do the Chinese citizens on the mainland. It seems that governments want to do away with fervent believers and in other places people could care less about God and faith. Frightening times we are living in.

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  6. Are those walking stick insects on the plant? When I go through Word Press to get to this blog I am unable to enlarge the photo or the print size. Major disadvantage for me.


  7. Good morning. Janice, they do look like walking sticks but I think they are just the plant. Is that a damsel fly?


  8. Watching Neowise last night, kept getting interrupted by things like the space station flying by. Isn’t that cool? God is amazing and He has given us ability to do amazing things as well.

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  9. Chas- There are many more than a million Christians in China. I’ve seen estimates of over 100 million.

    We know of a young college student from Red China who was converted and went back. This girl was bold. She’d walk right up to strangers and ask if they were Christians while here in the states. She went back and was arrested a few times, being put in mental hospitals and reeducation camps. I think she even was responsible for the conversion of some of the guards where she was imprisoned. But no one has heard from her in almost 2 years, so we think she may have been silenced (murdered?) by the Chinese government.

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  10. Chas – At the end of yesterday’s thread you said they we are too young to have problems walking. In my case, my veering to one side or another is (I believe) related to my balance problem, which is related to my Moebius Syndrome.

    Moebius is most noticeable in the facial paralysis, but has other symptoms as well due to the parts of the brain that are affected. Many of us have balance problems and a tendency for dizziness at times (another problem I have – just call me dizzy dame πŸ™‚ ).

    I don’t veer all the time, as I try correct my course as I go along, but sometimes a strong veering to one side occurs. Makes me laugh sometimes. I think I’ve said before that when I would be walking up the lane to the school-bus stop, with my neighbors already there, I would think I must look drunk to them as I come up the lane veering this way and that. (It must feel more apparent to me than it looks to others, though. At least I hope so.)


  11. Another interesting thing about those with Moebius Syndrome is that about 30% of us are on the autism spectrum, a higher percentage than the general population. I’m not (that I know of), but my Chickadee certainly seems to be, although she doesn’t have Moebius.

    However, I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Yes, that’s “a thing”, as they say now. It is a personality trait also known as a “sensory-processing sensitivity”. Interestingly, some of the characteristics of this overlap with the those of Asperger’s, which may be why I seem to understand my Chickadee’s anxiety and sensitivity pretty well.

    I think there are other HSPs on this blog, too. EYG has written about being one, although she isn’t on here anymore.



  12. Our pastor and a couple of our elders have visited China to work with underground churches in the past. It’s a very difficult situation Christians in China face.

    Kizzie, interesting link. WSJ also has a good article (which I read last night) about how introverts and extroverts are challenged in different ways by this covid isolation — and how they react so differently to it.

    It’s another overcast, cool day, we’ll barely be breaking 70 degrees in the days to come.

    My knee feels better this morning but it usually does in the mornings. Still hoping this cortisone shot works for me, but I’m feeling doubtful.

    And I see the world and our nation are still a mess. Our mayor continues to hint about another more severe lockdown in light of the growing covid numbers that don’t seem to be abating. I don’t think it would be followed as well as the first one, however.

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  13. Good Morning most of you. Good Afternoon to the rest. Or maybe with who has posted already I have that backwards.
    My sweet ex-mother-in-law saw a post I made on FB and called me last night to check on me. We talked for about 30 minutes. Her “inherited” dog (He really belongs to my nephew) was having surgery on his knee this morning. Our “old” vet who had had some issues and had to close his practice for a while is back in business and is the one doing the surgery.
    Years ago when we had Marlowe (Philip Marlowe) his clinic was a line item on my monthly budget. I was on the easy payment plan because Marlowe was highly allergic to almost anything. One day I went in and told Alan I didn’t need another $100 vet bill. He put a note in Marlowe’s file, “No more 100 dollar vet bills”. Last night I told Nana that I almost felt like I need to send him a check for $100 for old time’s sake.

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  14. Tess barked through the entire time it was ‘my turn’ on the staff call this morning (normally we all stay on mute until we’re called on). Like clockwork, dogs are.

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  15. Hi all ~

    Thanks for the prayers since I was last here. Something really bizarre was happening and I felt I needed to push out some imaginary walls that were closing in on me and just get some space away from all the turmoil. Thanks for bearing with me and respecting my need for no contact for a while. I am better now.

    The thought has occurred to me more than once since then: Maybe those past tormentors of mine regret their actions now. What might it be like if I ran into one of them on the street someday? Would they be different?

    I can now imagine that they might be.

    It’s been 30, 40, close to 50 years, even, since I’ve seen those individuals. People grow up and sometimes change. The changes can sometimes be for the better.

    Even if I would meet one or more of them again in the future and find they are the same mean individuals as before, I’m an adult now and have formulated strategies for dealing with abusive behaviors, unlike when I was young and hadn’t been taught or learned on my own how to disallow their behaviors from penetrating deep into my soul.

    The past is done; the present is here. The old hurts are old. They don’t have to affect the present, if I don’t let them.


    After I last posted, I had a hard cry over losing Karen last month. I think I’ve allowed myself to get too busy, maybe in some sort of unknowing effort to keep from getting buried in grief. She was really the only best friend I ever had, and she was rock-solid in her love and commitment to our friendship. She never once intentionally hurt me, like the “best friend” I had in childhood, who on several occasions aimed subtle but pointed barbs at me.

    The contrast in what I used to consider friendship compared to what my friendship with Karen was is stark. I don’t think I’ve fully realized yet, though, how much I lost when Karen died. Deep friends like her are a rich blessing from God that I don’t think everyone gets to experience on such a level at some point in one’s life.

    God’s gifts, always good, are precious. Treasure the precious people in your lives while you still have them.

    And you are some of those precious people that I treasure, as clumsy as I may be (OK, am) in the way I sometimes express it.

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  16. I have watched this video nearly every day in the past week. When I’m not watching it, the song is almost always in my head. I have loved this song every since I first heard it, but I have been especially drawn to it recently, for reasons I don’t comprehend. It brings the tears now, and then I feel good.

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  17. My husband and I were up early — before sunrise — one morning a few days ago. (He always is; I rarely am.) We sat in the living room and watched the sun come up.

    Hubby, looking out the east window as the golden rays began lighting the sky, said, “Can you imagine Karen right now? She must just be beaming with joy.”

    I couldn’t agree more. And then, in that moment as tears began forming in my eyes, I saw them welling in his eyes, too. He’s not very often the sentimental type. But I could see in that moment how happy he was for her.

    The glorious reality of heaven — what joy we shall have someday.

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  18. Another quiet day at the (home) office. Except for having to take a break to go to the dentist. I had been given instructions to wait in my car and they would call on my cell phone when it was time to go in. As the appointment time came and went, it occurred to me that they’ve never called me on my cell phone and probably don’t know the number. (Sure enough, I found a message on my answering machine when I got home: “If you’re waiting in the parking lot, you can come in now.”) Finally I went to the door and peered in the window, and someone saw me and waved me in.

    Next week I will actually go into the office for the first time in four months. My supervisor suggested I start getting used to it as we’ll probably be expected to come in more in August, even though the college is offering most classes online. So I can finally return the library book I borrowed in March, and look through my filing cabinets to see if I have some paperwork someone asked for (if I have it, it’s “inherited” from one of my predecessors).

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  19. We finally found a company that says “no job too big or too small” that was willing to fix our garage, which was in such bad shape that the insurance company we used to have refused to cover our house any more (even though the garage is on the other side of the yard and we said it was fine not to cover the garage). Fixing it meant tearing it down and rebuilding it, though they kept the cement base. It used us most of our savings, but it had to be done (unless we wanted them to just tear it down and leave it that way, but I figure someday we’ll need to sell the house and people expect to have a garage, at least in this kind of neighborhood).

    Today I decided to tear down (but not rebuild) the broken bird feeder behind the garage. I took off the roof and dropped it on the ground, and was surprised to discover an unbroken sheet of glass on one side. I didn’t have a chance to look at the other piece of glass, because about then I realized that the current residents of the bird feeder were flying around, no doubt rather puzzled by the sudden disappearance of their home. I slowly backed away, and was relieved that none of them stung me or came after me. Maybe sometime next winter I’ll put the pieces of the bird feeder in the trash.

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  20. 6 Arrows – A comet, I think?

    I was bullied and teased a lot during my school years because of my face. Sometimes it was scary when it was the older teens in high school doing it. I don’t hold anything against anyone anymore, figuring that they have matured and hopefully grown out of that meanness, and if they haven’t, they must not be very happy people.

    There was a man on the WMB who wrote about having a school bully send him a Facebook friend request. In a private message, he asked why, considering how she had bullied him in school. She replied that she was sorry, and that she wasn’t like that anymore. I’ve heard similar stories, even one in which the bully and the victim became good friends as adults.

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  21. AT a recent class reunion, one of our neighborhood gals said a former classmate came up to her and apologize for how she was treated by so many of them.

    Kids and teens can be horrible to each other, especially girls I think. It’s all about needing to feel “in” with the right crowds.

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  22. I am back in California. It worked well to travel with my granddaughter. The four girl cousins were so delighted to see her it added a lot of joy to the visit. I also got to travel with someone for the first time in years.

    My daughter is very liberal and has causes. I just kept my mouth shut.

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  23. Oh, Neowise is a comet? I haven’t been reading or listening to any news lately, or looking at the night sky, either.

    It’s cooler tonight — might be a nice time to go peer at the sky. Low 60s right now. I think our temperature high today was around low 70s. That’s about 20Β° cooler than a lot of the days we’ve had this July.

    Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. It’s been postponed twice already because of the covid shutdown the first time, and then because I didn’t “pass” the test for being allowed to come to my rescheduled appointment because of recent possible exposure at that time (one of my daughters living at home had just had a co-worker test positive).

    I “passed” this time so am allowed in tomorrow, but have to call when I arrive so they can unlock the doors to let me in, and I have to wear a mask until I get into the exam room.

    I wonder for how many future appointments this will be the routine. It seems like things will never return to normal.

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  24. Husband has been sick for weeks now, finally actually was able to see a doctor in person at the assessment centre. Was tested yet again for COVID and received a couple of prescriptions. Now I have pink eye. One just doesn’t know what to do. Do I call my doctor? Do I treat it as bacterial with OTC drops? Do I get tested for COVID? Do I stay home from work? I hate this. I injured my elbow back in early May and it has not gotten any better, and I’ve not been able to see a doctor about it. It’s just so frustrating.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

    In other news, it was finally a gloriously hot day here and I enjoyed it to the full, despite my eye.

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