34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-20-20

  1. Morning! Those two up there look like the twins we have hanging around the property. Yesterday day morning they were running around in big circles chasing each other…it was a though they had found their running legs! They probably get all that energy from the flowers they eat from my garden!! 🤔


  2. Peter L’s wife, from yesterday, is trying to introduce logic into this mask-distance squabble.
    If we ever get that settled, then answer this.

    The protesters? What are they protesting?
    How does defunding the police help?
    If the presidential candidate can’t leave his basement, how will he govern?
    The “Redskins” issue was going on when I lived up there ((20 years ago). If they get that settled, what other trivial issue can we fight over (Tribes have been questioned several times. They don’t care.)

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  3. NancyJ. There were some fawns in my back yard several days ago. They were standing beside a five foot high fence. With no effort, they, from a standing position, jumped over the fence and moved on.

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  4. Chas, I answered the “why do both?” question on yesterday’s thread. We do both (mask wearing and six-foot spacing . . . and also, I would add, asking people who are sick to stay home) because this disease has the ability to kill a lot of people, and we’re doing everything we can to limit its spread.

    The question can actually be turned on its head: If people actually are keeping six feet apart and are wearing masks too, then why are numbers going up and not down? Probably it’s because people aren’t doing enough, not because people are “doing too much” to halt spread. Now, it may not be possible to do more than we’re doing–people do have to work, shop for groceries, etc. But doing what they can to limit the spread seems a minimal precaution.

    Here’s another example, and pardon me if it is crude. A few years ago when discussions were all about “safer sex” and about the wearing of condoms, it occurred to me that no one ever got to the heart of the matter: If you knew a given man had AIDS, you wouldn’t be willing to have sex with him just because he wore a condom. The condom was really never an “answer”; it was just “Well, we have to do SOMETHING.” In this case, if you’re 90 years old or have compromised health, you aren’t going to willingly sit next to someone with COVID-19 and carry on a conversation. It’s simply too risky. Since we don’t know who has it, we have to do something. The six-foot distancing plus mask wearing doesn’t eliminate the spread, but it’s sure better than completely carrying on “business as usual.”

    (BTW, I didn’t watch the whole video posted last night, but he seemed never to make a distinction between whether masks protect the wearer or other people. What they’re saying is that it offers some protection not to the wearer, but to other people. When I had to go to an eye doctor last week because of potential problems, I was glad everyone in the building was wearing a mask. I knew I was no danger to them–we’ve self-isolated for 20 weeks now–but others might have been a danger to me and, more importantly, through me to my husband.)


  5. Peter, your wife had a good question, and I answered it on yesterday’s thread. Tell her thank you for being willing to think through these things and get answers.


  6. Good Morning Everyone. I have had a busy few days.
    As you probably remember my father had 8 sisters. #1 is my Aunt V–she has lung cancer.
    #7 called me last night. When I saw her name pop up on my phone, I took a deep breath and answered. Aunt V is still among us, so that was a relief. #7 called to tell me that her ex-husband had died. I started sobbing. I don’t know if it was relief it wasn’t V or if it had to do with the past few days I had.
    #7 and “Will” dated when I was a small child. I was quite disappointed when they started dating because the other guy she dated had all sorts of fun toys. A dune buggy when you could still take those on the beach. Will didn’t have any of that. What he had was a white car with red leather interior and an AM radio. I was sent on dates with both men–my grandmother wasn’t a fool 🙂
    I liked to tell people that Will was the first man I ever dated. I have vivid memories of standing up in that car playing with the buttons on the radio while we were at the drive in theater. I also like to tell my cousin that I was #7’s favorite until she was born. Imagine my distress with #7 and Will eloped and when they finally came home from Texas they brought a BABY. I can remember sitting in a chair and holding her.
    I didn’t put it together until last night when #7 told me that Will will be buried at the Veteran’s cemetary near me. They aren’t sure when. Of course! He was in Vietnam when explains a few things. It seems that he was in an assisted living facility and was beginning to have problems with dementia. He had suffered a stroke and a heart attack but still knew who his children and grandchildren were. There is that.

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  7. I will be 90 next month. Then I can’t sit net to aperson with Covid (whatevr) 19. LOL

    I see where the Heritage Foundation says the protesters are a combination of Marxists and spineless politicians.
    That may be so.

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  8. A dear friend texted this morning and her husband tested positive for the virus…she has been running a fever all weekend…she probably has it as well. These are the safest people I know! Masks, distancing and staying home for the most part. 😞

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  9. Social distancing is the best protection but that is not always possible. Masks provide at least some protection for others and probably ourselves as well, it’s debated as to how much, but common sense tells you it’s something.

    Many other countries are getting the virus under control, we’re seriously lagging on that front, obviously.

    And now it may be too late for many of our states. We’ve not done well. 😦

    It’s nice and cool here this morning, and it will get no warmer today than 75; it’ll be cooler than that on the rest of the days of the week. I’ll take as many cool days as we can get. August-Sept-(and too often) Oct can be brutal.

    I love fall but am thinking fall this year may not be very enjoyable with the virus still floating around, everything that’s fun being canceled, and an election that’s sure to be nasty and much argued over.

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  10. In so many places I am glad to wear a mask as others are not keeping any distance. Or you have to go through a group of folks to get to where you need to go. I believe we are going to a reservoir today.

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  11. I need to either find my password or change it. Then again, these days perhaps being Anon is not a bad choice.

    Yesterday the heat index made it feel like 105° here. And today will be even hotter. Glad I mowed in the heat last week when it was not as hot as this week. I need more outdoor exercise, but not in this weather.

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  12. Poaching from our local tide pools, today’s story. Looks like a fairly busy week but I’ll get Friday off as I’m (again) capping out on my vacation time.

    Dogs chose to bark a lot during my fish and wildlife interview this morning, but then the officer’s young child began making noise as well so we were even and managed to talk through it all.

    The joys of working from home. I’m just glad my gardener didn’t show up, he’s due this morning but is running a bit late, thankfully. No talking over that noise, which is compounded by both dogs barking at him from inside the house.

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  13. Like

  14. Cheryl- If you watched to the end of the video, you would have heard that, according to the studies he quoted, masks do more harm to the wearer than good. I don’t know the science, I just posted the video based on my nephew’s experience. He says he gets more headaches now that he has to wear a N95 mask and a cloth mask over it. The video says N95s are no better than cloth alone for the wearer.

    I look at it this way- since most of the people I see are not wearing masks properly, are we really helping keep the virus under control? By properly, I mean totally covering the nose and mouth, and sealed tightly so that no air escapes out the sides. If your glasses are fogging up, then you are not wearing the mask properly. It needs to be tight over the nose and chin.

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  15. Peter, I skipped around in watching the video, and I did see he said they did more harm to the wearer than good. The issue (which I don’t think he addressed) is that mask wearing in this season has never been about the individual wearing it, but protection of other people. For those of us who aren’t working eight-hour days in places where masks are required, wearing one for a half hour to go to the grocery store is a minor inconvenience. I have far more sympathy for those who are having to wear them for twelve-hour workdays. But unfortunately, that happens to be the “cost” of having a job working with the public during a pandemic. It’s the cost of keeping others safe.

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  16. I’m not sure if a PDF will post or not, if not and you’re interested, contact me and I’ll send it to you: A Checklist for the Manifestations of Pride: file:///C:/Users/Robert/Downloads/Checklist%20-%20Manifestations%20of%20%20Pride.pdf


  17. Big debate over the term “poaching” in my story. I wound up taking all ‘poachers’ and ‘poaching’ out.


  18. Cheryl – I was going to ask if your husband, who wears a mask for his own protection, uses an N95 mask, but then Peter said the video says they are not any better than cloth. But I thought the N95 was supposed to be better, protecting the wearer as well.


  19. Then again, I don’t know what video y’all are talking about, and I don’t know if it is accurate. So an N95 may be better than cloth after all.

    It’s so hard to know who is right and who is not these days, on this Covid-19 issue in particular.

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  20. There was also that video shared yesterday with the lady (a doctor?) talking about a vaccine and a bunch of stuff. Bill Gates’ name came up. I skipped through it because I didn’t always know what she was getting at, or how long it was going to take her to get there. (I would much rather read an article than sit and watch someone drone on in a video.)

    I wanted to look up her or whatever her site might be, to get more info on her and what she stands for, but none of that info was in the video.


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