12 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-21-20

  1. Shocking no one…..

    “Shootings and other crimes spike in the poorest neighborhoods when cops pull back.”


    “New York City needs more arrests. More arrests in the subways. More arrests in housing projects. More drug arrests. More arrests of gang members.

    And it isn’t alone.

    If there’s one lesson from the unrest and anti-police agitation in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, it’s that poor minorities living in distressed neighborhoods pay the highest price — in fear and in blood — when the cops retreat and the worst elements feel emboldened.

    The spikes in shootings in cities around the country haven’t taken place in high-end neighborhoods, not in Billionaire’s Row in Manhattan, not in Buckhead in Atlanta, not in Forest Glen in Chicago.

    No, they blight the most marginal neighborhoods and make everyday life a hazard for people who have no option but to live in a tough place. The last couple of months should have made it obvious that what these people have to fear most is not the cops or white supremacy but the violent, vengeful, and heedless young men in their midst.”

    “Stopping or discouraging the cops from disproportionately policing these neighborhoods isn’t a blow for justice. It’s an obstacle for upstanding, low-income citizens who are trying to lead decent lives and shouldn’t have to routinely hear gunshots or worry every day about their kids getting shot.”


    Just like everyone with a brain said would happen.

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  2. You can have a show trial to impress your liberal friends, but you will lose, and the Gov. has already promised a pardon even if you manage to pull it off. Which is why you know it’s all for show.

    They have the Castle doctrine and the 2nd Amend on their side. The actions of the rioting hordes make their actions legal. A real lawyer would know this.


    “Charges filed against St. Louis couple who pointed guns toward protesters”

    St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has filed charges against a St. Louis couple who confronted protesters with guns in June.

    Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the Central West End couple who confronted protesters June 28 with a rifle and a gun in Mayor Lyda Krewson’s neighborhood, have been charged with unlawful use of a weapon/flourishing.

    5 On Your Side’s Christine Byers first reported the charges Monday afternoon.

    Mark McCloskey defended his actions during a Fox News appearance Monday night.

    “I’m flat out pissed off. This has gotten to be outrageous,” he said, telling host Tucker Carlson he won’t apologize and won’t back down.

    The unlawful use of a weapon charge is a class E felony, which can carry a sentence of up to four years in prison and a fine of $10,000. Sources tell 5 On Your Side Gardner’s office will be issuing a summons for the couple to appear in court.

    But Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is stepping in to help the McCloskeys. He announced he’s trying to get the case dismissed.

    “Enough is enough. As Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer, I simply will not stand by while Missouri’s law is being ignored,” he said in a video statement.

    Schmitt was referencing the Castle Doctrine, which in Missouri, allows people to defend not only their homes but their property.

    A Saint Louis University constitutional and criminal law professor said the private street where the McCloskeys live is covered by the Castle Doctrine.

    “There was no right to protest on their street. The protesters were actually trespassing,” professor Anders Walker said.

    Walker said the couple has a strong defense if the charges stick.

    “All they have to show is they had a reasonable fear of force. Not deadly force, just force. Someone pushing them, someone shoving them, someone throwing a bottle, and I think they can show at trial they had a reasonable fear this particular protest was going to become violent,” he said. ”


    Gardner is just another political hack looking to make a name for herself.

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  3. There’s an easy solution. Cyber school for everyone and lay off most of the teachers. Problem solved, and billions saved.


    “Florida teachers sue as DeSantis distances himself from school openings”

    “Florida’s largest teacher union sued Gov. Ron DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran to overturn a sweeping emergency order that requires schools to physically open five days a week, saying the policy bypasses local leaders and defies national public health guidelines.

    The complaint, filed in circuit court in Miami-Dade County, comes as the Republican governor sought to distance himself from the order, which has been targeted by teachers, parents and school leaders since it was issued July 6.

    The order has made Florida a political battleground over schools and the coronavirus outbreak as DeSantis and Corcoran followed the lead of President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy Devos, who are pressuring states to fill classrooms with students in the fall. DeSantis in recent days has backpedaled, making it clear on Monday that the mandate wasn’t his idea and putting his own education secretary on the defensive.

    American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said DeSantis is “in intense denial” over Florida’s coronavirus outbreak.

    “I don’t know if it’s Trump that’s whispering into his ear, I don’t know if it’s Betsy DeVos — I don’t know who it is,” Weingarten told reporters Monday.

    DeSantis on Monday put the order squarely at Corcoran’s feet and said it was meant to give parents the option of sending their children back to school.”


    These clowns sure change their minds a lot. Remember the old days (like 2 weeks ago) when we were told to ignore Trump and listen to the Govs? That he had no power to make decisions for them? Yeah, good times…..

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  4. Like I keep saying…..

    It’s garbage.


    “Connecticut pathologist’s study shows CDC coronavirus test kits generate 30% false positive results

    Other issues with the COVID-count include motorcycle fatality classified as COVID-19 death, Rhode Island reporting 113 false positive results, and Florida labs lacking negative COVID-19 results.”

    “As the American press paints a dire picture of all the new cases of coronavirus out there, to inspire another economy-crushing set of closures, it would be wise to step back and start questioning the numbers.

    Evidence suggests there may be substantially fewer new cases of COVID-19 than those being reported. To begin with, there appear to be many cases of “presumed positive.”

    Additionally, there are clear cases of deemed-positive, despite contraindications the cause of illness or death is related entirely to another factor.

    Florida’s coronavirus death count includes at least one young man who died in a motorcycle accident, according to a local health official.

    After several reports that health organizations in Florida were misreporting data, Danielle Lama of Fox 35 Orlando spoke with Orange County Health Officer Dr. Raul Pino about several specific cases.

    Lama asked Pino whether two younger people listed as COVID-19 deaths, both in their twenties, had suffered from any underlying conditions.

    “The first one didn’t have any. He died in a motorcycle accident,” Pino replied.

    When Lama followed up, asking whether his data had been removed from the official tally since his cause of death was the motorcycle accident, Pino said that he couldn’t be sure.

    Furthermore, there are now indications that there are false positive results being reported from testing laboratories.

    In fact, a study product by a Connecticut pathologist shows the CDC coronavirus test kits generate 30% false positive results and 20% that are false negatives.

    The current CDC nucleic acid test kits for SARS-CoV-2 generate 30% false-positive and 20% false-negative results in the best state public health laboratory, Dr. Sin Hang Lee reported in a peer-reviewed article published in the International Journal of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation, an online journal based in Japan”


  5. Chuck is hacking quotes to make them appear to say what they didn’t, because that’s what hacks do.


    “Chuck Todd Runs Deceptively Edited Kayleigh McEnany Clip Even After It Was Proven to Be Misleading

    Doing this once could be considered a mistake. Maybe. But this is the second time this has happened recently on Meet the Press, and it’s something that shouldn’t be forgiven even in the event Todd issues another apology.”

    “Last week, several mainstream media journalists ran with an out-of-context quote from White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. At first glance, it made it look like she was saying President Trump was willing to ignore science to get kids to return to public school classrooms in the fall.

    To quickly recap, here’s an example courtesy of CNN’s Jim Acosta of what many reporters posted to their Twitter feeds shortly after the Thursday press briefing:

    McEnany’s full quote, which you can read here, was two paragraphs long. The essence of what she said was that the science is on the side of those like Trump, who wanted to reopen schools with in-person attendance fully. Even Acosta’s colleague Jake Tapper, another reporter who is prone to displaying liberal bias, stepped in to correct all of the false reports about what McEnany said.

    As of this writing, though, Acosta and the other reporters who misreported the quote left their tweets up. Acosta’s has nearly 50,000 RTs to date.

    Fast forward three days to Sunday. Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd hosted a special edition of his show titled “The COVID Crisis,” which was little more than a 45-minute “bash Trump’s handling of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak along with the red state Republican governors who support him” program.

    During the first seven minutes of the broadcast, the shortened clip of McEnany’s comments about how science “should not stand in the way of this” ran twice. First at the 1:08 mark and then at the 6:10 mark, as you can see below (I’ve set the video to start at the first instance of it being shown):

    In both cases where they played remarks, Todd gave no context. He used the deceptively shortened quote to lend credence to a claim Todd made at the opening about how Trump was allegedly “continuing to deny the reality on the ground” about the Wuhan Coronavirus. Except for the reality of it was that McEnany said more than what Todd included in the video montages shown at the start of Meet the Press.

    George Washington University law school professor Jonathan Turley called out Todd’s deceptive use of McEnany’s quote in a post published at his website, as well as in a Twitter thread Sunday morning not long after the episode aired:”


  6. ———–




  7. Will Cancel Culture Inc. come for the NY Times? They seemingly have to under today’s new rules.


    “The family that owns the New York Times were slaveholders”

    “It’s far worse than I thought. In addition to the many links between the family that owns the New York Times and the Civil War’s Confederacy, new evidence shows that members of the extended family were slaveholders.

    Last Sunday, I recounted that Bertha Levy Ochs, the mother of Times patriarch Adolph S. Ochs, supported the South and slavery. She was caught smuggling medicine to Confederates in a baby carriage and her brother Oscar joined the rebel army.

    I have since learned that, according to a family history, Oscar Levy fought alongside two Mississippi cousins, meaning at least three members of Bertha’s family fought for secession.

    Adolph Ochs’ own “Southern sympathies” were reflected in the content of the Chattanooga Times, the first newspaper he owned, and then the New York Times. The latter published an editorial in 1900 saying the Democratic Party, which Ochs supported, “may justly insist that the evils of negro suffrage were wantonly inflicted on them.”

    Six years later, the Times published a glowing profile of Confederate President Jefferson Davis on the 100th anniversary of his birth, calling him “the great Southern leader.”

    Ochs reportedly made contributions to rebel memorials, including $1,000 to the enormous Stone Mountain Memorial in Georgia that celebrates Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. He made the donation in 1924 so his mother, who died 16 years earlier, could be on the founders’ roll, adding in a letter that “Robert E. Lee was her idol.”

    In the years before his death in 1931, Ochs’ brother George was simultaneously an officer of the New York Times Company and a leader of the New York Chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

    All that would be bad enough given that the same family still owns the Times and allows it to become a leader in the movement to demonize America’s founding and rewrite history to put slavery at its core. As part of that revisionism, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are suddenly beyond redemption, their great deeds canceled by their flaws.

    But shouldn’t such breathtaking self-righteousness include the responsibility to lead by example? Shouldn’t the Times first clean out the Confederates in its own closet?

    That was the question last week. It is now more urgent because of the new information.

    A week ago, I was “aware of no evidence or claims that any members of Bertha’s family owned slaves or participated in the slave trade.”

    That statement is no longer accurate. I have found compelling evidence that the uncle Bertha Levy Ochs lived with for several years in Natchez, Miss., before the Civil War owned at least five slaves.”


  8. This one is just bizarre. My first thought was maybe they were grooming them for Bill Clinton. This is disgusting really. You can have a conversation with your kids about the dangers without actually watching it with them. It’s just gross.


    “You know which side ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos comes down on whether our kids should go to school this fall during the Chinese virus outbreak. He wouldn’t want us to endanger our kids’ lives, of course. But his wife’s latest admission should have you wondering whether the Stephanopoulos family knows what’s in your kids’ best interests. Or even their own.

    In a recent podcast interview with Will & Grace’s Debra Messing, comedian Ali Wentworth – who has been married to George Stephanopoulos since 2001 – opened up about her insane parenting methods involving educating her kids about pornography.

    There’s the normal strategy of staying vigilant as a parent and educating them about the dangers of this corruptive, and addictive medium, which profits off of violent exploitation of women and has been linked to sex trafficking. Then there’s what Mrs. George Stephanopoulos told her Hollywood friend — watching porn with her children.

    Ugh, what? Gross! Fun for the whole family!

    Wentworth, who has two daughters with the Good Morning America anchor, claimed, “You can’t stop them, so I would watch it with them. I would look at the porn with them that one time, like, ‘They’re performing.’” Oh that’s wonderful. Though Wentworth, a comedian, explained that this was a way in which she could provide context about the practice to her kids. You see, watching it with her kids would allow her to explain how it’s exploitative of the actors in pornographic productions.

    She added, “In porn, women have been conditioned to look and act a certain way… They are performing and it’s dangerous to have boys see this as something women want.” Oh wonderful. How about telling your daughters to turn it off if it’s dangerous. Also how would it not be awkward for the Stephanopoulos parents to sit in with their teenage daughters as the actors simulate sex?”


    I’ll say what you’re thinking.


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  9. Why are mail in ballots a bad idea? Because whether or not they get counted matters, as does who counts and decides which ones get counted. It’s too easy for partisan actors to manipulate counts.


    “California tosses 100,000 botched mailed-in ballots for presidential primary

    Most of the discounted votes arrived late, while others were lacking signatures.”

    More than 100,000 mail-in ballots were rejected by California election officials during the March presidential primary, according to data obtained by The Associated Press that highlights a glaring gap in the state’s effort to ensure every vote is counted.

    With the coronavirus pandemic raging, California is part of a growing number of states increasing mail-in balloting to avoid crowds at polling places. President Donald Trump is among those questioning the integrity of vote-by-mail elections while supporters say they are just as reliable as polling places and offer greater flexibility for voters.

    But while polling places include workers who can assist people who have questions about filling out ballots, a voter doesn’t have support at home and so problems can arise.

    The California secretary of state’s election data obtained by the AP showed 102,428 mail-in ballots were disqualified in the state’s 58 counties, about 1.5% of the nearly 7 million mail-in ballots returned. That percentage is the highest in a primary since 2014, and the overall number is the highest in a statewide election since 2010.

    Two years ago, the national average of rejected mail ballots in the general election was about 1.4% and in the 2016 presidential election year it was 1%, according to a U.S. Election Assistance Commission study.

    The most common problem, by far, in California was missing the deadline for the ballot to be mailed and arrive. To count in the election, ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received within three days afterward. Statewide, 70,330 ballots missed those marks.

    Another 27,525 either didn’t have a signature, or the signature didn’t match the one on record for the voter.”


    And now NY as well.


    “1-in-5 mail-in ballots tossed out in tight Congressional primary race

    Similar issues have popped up across the country as mail-in ballot access has been expanded”

    “There’s been a massive push for the expansion of mail-in ballots this year with officials arguing it’s a safer way to vote in the midst of the COVID-19 panic.

    But massively and quickly expanding a voting option typically only available to a few thousand people has overwhelmed voting systems across the country.

    In NY-12, one-in-five mail-in ballots were tossed out. ONE-IN-FIVE. It’s a massive mass.

    From the Queens Daily Eagle:

    One-in-five mail-in ballots have been tossed out in New York’s 12th Congressional District, which includes Western Queens, Northwest Brooklyn and the East Side of Manhattan, according to Board of Elections documents reported by The Intercept.

    The absentee ballots are crucial in the contest, where Maloney, who has served in Congress since 1993, led Patel by 648 votes after the machine tally following the June 23 Democratic primary. Roughly 65,000 NY-12 voters cast their ballots by mail, The New York Times reported.

    Maloney received 41.7 percent of the in-person votes compared to Patel’s 40.1 percent. Two other candidates, Lauren Ashcraft and Pete Harrison, received about 18 percent of the overall vote total. In Queens, Patel received 540 more votes than Maloney.

    On Thursday, the four candidates called on the BOE to count every absentee ballot that was invalidated because the U.S. Postal Service did not postmark the envelope or because the BOE received the ballots after June 30.

    “Put bluntly: A missing postmark, over which voters had no control, should not disenfranchise those voters,” the candidates wrote.

    “We stand together in asking Governor Cuomo to update his executive order to permit the Board of Elections to accept all absentee ballots received without a postmark,” they added.

    Patel went even further, suing the Board of Elections in federal court to demand that all ballots mailed and received before June 30 be counted, even if the ballot does not have a postmark.”


  10. The WaPo is getting lazy. They’re not even trying. In an effort to bash Trump for using federal police in camo, they insist that’s wrong, and offer some retired Army guys opinion of how it’s wrong to do so as truth. But it’s not.

    “I Helped Build A Police Force In Iraq. We Refused To Dress Them In Camo.”


    “Second, there is the matter of uniforms. We were rapidly expanding our recruiting and training of future Iraqi police officers so we could put thousands in the cities quickly, but the interior minister — the Baghdad official charged with growing the nascent police force — couldn’t get us the large number of uniforms we needed for those we were graduating. The minister asked if we would accept camouflage outfits instead of police uniforms for the graduates, and he asked if we would also accept unmarked pickup trucks for service as police cruisers.

    “Tell him, ‘Hell, no,’” the MP commander told me emphatically. When I asked why, he explained the history of the blue police uniform, as well as the psychological role that a uniform plays in law enforcement. The traditional “blues” started with the London “bobbies” of the early 1800s, whose uniforms were designed to distinguish the British police force from the British military. Our nation’s first organized police, in New York, continued this tradition in the 1850s, numerous other American cities followed suit, and now most nations associate the police officer with blue uniforms.”

    Myriad studies have shown interesting results: For example, some research shows citizens adjust behaviors when someone wearing a police uniform is nearby; others show that police uniforms are most likely to “induce feelings of safety” when compared to other uniforms or civilian clothes, and those wearing a blue uniform receive a high rate of cooperation when asked to perform a task. Wearing camouflage uniforms, our division MP commander said, would send the wrong message, especially in a society where neither the U.S. nor the Iraqi military was yet trusted by the population.

    We wanted these new police officers to be on the street, visible, ready to be called. We came to realize that no matter what we needed to make it happen, we had to ensure our new graduates wore the distinctive uniforms, name tags and badges with numbers that were associated with the IP, the Iraqi Police. And the vehicles we got them needed to be painted and clearly marked, and different from anything they saw U.S. forces using. Camo should be saved for when you’re trying to blend in or hide, not when you’re patrolling the streets on foot or in cars.

    We managed to get the police uniforms and marked vehicles.”


    Sounds good, right?

    But a simple Google search exposes the lies.

    There’s camo everywhere.



  11. Remember how they told us “There’s no slippery slope with gay marriage.” “It won’t lead to other degenerate behaviors being normalized…” and so on?

    Yeah…. about that……


    “Massachusetts Town Legalizes Polygamy Using Same Arguments For Gay Marriage

    Every argument supporting gay marriage—‘Love is love,’ ‘we deserve equal protection under the law,’ and ‘we’re not harming anybody’—also supports group marriage.”

    “The Massachusetts town of Somerville has become the first in the nation to legalize polyamorous relationships. It’s evidence of the slippery slope social conservatives warned would follow legalizing gay marriage.

    Polygamy was the obvious evolution of redefining marriage. After all, every argument supporting gay marriage—“Love is love,” “we deserve equal protection under the law,” and “we’re not harming anybody”—also supports group marriage.

    Somerville’s legal recognition of polyamory came about on June 25 while the city council was changing its domestic partnership application to a gender-neutral form. When Somerville council member Lance Davis was challenged over why the form was limited to two applicants, he replied, “I don’t have a good answer.”

    Indeed, if we are going to ignore the fundamental, dual-sex form marriage has employed for millennia, there is no good answer to why government-sanctioned adult relationships should be limited to two adults. That is, unless we consider the rights of children to be known and loved by the only two adults to whom they have a natural right—their mother and father.

    Yet, according to the prevailing view of marriage, endorsed by the Supreme Court’s ruling mandating gay marriage in 2015, marriage has nothing to do with children. These days, marriage is simply a vehicle for adult fulfillment.

    By such reasoning, there is no limiting principle for the sex, number, duration, or exclusivity of a marriage relationship. While the same cannot be said of the children resulting from their unions, plenty of adults feel fulfilled by short term, single-gendered, non-exclusive, or multi-partnered relationships. SCOTUS was indifferent to the needs of the children in their 2015 decision, and Somerville is following suit.”

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