33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-26-20

  1. The way I remember being first to comment (when AJ started this blog) was because when World put an end to activity on their site and AJ was cranking this up, it felt for a bit like being lost at sea and trying to find a rescue boat or trying to dock with a spaceship out in the unknown realm of nothingness. It felt shocking in a sense to land on this blog and see that I was the first of the crew to be rescued. Thanks again, AJ. It verged on traumatic emotionally to have been dumped overboard so suddenly by World.

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  2. The pastor sent an update that we will do another virtual communion with our Facebook Live service Sunday.

    He also gave an urgent prayer request for our first member to get Covid, Gary, a man in his seventies.

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  3. Good morning! Ten hours of sleep last night — with only one brief interruption — feels oh so very good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your prayers for better sleep.

    Have yourselves a wonderful day, wanderers. I will be visiting with 1st Arrow today and part of tomorrow, as he came down yesterday for Karen’s memorial service and is staying here until he heads back home tomorrow before his Sunday duties at his church.

    I’ll make one more request to pray for Karen’s family, for safe travels as the three children who don’t live in this area head back home at various times this weekend. Also for her siblings’ travels, all but one of whom live hours away from here.

    Blessings to you all,


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  4. Iโ€™ve been slammed with work this week, up against a big implementation that starts at 10:00 tonight, so missed the Zoom and the blog yesterday.

    6 Arrows, I immediately noticed โ€œBorning Cry.โ€ I love it, but absolutely cannot sing it without crying (which Iโ€™m actually doing now, just thinking about some of the words). When Son and Dear DIL got married, along with the Pastor, I wrote the entire service and included that one, which was especially poignant because they were married in the church where he went to elementary school and where he โ€œheard the wonder of the Word.โ€ The other one that hits me hard is โ€œGo My Children,โ€ which was always the closing hymn of the sixth-grade graduation there.

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  5. Well, I had a good conversation with my new office mate and the supervisor of The Problem at Work. He is frustrated with her too. I told him for the first time Wednesday I didn’t want to be there (The office or the company). I told him I know they can replace me if I walk out but it will be a whole lot of paperwork for him. He laughed. I also told him that in the “real world” she would have been fired for the way she has treated me and that she needs to GROW UP. I also pointed out that she is older than he is. I also mentioned how she acted in staff meeting Monday and told him that SHE didn’t get to have an opinion on whether or not we had a meeting on HE and one other person got to make that decision. I also told him I was tired of tip-toing around her fragile feelings and if I could un-intentionally hurt her feelings imagine what I could do if I tried.
    I was also a horrible person yesterday. The new receptionist, a lovely ADULT and I went to the kitchen yesterday about noon to have our lunch. My office mate joined us, then two other admins for agents, then an agent and his admin. I was finished with my lunch but I sat there until everyone else left because I saw the Immature Child come fix her lunch but when she saw I was at the table, she went back to her office. No, I am not proud of myself but I am DONE with her.
    I will also have a conversation next week with the man who really is in charge of the whole office above me about it. I don’t like to bother him, but it is past time this be addressed.

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  6. Peter mentioned the verse that says, โ€œHe gives his beloved ones sleep.โ€ I’ve often thought that that verse might cause insomniacs to worry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  7. Kim – I’ve mentioned in the past about a similar situation I had with the receptionist at my last job. I ended up leaving two months earlier than planned (as I would be leaving to have Nightingale and be a stay-at-home mama) even while the office was already down a person (who was sick in the hospital for a long time).

    But our supervisor had refused to deal with the situation, which had gone on way too long. I know she was mad at me for leaving them in the lurch like that, but the stress was negatively affecting me, and I was pregnant. I had to protect the health of myself and my baby. (She could have hired someone during the two weeks notice I gave, but she didn’t.)


  8. Stand your ground, Kim; I think you’re right, it’s time. Her behavior sounds awful and should not be tolerated in a workplace.

    Do turtles have knees?

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  9. My friend and I did seven miles yesterday and then drove all around Lake Tahoe as she had never done that. So tired that I slept in.


  10. I wish there was something in the picture for a perspective on size. Imagine the Empire State Building being no taller than one of his “fingernails.”

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  11. ‘Tis the season for turtles to cross the road here. Even the news reports it. Some people brag about stopping and helping the turtle to cross the road. I have never done that and don’t recommend it. I would never harm one, however. That turtle definitely looks determined and does seem to be marching. Perhaps it is heading to deal with a co-worker?

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  12. “Why DID the turtle cross the road?”

    To get to the other pond on the other side.

    True story, Cheryl and I were coming from Oxford Lake fishing when I saw a huge turtle, had to be 40lbs in the middle of our lane. (state record is 75lbs) I pulled off, thinking I’d move it, but then noticed it was a snapper. I didn’t want it to get hit, and didn’t want to see anyone damage their vehicle, so I grabbed a downed tree branch and starting shoving him. He didn’t like that. I could tell because he hissed and bit the log repeatedly. Took 3 inch chunks out with every bite. I didn’t know they hissed either until then. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway I eventually got him back to where he came from and left him there. He’s probably still mad because he was headed for the pond on the other side of the road. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  13. Actually if you want to get a turtle off the road push it in the direction it’s heading, as it will try again to get there.


  14. They don’t herd well, but are determined so Peter L’s comment makes sense.

    Usually cross the road for mating or egg laying purposes.

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  15. Well, I see I haven’t been here yet today. One of those days that is busy busy all day but without anything actually getting done.

    Yes, the turtle is a common snapping turtle and a big one. Probably a female off to lay eggs or (my guess) returning after doing so. She’s not actually on a road, but on main the trail I walk, which is blacktop. I was photographing wildflowers maybe a quarter mile away, on the same trail but around a curve, when someone told me there was a “big” turtle right in the middle of the trail. Big turtles here are the common snappers and the softshell, so I hurried to get photos. With this one, I purposely got the shot with her in motion, since one doesn’t see turtles out walking about all that often.

    I was far enough away from her that I don’t think I bothered her, but close enough to get good shots. She kept walking along. A couple came along, and said, “That’s a big turtle!” I said, “Yes, a snapping turtle,” hoping that would be enough to get them to turn around and not try to go by her. (Another part of the trail parallels this one at this point, and they could have backtracked a bit and taken the other side.) But they kept going, so I said, “It’s probably better to walk behind her if you go by her,” and they at least did that. When they walked by her, she lowered herself to the ground and pulled her head in, defensive and not offensive. But I’m not sure that would have been the case had they walked so close to her in front of her, and gotten between her and her destination. When they walked by her, the wife said something about the dinosaur look.

    So far this spring I have seen six turtles out and about: this one, a painted turtle, three box turtles, and one that I haven’t yet identified as to species. (That last one was quite tiny and quite dark. It looked like a large rock in the road, so I did move it across, and then cleaned my hands.)

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  16. I see the lying-down pose is up now. (And we’re back to color, too. Some of my Flickr groups occasionally ask for black-and-white photos, and so I see which shots will work well in that. Overall I prefer color, but it’s a nice challenge.)


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