37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-15-20

  1. Good morning.

    These are Mrs L’s petunias in the same bed with the wild flowers. Purple and yellow go together well, don’t they? She likes the combination. In fact, our wedding colors were purple and yellow (along with green).

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  2. What could be a better day 2 of your longed for vacation at the lake with your cousins?

    How about picking your new puppy?????

    (Or 2 if you’re the imaginative and optimistic younger sister??????)

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  3. loving the cooler air here, but it will warm up a bit later. Having lunch today with the sweetest 91 year old. What a blessing she is.

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  4. Good morning from the hospital parking lot. The doc called and said the surgery is over. Now I await Art’s recovery and waking up from the anesthesia. The stone accumulation was larger than expected and the doc said that blasting would have been the only way to get it out. I guess the long wait to have it done gave more time for it to keep increasing in size. The next week while he has the stent in to help pass the blasted dust of the stone will be rough in both senses of the word. Did I just make two puns in the same sentence? No fun puns.

    It is chilly here, too. I was thankful to have a spread in the car. I slept some here in the car since we got up at 3:30 a.m.

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  5. Good to hear Art’s a surgery went well on the Stoneball. Ouch, must have bee uncomfortable

    I now have a new hitch right above my knee — feels like something pulled, maybe from the exercises? — that makes walking precarious. I canceled my 9 am eye dr appt and am trying to rest it. I feel like I’m a mess, it’s discouraging. I’ve always been strong, able to do for myself and others when needed.

    But God has me ‘here’ for now for a purpose. I just don’t like it much.

    Cool here this morning, too, feels nice.

    Puppies 🐶🤗 enjoy

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  6. Donna, I know you haven’t come to that point, but the worst thing about getting old is “I can’t do that anymore.”
    Chuck is encouraging me to walk a mile every day.
    I have a problem walking from here to the kitchen.
    But I don’t tell him that.

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  7. Along those lines, I have started doing “balancing” exercises and walked 2 miles yesterday and 3 miles today. Better to do it now than not be able to do it later.

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  8. I really miss just being able to walk the dogs. 😦

    So eye doctor can’t see me now until August, but I’m on their cancelation list. But getting there this morning would have required a drive and then the appt itself, because it would include dilating my eyes, would have involved moving from room to room — I just felt with this knee feeling so newly unstable it wouldn’t be a great idea.

    I’ve iced it a couple times, used the heating pad in-between, so it’s feeling a bit better. It’s better than it was last night, which is good. As I said, this is a weird new “hitch” kind of sharp pain whenever I put weight on that leg, like muscle pull or something? It’s just above the knee area on the inside. Not part of the usual knee pain really. Oy. I’m a mess.

    My editor was understanding, said to take the day off — I plan to ice it regularly and just try to let things in there regroup. I may request a call from the eye doctor as I actually wanted to talk to him about some new ‘floaters’ that have been annoying me in my left eye. I really wanted to make it to that appt but … Oh well.

    I’m partial to purple and blue flowers. And yellow is always so cheerful.

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  9. And I was able to provide a story for them, I had forgotten about a photo assignment I’d made for a water tank being taken down at 11 a.m. today to make way for part of the waterfront development. Should be easy for them to put that one together with all the info I sent over.

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  10. “Can’t we have two?!”

    “I’m broken-hearted!”

    “Don’t you want one, Grammy?”

    We returned to the house (we’ll pick up puppy on way home for them on Thursday. They’re pulling the old catamaran, so we help somehow.)

    Mr. I’m Happy With My Cat: “Is Grammy getting me a puppy for Father’s Day?”

    “See, Grammy? I told you he wanted one.”

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  11. Before long-
    Puppies always become dogs.
    Kittens always become cats.
    They always have to be cared for.
    The person who “has” the critters is usually not the person who cares for them.

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  12. Miss Bosley is glad I am home. And she’s glad Art’s home, too.
    I had a ridiculously difficult time trying to get Art’s called in prescriptions at the Toco Hills Kroger (the one Michelle will remember as the Kosher Kroger). For years they had a pharmacy staff we appreciated. Today I went to the walk-up window while Art waited in the car. They rang up one med. I told them it was suppose to be more than one. I ended up talking to the pharmacist after a wait. She told me that the other med cost too much because it is not covered by insurance. It is the med that turns urine red and makes it not hurt as much to pass when there is a UTI. I asked how much is it and she said $25. I said I wanted it. Then the pharmacist said she had the equivalent on the store shelf for much less which turned out to be $8. I took it and checked out a second time. I went to the car and Art said there are suppose to be three medicines. He gave me the paperwork from his discharge with the three medicine names. When I took it back to the window the third lady tried to confuse and argue with me saying that I said I did not want it. Then she said it costs too much. I asked how much is it? She looked it up and it was just over $3. I said I wanted it. She said it would be 30-40 minutes (in the past the wait was no longer than 15-20 minutes). Art was waiting in the car all of this time because we went there directly after he had been discharged. He needed these meds because the hospital painkillers would soon be out of his system. So I said I would be back. This is typical game playing and wasting time and being hurtful toward the white minority in Atlanta. Reverse racism is a real thing. It just makes me sad. But at the same time I love the black sisters and brothers in my church family who are the most wonderful people.

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  13. The flowers in that raised bed are very nice. I, too, like yellow and purple (or blue) together.

    I need to find something to plant on the bank by the house where I pulled out the ivy. I could try to get vinca minor (periwinkle) to serve as a ground cover. It does not creep up on the house like ivy. Or I might find ornamentals on sale at the end of fall planting season if I decide on something like the azaleas nearby to that space. If I don’t put something to hold the hill, we will have a ditch through the yard like the one there when I moved in.


  14. My eye appt was moved up to July 22.

    My next PT appt was moved up to 7 a.m. tomorrow (ouch).


    I’ve done a couple of the exercises today, mostly they’re stretch exercises. The tweaky-pain I was suffering with last night and all this morning seem to be going away, thankfully.

    Chatted with a community pal (played lots of sports in his day) who says the PT place I’m going to is the best in town. He was telling me about the time when he got smacked with his surfboard while surfing as a teen, knocked out several of his lower teeth. Lots of blood, but it was only when he got to shore and started spitting out what he thought was sand did he realize it was bits of his teeth. It hurt real bad, he said, which I can only imagine.

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  15. I need a good sturdy ground cover plant too

    My plumbago is blooming though and I may use more of that along the terraced area in back, it spreads out nicely

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  16. I just had a mildly unpleasant encounter with a stranger who seems not to understand the meaning of the term “mind your own business.” Next to two of the the trails I often walk is land that seems technically to belong to the corporation that used to own the land for the trails. Parts of it are fenced off, and a couple places (but only a couple) have “no trespassing” signs, but it basically is just several acres that doesn’t get used by anyone except wildlife, but does have someone periodically mow paths in it, for reasons I’m not totally clear on (for emergency access?). I’ve seen hints of homeless people hanging out here and there, not in large numbers and not necessarily all the time, but I wouldn’t walk those trails when it isn’t light out and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people who sleep in the woods. (Off the other trail there are now two or three tents, which isn’t at all a good sign.)

    Well, I stepped off the trail and off to the side to identify a wildflower, and as I did, I saw a path I hadn’t known was there, and just as I noticed it I saw a bicyclist coming along it quickly, so I backtracked to get out of his way. And as he turned onto the trail, he said, “What were you doing back there?” as though somehow he had a right to be back in the woods and I didn’t have a right to be two steps inside the area that doesn’t get mowed. I said calmly, “I was looking at flowers. What were you doing back there?” (If it’s a fair question for him to ask me, then it’s a fair question for me to ask him.) His answer? “Minding my own business.” Sure. That’s precisely what he wasn’t doing.

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  17. Wow, Janice. I would want to contact the manager. That is a horrible way to be treated, especially having someone waiting who has gone through surgery. So unprofessional. Management has no way of knowing unless contacted.

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  18. They all come to us with “something.” 🙂 Some of it can be trained out, some of it can’t, the instincts are just too strong.


  19. Congratulations on the Adorable news, Kare!

    Janice, I’m glad Art’s surgery is behind him now. What a run-around at the pharmacy, though! We had similar delays after one of the hernia surgeries my husband had, but not the rudeness like you experienced. I agree with Kathaleena that that should be reported.

    I called before leaving the teaching studio this afternoon to see if then would be a good time to visit Karen. Mike answered and said he was just about to call me, come on over.

    She was very tired and dozing off and on. Mostly Beth and I talked with each other. Karen talked a little now and then.

    She tried apologizing for being too tired to have me visit Friday. I told her that was completely fine; I wanted to be sensitive to her needs. Then I said (*wink wink), “I still love you anyway.”

    She caught my meaning exactly. Her robust laugh is gone, but her smile is as big and beautiful as ever.

    It was such a lovely visit, sitting in their living room, in quiet conversation about mundane things and little joys — and some of the more difficult topics, too, but without tears.

    Karen wanted Beth to show me the family pictures they’d taken on Saturday, so I watched the slideshow on the laptop. Beautiful pictures at a gorgeous area park on a bluff overlooking a nearby city. The handiwork of God’s creation all around them, the peace of Christ radiating from behind their smiles.

    Beth said her mom, now mostly wheelchair-bound, really enjoyed that day. I am so glad they could all get together, from their various places in the Midwest, to get one last set of family photos.

    Typing with a smile on my face and peace enveloping me tonight.

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  20. I have questions in my mind about what is going on with that pharmacy and wonder if the regular staff got covid or if something else is going on. It all seemed so bizarre. And I think that Kroger has liberal upper management so I am not sure to which level of management I should take a complaint.

    I saw this afternoon that my church has posted something on social media about joining in an event in July called March Atlanta to bring the gospel into all the madness. I want to find out more since I was totally unaware. My initial feeling is to feel uneasy about it, but I will reserve judgement until I get the details.


  21. Because a lot of the older people are not physically able to join in a march in the heat of summer. But if it is the pastor doing it on his own time and inviting others to join in, not as a church event, then I don’t have a problem with it. Given the difficulty with your legs lately I feel that you must understand what I am saying.


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