Prayer Requests 6-8-20

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 117

Praise the Lord, all you nations;
    extol him, all you peoples.
For great is his love toward us,
    and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.

   Praise the Lord.

16 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 6-8-20

  1. Richard B. was a fellow Lion. I don’t drive at night, so he picked mu tp to go to Lions.
    Richard was in my SS class. His wife teaches Elvera’s SS class.
    Richard B. died suddenly yesterday.

    Mary, my GD has three children, one adopted from China. She is pregnant with the fourth, a daughter. Due next month. Mary was rushed to the hospital yesterday, but she is home now. LindaS is on plane now headed to Jacksonville to keep the children until Saturday.

    The good news is that Elvera ate most of her breakfast. But still doesn’t get liquids.

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  2. Prayer here as the other eighteen returns soon from National Guard schools. He won’t be living here. He had planned to get a job in Lewiston and an apartment for himself and his girlfriend and their baby. But it turns out, people are hesitant to rent to eighteen year olds. He now plans to live in our town and work for the farmer until after harvest and maybe their wedding. So he wants Mike to cosign for him. Thinking of the well being of the baby, we need to know what is best for all, and how to assist without enabling. Wisdom. As I understand it, she is seven months pregnant and has yet to go to a doctor.

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  3. I can walk.

    When I first got up at 5:30 or so to let the animals out I had my doubts. But an hour later I got up (for real) and am now OK (as OK as I can be right now).

    Sorry about Richard B, Chas. Those unexpected losses are hard. I’m reaching the age where I’ve lost a couple “contemporaries” and I see where it is a different kind of sadness and process for us.

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  4. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, Chas.

    For those who might not have seen it, I posted late on yesterday’s prayer thread about my friend Karen, diagnosed with cancer last month. Doctors predict she has about 2-4 weeks to live yet.

    I am having difficulty coping with this. I’m trying to be happy for her that she will soon be home with the Lord, and I am rejoicing in that fact on some level, but the most recent news last night still has me shocked and reeling.

    I shouldn’t have been surprised. Stage 4 cancer is a serious matter. A spread to the lungs is a serious matter. And when she told me a couple of weeks ago that the initial tumor is so large, her uterus is the size of a woman 5-7 months pregnant, and that her lung imaging looks like a snowstorm, I knew that this would be a tough battle.

    But I didn’t think it would be so short.

    I have so much to do, but all I can do today is sit and cry and pray and pace and play sad music on the piano and … not much else.

    I’ve seen her every Sunday at church (while we were meeting in person) and twice a month at Bible studies for the last probably almost 30 years or so. We’ve attended all our kids’ confirmations, high school graduations, weddings that have occurred.

    I’m not ready to lose her.

    Thanks for your prayers for her and her family and friends. She’s prayed for many of you here, countless times, when I’ve brought your requests to her. And she always follows up. It’s not once and done. She’ll ask me the next time, and the next, how are things with Michelle and the fires … with [Kizzie] coping with her grief at Leon’s passing … with Chas and Elvera [her mom has dementia, and Karen understands how challenging it is for caregivers] …

    God is working something beautiful, but the journey on the way to beautiful is sometimes so heart-wrenching.

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  5. 6 Arrows – Please don’t feel any guilt for feeling deep sorrow rather than joy at your dear friend’s impending passing. The Bible doesn’t tell us that we don’t grieve, it merely says that we don’t grieve in the same way as the world does. But we do indeed grieve, and grieve hard! Especially at a life cut short.

    My heart goes out to you, and I include you in my praying for comfort for her loved ones.

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  6. I love this psalm. I believe it is the shortest and in the middle of the Bible. A song of praise and God’s goal for the nations.

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  7. We don’t grieve for the Christian who is gone:
    We grieve for what he/she has left behind. There are lots of changes that will have to be made.
    And the missing person is missed.

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  8. Thank you, all, for your prayers — and for your thoughtful words to me, Kizzie.

    Janice, from yesterday’s prayer thread, it made me think of KBells, too. I miss her.

    I am up and around, being more productive now than earlier. At my husband’s behest late this morning, I composed and sent a sternly-worded email to a business that needs it. That got me fired up. Piano lessons later this afternoon will serve as a further diversion and energizer.

    Your prayers mean a lot to me.

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  9. Oh 6 arrows, that is so hard. I lost a neighborhood Christian friend last year to stage 4 cancer, she was gone in about 8 months. I still miss her, I walk by her 1920s apartment a block away whenever I walk the dogs and never fail to think about how I miss her & how odd it is to see “other” people now inhabiting what was her little apartment/space here on earth.

    She would not have liked how they’ve put a giant TV on the wall above the fire place, I can tell you that much. 🙂

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  10. Praying all.

    Here’s an update on my MinL. She saw the specialist today because they recently found a blockage, either stones or growths. The specialist says they are growths. So they will be biopsying and running other tests in the coming days. 😦 Prayers would be appreciated.

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  11. I am sorry about your fellow Lion Chas. I am also glad Elvera ate and that Linda is able to go help Mary. Prayers for Mary and the baby.

    I had asked for prayers last week. The situation still isn’t resolved to my satisfaction but I will accept it for what it is right now. They may not help me but maybe they will stop fighting me.

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  12. Oh, so much sadness to process and give to God on this prayer thread. So sorry to hear of the loss Chas has experienced.

    I had to say a few blunt things to my friend, Karen, today. She has been so wishy-washy and not herself. She admitted being in a dark place of depression. When she does not call much and then does call and wants to spend the time bashing political leaders, well I told her it felt abusive to me. I don’t want to waste my time like that. I usually listen to her talk about television shows she watches. I try to interest her in Bible study. Since I had been doing study in James this morning with my online group I read most of Chapter 1 to her. It talks about the double-minded person. She needs to consider herself and how she has been lately. The Bible study leader read a commentary that talked of the difference between double-mindedness and being like the doubter who asks God to increase his faith. Karen thanked me later for that information. I hope what I said sunk in and at the same time did not cause too many bad feelings.

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  13. The neurosurgeon believes twin grandson has severe cerebral palsy. Getting two more opinions. Daughter is okay and watching to see what God will do.

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