70 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-8-20

  1. Sorry for your loss, Chas.

    It’s Monday, and I am off until Saturday. Tomorrow, after getting a bid on some foundation work, Mrs L and I are traveling south to visit my brother for a few days. While there, we’ll do some hiking in the Ozarks and see a cave or two. So if I am not around much this week, you’ll know why.

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  2. I see I whetted the appetite if everyone yesterday for more “information”. The Prisoner is based on the premise that a top secret agent has resigned his post suddenly. The actor and creator of the show was Patrick McGooghan, who had before acted in the show Secret Agent. He is then abducted and taken to a mysterious village, where he is given a number as his name, Number 6. The apparent head of The Village, Number 2 changes with every episode and tries various methods to try to get “information” from Number 6 about why he resigned. Number 6 always manages to avoid giving it. The show became a cult classic, and is often regarded as a parable of the individual struggling against the conformity to society, a popular theme in the 1960s when the show was created. I think that people saw what they wanted to see, however, as Number 6, trying to find out who is behind his imprisonment, constantly counter questions Number 2 about “Who is Number 1?” The answer to that question is rather obvious when one thinks about it. In the episode I mentioned, ‘A Change of Mind’, Number 6 is targeted not directly by Number 2, but by the Village council and, because he refuses to display unity, is declared ‘unmutual’. He sent to Coventry, and mind games ensue. I tried to find a good clip of the part of the episode that comes to mind, this is the best I could find:

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  3. I finally checked back on the one FB thread that sparked so much angst and pushback on me over that march coverage. It wound up getting something like 180 comments, and an interesting mix of opinions (they moved beyond me and our article quite quickly).

    So much of the complaining early on about our coverage, again, comes back to not understanding what journalism is. It’s not a PR wing to promote a march that some think will now change the country (seriously). They want a glowing headline, had complaints about ours (which was a standard, straight-forward journalism headline, ‘several hundred, including lapd chief michel moore, join sp in march’

    They complained that a more glowing headline (i forget the one they ‘suggested’) “won’t sell newspapers” harrumph!

    So when I do comment on these threads (which really is rare, I’ll post a story and leave is what I do 99% of the time) it’s often to try to better explain what our role as journalists is — it’s not to promote, or to push a particular ‘narrative’ of how something should be viewed. It’s a snapshot in time, with hopefully some background and context as deadlines allow (they sometimes just don’t).

    Bottom line, one of the earlier critics is a very rah-rah type person in the community and this, she event said, moved her to tears, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” She was very upset by one man (whom she called “defiant”) who did not kneel when others did. (He was part of a random march shot which she took great exception to, except I suspect she’s the only one who knew he didn’t kneel earlier, she seemed to think we purposely sought him out to photograph him — just such a strange idea, frankly, I didn’t know he wasn’t kneeling earlier and I’m sure the photographer, who was hustling just to get some good overall “marcher” shots, wouldn’t have realized it either).

    So to sum up the outrage, a more socially-distanced report of the morning just flew in the face of what she and maybe a couple others felt should have been “reported” (as a glowing moment in the sun that could inspire a nation, or something like that).

    Again, such a misunderstanding of journalism and what it is. I only was trying to educate. 🙂 But that pretty much fell on deaf ears I guess.


    Lots of strong winds still this morning, I think at least 2 of my big trash cans blew over a couple hours ago and are, presumably, lying on their sides in the driveway.


  4. Maybe he couldn’t kneel. Arthritic knees, artificial joints or limbs, etc. often proscribe bending far enough to be able to kneel.

    I was thinking, as I typed how The Prisoner was perceived in the 1960s, how the rebellion of the Boomer generation was the individual against society’s collective mindset. Recent years have revealed just how far that individualism of their generation failed to change things for the better, with things like the MeToo movement showing how the Sexual Revolution of the Boomers merely allowed lustful men to harass women further. Now, oddly, even as the ultimate expression of individualism, existentialism, is encouraged for one’s lifestyle choices, a collective mindset is now being held up as the antidote to the abuses of individualism.

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  5. Good question michelle. But interesting how this other person was apparently taking notes during the kneeling time.

    And someone did point out in that FB threat that perhaps he has a bad knee (something I can really relate to right now!). She conceded, ok, maybe that’s true.


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  6. Good noonday on the eastern side of the country.

    I have managed to have two lengthy telephone conversations, prayer, Bible study, take care of garbage, and have two cups of tea. I do not know how to shorten telephone conversations with needy people. I don’t have the ability to be curt so I can go about my business.


  7. Unless something drastically changes in the afternoon address by our premier, we will be cancelling summer camp today. Very sad.

    But, then I get the summer ‘off’. As in laid off, but the government CERB will be enough and we will make it through.

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  8. For those wanting free reading materials, Wesley shared this site which he used in doing research for his dissertation:
    Type in the search bar at the top on the website home page to see if they have what you may be looking for. I just downloaded something from a library special collection in London. I am using the Pocketbook reading app on my phone. You can put your downloads on on Kindle.


  9. Yes, maybe he couldn’t kneel. Or maybe he finds it foolish and dangerous–maybe even against God’s law–to kneel because random people who have no legitimate authority have decided you should do so.

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  10. Now getting a few supportive comments on that thread, including from one of the town’s most respected business owners who operates a very popular brew co and restaurant in the heart of downtown; so it looks like the critics are backing off.

    Again, people expect journalists to be cheerleaders in these causes (in part, sadly, because journalism has changed so much). But I keep trying to explain that’s NOT our role, to tell people what to think or how to view things — and readers should be glad when that’s the case.

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  11. I remember the 60’s pop song “Secret Agent Man” with the line “We’re giving you a number, and takin’ away your name.” Is that the theme song for “The Prisoner”?

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  12. I am alive and well. We got lots of rain and a little wind. Some dead limbs from the River Birch fell in the yard. I have been working on the financial future the last week or so. Eye opening for sure. I’m only a millions and half dollars away from retirement.

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  13. Peter, the song Secret Agent Man was for the American version Secret Agent (known in Britain as Danger Man), the TV program in which Patrick McGoohan starred prior to The Prisoner.


  14. Kim, haha. I know the feeling LOL

    Progress: I have a 6/17 PT appointment dr recommended 3 times a week for 6 weeks and it *should* be covered by insurance. If they get an opening any sooner they’ll call, but for now the 17th was the earliest they had.

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  15. I remember that song, I think it was on a live Johnny Rivers album that I had as a teenager.

    Says were big in the mid-1960s, from 007 to Man from Uncle, I Spy, + (The Avengers?).


  16. I saw the mailman (is that even still okay to use that label? Maybe the mailit?) walk to our door with something. I wondered what it would be since I have not ordered anything in a month at least. It was addressed to Wesley from Baylor. I opened it which he lets me do. It was his diploma. I sent him a text with a photo of it which I don’t think he has seen yet. I sent a picture to Art, also. Pretty sad way to get such an important document. But of course I was thrilled to see it.

    I sent him some info on seminary in case he finds no teaching positions. Why not be a lifelong student?

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  17. Well, it was the Cold War era.
    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. really tied into that. Another one was Get Smart. But it was really an era of great television in general. Doctor Who and Star Trek both started in the 60s.

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  18. Yes, DJ, those Says were big back then and have only grown bigger now. The Says are what protesters have on their signs and in their mouths. Sounds like they never have enough of them, either.

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  19. Roscuro, I really liked those shows. There is another one that I can’t think of its name that I did not watch much but my cousins loved it. One of the cousins became an FBI agent back when ladies were not much doing that. The program may have had influence e on her choice of career.


  20. Speaking of Man From U.N.C.L.E. . . . David McCallum played the Russian guy, Illya Kuryakin. He became extremely popular, and according to IMDb.com, “McCallum received more fan mail than any other actor in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s history, including such popular MGM stars as Clark Gable and Elvis Presley.”

    For the last seventeen years, as an older man now, he has played Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard on NCIS. In an episode in the earlier years of the show, a character wonders aloud what Ducky looked like when he was younger. Mark Harmon’s character, Gibbs, replied that he looked like Illya Kuryakin (his Man From U.N.C.L.E. character.) 😀

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  21. Telling that story reminds me of when James Garner was on 8 Simple Rules as the grandfather. In one episode, the family arrives home from shopping or something, and Garner’s grandfather character says he’s going to sit down and watch The Rockford Files. Garner, of course, had played Jim Rockford in that show. 🙂

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  22. While straightening my kitchen, I came across an unopened bag of tortilla chips. I had purposefully not been buying them. They were found yesterday and now they are gone today. That is why I stopped buying them. Does anyone else indulge in the Late July brand? My very favorite of all time.


  23. So, the premier of our province is moving certain regions of the province into stage two of reopening, but the Golden Horseshoe around Toronto remains at stage one as case numbers are still rising. We are just outside that region, so we are going into stage two. However, all places of worship may now reopen, at 30 percent of building capacity and observing social distancing numbers.


  24. Our service yesterday was wonderful. To see others and worship together. They carefully distanced us. Part of the music included the doxology and we ended with In Christ Alone.

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  25. Oh we really liked watching Get Smart…quirky silly humor but so many memorable lines 😂
    My husband is up in a tree..about 30 ft up a pine cutting off dead branches. He is the Monk of trees…he cannot tolerate a messy tree….and he picks up all the pine cones up off the forest floor…he feels it makes everything look unkempt…I hope he comes down for dinner…..

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  26. Chas, you can have your Barbara Felton, I was in love with David McCallum in the Man From Uncle.

    And The Great Escape had too many handsome men to count. My girlfriend and I sat through that movie twice in a row in a near-empty theater one Saturday afternoon, trying to count them — and admiring them all. I recall discussions afterward on who was the “cutest.” I always came back to Steve McQueen.

    Mission Impossible, best theme song (maybe) ever.

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  27. Robert Culp, who played Mr. Solo in Man from U.N.C.L.E. had a house in Tucson we’d drive by once in a while. Never saw him, though.


  28. We also used to watch I Spy. That’s the show that had Robert Culp in it, but Mr. Solo was Robert Vaughn.

    Bill Cosby was the sidekick in I Spy.


  29. With the exception of The Prisoner, I have only seen clips or single episodes from most of those shows, of course, but enough to know what they were about and to appreciate their quality. Once, when I was in the city in West Africa on our six week supply run, I was watching the movie channel that broadcast mostly American films out of one of the Middle Eastern countries (I think it was the UAE, as Dubai got mentioned in ads). The next movie played was announced onscreen as being The Avengers, and I thought I might as well watch it to see what hype was about, thinking it was the Marvel one. But then, when it started playing, I realized it was a modern movie based on the classic Television show. It was the weirdest film, despite having Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and Sean Connery in it. I stopped watching because it was so pointless. I have come across several modern films based on classic TV shows, including Get Smart, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and The Saint, none which I would recommend, but that film version of The Avengers was by far the absolute worst.

    My father has a record of the Mission Impossible soundtrack. Every once in a while, I fire up his old record player and speakers and play it to hear that layered instrumentation again. Digital copies do not do it justice.

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  30. DJ – Sometime in the past year I watched “The Great Escape” again. I agree with you about Steve McQueen. 🙂 (Btw, did you remember that James Garner, whom I mentioned above, was also in that movie?)

    As for TV theme songs, I think the one for “Hawaii Five-0” might just beat, or at least tie, the “Mission: Impossible” theme song. 🙂

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  31. The Hawaii Five-0 theme is good too, but I think Doctor Who has the best theme, although it has evolved over the years in instrumentation – the original theme, despite its other worldly sound, was made without even synthesizers and the tape was spliced together:

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  32. Kizzie (about James Gardner being also in The Great Escape) yep. My mom loved him. And she loved “I Spy” when that first came on.

    Editor appears to have been forced away from endless protest coverage now that wildfire season is upon us and reporters are getting way too-burned out.

    This is quite a shot:

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  33. Never watched Dr. Who but like the music.

    Film score music is fun to listen to especially in the car as you’re driving around town.


  34. Oh, Leslie Nielsen (who showed up in the original Hawaii Five-O credits above); I saw him once at the Broadway in Century City, mulling over a table of men’s shirts on sale.

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  35. Robert Culp was such a great actor. He was in many episodes of Colombo and always made us laugh with his natural “attitude”.
    So tonight we are predicted to wake up to an inch of snow…one more for 2020…I am so done with this year!! 😜

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  36. Another of those TV insider jokes was an occasional reference on Stargate SG-1 to “MacGyvering” together some gadget critical to save the day, cobbling it together out of whatever was around like MacGyver used to do. Richard Dean Anderson, who had played the original MacGyver, also starred in Stargate. (It was always another character in Stargate who mentioned MacGyvering, though, not Anderson’s character.)

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