10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-30-20

  1. There was some talk about returning to the Moon and possibly exploring Mars.
    I have no objection to exploring mars. Turns out there are already two Mars rovers, one called “Opportunity” forgot the other.
    I saw some of the pictures they returned. None of them were inviting.
    Suppose we should send people up there?
    There is no sign of any growth. Indeed, the climate would likely forbid it, as would the soil. Bottom line:
    To establish a colony on Mars would be like going to the Sahara to start a colony.
    There is nothing there, no reason to go there.
    And NASA has stopped, not of their volition, the manned exploration of the moon.
    Good enough. What else do we need to know about the moon? We can’t establish a base there. Everything we use on the moon is something we took there. Including the oxygen we breath in our “Lunar Bikinis”.

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  2. I was all for Lunar exploration because it was a new challenge and there were lots of unknowns that this answered.
    Not that it made a difference to what we were doing. But still…..
    In Sept. 1963 I went to work at the Army Map Service, later Topocom, (Army’s Topographic Command) later Defense Mapping Agency (later something else, I forgot).
    Sometime around 1965, because of a challenge JKFK made, they started a project to get a man on the moon. I transferred from the Top Secret mapping projects we had to the unclassified Lunar exploration project. Though we were using top secret (Byeman) techniques to do unclassified mapping.
    This is a little bit of what happens when you put a man on the moon.
    First: You have to determine if there is a landing site. That is, a place where they can safely land their module and launch it again.
    That requires maps from which you select an area. Which requires material from a lunar orbiter.
    Then” Will it hold a spacecraft. That is, “Is the Lunar surface firm enough to hold a spacecraft?” That requires a “Surveyor” Lunar lander.
    (There was one, Surveyor III, I believe, that landed inside a crater. NASA wanted a map of that area. We mapped it and I gave a paper to the American Society of Photogrammetry convention..) That’s another story.
    Anyhow, in Apollo 12, the astronaut landed at that site and retrieved the camera from Surveyor III> I thought that was quite a feat.
    Bottom line, we need to map large areas to select a landing site, on/near the equator.
    Then, we (they) sent men around the moon before sending one TO the moon.
    What I’m saying here is there is lots of work that had to be done to put a man on a near satellite of the earth.
    To put a man on Mars would be orders of magnitude
    But it can be done.
    But there is no payoff.

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  3. There is an airbase, Thule, on the northwest coast of Greenland. It used to be classified. You still can’t see it on Google Earth.
    Everything the troops need for survival, except for air and water, is something they take there from here.
    On Mars would need to take water and possibly oxygen.


  4. 🙂 Furnace install started to be completed this coming week, I think.

    😦 Paying for said furnace

    🙂 God’s provision so we can pay for said furnace

    🙂 Daughter came over and helped haul the wood portion of the furnace up the stairs and also stayed to set up the pool. What a girl!!! She is so strong – hefting stretchers with patients all the time.

    🙂 I was in the pool yesterday

    😦 Of course it only had 4 inches of very cold water in it

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  5. Sounds like a wading pool. We had frost today, but all our plants were covered with old bed sheets or plastic pots.

    🙂 Making some sourdough French bread to use the oven and warm it up in here.

    😦 So sad to see what is happening in my state. My grandson had to stay home from the outdoor event he was going to attend, because of the curfew. This would have been his first time out with others (socially distanced) because of Corona virus. Of course, that is nothing compared to the businesses lost etc. Even here (almost four hours away) we are set to have protests. There are rumors that a bus from out of state will be here on Sunday for one in the small town where we do most of our business. I don’t believe rumors, though, for I have found many are just that–rumors. Nevertheless, every Target in the state has shut down and more people are now out of work. Not to mention all the other businesses where they will maybe never or for a long time be reemployed. To see people fleeing homes because of violent protests, especially during a pandemic is distressing. To read and hear those who to tell us this is just a peaceful protest or that it is necessary because people are angry is disgusting.

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    I figure I have had about 1800 haircuts in my life.
    This is the first time it was an event. I was like a child about noon expecting my 3:30 appointment for a haircut.
    The only other time a haircut was an event was when the Air Force cut everything and made me bald when I joined the AF.
    And they charged me $0.50 to do it.
    has been over ten weeks since it was cut before and it annoyed me all the time.
    Feels much better now.

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  7. Donna, I don’t have that much hair on top of my hear. My problem was the excessive growth around my ears.
    But I’m back to whatever normal is now.

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