Prayer Requests 5-30-20

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 110

Of David. A psalm.

The Lord says to my lord:

   “Sit at my right hand
    until I make your enemies
    a footstool for your feet.”

The Lord will extend your mighty scepter from Zion, saying,
    “Rule in the midst of your enemies!”
Your troops will be willing
    on your day of battle.
   Arrayed in holy splendor,
    your young men will come to you
    like dew from the morning’s womb.

The Lord has sworn
    and will not change his mind:
   “You are a priest forever,
    in the order of Melchizedek.”

The Lord is at your right hand;
    he will crush kings on the day of his wrath.
He will judge the nations, heaping up the dead
    and crushing the rulers of the whole earth.
He will drink from a brook along the way,
    and so he will lift his head high.

16 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 5-30-20

  1. This morning at breakfast, Boy and Nightingale were kidding around that even if she were to have more children, he would be her biggest baby until she died. He then asked where she would go when she died.

    “In the ground,” she replied.

    “But where would your spirit go?” he asked.

    “In a tree, I guess,” she replied, not knowing what else to say.

    Some Christians would have jumped in there to talk about the gospel, but I instead felt prompted to be quiet and let it lie where it was. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would bring that conversation back to her thoughts throughout the day, and speak the Truth to her heart. And that she would have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to believe. Thank you.

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  2. Yes, and for Forrest to hold fast to the truth that we have a soul, which is the essence of his question. Children often ask spiritual questions which are not recognized as such. This was a good one.

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  3. Karen, how old is the boy?
    The eternal life is an important concept that shouldn’t be brushed off.
    He probably has no concept of sin and redemption at this age. But he can have a concept of Heaven when we die.

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  4. Kizzie, I am right there with you with BG.

    Pray for our country as well. I am so sorrowed by what is going on. Under another president I would advocate sending in the National Guard to restore order but this President can’t. The “noise” around him would incite even more violence.

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  5. Good point Kim. In fact, the objective of this may be to cause Trump to do something he shouldn’t. i.e. They are setting him up. That may, if fact, be the reason for ti. The man who killed Floyd is in custody now. No need to do anything else.

    Karen, my great-grands were about that age when they trusted Jesus. I wouldn’t push him, but be ready when the time comes.

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  6. Chas, he is in custody, but will he be tried and found guilty or get off on a technicality? While I personally think most police-involved shootings are officers who had no choice but to kill or be killed, the reality is that even the really guilty ones rarely are found guilty. There is a huge reservoir of distrust built up, not just this one case.

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  7. BTW, the state attorney general is also a black man. It is not just white people in all these positions and doing all the investigating. Still, all the law must be followed. Not following law for the policeman is not any better than not following the law for any other person. Due process must be done. Due process takes time and it should not be rushed. Rushing it often is what lets people off in the long run.

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  8. Kathy, et all
    the objective of these riots is not justice but chaos.
    Trump needs to stay out of this. It’s a local fight; he shouldn’t nationalize it.

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  9. The chaos is national, however, so he does have the job of trying to calm things down. That is not his strength to say the least. A reminder of prayers for all again.

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  10. Trump stay out of it? Good luck with that.

    And he tends to be, more often than not, a gasoline-thrower in chief, unfortunately. He likes fights. Let’s hope he handles this in a better way, but I’m not very hopeful.

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