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  1. It’s certainly been better than reported by the horribly biased media.


    “There’s a scene in the movie version of World War Z where Brad Pitt arrives in Israel and, despite the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, things seems to be mostly under control. An Israeli character explains to Pitt that there is some rule which states that whenever all of the country’s leaders take the same position on an issue, one person is obligated to take the alternative view just in case. In World War Z, that meant that when the Israeli’s picked up on chatter about zombies, there was one person who took it literally and planned accordingly.

    I bring that up because this piece at Politico reminds me of it. It’s titled “What If Trump’s Record on the Pandemic Is Better Than We Think?” The assumption underlying the article is that, of course, we all know Trump’s record has been horrible, but let’s just imagine that maybe there’s a bit of media group think going on. Maybe just for fun we should entertain the possibility that zombie means zombie or, in this case, that Trump isn’t directly responsible for every coronavirus death in the U.S.

    Author John Harris says this idea was suggested to him by an unnamed colleague who said the negative view of Trump, “is so widely held by journalists and the sorts of people we talk to most frequently that we risk group-think.” Despite agreeing his colleague might have a point, Harris initially declines to even attempt to make the case and invites readers to make their best effort to defend the president instead. But despite his initial hesitation, Harris does eventually offer the outline of a defense.”


    “Another frequent argument Harris mentions in passing is that we lost weeks with no sufficient testing thanks to Trump. It’s certainly true as I’ve said before that we lost probably 5 weeks thanks to the failure of the CDC and the related failure of the FDA. Basically we squandered the end of January and all of February because of a) an unnecessarily complicated test, b) contamination of that test during in-house manufacture by the CDC, c) failure to swiftly correct course once the contamination was known, d) failure to allow outside hospitals to proceed with their own testing while the FDA and CDC argued over how to proceed.

    All of this was a genuine disaster for national preparedness but which part of it was Trump’s fault exactly? Then Sec. Alex Azar reportedly tried to get the CDC and FDA to work out the problem in mid-February and neither agency was very responsive. Now just imagine for a moment that President Trump decided to wade in and start telling the PhDs at the CDC where they went wrong designing a coronavirus test. Can you even imagine the outrage of his interference with the experts and scientists who do this for a living? He would have been shredded up and down by every news outlet in the country including Politico.

    Even if Trump had somehow fixed this a couple of weeks sooner, would it have changed things dramatically? I say it would not have for the reason I’ve already stated above. Even if we’d had slightly more testing in late February, that wouldn’t have changed the fact that we had almost no deaths. States would not have shut down until the death toll was out of single digits. If they had tried, many people would have pushed back.

    None of this means that Trump did an outstanding job. What it does mean is that many of the things that went wrong, especially where they went the most wrong, were out of his hands. Cuomo and de Blasio should have shut down New York days earlier, on the 19th instead of the 22nd. The CDC and FDA should have worked out the issues on which they are world-leading experts before mid-February. And if all of that had happened, things would have gone somewhat better. But when people act as if we could have completely avoided all of the disasters associated with this outbreak with a different president, they are just playing politics.”


  2. Nice try blaming Trump, but no cigar.


    “Wuhan Virus Watch: The Walls Are Closing In on Andrew Cuomo

    “Under no circumstances should a hospital discharge a patient to a nursing home that’s not prepared to take care of those patients’ needs. The federal guidelines are absolutely clear about this.”

    “New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying so hard to deflect blame away from him after so many elderly people died in nursing homes from the Wuhan coronavirus.

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator (CMS) Seema Verma said Cuomo cannot blame Trump for forcing nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients because it goes against federal guidelines.

    On March 25, New York’s health department ordered nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients. The homes could not turn them down. (BTW, officials deleted the order from the health department website)

    Cuomo claimed he did this because of a March 13 order from CMS, which said the homes (emphasis mine) “should admit any individuals they normally admit to their facility, including individuals from hospitals where a case of COVID-19 was/is present.”

    Look at what I emphasized. It said if coronavirus existed in the hospital.

    From The Daily Caller:

    “Under no circumstances should a hospital discharge a patient to a nursing home that’s not prepared to take care of those patients’ needs,” Verma said on Fox News Radio. “The federal guidelines are absolutely clear about this.”

    Verma said she disagreed with Cuomo’s interpretation of federal guidance, noting that the CMS order also stated that nursing homes should only accept coronavirus-positive patients as long as they can follow certain precautions spelled out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    “Yes, the nursing homes will have COVID positive people … if they are prepared to handle the unique needs of that patient,” Verma said. “Anytime you discharge a patent from the hospital it is the responsibility of the hospital to make sure that the patient is safe when they discharge them.””


    And of course Cuomo has media outlets to provide cover.


  3. Well CNN does like to be the story….


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  4. This could present problems for prosecutors, and will further enrage the mob.


  5. For HRW,

    Nothing improper, illegal, or unusual. And not anything an FBI investigation was needed to look at. And the FBI knew that.

    You’re wrong again.


    “Transcripts of Michael Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador released”

    “Four calls and one voicemail are transcribed over 24 pages released by Republican lawmakers.

    “Lt. General Flynn, his legal team, the judge and the American people can now see with their own eyes – for the first time – that all of the innuendo about Lt. General Flynn this whole time was totally bunk,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said in a statement. “There was nothing improper about his call, and the FBI knew it.”

    “Grassley added: “After all the screw-ups and malicious behavior by FBI and DOJ officials during the Russia investigation, we simply cannot take them at their word anymore. We need oversight and transparency to sort out this mess.”


  6. More on 8:48….

    What the officer(s) did was wrong and criminal. But this will make the defense job easier.

    And yes, it appears more than one cop kneeled on him.


    “Criminal Complaint: Preliminary Findings Are That George Floyd Didn’t Die Of Strangulation And Had Underlying Health Conditions”

    “Weirdly enough, in fact, the coming debate over what caused Floyd’s death resembles the ongoing argument about how to characterize coronavirus deaths. Skeptics emphasize that there’s a difference between dying of the disease and dying with the disease. I encourage Chauvin’s lawyers to repurpose that logic for their defense. I want to see them argue to a jury that Floyd didn’t die of Chauvin’s knee being on his neck for nine minutes while he gasped that he couldn’t breathe, he died with Chauvin’s knee being on his neck while he gasped that he couldn’t breathe.

    In any case, the complaint specifies that the restraint by police, ahem, “contributed.”


    Are additional charges coming?


    “New Video Shows Other Cops Kneeling On George Floyd As He Gasped That He Couldn’t Breathe”


  7. Meanwhile, in cities that had nothing to do with George Floyd’s death……

    “Violence rocks Atlanta as rioters smash windows, set fires, loot shops”

    Any excuse will do. They’re only peaceful until the cover of darkness falls.


    “Spasms of violence shook Atlanta overnight Friday as a peaceful march against police violence transformed into chaos that left parts of the city in flames and shops and restaurants ransacked by looters. Gov. Brian Kemp announced early Saturday that he’d deployed the National Guard to restore calm.

    Rioters burned police cars and smashed their way into stores in downtown Atlanta and Buckhead despite pleas by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and civil rights activists who urged demonstrators to stay home and seek meaningful ways to honor the death of George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis officer knealed on his neck while he was handcuffed. “

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  8. Twitter fails again….


    Further proof of how wrong they are.

    “A Paterson NAACP leader said the recent city council vote-by-mail election was allegedly so flawed that the results should be thrown out and a new election ordered.

    “Invalidate the election. Let’s do it again,” said Rev. Kenneth Clayton said amid reports more that 20 percent of all ballots were disqualified, some in connection with voter fraud allegations…

    …Rev. Clayton said the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) will soon be filing a written complaint to Gov. Phil Murphy — who ordered the vote-by-mail only election — and State Attorney General Grubir Grewal.

    Paterson activist Ernest Rucker said his experience this election is an example of the kind of corruption that allegedly took place. Rucker said he never received a ballot but that election records show someone mailed in a ballot in his name…

    …Murphy ordered elections vote-by-mail in an attempt to keep people safe during the coronavirus crisis. In the upcoming primary, the governor will allow one in-person voting site per town.

    In addition to apparent problems with the vote count in Paterson, NBC New York has shown video of ballots left out in building lobbies, of one voter handling many ballots, and reported on postal workers reporting finding hundreds of ballots at a time stuffed in mailboxes in Paterson – and even in a neighboring town, Haledon…”




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  9. Denver news: “a peaceful protest until the sun went down”….it’s like the orcs in Lord of the Rings…their slimy grotesque selves rise up from the belly of the earth and they destroy…chilling….very chilling. “Protesters” will assemble in downtown Colorado Springs today


  10. Concluding underlying health conditions caused his death with a contribution from the force of the knee is similar to declaring a motor vehicle victim died of corona since he tested positive, the accident being only the immediate cause. The fix is definitely in. The Minneapolis police and their friends would rather see the city burn than admit fault. The third degree murder charge is a joke — its the equivalent of involuntary manslaughter or criminal negligence causing death, an analogy would be punching someone in bar fight who later died and had previous underlying health conditions — see the fix is in.

    Contrary to popular belief on the right side of the internet, CNN is not a leftist voice — its the voice of the centre/centre right establishment. Its role is to make money and promote American capitalism and way of life. The left does not view CNN as a friend.


  11. Read the original transcripts – except the second page which is blacked out. The US has this weird interregnum from Nov to Jan. Reading Flynn’s comments, I wonder if its the norm for an incoming administration to compromise or undermine the still current administration, because he certainly did so. I can understand why the Obama admin wanted Flynn monitored. In the conversations, Kislyak barely spoke and was clearly the polished professional diplomat who guarded and choose his words carefully; Flynn on the other hand seem to babble and at times sounded eager to distance himself from American policy at the time and to keep Russia happy. Three’s no collusion here but I can understand why Flynn was monitored.

    Its interesting he plead guilty to lying to the FBI to avoid being charged as an unregistered agent of Turkey. Thus this was a plea deal and Flynn avoided even worse charges and penalties. And now he doesn’t even have to worry about a plea deal. Incredible a man was an unregistered agent of a foreign gov’t, was trying to hard to impress the Russian ambassador while undermining a current US gov’t is now being painted as a victim and hero to the Republican party — party over country.

    And I love how Pence said Flynn might have accidentally lied. How does a man with years of experience in the military and in government surrounded by the best lawyers money can buy accidentally lie while under oath. How incompetent are US generals? Even better how incompetent was his legal team — he should be suing them for incompetent representation. The more I see, the more incompetent the US administrative state appears.


  12. Even Minn. Dem Gov is starting to catch a clue about this.

    “Minnesota Governor authorizes ‘full mobilization’ of state’s National Guard, says protests no longer about death of George Floyd”

    This should have happened after the first night of burning and looting.


    “Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced Saturday he has authorized “full mobilization” of the state’s National Guard – something that has never been done in the 164-year history of the Minnesota National Guard.

    Walz, who has been hammered by residents, critics and the press for his response to the crisis in his state, pushed back on the idea that the protests, which have turned increasingly violent, now have anything to do with George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis killed while in police custody.

    “The tactics and the approach that we have taken have evolved and need to evolve the same way, with a sensitivity to the legitimate rage and anger that came after what the world witnessed in the murder of George Floyd and was manifested in a very healthy gathering of community to memorialize that Tuesday night, which was still present to a certain degree on Wednesday,” he said, adding, “By Thursday it was nearly gone and last night is a mockery of pretending this is about George Floyd’s death or inequities or historical traumas to our communities of color.”

    During his Saturday morning press conference, Walz also thanked first responders “who are out there protecting our cities.”

    “As they were taking incoming fire, improvised explosive devices and a highly evolved and tightly-controlled group of folks bent on adapting their tactics to make it as difficult as possible to maintain that order,” he said.

    Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey added that most of the violent protesters aren’t residents of the city but instead people taking advantage of a situation and hellbent on fanning the flames of hate.”


    An accusation he provided zero proof of. Your residents need to own that.

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  13. I’ve watched plenty of video.

    Sorry, but the majority of the rioters are not white, and clearly not white supremacists.

    Also, despite claims from the media, leftists, and Democrats, it is not Trump’s fault.

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  14. Like

  15. Yeah…..

    Where’d all the Karens go?

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  16. I agree – its not an outside element. Blaming outsiders is an attempt to delegitimize the protest and strip it of its political and social elements and to present it as a criminal activity. I’m not surprised the mayor said this, its in the standard playbook of politicians in power to blame outside elements. This way the protest has no meaning and becomes a riot.

    I do think the Governor is correct in that its no longer about George Floyd in particular. Its now a rebellion against oppression.

    I’m not sure who your 1:49 is directed to. Yes clearly there are more blacks/hispanics than whites protesting but they have a greater personal stake here. I do think the link I posted yesterday clearly show a white provocateur clearly breaking the glass and then moving on. The use of undercover provocateurs is well documented in political protests in both North America and Europe — this is standard police ops. It gives them an excuse if necessary to use greater force. The subsequent identification of this white man as a particular cop is a bit hard to verify — hard to get a clear view of a face through a gas mask and his ex-wife has her own bias,

    I don’t think Trump is at fault. Of course, some will try to say Trump established a climate where police felt comfortable to be flagrantly violent. However, I think that lessens the responsibility this cop (and his police bystanders) should bear, the responsibility of the police culture and of racism in the US. Racism was in the US before Trump and will still be there after Trump. However, Trump isn’t helping the situation right now. He should probably quit tweeting before his account is suspended.


  17. The Dallas video is interesting — it could be some individuals using the protests as an opportunity to settle a personal score against the driver or could be random violence. Hart to tell and it would be irresponsible of the media to rush to judgement, right?? I guess we could call it fake news. The number of white people filming this is also amusing, are these protests a tourist attraction. I’ve heard of “development or mission tourism” where young people go to a third world country to volunteer some free labor and then tour around. They leave after a few weeks — poverty voyeurism. Perhaps this is the same; “protest voyeurism”.


  18. Minneapolis did this to itself. Further self-inflicted harm helps no one and does zero to advance your cause. It’s only harming the community you say you want to protect.


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  19. I’ve seen various videos and statements….black activists have accused both undercover police and white leftists/anarchist of starting the vandalism, fires etc. I’ve seen activist cleaning the streets from the night before. I’ve seen black men protecting a police officier who was separated from his unit. The varied nature of people’s make generalizations difficult.

    I do think the fix is in. The autopsy, the charges, etc all point to foreseeable conclusion. Other than that its difficult to generalize. Given the actions of some black activists the best thing the cops can do is withdraw and let the activist take charge of the community. I might be optimistic but i think giving people control is better than more force.


  20. NZ is an interesting part of the world; they’re isolated and they intend to stay that way. It’s the only country I’ve ever entered where they searched and x-rayed our bags going into the country!

    They brought the dogs in, and one stopped to careful sniff through my son’s backpack. J had left a sandwich in there, and it needed to be confiscated.

    I was 46 and my husband 47 during our 2.5 weeks camping around the country. As is my custom, I examined what it would take to live there. “An international Amazon account,” the same son said. Bookstores were few and the selection limited. We examined them everywhere because the 10-year-old read all her books on the 14-hour plane ride to Auckland.

    It turns out, however, that if you’re over 40, you have to bring a million dollars and a way of employing yourself, preferably a business, to emigrate.

    So, obviously, we didn’t do so. 🙂

    Still, I’d be happy to return anytime and Nigel, one of the heroes of A Poppy in Remembrance, is a Kiwi for a reason. 🙂


  21. Absolutely disagree, hwesseli. We have watched protesters for years growing bolder and bolder while law enforcement turned a blind eye. Whole communities of people were inconvenienced. Now many, many have lost their livelihoods, their community buildings, their stores and businesses. Many businesses will not return. Taxes will have to be raised to take care of all the damage. More people will be hurt and perhaps killed. But, of course, like you told me before it was just a peaceful protest. Not one night was that true. None of it helps.

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  22. Exactly Kathaleena, there are some outside players. Antifa and their ilk. But the majority are not. They are locals. I’ve spent the last 1/2 hour watching the riot in center city Philly. I see about 30% white kids, mostly on bikes and filming with their phones. A lot are reporters too. I’ve also seen numerous shots of roving bands of minority teens looting sneaker shops and burning stuff throughout down town. All while Democrat officials, one after another, blame outside agitators. Once again I’m being told to ignore my lying eyes, that I am not seeing what I’m seeing.

    So where are these outside groups busing in these rowdy teens from, unbeknownst to their parents?

    I bet it’s Jersey……


  23. Oh, I think some are being bussed in. What the percentage is I won’t guess. I just don’t believe it is all outsiders by any means.


  24. I see on TV where “faith leaders” aree advocating for peace.
    The rioters don’t care what “faith Leaders” want.
    This is managed from outside “faith”.

    This may be an attempt to disaffect Trump’s presidency.
    It will only solidify his base.

    As Rush once said. “The only person in the world who can affect Trump’s base, is Trump”
    I am part of that base. Not that I “like” Trump. But I see no one on the horizon, Democrat or Republican, who I would vote for instead of Trump.
    But if Mike Pence were running for President????f

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  25. The Minneapolis mayor is claiming an 80 – 20 ratio of outsider to local. The arrest figures tend to say the opposite. The claim is made to disassociate the protesters from their community — its usually the first thing political leaders do in the face of civil unrest; “its not us”.

    Now the 20% outsider that might be there is an interesting mix; anarchists, college students and finally white supremacists ( not counting undercover police). I thought the latter was a ridiculous claim but apparently some have been arrested and the keyboard warriors are encouraging more to go to Minneapolis to start a race war.

    My apologies for the facebook link but the original video isn’t available in Canada; Trevor Noah has the most thoughtful and insightful response.


  26. The local leaders are blaming outsiders, but the arrest records say otherwise.


    “Jail records show most arrested in Minneapolis riots have Minnesota addresses”

    “The overwhelming majority of people arrested in connection with the Minneapolis unrest have Minnesota addresses, a search of the online Hennepin County Jail log shows.

    Of the 45 people arrested for rioting, unlawful assembly, stolen property, burglary or robbery on May 29 and May 30 so far, 38 had Minnesota addresses, according to publicly available jail records reviewed by FOX 9.

    Six had out-of-state addresses, and one person didn’t have address information listed.

    City and state officials have repeatedly said over the past day that most rioters are from out of state. Gov. Tim Walz said Saturday morning that as many as 80 percent of the people were outsiders.

    The 45 people reviewed by FOX 9 were arrested by Minneapolis Police, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, University of Minnesota Police, or Minnesota State Patrol.”


  27. The twitter video clips shown in this link display a police force that has lost its legitimacy. As Trevor Noah points out the social contract is broken, this is isn’t a police force, its an occupation force. The first one video is especially telling — an armored police vehicle followed by 50 or so cops marching down a quiet residential street, shooting at people watching from their porch — arbitrary violence by an occupying force. The clip showing undercover cops destroying a “milk station” (milk is used instead of water to treat eyes and skin after tear gas and pepper spray) demonstrates a malicious attitude toward the people — destroying milk is destroying first aid, its similar to blocking an ambulance. This isn’t a police force — it needs to be disbanded and a new police force needs to be built based on the community its supposed to serve.


  28. “The clip showing undercover cops destroying a “milk station” (milk is used instead of water to treat eyes and skin after tear gas and pepper spray) demonstrates a malicious attitude toward the people — destroying milk is destroying first aid, its similar to blocking an ambulance. ”

    What hogwash. If you got tear gassed, you were with a group of rioters. They’re the malicious ones in the scenario. Their maliciousness is causing property destruction, looting, and injuries to police.

    No milk for them? A nightstick to the gut is more appropriate, followed by arrest and imprisonment. Poor babies. Here’s an idea, don’t be a criminal, you won’t need aid. Your eyes burn a little, too bad. Don’t be an idiot, you won’t have that problem.

    When you loot and burn a city, you’ve lost your rights to complain about your treatment at the hands of police.

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  29. So we agree on a few things — there’s few outside agitators, I think that legitimizes the protests, I assume you think differently.

    And most of the other protests are not about George Floyd. You’re right its not about George Floyd its about police brutality, over policing, and all victims of police violence. Its about a system that imprisons more of its citizens than any country in the world, in total numbers and percent. Its about the American gulag. Its about a broken social contract — a society where the police have no problem obtaining PPE while health care workers use garbage bags, sew their own masks, and other means of improvisation. A society where armored personnel vehicles roam the streets and the health care system is a go fund me account. When I lived in the US, I would see homemade charity boxes for health care donations — I couldn’t understand how in a society similar to mine people had to beg for cancer treatment. As Trevor Noah points out the question is not why loot Target, the question is why not loot Target. For many people the state, the police, and the system have no legitimacy.


  30. That’s way worse than what happened to George Floyd.

    So should we citizens and business owners riot now too? Maybe counter-riot?

    That would solve nothing,and neither does what’s happening now.


  31. Not all victims of tear gas are rioters and looters. Some are protestors, some are bystanders, some are residents etc. And not matter what your purpose for being there, a civil society provides first aid. Even in war, armies provide first aid to captured POWs. In a video I saw earlier this week, a police vehicle drove by a bus stop pepper spraying people waiting for the bus. Its indiscriminate violence. In other video in the link I gave, the police broke car windows, slash tires and then tasered a man several times before dragging him on to the street surrounded by about 10 copes. There’s no need for this. There’s no need to shoot paint pucks at people on their porch. There’s no need to pull off a mask and pepper spray a young man standing with his hands up. There’s no need to pin a reporter to the ground and then pepper spray him. There’s no need to arrest media without cause. This is simply indiscriminate violence, not policing .

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  32. Not that it justify’s the violence, but that is most likely an undercover cop. As many people say in police brutality videos, we need to see what happened prior to this to establish context. I would also note that some of the gentlemen there stopped the other individuals from continuing violence. How is this worse than what happened to George Floyd — this man is alive and protected by some of the people there.

    And yes they deserve milk —- a civil society provides first aid. In war we provide first aid to our enemies. Why not to our fellow citizens?

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  33. Like I said, groups like Antifa are active. Stupid college kids and their black bloc attire are easily recognizable.

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  34. Just watched 20 minutes of MSNBC.

    Did you know this is all Trump’s doing? Yep. Turns out this is all his fault. How original….. 🙄


    At least Joe Biden put the blame where it belongs, on the cops responsible. He said he hopes Rodney King gets justice, only then will the riots in LA stop.

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  35. Here’s another way to distinguish between protesters and rioters.

    Protesters yell, carry on, and harm no one.

    Rioters assassinate federal officers.

    See, easy.



    “A federal law enforcement officer in California who was shot and killed at the U.S. courthouse in Oakland during a protest for George Floyd that turned violent has been identified as 53-year-old Patrick Underwood, his family confirmed to Fox News.

    The shooting occurred on Friday after a vehicle pulled up outside the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building at about 9:45 p.m. and a person opened fire at two contract security officers who worked for Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service. Underwood was killed while the second officer was wounded and remains in critical condition. His identity has not yet been released.

    “When someone targets a police officer or a police station with an intention to do harm and intimidate — that is an act of domestic terrorism,” Department of Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said at a Washington, D.C., news conference Saturday.”


    One of these things is not like the others…..


  36. Sure anyone who did something wrong must be an undercover cop. That makes perfect sense.

    Several peaceful protests around here in small towns. Curfews now set in several small towns.

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  37. “That’s way worse than what happened to George Floyd.”

    Seems to me that being killed is way worse than being beaten up. Yes, that was brutal, but it looks like it was over fairly quickly (unless there is more that that particular video didn’t show). Can you imagine the terror George Floyd must have felt lying there for seven minutes with one cop kneeling on his neck and three others on the lower part of his body ignoring his pleas? But even if he had died quickly, losing one’s life is worse than being beaten up.

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  38. I hope the peaceful protests get more coverage and attention. It is sad that the rioters steal the focus, and the protesters are lumped in with them in many people’s minds.


  39. Two problems with Trump’s proclamation; Antifa is a statement of purpose or opinion, its not an organization — there’s no such organization, its just an ideal. Secondly, last year a FBI official testified to Congress that domestic extremists could not be identified as terrorists due to Congress. Here an FBI explains why;


  40. Tychius — no one accepts a social contract; its a metaphor (see Burke, Rousseau, Hobbes) to explain why society functions and the relationships that need to be maintained.

    Santa Cruz and Miami police deserve accolades — instead of dressing up as robo cops, they walk outside and kneeled with the protesters. That’s how you symbolize you’re commitment to the community.

    I took a second look at the Dallas swarming — is it from the last few nights? There appears to be Christmas lightning wrapped around some of the trees and no one appears to be wearing masks. This might be an old video from a previous riot — there’s a lot of junk out there right now. Currently, there’s a letter circulating on leftist sites purporting to be from a Minneapolis resident who claims all the destruction is from white supremacists — its probably a fake letter.

    The reason I thought it may be an under cover cop was the black vest under the shirt — he may be wearing kelvar. On the other hand, he’s wearing running shoes; most undercover cops wearing black military style boots.

    I watched a 10 minute video of police brutality — with language and violence I don’t think AJ would accept. In all but one of the clips it was completely unnecessary, in some cases other policemen tried to prevent policeman from continuing the violence. People were being pepper sprayed in the face from behind, pushed into fences, cars, gutters etc. Police were running to catch up to people and started beating them, cars were damaged, and on and on. This isn’t policing.


  41. Most of the protests here have been peaceful. That is in the small towns near us. Not so further away in the bigger cities.


  42. That is in an area where there was really no reason to expect protests or violence. Someone just working their job.


  43. True, Kizzie. It is sad that the peaceful protesters are being drowned out. They have protested, though, all over. Why continue to stay out amongst those intent on violence? Get out of the way of those trying to protect people and property. I do know some of the peaceful protesters who have literally saved some young people from their own stupidity. Mostly, though, staying out just adds to the chaos and is illegal when there is a curfew, except for certain exceptions.

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  44. Kizzie,

    So you think having your neck kneeled on is worse than this?

    Watch what they did to this man. The beating he received is way worse than Floyds’, and he may yet die as well.


    These people are acting like animals.


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