49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-28-20

  1. Morning! That is a fluffy owl up there! Our resident owls can be heard hooting up a storm in the early morning hours. I hope they are scooping up the field mice…husband found a mouse scurrying out of the garage the other morning…eeek!!
    We had a lovely thunderstorm last evening and the air smells so fresh and piney this morning. How thankful are we for the moisture…and it wasn’t snow this time! 😊

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  2. I just read through yesterday’s Daily Thread. I think I have some practical engineering type genes in my makeup with my abilities of being able to fix some things and see how things fit together and find unique ways to make things work. I first discovered the ability as a teenager when my mother’s sewing machine would get jammed up. She was clueless, but I could take the jammed up section apart and fix it. Also with a tricky dress pattern, she could not see how the pieces all fit together so I was able to work that out for her. I was also good at math so I had somecskolls needed for engineering, but way back then girls were not being sent in that direction.

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  3. Yesterday was quite busy with Bible study, lots of laundry, and phone conversations.

    My friend from church who turns 90 this month has been sending me texts about things on cable she thinks I’d like to watch. I previously watched a program about cats that she told me about. Yesterday she told me about the launch so I turned it on a little before it got cancelled. Later she told me about a butterfly documentary. Somehow I thought I had found it with the title, “Chasing Butterflies.” It was on Tubi, a free streaming service. I found out quickly it was a movie I did not care to watch. For a moment I got back to Fox News before the screen went black with a no signal message. I kept trying things but nothing was working. I was real concerned because it was almost time for Art to be home to watch more of Grant. I met him with the news that I’d messed it up. I expected the Civil War to erupt in home at that point. Fortunately he knew what to do to make it right with a little effort. The Civil War stayed on the screen.

    I have been doing Words With Friends as he watches because that war is so brutal that a little goes a long way with me.

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  4. There is a call for submissions for personal stories to be put together in an anthology, Covid Moments edited by Yvonne Lehman. I have stories in four of the Moments books. All proceeds from sales goes to Samaritan’s Purse. A free book is given to those who have stories published. I saw this on my Word Weavers Facebook page. I assume anyone can submit in case you might like to give it a shot.

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  5. 70s and humid here. We have the windows open for fresh air. I’d rather have the humid fresh air than the mildewy dry air we’ve had.

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  6. I’m tired of covid stories, personally.

    Just as I thought, after spending several hours interviewing church pastors and a rabbi yesterday — for a combo story designed to hit all of our readership areas — only quotes from one were used.

    This happens often with these stories, it’s not the assigned reporters’ fault, they wind up with a pile of copy from several other reporters, including their own, and have to put it into a piece that won’t be overwhelmingly long.

    But it’s a gripe we’ve long had with this approach — I see the need for it when we want to do one overall story that’ll work in all geographical areas, but it winds up being very frustrating to put so much time into doing and writing up interviews when most of it is never used.

    Well, on to Thursday. What covid-19 story will I be writing today?

    Honestly, if I never hear those words again it will be too soon. It’s essentially all we’ve been writing about now for months, day after day, week after week.

    I have another 3-day weekend, taking tomorrow off as a vacation day so I don’t go over my ‘cap’ and start losing vacation accruals.

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  7. Noooo.

    Besides, it’s all a ruse, a hoax, a conspiracy, all made up by (big scare-quotes) “the media.”

    People now have become obsessed with this theory on social media.

    Losing hope for the nation.

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  8. DJ – It is obviously a conspiracy between Bill Gates and some other billionaires to force vaccination on the world.

    (I saw a meme that claims that Gates’ interest in vaccines is related to his view that the world is over-populated. I don’t know if he believes in over-population or not, but some truly believe that vaccines are being pushed to intentionally harm or kill.)

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  9. Get the same garbage going through my feed. So what if Gates’ population control concerns are related his interest in vaccines? He didn’t invent them. Do these people think Gates is a time traveller who influenced Jenner to develop the smallpox vaccine in 1796, or Pasteur to develop the rabies vaccine in 1885, or the pertussis vaccine in 1914, or the ditheria vaccine in 1926, or the tetanus vaccine in 1938, or the polio vaccine in 1955? Gates was, according to Google born in 1955, and so could have nothing to do with all of those [but maybe it is all a conspiracy, and we are Microsoft computer simulations with an invented history and the same year for the polio vaccine and Gates’ birth is a coded message 🙄 – it is so easy to invent conspiracy theories to explain away facts]. A television episode I watched recently had a line, “Forgetting – the human superpower.” That about sums it up, and as George Santanya said, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”

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  10. I just came inside rather quickly. I was outside pulling weeds when my neighbor, on the other side of the fence where I was standing, began screaming. It did not sound like she was hurt, more scared. All that I could think of was perhaps a bees nest, so I came in. It was not an I’m hurt scream.

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  11. Facebook has yet to ban me although I daily use the big G word in my posts of haiku and gratitude to God for different things related to my nature photos. But this week I used one line in the haiku, “in covid season,” and I got a notice that because my post mentioned covid that they would send it to the CDC. Humm. . .makes me wonder what’s up with that? I am in a whole group dedicated to Haiku in the Time of Covid. You could do another Covid story using that site, DJ. I am sorry to hear how just the word makes you sick. I am really tired of it, too.

    I spoke to the children’s director at church and asked about VBS. She said that CDC guidelines have around thirty things that would need to be done to have on site VBS. She is really good with doing YouTube lessons for Sunday school so they will utilize something online to do a VBS this year.

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  12. I looked online to find a place to buy more Rosehips supplement and was surprised to see that people take it to help with osteoarthritis. I am glad to know that. A bit ago I moved my leg and could tell my knee joint was going to pop back in place. As a child I could pop my knuckles for entertainment. Now as an elder I pop my knees instead.

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  13. Okay, this is not about the not-to-be-named virus.

    It finally happened. I banged my head today on an overhanging rock on a tour of the cave. My forehead and nose bridge got cut such that I needed bandages. Fortunately it happened right near a first aid station. After the tour I got sent home. So far no concussion symptoms other than a slight headache, and I am off for the next two days anyway. You’d think after all these years I would know better than to watch my footing without watching where I’m going. But it proves that I am not so hardheaded as some people think.

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  14. The photo is an eastern screech owl. I assume it’s the mama, but for all I know it’s the daddy. A few weeks ago my husband and I were walking on one of the local trails together–I go on the trail at least ten times for every time he goes with me, but that day we were walking together. A young couple came along, and somehow we all got talking about birds, and sharing recommendations for good places to see them. (We went to one of their recommendations yesterday and had some really good wildlife sightings, though no particularly great birds.) I told them where the green herons hang out, and while we were standing there a few minutes later, they came along and I was able to show them a green heron, which thrilled them.

    When we walked away, my husband commented that that was his first face-to-face encounter (with social distancing) with another human other than me for more than two months, and he was surprised how much he enjoyed it. We must have talked with them at least 20 minutes, maybe longer.

    Three or four days later he and I were on the trail again, and my husband saw the same young couple ahead of us. He said, “They see us. They’re waving. Oh, wait–they’re motioning for us to come. They must see something. Maybe they have a great horned owl!” (He thought he’d seen a glimpse of one in flight the day before, so they were o his mind.) He said, “You go ahead, honey–you can move faster.” So I hurried and then slowed down as I got close so as not to spook whatever they saw. And what they saw was this screech owl adult and, on a different branch, two babies. One of the babies ended up moving from branch to branch a bit, so I mostly got shots of the active one that gave me a better view. It was really cuddly except for those talons! I had the back view of the parent and might have been able to go around the other side and get the front view, but I didn’t want to do anything that would alarm her, so I contented myself with getting shots of the babies and a few of her when her head showed a little (like this one).

    Baby owls are called owlets, and screech owls come in two color forms, or phases. This adult is red (less common than the gray ones), and the owlets were both gray. These were my first owlets, and we might never have seen them if we weren’t in the right place at the right time with new friends who spotted them first. (In Nashville I pointed out owls to other people a few times, but this is my first good sighting of an owl in eight-and-a-half years in Indiana . . . the same length of time that I lived in Nashville, where I saw seven or eight owls even though I spent far less time outdoors in Nashville.)

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  15. Peter, his is probably not your problem.
    But I have noticed over the years that your body gives way before your mind realizes that the body can’t do that anymore.
    Just watch for it.
    It becomes frustrating at times.

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  16. Ouch, Peter (3:27).

    Is there a (face) brace for that?

    My knee is better (again), it kind of comes and goes, but this has been a good week. I think it’s healing.

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  17. DJ, of COurse it is possible we have owlets but I have yet to VIDeo them, Maybe in, oh, about -19 days, I will see some and do that.

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  18. We are taking a break from the heat. It is seventy five out there! But we did get more wood chopped, more garden beds back up and running, and a walk to the mail box. I thought of Jo as I was walking, and thanked God for her and her inspiration to get out and move.

    The blood pressure COntinues to get back to where it should be, Each indiVIDual has to address that to the best of their ability. I believe 1-19/68 would be okay.

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  19. I believe that is the max it is supposed to be. Otherwise we are into elevated territory and then hypertension, then severe hypertension, then “you should have called the emergency folk yesterday”.

    It is….ready for this???? the new normal…

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  20. COnfusing as it is, I am VIDualizing the new healthier me. Better able to deal with the, what is it?…—19 or is it seventeen people who have lived in this family home in the past twenty years.

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  21. Mumsee, don’t be surprised if you see your name in the paper in unflattering ways. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of a reporter (or a novelist).

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  22. Cheryl, I see that the Atlanta Audubon Society is offering virtual walks/sightings. You could probably get in on any area location that might be of interest during these special times.


  23. I texted my doctor friend (our family physician). He says I should be okay as long as I don’t get nausea or dizziness. The big test will be tomorrow when I mow the lawn.

    I see mumsee is attempting to COvertly upset a certain journalist. As a peace-loving indiVIDual, I cannot think of any reason to do so, but 19 or so not to.

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  24. mumsee, I’m on to you.

    More riots tonight, I see.

    I had an intensely busy day, lots of stories, nonstop. But my editor has it worse, he told me he’s been having to work through almost every weekend. Everyone’s pretty beat.

    I’m glad I have tomorrow off, I feel like I need it.

    Word is that the same folks (features and sports) will get furloughs again for June and there will be layoffs in the new budget. We keep wondering how much more they can possibly cut.

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  25. We had some lovely thunderstorms again this evening with some small hail. I don’t believe it was large enough to hurt my plants!
    We watched a bit of the news this evening. What evil lurks in the hearts of men? There are just no words for what we were viewing on our set…no words. I will say my heart goes out to those Denver police officers attempting to keep the peace…and I was praying for them and their worried families…. 😞

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  26. My elder texted earlier, we’re going for the in-person service this Sunday but I told him I’d probably hold out a bit longer, in part because of the knee but also I just don’t think going to church with a mask and having to sit far away will feel all that wonderful.

    But I also feel it’s wiser just to give it all a few more weeks, personally.

    Then again, I’m afraid this will be “it” for pretty much the rest of the year and we will just need to learn to live with it. I was emailing an older church friend (86, the British journalist/actor who with his wife are two of my favorite people) also tonight and he said he’s probably not going to be able to attend in-person church for some time after consulting with his doctor. 😦

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  27. Well I guess that I will just end my evening with 49.

    Yes, I am wondering what will happen. I want to see my church open (we are slated to open next week). But I need time to worship together and I wonder what the restrictions are going to be.


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