80 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-21-20

  1. Cheryl even got here before AJ.
    Good morning Cheryl, et. al.
    Earlier, I started to post on yesterday’s thread, but noticed it was # 123, so I decided to leave it alone.

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  2. Good morning, all. Roosters are calling and there is some blue peeking through the clouds this morning. I learned last night, that daughter has been moved to swing shift for the time. That means baby does not join me until around one or two in the afternoon. I usually supervise school in the morning which is not difficult with a baby along, and normally do outside things in the afternoon. My life became a tiny bit more complicated. But it will work. Somehow.

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  3. It has been raining steadily for two days in Greensboro. Rain is in the forecast and we are under a flash flood warning. I don’t worry in my location.

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  4. Yesterday when Papa took Little Miss to meet her Mommy some sort of accident happened and now his left knee is swollen and I’m not sure of what else he may have damaged.
    If they have to wait for Mommy he lets her get out of the car seat and play in the front with him. He got out on the driver’s side to walk around and get her out on the passenger side. Somehow the little monkey opened the door and was diving out. He said she would have done a face plant on the asphalt. He caught her and all is good. Doctor told him not to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. She weighs 26 pounds. Her Daddy called last night. He took today off and will be staying home with her. Sigh….

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  5. Good morning. I woke up early this morning and pondered my future. When I took this job, the manager interviewing me asked if I would be just using it as a stepping stone to other things. I do not make plans that far ahead, but my health makes me reluctant to predict how long I can keep working. I said at the time that I could stay at least a year. I have only three months left of that year, and have been pondering if I should move on or not. I had a brainstorm this morning about what I could do, but there are many obstacles, chief among them health. There is a possibility I may need surgery in the not too distant future.

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  6. Good news.

    After a little over a month, Cheryl is returning to work on Tuesday. Well, not to work, to work from home work. Not going in, NJ is still mostly closed.

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  7. Carrying on from yesterday’s discussion on gray hair, I had an instructor in my last semester of school who had silvery grey hair although she was close to my age. She said she had been gray since her teens and learned to embrace it. It was quite striking.

    You probably could not see my grey hair on screen, but my coworkers have noticed it, as it now appears as a slight frosting of silver highlights. I started noticing grey hairs ten years ago, but they have been getting noticeable to others in the past year. I will not be dying my hair. I looked 14 – or so I was told by an old family friend – when I was 28 and my patients still often assume I am a 20 something graduate, so I am not concerned that grey will make me look older than my three and a half decades (halfway to threescore years and ten!) now. “Gray hair is a glorious crown; it is found in the way of righteousness.” (Proverbs 16:31)

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  8. Kim, kids are faster than greased lightning. My mother has a real challenge keeping up with them with her debilitating arthritis. Sixth can especially be a handful. The other day she was watching them, and I came down to find her at her wits end with Sixth. So I picked him up and put him in a corner until he agreed to do what his grandmother requested him to do – he is not far behind his sister in language ability. We used to call Sixth “Fast Fingers” because he could get a hold of things faster than you blinked your eyes, but now he is a tall 2 year old, he is even harder to keep up with. We frequently catch him devouring food he obtained for himself. When he climbs out of his crib in the morning, he often simply goes down the stairs, opens the fridge door, grabs a yoghurt container, gets a spoon, sits down at the table and eats it. That is fine, but he is fond of yoghurt, and has been known to devour a number before we catch up to him.

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  9. I started having grey hair in my late 20’s. I colored it for years. In 2015 it stopped holding color. I tried letting it go natural and it looked awful so now I bleach the mousy brown and have had more compliments and people saying they wish they had the nerve.
    Nothing looks sillier than an old woman with black or dark brown hair and her roots showing.

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  10. My hair color is whatever color it is. Back when I could see it a few years ago, I was delighted to see it graying, but then it went back to the mix it is. Husband and children tell me it comes and goes. Maybe it is here to stay now, maybe not. It has been my goal to get grey hair but never has been my goal to dye or bleach. And since I don’t spend much time looking at it, it is what it is.

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  11. That’s good to hear, AJ — I was thinking that time must be coming up. Hopefully there will be no more furloughs.

    Our publisher sent out a dire email to readers today pleading for support as we were experiencing furloughs, pay cuts and staff cuts. But no different than many other news outlets right now trying to get by with little or no advertising.

    I have a full plate today with a couple stories to get done, a harbor commission meeting (that looks uninteresting from the agenda so I may try to take a pass on that) and Real Estate Guy coming over to see if he can get my bedroom ceiling fan working again. I think he’s looking for extra cash these days, too, as real estate isn’t exactly booming around here. When i told him my stimulus had arrived he struck while the bank account was full, asking if I wanted him to come by today to see if he could fix that fan. 🙂 But I really do want (need) to get that running again before summer & I know he won’t rip me off.

    I need to get in there and move some furniture around so he’ll be able to have room to work, it’s a small room, of course.

    I woke up at 4 with a headache, I think from that pain pill I took last night for the knee; I got up, took some Excedrin, and then I couldn’t get back to sleep after that.

    Gonna be a long day.

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  12. I posted this on FB and decided to post it here as well. I think it covers a lot of what we have discussed recently. We extend grace to other but do we extend it to ourselves? Your thoughts?

    Epiphanies come at the oddest times. This morning I allowed myself a few minutes to play a game of Spider Solitaire on my phone. If you make a play and see it isn’t the correct one you can hit the back button to get to the place before the mistake you have made. I have done that in the past. This morning it hit me that more often than not, I make the same mistake again a few plays in. We can wish our lives away focusing on mistakes we’ve made and “if only I hadn’t”. Chances are that if life had a back button we would make the same mistakes again.

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  13. Well!

    In other news, apparently our California editor (No and So Cal papers) is working on the 2020-21 budget today, it’s “due” tonight to the powers that be hedge fund owners in NY. That can’t be pretty. How do you even plan ahead in this kind of a free fall?

    I will have plenty of toilet paper though.

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  14. Kim, that is an entirely different matter. By the way, we still have that unopened pack of thirty rolls that husband bought last November, before all this “unrolled”. But I do believe DJ is now ahead of us.

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  15. Still good on TP here. 🙂

    Preparing early, and grabbing more when I could was a wise move. 🙂

    We get a little low, but we manage to always find it when we need it. 🙂

    It’s the little things….. 🙂

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  16. No shortage of TP here and never was. Oh, there was about a month where everytime Second in-law went into Costco, there was none, but we had a good supply already. Not bad for a household if seven.

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  17. For those of you having trouble getting stuff in the stores, Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart both deliver with a pre-determined minimum price point, and I think Target does too. No idea how well they are stocked on paper products, because we haven’t bought any, but what my husband does when we are low on something is keep the tab open on his computer and check periodically if it shows as “in stock.” If it’s something important that we need, he doesn’t wait to fill the cart with other things but goes ahead and orders, but usually he can also order other stuff.

    We’re OK on TP, though. We still haven’t bought any since February, and we still haven’t opened that big pack I mentioned, nor drawn close to it. All those 40% CVS coupons before this “hit” made sure we were already well stocked. And, frankly, TP has always been on my “never out or close to it” list. If I’m down to eight rolls, it’s time to buy more “just in case.” I never knew what might happen to stop the supply, but that has just always been in the back of my mind never to run out of toilet paper. Maybe because when we were children, Mom only gave us one roll at a time (for a bathroom that was used by three to five people), and when we asked for a new roll, she always said “Already?” Which is why we usually borrowed Kleenex from the kitchen for a few uses before anyone got up the nerve to ask for a new roll. (But she only refilled Kleenex boxes; she didn’t replace them. And she only filled it maybe half full at the most, and we only had one box in the house. So the trick was to stop borrowing Kleenex before we used the whole box, because asking for a refill on Kleenex also got an “Already?”)

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  18. So I’m ahead. Cool.

    I was down to 2 rolls and, because I strongly prefer plain-Jane Scott due to its gentleness on old-house plumbing and non-clogging properties, I absolutely have not been able to find it anywhere, or even order it online ever since this began. The grocery shelves where I am are still cleared out of all TP for the most part.

    So once it became available to order online last night (Eureka!), I went for it, couldn’t stop myself.

    I’d just rather not have to worry about something like that, considering TP remains so hard to come by and we will surely be in this virus-state-of-mind for the rest of this year, at the very least.

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  19. Cheryl, Walmart sent me an “in-stock” alert (which I’d signed up for) on the Scott brand last week, but the store is a 40-minute drive away and I was working. They said you could not order it online, you would have to come into the store and buy it there — if there was any left. Seemed like it would be a wasted trip, even if I did have the time in my day then to do it (which I didn’t).

    I was able the next day, however, to order it through Amazon, first time in months it was available, and turns out the 3rd party supplier was Walmart.

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  20. toilet paper (issue could be addressed with water like the rest of the world), fuel in the cars that don’t go anywhere, and water are essentials.

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  21. I don’t use Kleenex, but for me it’s TP and paper towels that I never want to be out of — I typically buy the 20-roll pack of Scott TP at Smart and Final, when this all hit I had maybe 1/3 of the last package still left. But I also buy early so have been keeping my eyes open ever since to get some more. Never thought it would be this long.


    64. Rolls.

    Carol was teasing me a few weeks ago saying that having a large or over-supply of paper goods must be some form of security for me. 🙂

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  22. Latest on our owners’ (alden) plans:

    Fresh Newsroom Cuts At Tribune Stir Mistrust As ‘Vulture’ Investor Looms


    Inside the Tribune Publishing newspaper chain, all eyes are focusing on Thursday’s annual shareholder meeting. The hedge fund Alden Global Capital is expected to consolidate its control over the company and usher in even more severe cuts than the ones the company has put in place.

    Citing the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Tribune has just announced unpaid furloughs at its properties, which include the New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune and The Baltimore Sun. It has also cut pay permanently for many of its journalists.

    While the pandemic has hurt news outlets across the country, many Tribune journalists are skeptical of the company’s call for shared sacrifice.

    Pandemic Threatens Local Papers Even As Readers Devour Their Coverage
    Pandemic Threatens Local Papers Even As Readers Devour Their Coverage
    In recent years, executives have prospered even as newsrooms have endured waves of cuts and layoffs. Shareholders have, too, most recently with a $9 million dividend payout in March.

    Alden is expected to tighten the squeeze once it has greater influence over the company’s actions. It has earned the title “vulture capitalist” from a leading analyst for driving increased profit margins at the more than 200 U.S. newspapers it owns through Digital First Media, even as the industry has plunged ever more deeply into financial crisis. …


  23. My hair is partially gray. I am not sure when I started getting some nice streaks around the temples that looked nice. Art was gray by age fifty so he was advised to dye his hair for business purposes.

    I am normally well stocked on toilet paper because I buy the giant packs of Pom or Scott that are for businesses (at Sam’s). But when this all hit it was at around the time when I would have stocked back up for both places. I am not worried because both Walmart and Sam’s are nearby and probably have it in stock. There are people at church who would bring me some if I totally run out. I totally trust God to supply this little need. I am not testing Him, just trusting.

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  24. My hair has some gray in it. I think it is the new highlights. Mostly it has just gotten darker, so I am enjoying the gray as it lightens my color. So I look younger than I am, which helps if you are teaching kinder.

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  25. When I got my Real ID back in “real time,” I didn’t know what to put for hair color–I haven’t seen it in 10 years.

    So, I asked the guy at the counter. “What color do you think my hair is?” explaining my dilemma.

    He said blonde.

    I corrected it to brown.

    I suspect it’s really mousy brown with grey streaks. I found my first grey hair at 22. My mother scoffed at me. “I’ve had them for years.”

    I was hoping this would go on long enough I could find out the true state of affairs. We’ll see.

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  26. Kim’s comment about slimy reminded me of the summer we camped in Europe for 9 weeks.

    This was 1970 and we rated every campground by the quality of the toilet paper.

    Slimy was the worst–it was like that tape you wet and then slap on–a slippery, wax-papery disgust.

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  27. I’m just in from walking around my beloved Spring Lake for the first time in 10 weeks and 2 days. It looked the same, but it was fun to be back there. I’m catching up with my Friday pal tomorrow to take the same walk. Haven’t seen her in 11 weeks.

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  28. Gray hair: Mom was smart when my sister and I were little, not just telling us “Don’t ever dye your hair,” but also giving a good reason: “It has so many different colors in it, and you’ll lose that if you dye it.” After that I noticed all the colors in my hair (it’s brunette, but Mom was very definitely a redhead, and Dad’s hair nearly black, so I have everything from blonde to red, and various shades of brown).

    At some point I realized that gray or white hair is quite attractive, and also that Scripture speaks of it positively. I started getting gray hairs in my mid to late twenties, and pulled some here and there, but never wanted to dye it.

    In Chicago I noticed that all my co-workers under 60 or so had no gray–they dyed it. I had no interest in doing that, and certainly no interest in doing so for work or professional reasons. (One sister-in-law dyed her hair because my brother wanted her to, and I thought that honorable.) I knew only two women at work (hundreds of people in all worked there) who had any gray hair and who were younger than 60 or 65–and one eventually dyed it and the other was very careless about her appearance. (She would wear torn or stained clothes.)

    When I began to get large amounts of gray, I knew I needed to either leave, be considered a slob, or dye it. No good options. I had other reasons for wanting to leave anyway (few having anything to do with the company for which I worked, but a desire to get out of the snow and another desire to be closer to family), and the gray simply added a bit more incentive and motivation to go ahead and go.

    When my husband and I were courting, before we met in person, I told him I had a good amount of gray, and that I’d left my good job partly because I didn’t want to dye it but also didn’t want to be considered a slob (by Chicago standards) . . . basically that it was one thing that told me I’d never really “fit in” in Chicago, and it was time to put down roots somewhere else. I also told him that I knew women who dyed their hair for their husbands, and I thought that honorable, but wasn’t willing to do so for work. By that time I was 43 and had never had a “serious” relationship, so I never really thought in terms of whether I would dye it for a man–I just knew I thought that an honorable reason, and I said so.

    The first weekend he and I saw each other in person, he already knew he wanted to marry me, and I was “nearly there” but not 100%. Less than 24 hours after we first saw each other face to face, we were walking around a mall, and we sat at a table to talk. He said, “You know what you said about a woman dyeing her hair for her husband?” My heart sank, but I said, “Yes?” He said, “I’d want you to dye it. Not that I don’t like gray hair or anything, but I like dark hair.” (I was actually just getting over some health issues that, among other things, had sapped the color out of my hair, so it was far the palest it had ever been.)

    It was a very difficult request. I willingly got my ears pierced for him (I’d not done so because I had no personal interest, and because I knew my tastes in jewelry were higher than my budget, but I volunteered to do so if he wanted me to, and he said yes), but dyeing my hair, while less permanent in one sense, was something I actively didn’t want to do. I finally decided I would get “temporary” color, and that it would gradually wash out if I didn’t like it. But I only wash my hair once or twice a week, and based on the number of washings on the bottle, I would still have some of it left on my wedding day.

    And when I thought about having “fake” color on my wedding day, and not my own multi-colored hair, I desperately didn’t want that. I wanted to please him, but I didn’t want to do anything akin to plastic surgery. I did buy a bottle, but I didn’t have the courage to use it. He asked me was I waiting to hope he changed his mind, and I said yes. Not realizing I wasn’t joking, he said he wasn’t going to change his mind. So I kept trying to get up my courage, but it always made me sad even to think about it. Was he worth it, yes, but I hadn’t realized how much I didn’t want to do this. I also knew I wouldn’t do it past 55 or 60–because by the time a woman is 60, she isn’t fooling anyone and it just seems like pretending she’s younger than she is–and I wasn’t sure if that would be OK with him.

    I finally realized it probably mattered more to me than to him. If he just wanted me to do it “a little bit” and I wanted very much not to do it, then it didn’t make sense to do it. So I decided to gauge how much it mattered to him. As soon as he realized how much it mattered to me, he said no, don’t do it–it would bother me to have you do it now. That conversation was so healing.

    Later my best friend said, “Hey, you can dye your hair for your wedding–surprise him!” And it was like, “What part of this did you not understand?”

    Now I’m finally wearing it long again–his preference and mine–and I love it that my own generation has finally decided it’s OK for older women to have long hair and to let it be gray. I did realize eventually that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law both color their hair, so that was what he was used to. But it was so far outside my own comfort zone, and I was really glad when he accepted that!

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  29. Michelle, your comment reminded me of the time my housemate came back home angry. She’d just gotten a new drivers license,and had noted her hair color as blonde. The (male) employee who waited on her insisted it was not blonde, it was brown, and he changed it. She was spitting mad. “It’s darker in winter, but it’s blonde! I’ve always had blonde hair!” But her drivers license noted otherwise that year . . .

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  30. I have the darkest hair of my siblings. Eldest is next, the Second, then Youngest. Youngest had near platinum blonde when she was a young child, but it darkened to burnt gold by adulthood. Second Nephew has platinum blonde, and will likely have it for life, as he is entering his teens now. He is an active young man and tans quite dark, so his skin is darker than his hair in the summer. I find people of non-European descent tend to associate hair colour by family, and so get confused by the wide variety of hair colour in my family. When I showed the Inuit in Nunavut a picture of my family, they looked at it, looked back at me, and said, “They are so blond!” My father had black hair, my mother had mousy brown. My father got his black hair from his mother, while my mother’s parents were both black haired. My maternal grandmother said she had platinum blonde hair as a child, but it all fell out, and then grew back black.


  31. Phos, your hair texture and color is very attractive.

    I have thought of coloring my hair, mostly because Art was using color on his. I never really got enthusiastic about it though. Never did I even consider colors. If I was still in the ta. Office I would be more motivated, but with my up close vision pretty poor, I may not ever do that work again.

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  32. Pale brown hair with faded grayish patches. Like a dying mouse. It’s not a flattering description.

    Lunch done, now to take on the wild sea off the coast of Finland— which is where I left Lettie last night.


  33. Kevin, the Canadian author Nellie McClung once described a character as having hair “the colour of last year’s hay”. That pretty much sums it up, a colour halfway between blond and brown.

    Janice, thanks. I get the thick curls from my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. In fact I look like that branch of the family. The dark, thick curly hair of that side of the family prompted my maternal grandmother’s mother in-law, who had upper class origins and never thought her daughter in-law good enough for her only son, to say darkly that there was some Gypsy blood somewhere. We have no records of any such origin, although the family name, a common enough one in England, is found among some Romani in the UK apparently. We will probably never know.

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  34. I’m keeping an eye on ‘Mr. Jack-in-the-box’ Sixth, would has thrice so far popped out if his crib whilst supposed to be taking a nap. He continues to occasionally call out that, “I want my Mommy.” It is not a desolate cry, but rather the plaint of both Tiny and Sixth whenever undergoing any unpleasant experience. Their mother can be disciplining them herself, and they will wail, “I want my Mommy!”

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  35. He has now jettisoned all the contents of the crib. I informed him that he still had to stay in the crib, even though there were no more books, toys, or blankets. Stubbornness is a family trait.

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  36. DJ, I just counted ours. There are different numbers of sheets per roll in different sets, but converting them all to 250-sheet rolls, we have 96. So I think we would win . . . except there are two of us, so divide ours in half and you still win.

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  37. I got sidelined on a state school superintendent webinar today, it was thought they’d be announcing the official guidelines for reopening schools in August, but it was just an hour-long education-ese discussion, all quite polite as school people are, about some of the challenges.

    Um, no story really, and the one local district I was asked to get reaction from said no comment as nothing was said and no guidelines have really been decided on (on top of no one knowing what will be happening in August anyway … ).

    So in the meantime Real Estate Guy came, and has been working on trying to figure out what’s up with the non-working ceiling light/fan fixture in the bedroom.

    I’d consider coloring my hair but so far haven’t felt the need, mainly due to going “grey” slowly and the fact that’s just really blending in well. All depends on how it looks on each person, is my theory.

    If it looks good, go with it. If it doesn’t, color it. Simple.

    Sometimes it’s becoming, sometimes not.

    I do miss my redder hair now that it’s toning down quite a bit. I remember arguing with a co-worker once who was surprised when I said I was a redhead. “You’re not a redhead.” “Yes I am!” I insisted. … At which point I felt kind of silly. 🙂

    It’s still red in the sunlight, but indoors, not so much. 😦 Oh well.

    It could be worse …

    And one advantage to not having to color it is that my hair, so far, is staying pretty healthy, although the coloring solutions are now much gentler than they once were.

    I think the last “color” I used on a drivers’ license or press pass was “Auburn.” Kind of all encompassing, red/brown sorta.

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  38. The tribal police are going to be in a lot of trouble. They warned the public about Mexican oxy which has arrived on the reservation.

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  39. And in other news, my laundry tub is installed and working. It’s big enough to wash the dogs in and perfect for utility things.

    Now the washer pan drain needs to be done and we can move the washer to it’s new spot! I’m so excited!

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  40. Fun times, Kare! I am certain you will enjoy your new place after all the work is done! But then again, I noticed around here the work is never done.


  41. I am so tired. I worked a lot outside. My brother came to do some outside small tree removal so I have helped a lot. He was impressed with what Z all I had already cleared by myself. My phone is out of power or I would tell about a special little something er thing that happened today. Later.

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  42. We prefer Scott.

    Right now we have a 1000 sheet 12 pack downstairs with 10 left, and the same, but with 4 rolls upstairs. There’s also a 9 pack of Wegman’s 1000 sheet (last resort), and 2 1000 sheet 12 packs that are supposed to be equal to 48 rolls. They’re huge.

    Plus 12 rolls of paper towels, double size rolls, of course. We have 100 or so paper plates. So we’re good on paper products. I also have 4 cases of spring water, and I buy more whenever I shop.


    I am not a hoarder, but I am a good Boy Scout.

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  43. Oh I want to know what happened Janice! 😊
    It has been a tiring day and now to settle back and relax. No plans for the holiday weekend…just hanging out around the house. Maybe begin painting the garage doors…we’ve put it off for ten years…and I have never liked them being the factory white…they will now be Behr “split rail” …that matches the floor of the front porch….

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  44. Janice leaves a cliff hanger….

    As to the all important topic of toilet paper: I was outside feeding animals and noticed somebody had been shopping and brought home a large pack of tp. I don’t know how many nor do I know what brand, I just tossed it on top of the stack from November.

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  45. I am on my tablet now.

    My brother came this morning and brought his chainsaw and other equipment. This was his first time back to our house since he’d been so angry with me. It was rather like former times, but he did put on a mask and gloves when he came inside to use the bathroom, and he ate his lunch outside. He paid pretty good attention to what I asked him to cut down. It was on the neglected side of the house next to the house being sold. The timing was right for all the loud racket with no one home at that house. I was out there helping move what all he cut down that landed on the neighbor’s driveway. Then I was sweeping. He asked if there was anything else to cut since his chainsaw was almost out of fuel. I told him one more thing, but it was over his head so he needed to use a hand saw for safety reasons on that. Before he moved on, I told him about my pair of reading glasses I had lost on Mother’s Day and told him how I may have trashed them when I put the ivy I had pulled in a barrel out on the street. Then he took the chainsaw up the hill and put it down while it was still turned on to run all the gas out. He came back down the little hill and held in his hand my lost glasses that were right where he had put down his chainsaw. It was almost like they got lost on Mother’s Day so they could be found by my brother. The timing of the whole thing was too coincidental. It felt almost like our mother was indicating she could see we were again getting along better. I know most people would say it is just coincidental. I don’t go looking for this kind of happening, but when serendipitous things occur I notice and just enjoy the peace that they bring.

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  46. Our pastors, elders and deacons are praying and fasting about when to reopen and asked the rest of us to join them in praying. I am also fasting. I am too hungry to get much done, but God has led me to pray.

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  47. Art and I are watching the special 25th Anniversary production of Les Miz. We’ve seen it before, but it is a delight to see it again. Such perfect voices! And since I am doing Bible study in Samuel, I see Saul and David’s story woven in that I never noticed before (the part where Saul is after David and then David has a chance to kill Saul but lets him live).


  48. Nancyjill, I went with my main color, Brandywine, on my garage door rather than the cream trim color. Neighbor and many others said I needed to do the cream — everyone around here seems to have the white garage doors. But I’m glad we painted it the darker shade.

    Looked it up, I like Split Rail.

    Ceiling fan remains a mystery; one more thing to try, Real Estate Guy will buy a new remote, if that doesn’t work I may just replace the fixture. All the wires seem to be connected, he thinks the issue could be in the remote connector unit.

    I’m really going to be dragging on Friday.

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