39 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-14-20

  1. Things are worsening in Canada as well.


    “Canada Restricts Travel, Considers Closing Borders Citing COVID-19 Concerns

    Trudeau’s wife Sophie recently tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus.”

    “Friday, Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canada would be restricting inbound flights, recommending everyone stay in the country, and is considering closing borders to mitigate spread of COVID-19. Trudeau’s wife Sophie recently tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus.

    From CBC:

    The federal government is warning against all international travel and is limiting inbound flights in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau detailed the new measures during a news conference Friday. Trudeau is in self-isolation due to the confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis for his wife, Sophie.

    Trudeau said that, aside from the sweeping travel advisory, the government is also taking steps to prevent infections.

    “We are looking to reduce the number of airports that will accept travellers from overseas in order to be able give the proper resources on all arrivals to ensure we’re doing everything we can to keep Canadians and Canada safe,” he said.

    We’re also, obviously, looking at countries of origin and further measures we can take. We will make those decisions based on the best science, the best recommendations of our health officials.”

    The airports that will take inbound flights have not been identified.

    During an interview with Radio-Canada’s Montreal morning show on Friday, Trudeau said the government is not closing the door to any ideas and is assessing the situation on a day-to-day basis.

    Asked if the government will close the Canadian border, Trudeau said, “We are in the midst of looking at this. We’re in the midst of evaluating day-to-day what to do.

    “As you’ve seen, there are recommendations not to travel outside of Canada. We’re in the midst of co-ordinating with the Americans, obviously, on our borders, on our actions. We’ll continue to evaluate what we can do and how we can keep Canadians in security and we won’t close the door on any idea.””


  2. Well “misstatements” or not, what Trump said yesterday was what the market wanted to hear.





  3. And in other news…..

    Another dead male escort, and bags of meth, of course, in the room of a prominent Dem.

    The man they called the next Obama.


    Because inquiring minds want to know….


    “Andrew Gillum Found in Hotel Room With Male Escort & Crystal Meth, Cops Say”

    “Travis Dyson is the 30-year-old Florida man who was found in a hotel room with Democratic politician Andrew Gillum on March 13. Police said Dyson appeared to have suffered a drug overdose. He is conscious and in stable condition in a Miami-area hospital.

    Dyson maintains a profile on a website for male escorts and is studying at a nurse practitioner school. Gillum has been married to R. Jai Gillum since 2009. The couple have three children together.

    In 2018, Gillum, 40, was the surprise winner of the Democratic primary for governor in Florida. Gillum lost the general election narrowly to Ron De Santis. Since then, Gillum has been a rising star in the Democratic party. Between 2014 and 2018, Gillum served as the mayor of Tallahassee.

    Gillum has said that he was in Miami for a wedding. The former Tallahassee mayor admitted to “drinking too much” but denied that he had taken any drugs. Gillum was too drunk to speak to the police when they arrived at the scene, documents say. Speaking to the Miami New Times, Dyson said that Gillum did not mention attending a wedding. In his statement, Gillum referred to Dyson as a “friend.” Dyson said that he and Gillum had been friends since last spring. Dyson told the website, “I personally was not celebrating a wedding. I don’t know if [Gillum] was in town for a wedding. He did not mention that.”

    The man who rented the room, Aldo Mejias, 53, said he went to the room before midnight on March 12. Mejias said that he found Dyson and Gillum “under the influence of an unknown substance.” Mejias said that Gillum had been vomiting into the toilet and that Dyson was unconscious. Mejias performed CPR on Dyson until the paramedics arrived. The incident occurred at the Mondrian South Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.”


  4. Still hard at work. 🙂


    “DOJ and DEA Announce Arrests of Over 600 Alleged Mexican Cartel Members

    “the single largest strike by U.S. authorities against CJNG, and this is just the beginning””

    “The Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration just announced the arrest of over 600 alleged Mexican Cartel members as part of an operation called “Project Python.”

    J. Edward Moreno reports at The Hill:

    Feds arrest over 600 alleged Mexican cartel members

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced Wednesday that more than 600 arrests have been made as a result of an interagency operation cracking down on Mexican cartel activity.

    “Project Python,” a DEA-led initiative, targeted members of Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). According to the DEA, over the last six months federal law enforcement officials have been monitoring the activities of the accused.

    The operation resulted in more than 600 arrests nationwide, 350 indictments and “significant seizures of money and drugs,” according to the agencies.

    “Project Python marks the most comprehensive action to date in the Department of Justice’s campaign to disrupt, dismantle, and ultimately destroy CJNG,” Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski said in a statement.

    Benczkowski cited an executive order President Trump passed shortly after Trump was inaugurated in 2017 that condemned cartel operations in the U.S. and directed federal law enforcement to use the Threat Mitigation Working Group, which was put in place by the Obama administration in 2011.

    The video below is 20 minutes long but the first five minutes cover the basics:”


  5. Hmmmm…..


    “Did Spygate Source Stefan Halper Work For The Hillary Clinton Campaign?

    While it may not be the government’s business to inquire whether a political party is paying for propaganda, it sure the heck is its business to ensure the CIA and FBI aren’t.”

    “It’s long been known that Stefan Halper served as a confidential human source (CHS) for the FBI. Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuse, while not identifying Halper by name, added many details concerning his extensive role in spying on the Trump campaign: Halper secretly recorded several conversations with Trump campaign advisors Carter Page and George Papadopoulos and, more troublingly, the FBI tasked Halper to tape an extensive conversation with Sam Clovis—a co-chair of the Trump presidential campaign.

    Publicly available information on government contracts also reveal that Halper received hundreds of thousands of dollars for four projects he completed for the Department of Defense’s Office of Net Assessments. As part of his oversight responsibilities as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley has raised concerns about the merits of those contracts and further questioned whether Halper “used any taxpayer money in his attempt to recruit Trump campaign officials as sources.”

    Grassley has yet to receive answers to his questions. And it remains unknown which Trump campaign officials Halper “attempt[ed] to recruit as sources,” as the IG report—or at least the unredacted portions of that report—make no mention of such efforts.

    Something Grassley hasn’t probed, however, but merits further investigation is whether Halper received further funding from the Department of Defense “off-the-books” or through some pass-through conduits. Publicly available information suggests Halper had done so in the past.

    Specifically, a syllabus for the intelligence seminar at the University of Cambridge where Halper taught alongside the former head of MI6, Richard Dearlove, listed Halper as leading a discussion of “The Afghan End Game.” And the summary of Halper’s scheduled October 7, 2011, seminar presentation noted that he had “recently completed a major survey of Allied end game options in Afghanistan for the then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.”

    But a search for contracts awarded to Halper revealed only the four contracts Grassley inquired about, and the oldest contract awarded Halper had a start date of May 2012. A search of all available fiscal years, which dated back to 2008, revealed no hits for Halper in 2011 or earlier—the time period a contract would have been issued for his research project on Afghanistan. These facts suggest not all of Halper’s work for our government was captured in the contracting databases.

    Of course, one wouldn’t expect the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to disclose its agents and sources publicly. But that didn’t stop “people familiar with the matter” from leaking to the Washington Post that “the professor”—easily identified as Halper from the details included in the Post’s article—had served as a source for both the FBI and the CIA.

    Halper’s past relationship with the CIA highlights yet another possible task master for the 76-year-old during the 2016 election and raises the question of whether Halper was working for the CIA or another intelligence agency before the FBI brought him on as a CHS in early August 2016. The IG report’s conclusion that the FBI had not used any confidential human sources prior to the launch of Crossfire Hurricane on July 31, 2016, indicates Halper had another boss before then, because Halper first engaged with Page at a small dinner gathering at Magdalene College in Cambridge on July 10, 2016.

    But additional facts raise still another possibility: that Halper was working with the Clinton campaign at this time.”


  6. The classless left is at it again.



    “Students Praying at Planned Parenthood Confronted With Man Exposing Himself, Women Shouting ‘Hail Satan!’

    “It may be a ‘hail Satan,’ physical attack, or bullying, but the Pro-life Generation won’t be silenced.”

    “Students involved with Students for Life of America (SFLA) decided to pray peacefully outside of a Planned Parenthood as part of the 40 Days of Life campaign.

    However, people confronted the students, who were minding their own business and not causing any problems.

    From The Daily Caller:

    Whatcom Community College Students for Life leader Autumn Lindsey told the Daily Caller News Foundation that she and several other students were doing a “40 Days for Life” campaign Saturday outside the Bellingham, Washington, Planned Parenthood when the incidents occurred.

    “We have people constantly scream at us or flip us whole driving by,” Lindsey said. “Occasionally we have people come talk to us. Sometimes the women going into Planned Parenthood come talk to us and we tell them that we love them and that they have other options.”

    People drove by the group of four students Saturday “yelling obscenities and displaying crude gestures,” according to a Students for Life press release. One man masturbated in a car “towards the group” as his friend drove slowly by the protesters, it said. Another woman flashed the group while yelling, “My body, my choice,” according to the press release.

    Lindsey called the masturbation incident “unheard of.”

    A woman in a car told the students that “Satan is the one true lord” and
    “[W]e don’t need your prayers.” She then yelled, “Hail Satan!”

    Lindsey told The Daily Caller that many people who confront those praying outside of Planned Parenthoods often mention Satan.”


    They know who they and the abortion industry serve.


  7. Biden holds virtual town hall, it goes about as well as you would think. 🙂


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  8. ———-

    And a deal has been done. 🙂

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  9. Well the market loved it, but the press hacks…….?

    Not so much…… 🙂


    “More people will be glued to their television sets as schools and sporting events are being canceled, along with legions of people now being told to work from home. As such, more potential eyeballs could venture into the twisted realms of MSNBC and CNN who are just thirsting for the Wuhan virus death toll to increase and markets to collapse to better the Democrats’ chances of booting Trump from office in 2020. It’s predictable. It’s grotesque. They’ve earned their new title with gusto: enemies of the people.

    If Trump does anything, it’s terrible. He can’t win—and he knows that, so he toys with them. And we mock accordingly because they are an insufferable bunch of self-righteous scumbags that are too blinded to their stupidity. I’m sure you’ve noticed that CNN has the Dow Jones ticker when the market is in freefall, but it magically vanished once a rebound begins. Today, the stock market ended with a nice rally of almost 2,000 points nearly wiping away yesterday’s losses, the worst since Black Monday 1987.

    The media threw a tantrum because the markets rebounded upon news that the Trump administration declared a national emergency concerning the Wuhan Virus and outlined an agenda to handle the crisis. Even then, some clowns complained. Like this Jim Roberts guy from The New York Times, who had to quietly delete a tweet that noted the stock market going down as Trump spoke. When the Dow Jones ends 1,900+ points up, you’re going to get a face full of buckshot. Ace of Spades noticed, but also this point he made about Trump established a protocol for future drive-thru tests.

    “Serious question about drive-thru testing: What happens if you don’t have a car?” he tweeted. Apparently, not serious enough because he also deleted that one. He then pivoted toward bashing Trump for causing the market to have a good day:

    Has this guy been partying with Andrew Gillum and HoneyHammock?

    He started celebrating, immediately, that the Dow had a brief small fall. He claimed it was due to Trump’s speech — Without Evidence, as CNN would say.

    As the Dow zoomed higher and higher, his grave-dancing tweet appeared premature.

    So he just deleted it. He didn’t explain why. He just zapped it, and hoped no one noticed.

    Well, I did.

    After deleting his tweet, he shifted tactics: He now acknowledge the markets were rising, but claimed this was because Trump was passing out various undeserved goodies to corporations”


    “Oh, and then there was the Q&A portion of the press conference, which once again showed that the media is just abjectly awful: ”

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  10. Curious and odd.


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  11. ———

    But, but, but….. misstatements…. 🙂


  12. The market fell so far, people began scooping up stocks of companies that are strong but lost out. It’s the law of the market. Some people got margin calls and had to sell. Others had cash and bought in a buyers market.

    Just not listening to all the ups and downs is the best advice.

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  13. ———



  14. The point Michelle is the idiocy of the press, and their constant moving of the goal posts.

    As demonstrated clearly above. They are hacks. The market will continue to up and down for the foreseeable future. But watch as the press only ever mentions the down, just like the above demonstrates. Hacks, mostly the whole lot of ’em.


  15. The problem with drive-through Covid testing is anyone can drive through. If you go through your physician and describe your symptoms, s/he will order the testing–which means only those people who genuinely need the test will get them.

    Look what panicked people are doing with water and toilet paper. What will they do if they can get tested at will? They’ll go whether they need to be tested or not.

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  16. Odd. The reporter works for a Chinese govt. run media outlet, one of the ones pushing Chinese propaganda I told you about a few days back. The one the WaPo and others like to parrot.


  17. The old double standard. Do as we say, not as we do.


    “Twitter Won’t Label Joe Biden Ad as Deceptive, Despite Obvious Anti-Trump Falsehoods

    “The decision stands even after WaPo gave the video ‘Four Pinocchios’ in a recent fact-check””

    “A new video ad the Joe Biden campaign is sharing on Twitter contains at least two obvious falsehoods. It pushes the false narrative that Trump called Coronavirus a hoax, and it rehashes the debunked ‘very fine people on both sides’ moment from Charlottesville.

    In spite of these inaccuracies, Twitter will not label the ad as deceptive.

    Shelby Talcott reports at the Daily Caller:

    Twitter Refuses To Label Deceptive Biden Video As ‘Manipulated’ – Here’s Why

    Twitter will not label a deceptively edited video from former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign as “manipulated media,” the social media platform told the Daily Caller.

    A misleading campaign advertisement, tweeted by Biden March 3, 2020, attacked President Donald Trump and his reaction to the novel coronavirus. The video was cut to suggest Trump said “coronavirus … this is their new hoax” during a campaign rally in February.

    Twitter said it will not add the same label to Biden’s clip because of the date it was tweeted. The social media giant recently announced a new policy where certain content will be labeled as “manipulated media” if it appears as though it was edited deceptively. A Trump campaign video was one of the first to receive this label.

    The new policy began on March 5, according to Twitter. Since Biden’s video was tweeted out on March 3, Twitter will not be labeling it as “manipulated media,” the platform confirmed to the Daily Caller.

    Talcott notes that even the Washington Post has called out the ad:”


  18. My Trump-like premier told people not to panic and enjoy their March break ((16-20). So thousands of Ontario families planned their trips to Cuba, Florida, etc. And then a few days later, Thursday, he announced school would be cancelled for two weeks following the break — so now I have a three week holiday. Apparently after telling people to travel and enjoy their vacations, the govt realized they would need to self isolate for 14 days. Oops — should have told everyone to stay home.

    I was all excited for my extra holidays — a three star in Cuba is discounted to $450 all included. Then they had to start shutting things down…and recommending no international travel. So I’m stuck with extra time off but nowhere to go.

    Trudeau doesn’t have the same intelligence as his dad but he’s been fairly good in this crisis. He’s relying on Canadians to act like adults — suggesting they not travel and come home early if they can. The gov’t also intends to route international flights to select airports once they have set up proper screening. In contrast, complete bans and shut downs result in people jamming airports to get home — you can hardly practice social distancing in a 6 hour line.

    I’m quite positive there’s far more cases than currently counted. Countries with wide spread testing have a higher rate. This isn’t good news for the US who’s testing is currently far too low. It also means abrupt and all encompassing travel bans won’t work — the virus has been here for quite awhile. By all means limit travel and future trips but don’t rush people home — you just overwhelm the system.

    Its the press’s jump to point out mistakes and errors — to hopefully prod gov’ts to improve. Obviously errors have been made — testing protocols, disbanding the pandemic team in 2018, being too nonchalant in the beginning. Trying to address criticism means the admin is wrongly focused on political damage control.


  19. The stock market ceased to have any relation to economic reality decades ago. The current climb is simply profit taking — people sense the market bottomed out and are bargain shopping. The process will repeat itself until a new equilibrium has been reached, probably lower than when the crash started. The fact this occurred while Trump was speaking is a correlation not causation, or even better a coincidence.

    The market crash was due mostly to falling oil prices not Trump’s handling of the pandemic. Thus it makes sense the recovery doesn’t have much to do with Trump either. Its unfortunate Trump has invested his reputation in the stock market as an indicator of his presidential record — this forced his gov’t to use funds to stabilize the market. If he had invested his reputation in healthcare the money could’ve been used there. A gov’t can legitimately make a large difference in health care but improving the dow jones and general economic stats is mostly a matter of timing for presidents.

    However, the stock market crash and the pandemic have illustrate a few things. There is money available if the gov’t deems it necessary. General public health programs and taking care of others benefits everyone. Thus combine the two and we have justification for public health care and a knowledge money is available.


  20. Michelle, to your concern about drive-through testing, my understanding is that you won’t get tested without qualifying based on a Q&A when you get there. So lines may be long because of people who shouldn’t be there, but the tests won’t be wasted on them.

    The advice to call your doctor is good, wherever you plan to get tested.

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  21. I have to say, sitting here watching the ongoing news conference from the White House, that Pence is a much clearer communicator than the President is when it comes to these situations.

    Big question next seems to be whether things will move toward restaurant/theater closures. Doesn’t sound like it’ll happen right now, but tomorrow? Tuesday?

    Meanwhile, I had to order the prescription food my one dog is on from Chewy.com and received a message back that they’re backed up on shipping, might not get order until 5-6 days from now (they typically deliver the next day or, at the longest, 2 days after an order is placed).


  22. Trump just sounds like he’s floundering, a bit lost, searching for words, what the say exactly. He’s imprecise sometimes and (for me) that is difficult and frustrating to follow.

    I’m grateful the vice president has a leading role with the new task force, he’s a much clearer and more reasassuring voice in this situation.


  23. Re the restaurant closures, looks like a couple states already have moved in that direction. That would be devastating to small, family-owned local businesses, of course.


  24. Ah, well, looks like we’re heading down that road:

    LOS ANGELES — Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday ordered all bars in California to close temporarily because of the coronavirus, directed restaurants to reduce their capacity by half, and said all state residents older than 65 are required to self-quarantine in their homes.

    When pressed about whether he was prepared to enforce the order, Newsom said he didn’t think it would come to that, and expressed confidence that the public, businesses and local governments would follow the directive.

    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says all bars in the city would be closing.


  25. Lot of questions now over above post, *sounds* like the only absolute order part of this is for the bar closure; the other things, people 65+ staying home and restaurants cutting their serving capacity, are (strongly) advisory in nature.

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  26. DJ — the left has been noting Trump’s speech problem over the last year. There’s been suggestions he’s had a least one stroke if not several small ones. I’m already pre-cringing at the thought of a Biden-Trump debate. Neither have the health, mentally

    Italy has 3,500 new cases…the more you test, the more you find.

    The current mess demonstrates a need for paid sick leave for everyone not just Congressman who are self-isolating themselves…..


  27. I live in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood — working class whites, somali, arabs, korean, etc. The local Asian supermarket stocks ethnic foods from around the world and offers cheap produce and meat to attract the working class whites. There were no signs of panic buying — either we can’t afford to stockpile or we have common sense. I drove to a more middle class white suburban supermarket for other items … panic buying everywhere. The white middle class can no longer criticize refugees and migrants with a straight face.


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