16 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-25-20

  1. Yuge implications. 🙂


    “The possibilities of a US-Indo alliance are YUGE

    It is in Trump and Modi’s shared interest to break some China”

    “President Donald Trump is not all that fussed, one way or another, about vague concepts like human rights. He prefers realpolitik and semi-feudal pomp; the Maharaja of Queens is set to enjoy plenty of both during his visit to India this week.

    Indo-US relations are not as sclerotic as they were during the bleak, stagnating, Sovietized Eighties — an era which no one other than the New York Times remembers fondly. Since the Cold War, American presidents have conspicuously sought to align with New Delhi, as a counterbalance to a rising China, and have equally been courted back. The appeal of an alliance is not simply strategic, Indian Americans are the most successful minority community in the US. With Trump and Modi, their bonds look set to grow even stronger.

    America, and even Trump, enjoy overwhelming popularity in India, especially in Modi’s home state of Gujarat. Republicans have recently recognized the value of attracting highly educated Indians, who tend to be socially and fiscally conservative.

    Indian policymakers have been happy with the US pivoting away from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Trump’s moves towards eventual economic decoupling from China has potential to be very good news for India — the only country in Asia with a ready manufacturing base, unlimited labor, and comparatively free and democratic polity — to take over supply chains to American companies.

    Trump, facing re-election, will cherish a deal with India. Modi, who faces a slowdown in economic growth at home, will try to play his more successful foreign policy cards, portraying India as the biggest maritime power in Asia and a more favorable US ally than Pakistan.

    Differences remain, however. There is hope on the American side that India will lower tariffs for American goods, such as motorcycles. India, meanwhile, views American reservation over military tech-transfer as a Cold war hangover, hampering a more full-scale alignment, even though they are interested in showcasing growing military ties, which Trump also wants to tout as an example of his deal-making prowess.

    India’s military crackdown in Kashmir has antagonized liberal Western media, which in turn led to some caustic responses from Indian media. Under Modi, Indian democracy is turning increasingly conservative and majoritarian. Modi is determined to improve the latrine standards in India; he will not be keen on making them unisexual for transgenders anytime soon. It’s a good job Trump couldn’t care less about that.”


  2. Good news, unless you’re an open borders shill……


    Mother Jones has data on immigration that most people will consider good news. Mother Jones, of course, doesn’t see it that way.

    When President Donald Trump took office, he wasted no time in overhauling immigration system with high-profile moves such as separating asylum seekers from their children, rolling back the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and diverting federal funds to build a border wall. Yet along with these dramatic changes, the administration has been implementing smaller, less visible bureaucratic changes that have affected people who seek to work, study, or stay in the United States through visas, green cards, and family unification programs.

    As Ur Jaddou, the former chief counsel of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the federal agency that oversees visas, work permits, and green cards told Highline, “the sheer number of both significant and less significant changes is overwhelming. It will take an ambitious plan over a series of years to undo it all.”

    I sincerely hope that last assertion is true. Now, on to the data. Refugee admissions have dropped sharply:”


    Here’s more details from Mother Jones…..


    “5 Charts That Show Trump’s Anti-Immigration Policies Are Working

    More visa and green card denials, fewer refugees, tourists, and students.”


  3. People of color are wising up to the fact that Democrats just use them, but never really help improve their lot.


    “Why Democrats Shouldn’t Keep Taking Minority Voters For Granted

    It is insulting for the left to think black and brown voters will always vote en masse for the Democratic Party.”

    ““Demography is destiny” has been the left’s mantra for the last decade or so. They can’t wait for the country to turn majority-minority, which is predicted to happen in roughly 2045.

    The left’s electoral calculation is, of course, as follows: As the country turns majority brown and black, the Democratic Party will be electorally invincible because, you know, they have minority voters in the bag. Per their calculation, brown native-born and foreign-born citizens especially will forever vote for Democrats because they represent the good party that looks out for minority voters, while the GOP is the evil, racist, white nationalist party.

    In the short term, it looks like changing demographics benefit Democrats. In recent years, traditionally red states such as Arizona, Texas, and Georgia have been turning purple due to an influx of minority voters. But changing demographics won’t necessarily work long-term for Democrats for many reasons.

    Minorities Aren’t Single-Issue Voters
    First, as immigrants get older and more prosperous and assimilate into American society, they don’t reliably vote Democrat anymore. One reason is that Democrats’ redistribution policies don’t look very attractive to older immigrants who’ve worked hard for decades to build more prosperous lives.

    But the big-picture reason may also be that as immigrants assimilate more into the American mainstream, they realize more fundamental political truths: The Democratic Party is more interested in having a co-dependent relationship with its voters — you vote for us, and we’ll give you free stuff.

    The modern Democratic Party also increasingly pretends to be for the little guy but is actually a neoliberal outfit dominated by college-educated, affluent, coastal liberals. Not to mention, the Democrats’ fierce culture-war battles are calculated distractions so voters won’t focus on the pocketbook issues that affect both donors and voters.

    Second, white voters hardly vote as a monolith, and minority voters don’t either. This might come as a surprise to the Democratic establishment and its overpaid analysts, but minority voters aren’t lemmings, can and do think for themselves, and are often a bundle of contradictions just like any other group of voters.

    Do Democrats even realize how incredibly diverse the “person of color” constituency is? It contains multitudes: Asians from all over the Asian continent; Latinos from Mexico, Cuba, and Spain; Muslims from culturally different countries; African Americans; not to mention native-born minorities of every background and mixed parentage. All these voters have different ways of thinking about life, culture, and politics, which leads to another reason Democrats’ demography dreams are unsustainable.

    Third, brown voters aren’t always single-issue voters who think only of immigration when they vote. In reality, minority voters have other interests and concerns similar to those of other voters. A Pew Research Center poll found that Hispanics’ topmost concerns are education, the economy, and health care.
 Minorities are not one voting blob, unable to look out for their economic self-interests and discern all the nuances of American politics and the machinations and hypocrisies of the Democratic Party.”

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  4. Bloomberg, The Miniature Manchurian


    “In Michael Bloomberg, Democrats have a candidate whose ties to China make him suspect when it comes to American interests. In China, Bloomberg’s interests are not America’s.”

    “Michael Bloomberg got raked over the coals by his fellow Democratic socialists last week for everything except what is arguably the most important thing.

    Bloomberg won’t stand tall for America against China, where his company, Bloomberg LP does a lot of good business. For Bloomberg. But how about for America?

    Bloomberg is said to be a smart man—dummies don’t often acquire a $64 billion fortune—but he doesn’t seem to understand some very basic and very important things. Either that, or he just doesn’t care about them.

    For example, either he doesn’t know or he refuses to state the obvious truth that China is a one-party state led by a dictator. Bloomberg denied this in a recent PBS interview, stating that China’s dictator Xi Jinping “has to satisfy his constituents or he’s not going to survive.”

    His constituents?

    This is like the DMV calling those forced to wait on line for “services” they didn’t want but which they’re made to accept (and pay for) “customers”—only worse, because one doesn’t have to drive. In China, one has to obey the dictatorship’s decrees about everything. These decrees lately are being enforced through a sinister social credit system that “unpersons” people who have done anything of which the dictatorship disapproves. Even to the extent of spending “too much” time playing video games online.

    The dictatorship isn’t merely surviving—it is thriving—because there’s no legal way to get rid of it, an irony lost on Bloomberg who is hoping to replace Donald Trump as president . . . by persuading people to vote for him.

    Constituents have a choice. The people of China have a different choice: To obey or not. Those who don’t obey often end up in a camp. This is a distinction Bloomberg apparently doesn’t comprehend—or to which he is indifferent.”


  5. Canada: A Dead Country Walking?


    “Canada is presently in the throes of social and political disintegration. A left-leaning electorate has once again empowered a socialist government promoting all the lunatic ideological shibboleths of the day: global warming or “climate change,” radical feminism, indigenous sovereignty, expansionary government, environmental strangulation of energy production, and the presumed efficiency of totalitarian legislation. Industry and manufacturing are abandoning the country in droves and heading south.

    Canada is now reaping the whirlwind. The Red-Green Axis consisting of social justice warriors, hereditary band chiefs, renewable energy cronies, cultural Marxists, and their political and media enablers have effectively shut down the country. The economy is at a standstill, legislatures and City Halls have been barricaded, blockades dot the landscape, roads and bridges have been sabotaged, trains have been derailed (three crude-by-rail spillages in the last two months), goods are rotting in warehouses, heating supplies remain undelivered, violent protests and demonstrations continue to wreak havoc—and the hapless Prime Minister, who spent a week swanning around Africa as the crisis unfolded, is clearly out of his depth and has no idea how to control the mayhem. No surprise here. A wock pupper politico in thrall to the Marxist project and corporate financial interests, Justin Trudeau is generally baffed out when it comes to any serious or demanding concerns involving the welfare of the people and the economic vitality of the nation. Little is to be expected of him in the current emergency apart from boilerplate clichés and vague exhalations of roseate sentiment.

    Still, Trudeau may have been right about one thing when he told The New York Times that Canada had no core identity—although this is not what a Prime Minister should say in public. Canada was always two “nations,” based on two founding peoples, the French and the English, which novelist Hugh MacLennan famously described as “two solitudes” in his book of that title. But it may be closer to the truth to portray Canada as an imaginary nation which comprises three territories and ten provinces, two of which, Quebec and Newfoundland, cherish a near-majoritarian conception of themselves as independent countries in their own right. Newfoundland narrowly joined Confederation only in 1949 and Quebec held two successive sovereignty referenda that came a hair’s breadth from breaking up the country.

    The latest entry in the exit sweepstakes is oil-rich but hard-done-by Alberta, a province which suffered under the National Energy Program introduced in 1980 by the current PM’s father Pierre Trudeau, and is currently struggling under a concerted left-wing campaign, sponsored by Green-progressivist foundations (American consortiums masking via proxies as Canadian coalitions), clueless Nobel laureates at their virtue-signaling best, and a Liberal government ideologically aligned with the NDP (New Democratic Party) and the Greens, to prevent the development of its vast oil reserves. Alberta has always resented the indifference to and domination of the Canadian West by the so-called Laurentian Elite comprising “the political, academic, cultural, media and business elites” of central Canada. There is now a Wexit movement gathering momentum.

    It might just as plausibly be argued that Canada is composed of a veritable congeries of competing, self-identified mini-nations—English, French, Islamic, Chinese, Sikh, native tribes with multiple patrimonies and unpronounceable names, and sundry political constituencies affiliated with the global left. Contributing factors like indiscriminate immigration from dysfunctional countries, metastasizing socialist doctrine verging on nascent totalitarianism, a state-funded national broadcaster and a deeply compromised print media subsidized by the Liberal government added to the destabilizing brew. Meanwhile, to quote lawyer and former philosophy professor Grant Brown, “the education system invites Extinction Rebellion kooks into the classroom to terrify the children” (personal communication). An army of little Gretas will carry the country-killing revolution even further.”


  6. What is wrong with this picture?



    “In Minnesota, People Who Sexually Abuse Children Are Usually Given Just Probation

    Treating child predation like a disease has put too much focus on rehabilitating criminals and too little focus on keeping children safe.”

    “The good people of America were rightly furious when news emerged last month that an Iowa man convicted of molesting more than a dozen children — ranging in ages from one to 13 — would be released because he was undergoing transgender hormone therapy. Americans would be even shocked to know that the leniency shown to the Iowa predator is not an exception. It’s more like the rule.

    That’s because this country often treats child predation like an illness. Yes, these predators are “sick,” and many suffered abuse as children. But treating the problem like a disease has put too much focus on rehabilitating criminals and too little focus on keeping children safe.

    Consider that a man who rapes an adult woman is sick also. Yet just imagine the uproar if such a criminal were sent to expensive rehabilitation, serving only a few months in jail. All sorts of activist groups would cry foul, and the story would get national media attention, which would shame the judge and prosecutor.

    Nobody argues an offender against an adult needs “rehabilitation.” They correctly argue for the offender to be thrown in jail, and for the jail key to be sunk to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Not so for cases involving children. They have no voice, few lobbyists, and little state-level data to document crimes against them. Where data is available, it shows America is failing children.

    States Aren’t Tough on Child Predators
    In 2016, the National Association to Protect Children (PROTECT) spent tens of thousands of dollars compiling sentencing data from 2007 to 2016 for one state, Minnesota. PROTECT’s sentencing data for crimes against children are separated into three buckets: criminal sexual conduct (rape), child sexual abuse imagery, and trafficking.

    Right off the bat, the reader should notice that trafficking is not the entire threat. Here, the national conversation has so far missed the point. The media gives a lot of attention to sex trafficking, especially of minors. Sex trafficking is a huge problem, and more government resources focused on stopping it is a wonderful thing. But too little attention is being paid to the child-predator threat overall.

    For criminal sexual conduct involving a child under the age of 13, data shows that in most Minnesota counties, offenders are being given a stay (probation) and no prison time 50 to 60 percent of the time. Some of these offenders are even receiving a stay of imposition, reducing the crime to a misdemeanor, and not required to register as sex offenders. Far too often, the offender is even placed back in the home with the children he victimized.

    Even when prison is the outcome in the 40 to 50 percent of these cases, the sentences are often too short. In response, prosecutors claim some cases are hard to prosecute and that it’s sometimes hard to get a young child to take the stand. This is sometimes true. But prosecutor John Choi in Ramsey County has a starkly better record than other prosecutors in populous Minnesota counties.

    This excuse also doesn’t work for child abuse imagery or materials. Here you only need a technical expert to take the stand, and it’s more or less an open-and-shut case.

    Nevertheless, with child abuse imagery or materials, well more than 90 percent of predators are granted stays in most counties. This isn’t just policing what people look at, says Grier Weeks, a senior executive at PROTECT. The material being traded online depicts the violent abuse, torture, and rape of young children — even toddlers. The material, says Weeks, should break our hearts. It is “far worse than heroin or meth. … It’s like anthrax.”

    “The predators viewing this material are an active threat to children around them. Not only that, according to research compiled by PROTECT, at least 55 percent of those found possessing and sharing child abuse imagery are also “contact offenders” with local child victims, or “dual offenders.”

    On trafficking, the data is also awful — although, according to PROTECT, some of this Minnesota data may have treated prostituted teens, adults, and johns all as “offenders,” which may cloud the data. Nevertheless, even on trafficking, the stark difference between Choi’s record and other Minnesota prosecutors is telling. Overall, PROTECT says this is one area more data needs to be collected. For more analysis on the Minnesota data, read my article here.”


    Here it is.


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  7. Too bad. 🙂


    “The Left Dumps NeverTrump

    The love affair between the Left and NeverTrump Right appears to be over. For real, this time.”

    “The love affair between the Left and NeverTrump Right appears to be over. For real, this time.

    After working in tandem for four years to try to destroy Donald Trump and everyone in his orbit, NeverTrump and the Left are breaking up in a very public and a very ugly way. And for those of us who’ve been close observers of this twisted political romance, watching their divorce play out is deeply gratifying.

    The split couldn’t be happening to a more deserving couple—or dare I say, in honor of former Representative Katie Hill (D-Calif.), a more deserving throuple since it also included a willing canoodler in the corporate media.

    But, for now, it looks like they are done brushing each other’s hair and sending late-night boozy texts confessing their mutual lust and loyalty.

    NeverTrump is getting the boot for breaching the boundaries of this toxic relationship by daring to opine about the seemingly unstoppable candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Trouble in paradise began when NeverTrump changed the mood music from Orange Man Bad to Crazy Bernie Bad as the commie senator from Vermont began to dominate early Democratic presidential primary contests.

    NeverTrump, consisting mostly of Democrats disguised as Trump-hating conservatives so they can keep their gigs on MSNBC and the Washington Post, are encouraging Democratic voters to dump Sanders in favor of a more reasonable Democratic candidate (LOL) who could beat Donald Trump in November.

    Now, NeverTrump isn’t exactly known for their inimitable political instincts. In fact, the collection of failed magazine editors, washed-up campaign consultants, and dullards from legacy conservative outlets have been spectacularly wrong about almost everything for the past few decades, but never more so than during the Trump era. Their collective losing streak basically started with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and has continued, nearly uninterrupted, from there.

    Per habit, NeverTrump once again has overestimated their value in the political realm. They are useful idiots to the Left insofar as they stay in their lane, which is to supply a nonstop loop of temper tantrums about Donald Trump; warnings of impending doom; diatribes about the complicity of Trump-supporting Republican lawmakers; and various profane name-calling and mockery of Trump voters.

    Their counsel about the internal affairs of the Democratic party, however, is decidedly unwelcome. And questioning how the intemperate gasbag now leading the most unimpressive field of Democratic presidential candidates since 1976 will beat the current Republican occupant of the White House is the equivalent of infidelity in this unholy alliance. “While no one should exclude the possibility that Sanders might beat President Trump, his manifest weaknesses and extreme ideology make such a victory unlikely, thereby subjecting the country to the horror of another four years of an unhinged, authoritarian president,” warned Jennifer Rubin, the alleged conservative columnist at the Washington Post who is not conservative. “We should shudder at the prospect of what the country might look like after another Trump term.” (Rubin also suggested that Joe Biden announce a woman of color as his running mate to bring some “pizzaz” to his fading candidacy.)

    Bill Kristol, the de facto leader of NeverTrump, campaigned in New Hampshire earlier this month not for Republicans but for the Anyone But Bernie faction of the Democratic party. The founder of the now-defunct Weekly Standard urged thousands of independent voters to pull a Democratic ballot and vote for a “responsible and electable candidate,” meaning not Bernie Sanders. “We’re trying to save the nation from a choice between Trumpism and socialism,” Kristol told a local newspaper.

    Other NeverTrumpers who’ve expressed alarm about the possibility of a Sanders acceptance speech from the Democratic National Convention stage this summer in Milwaukee include Max Boot, Bret Stephens, David Frum, and even the cretinous Rick Wilson who was last seen on CNN ridiculing Trump supporters as illiterate rubes. Their Bernie-bashing has landed NeverTrump a spot sleeping on the proverbial political sofa; these useful idiots are getting smacked down all over the place.”


    And I can’t think of a more deserving bunch of self-serving hacks. 🙂


  8. Trump’s legacy is already paying dividends. 🙂


    “Ninth Circuit Upholds Trump Admin Rule Stripping Funding for Abortions

    They “found that the rule is a ‘reasonable interpretation’ of Section 1008 of Title X, which forbids using Title X funds ‘in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.’””

    “The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a court known for its liberal leanings, ruled today that President Donald Trump’s administration can withdraw Title X funding from clinics associated with abortions.

    President Richard Nixon enacted Title X in 1970, which “is a federal program that funds family planning services for low-income and uninsured people.”

    In 1988, Title X received regulations that stopped funding “programs that merely provided counseling or referrals for abortions for family-planning purposes.” The Supreme Court upheld that rule in 1991.

    The regulations on Title X relaxed by 2000 until 2019 when “the Department of Health and Human Services adopted regulations similar to the 1988 rule – withdrawing funding from any medical facility that provides abortions, abortion counseling or abortion referrals.”

    The court upheld the Trump rule, 7-4:

    Writing for the majority, U.S. Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta, a George W. Bush appointee, found that the rule is a “reasonable interpretation” of Section 1008 of Title X, which forbids using Title X funds “in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.”

    Ikuta and the majority found the rule consistent with the 1991 Supreme Court decision Rust v. Sullivan, which upheld a similar Reagan administration rule that forbade Title X-funded providers from advocating abortion.

    “The Supreme Court has long made a distinction between regulations that impose burdens on health care providers and their clients and those that merely reflect Congress’s choice not to subsidize certain activities,” Ikuta wrote.

    The Trump administration rule, enacted by the Department of Health and Human Services in March 2019, also requires government-funded clinics to refer women to prenatal care even if they plan to end their pregnancies and mandates clinics maintain physical and financial separation from centers that provide abortion services.

    The majority also decided that Trump’s administration took into account access to Title X programs in rural areas. The judges cited “the Supreme Court’s ruling in the 2020 census citizenship question case last year” in their conclusion that the new rule “remained ‘within the bounds of reasoned decision making.’””


    And isn’t it nice that the 9th Circuit finally has some reasoned decision making of their own happening now thanks to Trump appointments? 🙂


  9. Doing it all wrong….

    “Iranian Deputy Health Minister In Charge of Fighting Coronavirus Tests Positive For It, Briefed Ministers, Journos Without Mask”

    And as the videos show, while sweating profusely……


  10. The state of confusion continues for Old Joe in the state of South Carolina…..



    Biden’s Gaffe-tastic Day in South Carolina


    “During a campaign event earlier in the day, Biden claimed that he worked on the Paris Climate Accord with Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese leader who died in 1997.

    “One of the things I’m proudest of is getting passed, getting moved, getting in control of is the Paris Climate Accord,” Biden told the crowd. “I’m the guy who came back after meeting with Deng Xiaoping and making the case that I believe China will join if we put pressure on them. We got almost 200 nations to join.”

    He also seemed to be confused about which state he was in. “


  11. It’s about to get ugly. 😲

    Here comes The Steele Report 2.0, The Dem Primary Edition.

    So pass the popcorn! 🙂


    ““I’m Sorry, What?” Bloomberg Adviser Hints At Mother Of All Oppo-Research Drops On Bernie”

    “Just how committed is Michael Bloomberg to winning the Democratic primary? Enough to have his adviser Tim O’Brien drop this bombshell on a stunned Alisyn Camerota this morning on CNN’s New Day. Just as Camerota made an argument that Democrats might not want to go full tilt against Bernie Sanders if he’s likely to end up the nominee against Donald Trump, O’Brien promised that Team Bloomberg would hammer Sanders with everything they have.

    And it’s remarkable how much information a news-media mogul can find, isn’t it? Such as advice for parents of toddlers to allow them to run naked and explore each others’ genitalia, for instance, O’Brien offers. “I’m sorry — what?” exclaims Camerota:”


    Goggles on people!

    Watch out for the slinging mud! 🙂


  12. Thanks for the comedic writing before my bedtime. Needless to say your link was more than just inaccurate — I liked the bit where he said Trudeau was a Marxists beholden to corporate interests. I know Trudeau can bend like a pretzel but thats impressive. And describing the Conservative party as Liberal Lite is even more amusing — they lost an election they should have won partly because they are social conservatives. Canada has a solid 30-35% conservative base which is larger than the socialist base of support. The Liberals are world’s most successful political party because they are good at occupying the center and moving left and right depending on popularity. The current blockades etc in support of native land claims are supported by about 35-40% of the population some of them Liberal supporters. This puts Trudeau in a tight squeeze as other Liberals lean toward a more law and order attitude, hence he’s sort of frozen as a deer in headlights. The author’s description of chaos in a socialist country appears to be more wishful thinking — goods are transported, stores are full, life goes on, etc. The current situation will sort itself out eventually probably in some sort of Canadian compromise. The bizarre inclusion of George Grant’s Lament for a Nation in the essay indicates the author has a weak grasp of Cdn history — Grant was mourning the slow death of Red Toryism — a peculiar type of Cdn conservatism based on traditionalism and paternalism. And has nothing to with the modern political dynamic.


  13. It appears Bloomberg is more afraid of Sanders than Trump — self interest; he doesn’t want to pay more in taxes. As I stated before, if I was a conspiracy nut, I would begin to think Bloomberg was a Manchurian candidate sent by Trump and the Republican party to undermine the Democrats. Then again, Trump has demonstrated that people don’t care about past behavior if they like his current message. Opposition research is the old political paradigm; no one carried about Trump’s immoral behavior and I doubt anything Bloomberg has on Sanders can match Trump. (read the link, it appears Sanders was saying its rather hypocritical to allow porn yet reprimand parents for letting toddlers go naked at the beach. Sanders rightfully points out porn loses its appeal if society is more accepting of the latter. A fairly European attitude. I suppose his comments could be interpreted more nefariously but I don’t see it) This was written more than 50 years ago, …… desperation on Bloomberg’s part.


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