26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-24-20

  1. Good morning. I see the power is back on. We lost it yesterday afternoon in the high winds and snow. Back this morning an hour or so after getting up. It was fun to use the lamps and enjoy the quiet last night. But I do appreciated electricity, it runs our water from the well.

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  2. Beautiful header, Peter! We have some artistic creatives among us.

    It’s raining again today. Maybe we are trying to beat the former record of rainiest year in Georgia’s history.

    I am expecting a delivery of copy paper here today. Since I can’t lift the heavy boxes, I will have to open them and pull out the reams one by one to load into the car. The deal was 48% off but limited to three boxes. Art ordered three for the office and I ordered three sent here. I hope that will cover paper needs for the tax season.

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  3. That was so cool! I liked the balloon thing. Currently reading a tome called the History of Christianity so that sound fits well with what I am trying to learn.

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  4. Well, thank you for the compliments, but all I did was put the Kindle camera to a kaleidoscope with a light behind it and click. The owner of the cave hand made kaleidoscopes for all the regular employees, and included me since I return every summer. The shell is made of cedar wood, and the colors are pieces of glass.

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  5. My FB pals may already have seen this, but it’s been so much fun to savor this morning.

    My life is so much fun.

    I wrote the Peter Kay post in December 2018–part of my series on Oswald Chambers’ legacy.

    He and Biddy had only one daughter and she never married and thus had no children. They have no descendants.

    But, I realized his legacy was his students at the BTC and then from Zeitoun in Egypt.

    So, I followed up on a dozen of them with Peter at the last, chronologically.

    But, I couldn’t find any of his descendants, so just wrote the post.

    Yesterday, I heard from his granddaughter–whose father was born posthumous and thus neither he nor his family knew much about Peter.

    In the course of my research about him, I’d talked with an Australian friend–another genealogist, see the post after Peter’s–and he got interested and pulled up all sorts of information.

    I passed it all on to the granddaughter–who is busy sharing with the family and savoring all the information.

    She sent me a quick note this morning to say, “He named his daughter Kathleen.”

    Since that’s how I first met the Australian genealogist–his grandparents called their daughter Biddy–I’ve been delighting and savoring the story all morning.




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  6. If I hear the delivery truck I will see if the boxes can be loaded into the car, but no one at the office has strength to get the boxes out except one preparer lady who is not there all the time. She has horses and ‘Feed Days’ when she goes to pick up loads of horse food. Also, it is raining and I do not know if the boxes will be wet. But if possible I will get them in the car without opening them. Then I can get them to the office on a dry day.

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  7. Thinking about the dog situation and Kizzie, isn’t Boy old enough to have a chore he is paid for? The dog has it in the genes to be a hole digger which means it is a happy dog when it digs. I would try to have an area where the dog can go do it’s business and dig holes. Pay Boy to clean up and fill holes. Put on blinders if it bothers you to see the mess. It’s a great opportunity to let Boy have his first job. Teach him about a budget with the money he earns. But who am I to say you should do this, Kizzie. You have a lot going on in your life, and I don’t see the whole picture.

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  8. Morning! We had predicted wind coming in later this morning so I decided to take the dog out for a walk. Initially I thought perhaps I had overdressed as it seemed warmer out than I anticipated. I tried taking Lu to our park but got stuck in a drift three feet deep. My neighbor yelled from across the field asking if I needed help! My boot was stuck and then came untied…I finally got loose and got out of there! Neighbor said he wasn’t going to leave until he saw that I got free! I avoided the plow truck five times, jumping into driveways as he barreled down our roads. Fifteen minutes away from home the winds began to howl and I found myself in the midst of a snow squall. It is still snowing but they tell us it will get out of here in an hour and the sun will return 😂 yes Dj it is Monday!!!

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  9. Oh, God is good! The rain dwindled to a sprinkle, and then the truck arrived. I put a
    woven throw down in the back seat to slide the boxes across. The boxes each have a few sprinkles on them but nothing that will damage the contents. It was all done in about five minutes! Now they can be unloaded on a dry day at the office.

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  10. One of the things I do now when I buy a heavy box of something, it to open the box and move things a few at a time.

    In my case, it’s usually wine at Costco. I can’t lift an entire box of wine, so I move it four bottles at a time. Takes longer, but is doable.

    With paper, several reams at a time onto a cart?

    Anyway, glad the problem is solved.

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  11. One thing about a dog that digs is that the dog also get filthy and my need a bath afterwards.

    Also, if your dog has a tendency to dig, don’t dig or plant anything when they’re around. They seem to think they’re helping when you go back in the house – learned this the hard way 🙂

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  12. I see where the Dow is down 942 points.
    I remember. It was in 1972, I was at Purdue, when the Dow passed 1000.
    If I had invested $1000 in it then I would have 21,000 now.
    Problem was. I didn’t have $1000.
    I suspect lots of people could say that.

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  13. Oh, there is that getting dirty problem with dogs digging in wet ground. You can tell I only think about digging in the cat’s perspective of fragrant litter in the box. Sometimes Miss B smells better that I smell. Now I am remembering a child’s book I read to Wesley about a dog, maybe named Harry, who got so dirty that no one knew he was a white dog. That takes me way back to sweet times.

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