Prayer Requests 2-25-20

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 23

A psalm of David.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
   he leads me beside quiet waters,
he refreshes my soul.
   He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.
Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,
   I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
   your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies.
   You anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
Surely your goodness and love will follow me
    all the days of my life,
   and I will dwell in the house of the Lord

14 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 2-25-20

  1. I’d appreciate continued prayers for 4th Arrow. Her fever is gone, and she doesn’t get dizzy spells when she moves very slowly, but she’s still coughing and has a headache. She was scheduled to work yesterday, but was too sick to do so. I called her workplace for her, but they wanted to speak directly to her. They said it was her responsibility to find herself a replacement to cover her shift, or she would get an unexcused absence and get docked points.

    She found a sub after messaging about 6 people, but she now has to take that person’s shift today, otherwise that worker will be over 40 hours for the week, which is not allowed by the company. The shift is five hours, which is shorter than the seven hours she’s scheduled for tomorrow, and the nine hours on Thursday. She’s also scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

    If you’re wondering whether she can be excused with a doctor’s note, that answer is no. And if you go to work and get sick while you’re at work, it’s still your responsibility to find someone else to work for you, or you get docked a point.

    Did I mention she works at an eating establishment? Ill employees have to decide between working sick or getting penalized if they can’t locate a sub.

    Husband will be driving her to work today, and I will be picking her up. She recognizes she’s not in a good position to drive herself today.

    Please pray she holds up OK at work today and doesn’t wear herself out more. Thank you.

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  2. 6 arrows, my daughter also worked at an eating establishment like that. She did manage to get a sub. My friend’s daughter called for her daughter. When told she would have to get a sub herself, my friend (who has her own business) told them in no uncertain terms that her daughter would not be doing the work or a supervisor. She was not being paid to do that. She was too sick to do that and would not be coming in making others sick. She was quite firm and nothing was done negatively for her daughter. Of course, it can make a difference of how badly the job is needed. However, if you think about it, if they had so many workers available this would not be an issue. The laziness of management is another issue.

    I still remember going through a line at a Subway with a sneezing employing who was obviously sick. A manager just kept telling them to keep working. Needless to say, by the time we got our food it didn’t feel good to eat it. 😦

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  3. Kathaleena, thanks for mentioning that. I may just do that — tell them she’s not a supervisor and won’t be doing the job of one.

    Daughter got this virus from one of her co-workers, who had also been working sick. How many customers have ill employees sickened, also?

    The thing that gets me is that 4th Arrow is full-time. Why isn’t she getting sick leave? I’d really like to know.

    I’m off to get a crown — two-hour appointment starting at the same time daughter’s shift begins. Hopefully, if she gets too sick to finish her shift, she won’t have to wait for me to get done with my appointment before bringing her home. 😦

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  4. 6 Arrows – To continue our conversation from last night, about being recovering perfectionists (or at least trying to be) – My heart goes out to you about the situation with your husband. I will pray that he will come to see that he is being too harsh and critical, and will ease up on you, and mostly that he will grow in grace (which has two meanings here – growing to know and appreciate more deeply God’s grace to him, and growing in showing grace to others).

    There was a similar-yet-different situation with Hubby. The strange thing is that I cannot remember the exact situation, but I do remember that feeling that he was never satisfied with whatever it was. (He eventually mellowed, though. In fact, he mellowed in other areas, too, in his last few years.)


  5. Twin girl gets to go home! Prayer that mommy will stay on top of things and get her to her many appts. Grandpa is still in Boise, available to help with one year old as needed.

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  6. 6, all I can say is that is a very foolish position for management to take, in view of the recent international expansion of the new coronavirus. It is management decisions like that which completely undermine public health efforts to limit the spread of diseases.

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  7. Roscuro, I thought exactly the same thing. Have they not heard of the spread of coronavirus? With all the travel that is done these days, they want people sick with who-knows-what preparing and serving food and wiping tables afterwards?

    Michelle, the chain operates in 25 states, none of them Pacific Coast states. I don’t know if this is a corporate or regional or local decision, otherwise I’d announce the company here. I did tell the dental office staff today about the whole thing, and when they asked where 4th works, I told them, given how close they are to where I know that policy is in effect.

    I recently met some music colleagues for breakfast for our February meeting, and the restaurant where we were was short-staffed that morning. A couple of employees had called in sick. So we had to wait longer for our food. Big deal. I would much rather have that than have ill workers serving us. That restaurant got it right.

    Kizzie, 12:15, thank you. I’m gradually learning to decide for myself that I can only do what I can do, and I’m not going to feel guilty for doing less on some days. My energy ebbs and flows, and it’s counterproductive to spend time in an I-wish-I-were-different, blue funk. I’m capable of managing a household, I remind myself, and don’t have to give permission to be treated like a clueless child.

    There are fewer days now where I wither into self-doubt. They still come, though, on occasion, so thank you for praying.

    And I’m glad that your husband mellowed in his later years. So far, it’s intensifying here. He’s in his sixties now, and I hope that the course will eventually reverse. In the meanwhile, I’m trying to toughen up, which can yield benefits in various areas.

    God is always with me, and I don’t feel abandoned by Him. A big praise.

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  8. 6 Arrows – In a somewhat related, but also different situation to the one I mentioned, for several years I thought that keeping my mouth shut and “just taking it” was being a submissive wife. (This was my own view; my church did not preach this kind of thing. Although it did teach about submission, it also taught about the great responsibility that God gave to husbands to love their wives and be considerate of them.) One day, after my feelings were hurt yet again, I sensed the Holy Spirit impressing on me that my “just taking it” was not being submissive, but was enabling a sinful attitude in my husband, and that calmly and respectfully approaching the matter with him was the right thing to do.

    After that, I no longer stood for that behavior, but reminded him of what he was doing. He didn’t stop it altogether, but eventually it lessened to the point of being an exception rather than a frequent occurrence. (I think I have written about this before.)

    I don’t know if something like that would help you, but it could be something to pray about. (And I will pray, too.)


  9. Thanks, Kizzie. Yes, I recall you saying something similar in the past. I’ve stopped “just taking it,” also, and am more willing to either challenge his thinking or simply decline to engage, and then leave the room.

    There’s more I’d write, but I’ve got a piano student arriving in 10 minutes, so need to go.

    But first a quick thank you for praying for 4th Arrow today. She made it through her whole shift and looked a lot better when I picked her up than how she looked walking through the door after her Saturday shift. She coughed just about the whole way home today, though, and a lot during her shift, too, she said. Continued prayers are appreciated. Thanks.

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  10. Actually, I don’t think there is more I’d need to write on the topic at this time (referring to my 5:51 and similar preceding posts recently), so I’ll leave things at that for the time being.

    I felt like I might want to conclude my thoughts today with something profound — the words “Life is…” started forming in my mind just now — but that fizzled out as soon as it started so, well, how profound is that?! 😉 lol

    Good night, all, and thanks for the prayers. God’s got us in His grip and won’t ever let go. Blessed.

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  11. My first job, McDonald’s, I had heard that it was impossible to call in sick on a Saturday, so I determined that I wouldn’t call in sick unless/until I “really needed to” and then they would know I wasn’t faking. I’d worked there eight months when I woke up with horrid cramps (eventually I discovered that ibuprofen worked for me, but I didn’t have them regularly, and my sister had thrown up every attempt at Midol, so it took me a few years ever even to try medication). I was due at work in three hours and we were supposed to call in two hours before a shift, so I figured everything was OK.

    When I called, I was told I had to come in. I tried to plead, to explain, and I probably even cried. Eventually the manager gave the phone to another manager. I think both of them, but definitely the second one, told me I had to come in or I’d be suspended for a week. I explained I’d worked for eight months and never called in sick, but they told me too many people had already called in sick that day (without being suspended, I assume? We had a three-month average turnover, so almost certainly the other people whose sick calls had been accepted had not worked there for eight months–and I was 19 and a high school graduate, saving for a car, taking any extra shifts they offered, not a high school student calling in sick cuz she didn’t want to work on Saturday).

    I went in to work, but I felt betrayed, and i was in pain. I kept crying whenever I had my back to customers, and trying to get under control to wait on customers. Eventually I asked to use the rest room–I didn’t usually ask, since managers were reluctant to allow rest room use. The manager said yes so quickly I realized he was afraid I might need to throw up. So I composed myself in the rest room and then went back on the floor and went back to the manager and said I was really sick, and could I please go home, and he said yes. I’d ridden my bike to work (a couple of miles), but I called my mom and asked her to come get me, and she did.

    They had no idea whether or not I was contagious. Official policy was if you’re sick call in. And I’d worked there for eight months without ever calling in sick, but they didn’t care. Yes, employees who work with the pubic–especially with food–should actually be encouraged to stay home if they’re sick. But it doesn’t seem to work that way.

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