Our Daily Thread 2-14-20

Good Morning!

It’s Friday!

It’s Valentines Day!


And the header is from Cheryl.


Anyone have a QoD?

41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-14-20

  1. Good Morning. Happy Valentine’s Day. Mine gave me four Feroucher chocolates. I have four nights in a hotel and he knows I eat one piece of chocolate a night. I’ll keep him.
    I tried to get everything in one bag to check but was afraid I was about to hit the 50 pound weight limit so I have a carry on as well as my computer bag. Ugh. Why can’t air travel be luxurious like it once was? Of course for $318 round trip I can’t complain too much. Almost everyone who is going will be on the 9:20 flight from Pensacola.
    Mr P will have the β€œwires” taken out of his back today so please say a prayer for that. We are hoping this works like it was always supposed to.
    Behave while I am gone.

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    The header is, of course, the 2020 Valentines I make for my nieces, girls at church, and a few other people. The one at upper right went to my granddaughter. πŸ™‚ Most years I get out the paper and supplies and start playing with paper, and eventually I come up with a template and then make all the cards in that pattern, though most years they vary a little or a lot from card to card.

    In 2019 I meant to make cards with doilies, and I kept making cards (mostly without doilies) and all of them were pretty, but nothing was one I wanted to make 30 or 40 of. Late in my creation process, I made one that I liked, and that worked as a template, and so I put it aside to use for this year, and these are a few of the ones I made. I ended up making 60 cards, the most I have ever made by 25 or so! I probably won’t use all of them, but my church has a lot more girls than last church did, and I also have several new baby grandnieces in the last three years. (I now have eight married nieces and nephews, plus one who isn’t married but has a daughter.)

    These are “window” cards, meaning you can see the inside through that round part. I punched out a piece and then inside put the punched out part from a contrasting color, after I punched a heart out of it. But as you can tell, even though they all use the same basic plan, they are all different. No two of the 60 were the same, and that keeps it fun. (Though always, by the time I’m near the end of making them, I’m tired of it and just want it finished.) Initially I used that ribbon punch in the upper right to try a ribbon in that location. I didn’t like it with the ribbon, but it needed something to balance it, and I liked the effect of the rectangles. In most of them, I glued a greeting inside in that area, where the color showed through, but I hadn’t put in the greeting yet when I took this photo.

    Next year I will probably take the photos of heart bubbles and make cards from them. If I’m going to be making 50 or 60 cards, I need a pattern that is fairly straightforward. In this instance, I came up with the template last year, and I also punched dozens and dozens of the hearts, and then I put them aside. That allowed me to wait till February to get started this year.

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  3. Good morning. Husband and twelve year old are taking grandson back to his mommy today. We will miss him, have enjoyed having him, but sleeping through the night again will be nice!

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  4. Kevinβ€” Loved the cannon heist stories. My husband was part of the β€˜74 attempt, β€œAnd we would have gotten away with it except the security guard who found us picking up cars to move them, thought we were stealing them instead and ordered us to disperse.”

    In those days before Congress named him a gentleman, he was involved in numerous pranks.

    When our son interviewed at HMC, he knew about more of the pranks than the interviewer and told HIM stories!

    He went to work this morning, no longer a scrawny, long-haired engineering student, chuckling at past exploits.

    There was the time they stole all the toilet ha does from the men’s room in the CMC dorms . . .

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  5. I posted some college prank stories of interest to Michelle last night. It got moderated, probably because it contained three links. I don’t know when AJ released it. If you’re interested it’s at https://wanderingviews.com/2020/02/13/our-daily-thread-2-13-20/#comment-289464.

    Michelle, I guess because the ’74 attempt was unsuccessful I never heard about it (or just don’t remember it from such ancient history). That’s very fun. Pranking was very much part of the Caltech student culture, as obviously it was for HM and MIT. I’m glad we gave your husband a chuckle.

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  6. Kevin– You may be interested in knowing that when my husband, the first Harvey Mudder to join the Navy nuclear program, was interviewed by Admiral Rickover, the first question the good Admiral asked was, “Why didn’t you go to Cal Tech?”

    R answered, “Because Harvey Mudd is the third best engineering school in the country.”

    The Admiral opened his mouth to argue, stopped and said, “OK.”

    They took five HMC students that year.

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  7. Everyone enjoy the day – it’s work for me today, but I get to focus on just one story which is a genuine luxury anymore. First, I need to make a speedy trip to the vet to get Cowboy’s pain med refill, he’s out and needs half a pill every morning.

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  8. Michelle, HMC is definitely a gem that deserves to be better-known than it is.

    You said your son interviewed there. Did he end up going there?


  9. It’s soap opera day for me (feature story-wise). Anyone happen to watch The Young & Restless back in “the day” (mid 1980s)?


  10. The girls and I are going to spend the day together. Chickadee is here, but upstairs feeding Janie right now, while Nightingale is in the kitchen baking dessert for later.

    This morning, shortly before I got up, I heard a text come in. It was X, saying “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I replied “Thank you. You, too.” (He replied “Thank you” to that.) Nightingale, if she knew, would probably prefer that I not reply, but the courteous part of me just can’t do that. Of course, if he started getting weird or abusive in his language, courtesy would not be the proper response.

    Even so, it was a little strange. I don’t know what he’s up to or how he’s doing.


  11. Boy chose to wear a Halloween-themed shirt to school today, “rebelling” against Valentine’s Day. But it was his idea to hand-make the Valentines he is giving to his classmates, rather than buying them. πŸ™‚

    Nightingale does not go for the hearts and red-and-pink stuff of Valentine’s Day. So here is her goofy mother (that would be me) wearing a top with a red, flowery design (but muted, on a black background, not flashy), red socks, red heart-shaped earrings (which she gave to me when she was five years old – 25 years ago), and my heart locket necklace with my daughters’ photos inside. And to top off the ensemble, a purple sweater! πŸ˜€

    ❀ ❀ ❀ Happy Valentine's Day, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ! ❀ ❀ ❀

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  12. Kevin – The first weekend after his arrest, we didn’t hear from him. This past weekend, Boy’s Grandma and Grandpa (X’s mom and step-dad) took him out for dinner, and then he talked to X on the phone.

    I am wondering if there is going to be a visit this weekend.

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  13. Morning! Husband and I drove my car over to get new tires….seems that is his love language! 😊 We then went to breakfast at our local breakfast joint and had a lovely time….will have to pick up my car later….

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  14. Re” Michelle’s 9:58
    (I just read the funnies and down to there. Decided to say this before I forget.}
    I went to s Starbucks once. It was such a problem getting a regular cup of coffee, and the price of a cup of regular coffee made me avoid it since.)t

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  15. The best “Real” coffee for a decent price is at McDonald’s.

    Did I ever mention that I grew up in Downey, CA where the second McDonald’s is? Don’t believe the hype, the hamburgers there were 12 cents. The first McDonald’s has been torn down so it is the oldest. Also the first Taco Bell was in Downey.

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  16. Jumping in here to say that I just wrote about the conclusion of our Valentine’s Day get-together on the prayer thread. 😦


  17. Roscuro – That must have made you smile. That’s the kind of thing I would do for my daughters if I made their lunches. Today I gave them the classic heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.


  18. Roscuro, how sweet. πŸ™‚

    Finished the soap opera story and a copy block for photos being taken on Sunday for an open house at the marine mammal care center. Soap opera was easier to write than I thought it would be, but we had a lot of photos to go with it so that took me at least an hour or more at the end to process all of those, download them, write captions and get them linked inside the story. Our photographer took some this morning but hen he’d sent me some via email and the studio sent us a couple as well.

    He was never on the cover of The Rolling Stone, but he was on the cover of Soap Opera Digest once upon a time.

    Bob, I’ve been to that McDonald’s in Downey, it’s so cool looking. It’s our version of historic landmarks in Southern California.

    Ex boyfriend sent a happy Valentine’s Day text — we’ve stayed friends through all these years.

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  19. Well, looks like the editor has signed off, he’ll probably finishing editing my story tomorrow since it isn’t running until Sunday.

    So I guess that’s it for me, I’m off the clock, yay. But a busy-busy week ramping up ahead (though I am taking Monday off for my hire ‘anniversary’ day — I forgot to take it one year and lost it, you have to take it within 30 days, use it or lose it, so I’ve tried not to repeat that mistake again πŸ™‚ )

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  20. I tried to post earlier but hit the wrong key and it disappeared. I was blessed to take Karen to the doctor today. It was a good trip for us both. She had seemed out of sync lately but she came out of it. The pretty sunny day outing seemed to be a real mood lifter. Art just got home from the office. Not sure what I will think of to serve him for dinner. Would truly love to have some pizza. I have leftover lentils in the fridge. Somehow that does not seem like the right choice for the evening of Valentine”s Day.

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  21. Oh, I remembered to put some sparkling white grape cider in to chill earlier so that is a good start. I may make pancakes for something entirely different. Now if I had some of the heart forms to pour the batter into for cooking. A sweet new tradition may be born.

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  22. Maybe you can free-hand the heart pancakes in the pan? Haha. My pancakes always turn out malformed, I can’t even accomplish circles.

    As for me, I had left-over lasagna and peach-flavored fizzy water in front of the TV.

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  23. I spent the day finishing up my taxes or, rather, finishing getting all of the information together and the forms filled out.


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