34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-13-20

  1. QOD: when you wake up with the start of a cold at 3:30 AM, do you take Ny-quil or Day-quil?

    QOD2: Should a person with a cold be emptying the dishwasher?

    QOD3: If I’m feeling so-so, should I still fly to Southern California for the weekend to play with my younger kids?

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  2. 1) Take NY-Quil or Mucinex
    2) If you took Day-Quil, put on a mask, wash your hands, and unload the dishwasher
    3) Keep your germs at home

    May you feel much better soon! God speed you to wellness, Michelle.

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  3. Good morning! We’ve been having bout after bout of pounding rain. It has been a thorough testing of the new roof. We have not yet settled up on the roof because of the streaking or discoloration on a portion of the roof. The rain never has dried up enough to be sure the discoloration went away. I did go ahead and pay for the gutters and trim.

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  4. Good morning. I have to get a tire repaired before I head down to school. We had a lot more snow than Ruidoso. My milking machine was acting up yrsterday. I think Miguel tore it apart 3 times before he figured where the vacuum leak was.

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  5. Good morning, all.
    Chas, the bubble comment was for Linda who does not care for holes.
    Michelle, neither. Some other things might help without the side effects of those two.
    You desperately need husband to put away the dishes so you don’t spread germs. Unless you really do not care for where he puts them, then buck up.
    No, they don’t need more germs.

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  6. My milking machine offered to milk the goats this year but she has a baby to take care of and if she does, I am taking the baby for longer. Her younger brother and sister will need to step up if it is going to get done.

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  7. Morning! It is a frosty foggy morning around here! And it DID snow!! Weather….what ya gonna do about it…nothing…just go with it cause you aren’t going to change it! 😊
    Lovely header Cheryl!
    QOD answers:
    NyQuil is stronger, DayQuil is not supposed to make to sleepy…I would want to sleep!
    Let the well person unload the dishwasher
    Stay home and get well

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  8. The header: several months ago on Flickr I saw a bunch of photos that people took by mixing oil and water and then putting a colored background underneath (outside the water) and shooting photos. Some went with just one color, so they might have purple colored bubbles. But then others might have bubbles that had mixes of purple, green, and pink because they used polka dots. Others used little candies as the background.

    So I experimented. My best results so far were using one of my photos of a peacock’s tail and this one. In the background you can see evenly spaced hearts, upside-down in this view. That’s the paper, although in real life this image is less than two inches across and the hearts are tiny. The bubbles turn the hearts upside down, so to get the bubbles inside hearts right-side up, I have to have the “paper” bubbles, which are only background, be upside-down.

    I found it quite fascinating, and something I can’t explain scientifically, that the smaller the bubble, the more hearts it projected. That’s counterintuitive but it’s what made the heart design work so well. In fact, I had some trouble getting the larger bubbles to show a heart at all; in quite a few of my photos, the larger bubbles just showed a tinge of red or even just looked white, and that wasn’t a good effect in the photos.

    Other people managed bubbles that looked a little more three-dimensional. In fact, using my new lens, I had a little more success in that this week. This was just my camera. But other people’s set-ups used professional quality cameras mounted in brackets over a 10 x 13 glass cooking dish, with professional studio lights shining on them. I used my bridge camera with a votive candle holder that has outside dimensions of two inches by two inches, and inside is a circle that needs its edges cropped off in the resulting photo–the image area is thus one-and-a-half inches across or slightly less–with a flashlight shining from the side. So it’s natural I won’t get quite the same level of details, but what I did get really pleased me. (I wasn’t at all sure the votive candle holder would work; it was rather a challenge I set myself. That and all my glass cooking dishes have “Pyrex” all over the bottom, and the votive holders didn’t have writing on them.)

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  9. QoD1 Try some zinc tablets as well as either of the above.
    QoD2 Ditto what Janice said.
    QoD3 Never fly with a head cold, or so I’ve heard. The pressure can make you feel even worse. And, of course, you may spread your cold to others in that confined place with recycled air.

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  10. NyQuil. Stay in bed. Sleep, read. Sleep some more. Definitely no traveling. The dishes are clean; they can wait to be moved.

    Photo today made me go “ahhh.” 🙂 Pretty.

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  11. In my house, I am the one who empties the dishwasher whether I’m sick or not.

    Remember I mentioned that Nightingale took off two days earlier this week to get some things done? She ended up not doing anything that she had planned to do, as she did not have the energy and inclination. (She usually gets things done whether she feels like it or not.) She probably really needed the time off to relax, but now she likely feels bad that she didn’t get anything done. As I said recently, I think she is feeling overwhelmed.

    Kind of ironic that now that X no longer takes Boy for his visitation times, Nightingale has signed up for several more shifts for the month, including some doubles. Starting on the 24th, she will be working eight days straight, with two doubles included. Yikes!

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  12. Took Day-quil and fell asleep for three hours.

    Emptied dishwasher before I thought of question.

    Have warned kids I will probably cancel.

    Have plenty of reading to do and nowhere I have to go.

    Earlier in the week I had prayed that if the Lord didn’t want me to take this trip, He’d make it know.

    Looks like the prayer has been answered, so I’m not troubled by this turn of events— other than not seeing Stargazer.

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  13. James 1 with an interesting Spurgeon quote on the value of reading the Bible:

    The glass of the Word is not like our ordinary looking-glass, which merely shows us our external features; but, according to the Greek of our text, the man sees in it ‘the face of his birth’; that is, the face of his nature.

    He that reads and hears the Word may see not only his actions there, but his motives, his desires, his inward condition.” (Spurgeon)

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  14. I agree with Peter, zicam is what I take in the middle of the night when I feel a cold coming on. I just went on amazon to purchase Ricola herbal immunity lozenges. I have looked all over here, but cannot find them. My family highly recommends them for staying healthy.
    I am wondering about them because i found them on amazon but not the ricola web site.

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  15. Zinc here as well. And other things. But not nyquil or dayquil. Ugh. I seem to end up with bronchitis or bad headaches when I try them.


  16. Cheryl, I wondered how you got that effect. Thanks for the explanation. It’s very cool!

    The hearts appear smaller and more packed together in the bubbles because of the curvature of the bubble surfaces. The larger bubbles have more gradual curves, closer to flat. The smaller bubbles have sharper curves, so the refraction effect is greater, thus more hearts.

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  17. Thanks, Kevin. I knew there must be a scientific explanation, but it was an unexpected effect, and to me it made it much more interesting overall. Someday I’ll try it with other shapes, probably stars for one. Though shapes with some roundness to them (like hearts) may well work the best.


  18. The prayer request I forgot to mention earlier this week, that worked out anyway:

    Tomorrow, which is Valentine’s Day, Nightingale, Chickadee, and I are going to get together for lunch and a TV show, as well as chatting.

    Not too long ago I mentioned that Chickadee told me that she doesn’t want to come over very often, because “being out of the house [the McK’s apartment] a lot is stressful and anxiety-inducing”. So instead of what we initially thought would be weekly dinners (her idea, btw) has turned into once a month get-togethers, often with more time than a month between them. Needless to say, I treasure our time together.

    Well, Nightingale decided to invite her friend Virginia for dinner Friday evening. (Chickadee stays for dinner, too, when she comes over, to spend a little time with her nephew, too). With Chickadee’s anxiety, I knew that she would either want to be taken back before Virginia came over, or if she decided to stay (or if Nightingale didn’t have time to take her back), her anxiety about spending time with a stranger would ruin the time we spent together earlier in the day.

    When I mentioned my concern to Nightingale, she pretty much had an attitude of “too bad”, that Chickadee needs to “get over it” (not her exact words, but the gist). That bothered me for two reasons – knowing how Chickadee would feel that day, which would spoil our limited time together, and that Nightingale doesn’t seem to understand the depth of Chickadee’s anxiety, that she can’t just get over it.

    I agree with Nightingale that Chickadee needs to make an effort to get out of her bubble and “stretch” herself, but this is not the time for that. If she had planned it further ahead of time, and let Chickadee know, that would have been better, but I felt like this was going to blindside her.

    So, I put the situation into God’s hands, and asked Him to work it out somehow.

    On Tuesday or Wednesday (I forget which one), I started to mention again my concern, but Nightingale jumped in, telling me that Virginia is not coming after all. I was relieved, and I thanked God.

    Now I continue to pray that my girls would try to understand and accept each other more.

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  19. And Kevin, may I quote your explanation on Flickr, just “my friend Kevin” (or whatever designation would be good, for instance “a friend with a science degree”?).


  20. Sure, “my friend Kevin” sounds good. Or if you want to really impress you could say “my friend who went to Caltech” (where I got an engineering degree, not a science degree).

    I actually don’t mention very often that I went there because it creates an undeserved impression. I had the advantage of being a really good multiple-choice test-taker, so I presented great SAT scores. I also had some nice recommendations. But the admissions committee expressed concern about my high school grades, which were very good but not stellar.

    In the end they accepted me and I enrolled, but I struggled for 4 1/2 years among people who were mostly a lot smarter than me, and graduated by the skin of my teeth.

    Still, if you want to back up my explanation with that credential, I don’t mind. 😀

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  21. Seen on a local Facebook page: “Looking to find sage for cleansing negativity from a home.” 😦 I said a prayer for the family to find Christ instead.

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  22. Janice – Yes, she was referring to the herb. Not sure what they do with it, but supposedly it cleanses the “negativity” from a house. It’s a New-Agey kind of thing, I guess.


  23. ~ The ritual of sage burning has its roots in Native American tradition. Today, people burn sage and other holy herbs to cleanse a space or environment of negative energy, to generate wisdom and clarity, and to promote healing. ~

    (from an article “How to sage your home” or something like that)

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  24. Michelle, I suppose then you may or may not know one of the people pictured in this article: http://people.bu.edu/fmri/somers/cannon.html

    No, I wasn’t there. In fact the cannon wasn’t even at Caltech when I was there. Just before I got there in ’75 the Caltech administration had made the students return it to the nearby private academy they had liberated it from. (The academy wanted to get rid of it anyway so I don’t know why Caltech made them return it.) It didn’t come back to Caltech until after I had graduated.

    Outsiders probably think of it as the Caltech cannon, but Techers know it as the Fleming House cannon. Cannon pranks are just as likely to come from students from other Caltech houses as from other schools.

    Harvey Mudd’s theft was in ’86. For those who don’t know, Harvey Mudd College is a small school, a very good one, about 25 miles from Caltech, also emphasizing science, engineering and math. There’s a long-standing good-natured cross-town rivalry between the schools.

    MIT also stole it ’06, taking it all the way across country.


    Last year Harvey Mudd installed a concrete block next to the cannon at Caltech labeling it as “Fleming Cannon, On Extended Loan From Harvey Mudd College, Dedicated in Honor of the 11 Mudders Who Bravely Relocated this Cannon in 1986.”


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