26 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-12-20

  1. Bern, baby, Bern…..

    I’d say 3, due to Amy K’s strong showing.

    “Sanders edges Buttigieg in NH, giving Dems 2 front-runners”


    “Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire’s presidential primary, edging moderate rival Pete Buttigieg and scoring the first clear victory in the Democratic Party’s chaotic 2020 nomination fight.

    In his Tuesday night win, the 78-year-old Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, beat back a strong challenge from the 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. The dueling Democrats represent different generations, see divergent paths to the nomination and embrace conflicting visions of America’s future.

    As Sanders and Buttigieg celebrated, Amy Klobuchar scored an unexpected third-place finish that gives her a road out of New Hampshire as the primary season moves on to the string of state-by-state contests that lie ahead.

    Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden posted disappointing fourth and fifth place finishes respectively and were on track to finish with zero delegates from the state.”


  2. Good. That’s a bunch less Mueller stooges in govt.

    And they’re resigning because they got caught lying to the DoJ and the judge, anything saying otherwise is just spin. They were trying to make the old guy pay for their and their boss Mueller’s ineptitude.


    “Mueller Prosecutors May Have Lied To DOJ About Stone Prison Sentence Recommendation
    A DOJ official told Fox News that the prison sentence demanded by former Mueller prosecutors was “extreme, excessive, and grossly disproportionate.”

    “Prosecutors in charge of the federal case against Roger Stone may have lied to the Department of Justice about their lengthy prison sentence recommendation for Stone, according to a new report.

    Fox News reported earlier today that DOJ was blindsided by the formal recommendation from operatives tapped by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller that Stone be sentenced to up to nine years in prison. A source told Fox that the sentence recommendation was “extreme, excessive, and grossly disproportionate” to Stone’s crimes.

    “The Department was shocked to see the sentencing recommendation in the filing in the Stone case last night,” the DOJ official reportedly told Fox. “The sentencing recommendation was not what had been briefed to the Department.”

    The report from Fox News suggested that DOJ was in the process of rescinding the rogue prosecutors’ recommendation.

    Sources told The Federalist that Timothy Shea, who was recently appointed to take over as the top federal prosecutor in D.C. earlier this month, was bullied into agreeing to the sentence recommendation by Adam Jed and Aaron Zelinsky, who were originally tapped by Mueller to investigate whether Donald Trump treasonously colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. A full investigative report released by Mueller last year revealed that the Mueller investigation found zero evidence for any of the claims of collusion between Trump and the Russians. According to a separate report on serial abuses committed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) during its investigation of Trump, the DOJ inspector general found that the government knew long before Mueller was even appointed that there was no evidence of any collusion.

    Shea’s acquiescence to the demand by the disgruntled former Mueller operatives raised questions about whether Shea was operationally in control of the D.C. prosecutor’s office, or whether he had effectively outsourced major decisions in high-profile cases to Mueller’s former deputies.”


    Keep purging.


  3. No thanks…..

    We know where your true loyalties lie.



    Amy Klobuchar charmed Meghan McCain today by saying that, although she’s always been “pro choice,” she “believe[s] we’re a big tent party, and there are pro-life Democrats and they are part of our party, and we need to build a big tent.” That’s mighty big of Klobuchar.

    Pete Buttigieg may or may not be as big. He doesn’t read pro-life Democrats out of the party, but says he won’t “trick” them by moderating his pro-choice positions, which are extreme. The best Buttigieg can do “big tent” wise is say to pro-life Dems “we may disagree on that very important issue, and hopefully we’ll be able to partner on other issues.”

    Come to think of it, Klobuchar isn’t really offering pro-life Democrats anything more than this; she just sounds nicer. Which raises this question: What does it actually means for pro-abortion Democrats to “make room” for pro-life Democrats?

    I suppose it means nothing more than rejecting Bernie Sanders’s view that “being pro-choice is an essential part of being a Democrat.”

    What does Sanders mean by that? He seems to mean, at a minimum, that you can’t be a genuine Democrat if you are pro-life.”


    And they all know it too, right Pete?


    “Pete Buttigieg faces backlash from pro-life women after infanticide answer: ‘You’re extremely radical'”

    Pro-life leaders responded en masse on Thursday after former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared to condone infanticide and late-term abortions during an appearance on “The View.””


  4. Uh-oh Mike…..

    That’s raaaaacist.


    “Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg publicly claimed that cops across the country could use a “Xerox” description of minorities to identify suspected murderers in a newly unearthed recording of a speech from 2015.

    “Ninety-five percent of murders, murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take a description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all the cops,” Bloomberg told the Aspen Institute in 2015.

    “They are male, minorities, 16 to 25. That’s true in New York, that’s true in virtually every city (inaudible).”

    Bloomberg — who apologized for stop-and-frisk last year, shortly before becoming a Democratic candidate for president — said that “one of the unintended consequences is people say, ‘Oh my God, you are arresting kids for marijuana that are all minorities.’”

    “Yes, that’s true. Why? Because we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods. Why do we do it? Because that’s where all the crime is,” he said.”


    And this is just stupid.


  5. The rest of the world will not be pleased.


    “CIA secretly owned world’s top encryption supplier, read enemy and ally messages for decades”

    “For more than half a century, governments all over the world trusted a single company to keep the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats secret. That company was secretly run by the CIA, which had the ability to read all those communications for decades.

    Greg Miller at the Washington Post:

    The company, Crypto AG, got its first break with a contract to build code-making machines for U.S. troops during World War II. Flush with cash, it became a dominant maker of encryption devices for decades, navigating waves of technology from mechanical gears to electronic circuits and, finally, silicon chips and software.

    The Swiss firm made millions of dollars selling equipment to more than 120 countries well into the 21st century. Its clients included Iran, military juntas in Latin America, nuclear rivals India and Pakistan, and even the Vatican.

    But what none of its customers ever knew was that Crypto AG was secretly owned by the CIA in a highly classified partnership with West German intelligence. These spy agencies rigged the company’s devices so they could easily break the codes that countries used to send encrypted messages.

    The decades-long arrangement, among the most closely guarded secrets of the Cold War, is laid bare in a classified, comprehensive CIA history of the operation obtained by The Washington Post and ZDF, a German public broadcaster, in a joint reporting project.”



  6. Ah…. freakout! 🙂


    “The Great Liberal Freakout Has Begun

    Biden is fading fast, and Democrats are losing their minds.”

    “Joe Biden could finish as low as fifth place in tonight’s New Hampshire primary results. Certainly, if we can trust the most recent poll, the former vice president will do no better than third, behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Even a third-place finish in New Hampshire for Biden would be an improvement over his dismal showing in the Iowa caucus, in which he placed fourth behind Sanders, Buttigieg, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. But as badly as Warren’s campaign has floundered, it’s unlikely Biden could beat her in her own backyard. What most troubles the dreams of establishment Democrats is the worst-case scenario for Biden in New Hampshire, namely that Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who finished fifth in Iowa, can gain enough momentum to claim fourth place tonight.

    Such an outcome would probably be a fatal blow to Biden’s campaign, and the sense that the end is near for Biden has inspired panic in the ranks of Democrats and their media allies over the possibility that either (a) the socialist Sanders could win the party’s nomination, or (b) their coalition might come completely unraveled should the establishment Democrats cheat Sanders out of the nomination, as the Vermont senator’s left-wing loyalists believe happened in 2016. Either way, the odds of any Democrat beating Donald Trump in November have become increasingly bleak, and the Great Liberal Freakout of 2020 has now begun in earnest.

    We need look no further than the reliably partisan Chris Matthews at reliably partisan MSNBC. A former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter who served as chief of staff to former Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill, Matthews reached a nadir of despondency after Biden’s debacle last week in Iowa. In a panel discussion following Friday night’s debate in New Hampshire, Matthews went on a rant against socialism, recalling his Cold War–era visits to Vietnam and Cuba: “Being there, I’ve seen what socialism is like. I don’t like it, OK? It’s not only not free, it doesn’t freaking work. It just doesn’t work.” As his fellow MSNBC panelists looked aghast, Matthews continued, saying that if “the Reds had won the Cold War, there would have been executions in Central Park, and I might have been one of the ones getting executed, and certain other people would be there cheering, OK?”

    If the state of the Democratic presidential nomination contest has inspired Matthews to nightmare fantasies of communist execution squads in Central Park, the plight of liberals must be grim indeed. Their descent into political desperation has been astonishingly swift. Just a few months ago, Democrats were quite sanguine about their prospects for recapturing the White House. The RealClearPolitics poll average showed Trump’s job approval below 42 percent in late October, and a Washington Post/ABC News poll released November 5 had Trump trailing Biden by a whopping 17-point margin, 56-39. Now, however, Trump’s popularity is soaring. The president scored his best-ever approval rating in last week’s Gallup poll, whereas Biden … well, things don’t look too good for old Joe.”


  7. Ripe for the picking, and Trump is going to pick.

    “The Black Vote as Progressives Imagine It”


    “In the years that followed the 2012 elections, you could have been forgiven for thinking America’s political class believed that Hispanic voters cared about one thing and one thing only: immigration reform. The need to establish a legal pathway to residency or citizenship for the country’s illegal population dominated every discussion of what Latino voters wanted from policymakers. This idea persisted right up until the 2016 election, when Donald Trump implausibly won more Hispanic votes than Mitt Romney.

    The statistical evidence that Hispanic voters did not think and behave as a bloc was apparent well before the president bet his electoral fortunes on the prospect, but it took the shock of 2016 for that complexity to become apparent to federal officeholders. Today, everyone has gotten the message save the most pandering social-justice activists, who continue to refer to Hispanic-Americans collectively as “Latinx,” a word that non-Hispanics use to demonstrate how in-touch they are with Hispanics, but which is rejected by those it is supposed to describe.

    Could today’s progressive social reformers be making a similar mistake with how they approach black voters? Probably not, insofar as African-American voters are more reliably Democratic than the varied array of ethnicities and cultures that make up the “Hispanic vote” in the United States. And yet, after listening to the 2020 candidates discuss race in America, you might come away with the idea that black voters are of one mind on that issue, and that mind is racially hyper-consciousness and oriented toward reparative justice.

    One by one, during Friday night’s debate, the Democratic Party’s presidential aspirants sought to demonstrate their bona fides by proclaiming America indelibly—perhaps irredeemably—racist, and advocated reparative policies to level the playing field. Bernie Sanders insisted that the U.S. is “a racist society from top to bottom.” Joe Biden claimed that the nation’s institutions are plagued by “systemic racism.” Pete Buttigieg agreed, adding that “systemic racism has penetrated to every level of our system.” Per her brand, Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that. “We need race-conscious laws in education, in employment, in entrepreneurship to make this country a country for everyone,” she said. For his part, Tom Steyer pledged to make the New York Times’ “1619 Project” policy by establishing a “formal commission on race” to “retell the story of the last 400 years in America of systematic racism against African Americans.”

    That’s certainly an attractive platform for progressives of every demographic stripe, but is it one that will speak to most black voters? African Americans are justifiably gloomy about the state of race relations in America. Most do not trust this president, perceive racial harmony to be in decline, and report having experienced discrimination in their lives. But are they amenable to the “race-conscious laws” Sen. Warren advocated? Not necessarily.

    Take Affirmative Action, for example. In theory, an overwhelming number of black voters support affirmative-action programs for minorities (though, according to Gallup, that number has declined while support has increased dramatically among whites). And when you drill down into the specifics, the policy becomes markedly less popular among African Americans. When Gallup surveyed the landscape, following a 2016 Supreme Court case that affirmed the constitutionality of using race and ethnicity to make college admissions decisions, non-Hispanic blacks were by far the most hostile toward the decision. Only 35 percent approved of the ruling. Fifty percent disapproved of colleges using admissions criteria that were not based on merit alone. Fifty-seven percent said race and ethnicity should not be admissions factors “at all.” The Pew Research Center confirmed that this apprehension was not limited to college admissions. When asked if “companies and organizations” should take race and ethnicity into account when making “decisions about hiring and promotions,” 54 percent of African-American respondents said no.”


  8. Sure…. it’s all fun and games, until the alien invaders show up…. 🙂

    This is how about a thousand sci-fi movies start.


    “Mysterious radio signal from space is repeating every 16 days”

    “Mysterious radio signals from space have been known to repeat, but for the first time, researchers have noticed a pattern in a series of bursts coming from a single source half a billion light-years from Earth.

    Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are millisecond-long bursts of radio waves in space. Individual radio bursts emit once and don’t repeat. But repeating fast radio bursts are known to send out short, energetic radio waves multiple times. And usually when they repeat, it’s sporadic or in a cluster, according to previous observations.

    Between September 16, 2018 and October 30, 2019, researchers with the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment/Fast Radio Burst Project collaboration detected a pattern in bursts occurring every 16.35 days. Over the course of four days, the signal would release a burst or two each hour. Then, it would go silent for another 12 days.

    The findings are included in the pre-print of a paper on arXiv, meaning the paper has been moderated but not fully peer reviewed. The authors of the paper are part of the CHIME/FRB collaboration, which has published a multitude of fast radio burst studies in recent years.

    The signal is a known repeating fast radio burst, FRB 180916.J0158+65. Last year, the CHIME/FRB collaboration detected the sources of eight new repeating fast radio bursts, including this signal. The repeating signal was traced to a massive spiral galaxy around 500 million light-years away.

    Researchers hope that by tracing the origin of these mysterious bursts, they can determine what caused them. So far, they have traced single and repeating fast radio bursts back to very different sources, which deepens the mystery.”


  9. We were delegates way back when the Dems set up an on-going platform pushing abortion. It was a big battle. You are allowed to be pro-life, but don’t expect to have much say. Some inclusion. Amy Klobuchar has a book out. I would never under estimate her. She is not a socialist, but liberal all the way.


  10. Not the answer she expected….


  11. While everyone is focused on Democrats primary……


    “While Nobody Was Looking Trump Shattered Primary Records In New Hampshire”


    “All eyes were on the Democratic primary in New Hampshire last night for obvious reasons, but the GOP had their own primary as well. Sure, there was little reason to be paying attention because President Trump was swamping the small field of people running against him. In fact, they called the race only moments after the polls closed. But what might be giving the Democrats pause this morning is the margin of victory. Trump didn’t just win… he set a record in modern history for incumbents in the Granite State. (Politico)

    President Donald Trump handily defeated his remaining GOP challenger in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night.

    Trump cruised to victory with about 83 percent of the vote and just 8 percent of precincts reporting. Bill Weld, the former governor of neighboring Massachusetts, was a distant second, though he was able to capture just over 12 percent of the vote in the early results.

    The race was called just after the last polls closed in the state, and about an hour after most polls closed.

    Trump ran up a staggering number, despite Bill Weld managing to drain off roughly 12% of the vote. (Joe Walsh was still on the ballot despite having dropped out, but he didn’t have any impact on the race.)

    So let’s put Trump’s margin of victory in perspective. With virtually all precincts reporting, President Donald Trump received 110,717 votes. For a trip down memory lane, Barack Obama got 49,080 votes in 2012. George W. Bush in 2004 managed a bit better with 52,962 votes. The only one who came remotely close to this number was Bill Clinton who nabbed 76,797 in 1996. Trump bested that number by more than 35,000.”


  12. I saw something the other day that indicated there are more millennials than Baby Boomers now, population-wise.

    They like Sanders because of the free college.

    But he’s an old Baby Boomer.

    I think I’ve called the ticket: Pete and Amy.

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  13. Trump’s had a good ride in recent weeks, but it’s certainly not a time for him to be overconfident.

    The race is, relatively speaking, still young. Anything can (and probably will) happen. There’s a long way to go.

    So, to be continued. On to Super Tuesday.

    If nothing else, it’s always a fascinating spectator sport in the U.S. every 4 years.


  14. https://www.wsj.com/articles/what-do-young-voters-see-in-bernie-sanders-11581465338

    What Do Young Voters See in Bernie Sanders?
    Students explain why the 78-year-old socialist polls so well among their peers.

    … Many of my contemporaries view Bernie Sanders as the panacea for America’s economic worries and woes as well as their own. From canceling all student-loan debt to guaranteeing free health care, his policies sounds pretty good to young voters. What they miss are the consequences of trying to pay for all that. It may be true that the ultrarich have a disproportionate amount of America’s wealth, income and power, but Mr. Sanders’s policies would hurt all U.S. investors, not only the lucky few. Big tax hikes can panic investors and hurt anyone with a pension, 401(k) or IRA. We’re all invested in the stock market, not only the wealthiest 1%. —Leo Bernabei, Fordham University, political science

    Young voters find in Bernie Sanders an authentic manifestation of their grievances, a rebuttal to cynicism and alienation, and an urgent vision for both the U.S. and the world. For students burdened by stifling debt and looking ahead to rising costs in housing and health care, as well as widening inequality and endless wars, the senator broadens their conception of the possible. It turns out there is a path forward that avoids the neoliberal ideology, establishment politics and old institutions that many young Americans judge to have failed.

    The Sanders campaign’s driving motto—“Not Me. Us”—captures something profound. Mr. Sanders is unique among the Democratic candidates in centering his campaign around an organized mass movement that predates and will outlast him. Rather than focusing on his personality, his campaign prioritizes unwavering commitment to concrete policies that help empower the American people, not the rich. …

    While this theory of change remains light on detail—it isn’t clear how exactly his movement inside and outside government would challenge institutions or advance during a period of divided government—it’s fresh and ambitious. Besides, supporters see Mr. Sanders under fire from media, business, right-wingers and establishment Democrats. And yet, resilient as ever, he keeps fighting for them. That’s hard not to like. —Aram Martirosyan, Hampshire College, international relations


  15. If you’re in college, living on borrowed money, your parent’s cell service and health care, at a bleak world that feels like everything is stacked against you–jobs, climate, housing, etc.–it’s understandable why you would gravitate toward Sanders.

    But, if you’re working hard to pay for college, getting health care at the free clinic and managing as best you can with whatever cell phone service you’ve got, Sanders’ ideas would trouble you, don’t you think?

    WHO is going to pay?

    Amazon? They don’t pay taxes, why not them?

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  16. World Magazine’s take:



    Sanders narrowly wins, Klobuchar suddenly rises, and the abortion debate morphs in New Hampshire

    by Jamie Dean

    The race for the Democratic presidential nomination appears wide open after New Hampshire held a razor-thin primary contest on Tuesday night.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., narrowly grabbed the victory in New Hampshire, days after finishing slightly behind Pete Buttigieg in the Iowa caucuses.

    On Tuesday night, Buttigieg finished slightly behind Sanders, dislodging Sanders’ hopes of taking a commanding lead in the early primaries.

    New Hampshire didn’t produce the reporting suspense that Democrats suffered in Iowa after a massive tech failure last week, but it did produce a different kind of drama: Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., climbed the electoral ladder, finishing in third place, a few points behind Buttigieg.

    Klobuchar’s performance knocks at least some of the wind out of Buttigieg’s primary sails. Despite Buttigieg’s remarkably strong showing in Iowa and New Hampshire, Klobuchar proved her ability to vie for moderate voters perhaps turned off by Sanders’ affinity for democratic socialism.

    Klobuchar offered a noticeable nod to moderates on Tuesday morning, saying she believed there is a place in the Democratic Party for pro-life Democrats. Her comments came a few days after Sanders flatly rejected such a notion. …

    … But it’s unclear how much elbow room pro-life Democrats would have under Klobuchar’s tent. Promoting adoption is an essential part of pro-life efforts, but Klobuchar has pledged fidelity to a strongly pro-abortion plank. …

    … With 3,979 delegates up for grabs in 57 contests overall—and 1,991 needed to cinch a majority—it’s a reminder there’s still a long road to the nomination, with plenty of turns likely ahead.



  17. Every college has a freshman orientation course.
    This course needs to include the following information.

    1. Ain’t nothing free. Everything cost somebody something.
    2. You may be sucking at the teat and getting free stuff now.
    3. Before long, that somebody will be YOU.


  18. When my daughter toured UCSantaBarbara, our earnest student tour guide told us about the marvelous new gym. “It has a state of the art kiln and the best climbing wall west of the Mississippi!”

    I looked around at the filled treadmills, students running while looking out the enormous windows at a gorgeous day. Why were they inside when they could be outside in the ocean air?

    I asked our guide a question. “Who pays for this?”

    “Nobody! It’s all free!”

    I narrowed my eyes. “Someone had to pay for it.”

    “Oh, yeah. The parents who pay tuition.”



  19. I thonk its cute that world pretends Amy is an less radical and somehow less proabortion than the rest. I guess they never heard of OntheIssues and didnt bother to check her extremist votes on the matter.stop listening to their mealy mouth platitudes and look at her voting record. Lazy journalism really.


  20. Own it Schifty…. this is all on you.


    “House Republicans Boycott Intelligence Hearing After Accusing Schiff of Ignoring FISA Abuse

    “Until the Committee prioritizes oversight activities related to urgent and critical concerns, Republican Members cannot support distractions from our core responsibilities.”

    “Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee boycotted a hearing today after they accused Chairman Adam Schiff of ignoring abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

    Here is the letter the Republicans sent to Schiff:”


  21. AJ – The World article didn’t seem to be about where the candidates stand on the issues, but about how well they are doing in the primaries, and who they are appealing to. The article merely said that she was vying for moderates, not necessarily that she is a moderate. Although, in today’s climate among Democrats, even saying that pro-life Dems have a place in the party counts as somewhat “moderate”. But the article included the fact that she would not consider a pro-life running mate.

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  22. Thanks Karen.

    AJ, these are different kinds of stories and I’m sure World has or will probe deeper on some of the candidates’ stances on these issues. But as Karen points out, this is a piece looking at where the race stands, who’s vying for what voter block, etc. It’s pretty basic journalism, really.

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  23. It’s also crucial to understand that the term “moderate” means entirely something different to Democrats and Republicans — a “moderate” Democrat does not look like a Republican “moderate.” That’s usually a given for folks who have followed politics at all, right? — context, it’s very relative to which group you’re speaking or writing about.

    These are all squishy terms to some degree (liberal, conservative, moderate). And how they’re heard and understood depends greatly on where the listener or reader is coming from. But most of us understand that the term means something different in a Democrat vs. Republican context.

    World’s story is what’s called a campaign ‘horserace’ story, it is not meant to analyze positions — rather it’s a snapshot story about where a race stands following an important vote or development. It’s standard, foundational, journalism 101, old school, and I shake my head when people no longer even recognized it for what it is.

    That’s all.

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  24. “Klobuchar offered a noticeable nod to moderates on Tuesday morning, saying she believed there is a place in the Democratic Party for pro-life Democrats. Her comments came a few days after Sanders flatly rejected such a notion. …

    … But it’s unclear how much elbow room pro-life Democrats would have under Klobuchar’s tent. Promoting adoption is an essential part of pro-life efforts, but Klobuchar has pledged fidelity to a strongly pro-abortion plank. …”

    Moderates on abortion? No. Nowhere in the D party.

    Unclear? No, there’s no place in the D party. That’s really clear.


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