10 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-8-20

  1. 🙂 Saturday and a much needed rest and break from what is a very busy work month

    😦 I’ll be doing double duty for a couple weeks starting the 17th when I’ll have to cover for another reporter who will be out on a long vacation

    😦 Local election (lausd seat, 1 county supe race) stories still to do

    🙂 Work – tending the garden – is good for us in God’s world and I am grateful to still be employed

    😦 Carol isn’t doing well, though she’s sounding a little better on the phone in the past couple nights. Her pastor visits today (he’s probably been and gone by now) but she told me last night she’s still feeling extremely fatigued and her one foot still hurts and is hard to walk on. She’s also afraid she may have coronavirus, something I’m sure many people think about if they’re in a weakened physical and emotional/mental state. I told her that was very unlikely. I’m going to visit her next Saturday.

    🙂 Hot water, my showers are still short but can now be a tad longer with a new hot water heater; next ‘gift’ for me: a new mattress. But not this month. Or next … Maybe by summer.

    😦 Endless (and endlessly annoying, they really need to stop) Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg campaign ads on TV. The remote ‘mute’ button is getting a workout

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  2. 🙂 Seems that I am finally over the sinus infection I’d had for a few weeks.

    😦 My sense of smell is still affected, and my tinnitus seems to be worse from having the infection so long.

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  3. Chas, IU had a few years of bad coaching, and we still have a few on the team that aren’t very good, or at least very consistent, as a result. But get this year’s freshmen added to some of the recruits for next year, and it’s likely to be a very solid team. Some of their wins this year have been very good ones (e.g., Florida State–we were at that game). But Purdue was shooting threes this afternoon at about 50% and shooting a lot of them, and IU just never could close up the gap. Purdue has been shooting much, much better at home than on the road, and today they shot well on the road.

    But Bob Knight was on the court at halftime–first time he has been there in twenty years. There has been some bad blood since he got fired, and in old age he decided to “go home.”

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  4. Bobby.Knight *was* the whole basketball game. We lived in Indy when he left. It was never the same for me afterward…but then I’m a tepid fan at best when it comes to sports on tv. :–)


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  5. My family took me out to eat tonight and it was a fun time.
    But the memory that will last is hearing my son in law, at the end of the meal, say ‘Jack’, my fourteen year old grandson. He simply said his name and Jack got up and went over to stand next to his dad. He did not help him up, but his dad got up and then used Jack’s shoulder to steady himself as he is unsteady on his feet. To see a young man quietly do that to help his dad. What an honor.

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  6. That is always nice to see. That was the young great grandson of the veteran at the state of the union address. I cried watching him stand for his great grandfather.

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