14 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-21-20

  1. Today is the day the circus comes back to town.

    Let’s see if Republicans in the Senate can manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


    “If Senate Republicans take the hard vote now on impeachment witnesses, they will not regret it in November

    Screw the base by letting Adam Schiff do to the impeachment trial what Senate Democrats did to the Kavanaugh hearings, and Republicans will have hell to pay in November from their own base. It’s like the vote on Kavanaugh in that way.”

    “Mitch McConnell released a resolution to be introduced Tuesday that sets the schedule for the Senate impeachment trial.

    (Trying not to laugh) The proceedings will start at 1 p.m. each day (to accommodate the Chief Justice’s day job schedule), and go for 12 hours. Rinse and repeat. Whoever said Mitch McConnell doesn’t have a sense of humor?

    But seriously.

    McConnell would not introduce this resolution unless he knew he had the votes, despite Chuck Schumer’s bluster about introducing amendments and forcing votes. Force all you want, Chuck, but these are going to be the rules.”


    Don’t let Pelosi and Schifty call the shots. Do the right thing and remember, you’re in charge here, not Democrats.


  2. I hope today is as disappointing for the media hacks as yesterday was.


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  3. Don’t believe the lies from the hysterical media and Democrats, but I repeat myself…..


    “Virginia Pro-2nd Amendment Protest Was Peaceful, Despite Hysterical Predictions by Democrats and Media”

    “The left and media scared us for days about today’s rally in Richmond, VA. They believed so many people who support the Second Amendment in one place would lead to death, destruction, and mayhem.

    I mean, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam declared a temporary state of emergency ahead of the rally.

    Well, over 22,000 people attended the rally. It was peaceful with no arrests. State of emergency, eh?

    Imagine that. Over 22,0000 people with guns and not one shooting or crime. Hhhmmm..it’s almost as if these passionate gun supporters care about laws and other people, unlike criminals.

    The supporters protested against new gun regulations by the Virginia legislation. This includes “universal background checks, a ban on military-style rifles and a bill that would allow authorities to temporarily take guns from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others.”

    The protestors believe these regulations will cause the Democratic-controlled legislation to pass more regulations.”

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  4. Let’s be honest. They’re right, and this is blood on the hands of Democrats who enabled this.


    “‘Her Death Is On YOU’: Police Union Blames NYC Mayor de Blasio’s Sanctuary Policy For Homicide”

    “The Sergeants Benevolent Association on Sunday blamed NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for the death of a 92-year-old woman, who was allegedly killed by an illegal alien.

    The illegal alien, Reeaz Khan, had been previously arrested by the NYPD, and ICE had issued a detainer request for him, but the request was ignored and he was released back into the public.

    SBA and ICE said that if the detainer request had been honored, the 92-year-old woman would likely still be alive.

    The New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), a police union representing the city’s active and retired sergeants, blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio for the death of a 92-year-old woman.

    A 92-year-old woman, Maria Fuentes, was sexually assaulted and murdered on the streets of NYC earlier in January. The man suspected of killing her, Reeaz Khan, is an illegal alien who had been arrested by the New York Police Department in November 2019, but was released and never handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because of the city’s strict sanctuary policy.

    The SBA on Sunday said Fuentes would still be alive if the city’s police force had been allowed to comply with ICE’s immigration detainer request, and declared that her death was on de Blasio.

    “At what point DO YOU take responsibility for a 92 year old woman raped and murdered. If you complied with ICE Detainers she would still be alive. You try to deflect the issue by turning it into exploitation, the FACT is her death is on YOU,” the SBA tweeted at the NYC mayor.”


    Here’s a novel idea officers, how about you ignore these unconstitutional laws?

    Stop enabling them by playing along. Just a thought.


  5. Another leftist media smear of the president turns out to be false. Again.


    “The left has got a lot to answer for for its smear campaign against President Trump, who warned of corruption in Puerto Rico aid in the wake of 2017’s Hurricane Maria, and then responsibly refused to hand over billions to thieves. Democrats and their media allies attempted to “Katrina” Trump on the delivery of aid, painting him as a racist meanie, all in the interest of creating a “narrative,” that would politically profit themselves off Puerto Ricans’ suffering, even the aid that did get to Puerto Rico left Puerto Ricans with nothing.

    Here’s what was going on all along:”


    “So Trump was right after all!!!
    As usual.”


  6. The unsung hero of Middle Earth.


    “Christopher Tolkien Was The Unsung Hero Of Middle Earth

    The son of J.R.R. Tolkien did far more than just compile and edit his father’s unfinished stories. He helped create the world of Middle Earth.”

    “Last week, amid churning news cycles about impeachment and Iran and global trade deals, an era quietly ended. Christopher Tolkien, the third and youngest son of “Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien, died at the age of 95.

    The younger Tolkien, who spent the last four decades of his life completing his father’s grand artistic vision, was one of the great unsung literary heroes of the last century. For countless readers whose imaginations were molded in part by the legendarium of Middle Earth, his passing severs the last living link to another existential plane.

    His obituaries variously describe Tolkien as the editor of his father’s posthumous works, or the guardian of his legacy. But that is not quite right—or not quite enough. Christopher Tolkien was more than an editor or a guardian; he was a kind of co-creator with his father of Middle Earth itself.

    It was Christopher Tolkien who, in 1975 at age 50, left his fellowship at Oxford University to sort through dozens of boxes of his late father’s unfinished writings, some dating back more than 60 years and most of which dealt with the creation and history of Middle Earth and its peoples—the entire literary universe in which “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” take place.

    He spent years compiling and editing these fragments and notes, and in 1977, more than two decades after the publication of his father’s acclaimed trilogy, “The Silmarillion” was published. It went on to sell millions of copies in dozens of editions and translations, and served as the foundation for two-dozen subsequent works derived from Tolkien’s archives, culminating with the publication, last August, of “The Fall of Gondolin”—Christopher Tolkien’s final literary contribution to a creative project that now spans more than a century.

    From the very beginning, Tolkien had a hand in crafting what would become one of the greatest literary achievements of modern times. As a boy, he would point out inconsistencies in the ornate stories his father told—stories that eventually became “The Hobbit,” first published in 1937 when Christopher was just 13. He helped his father sort through competing versions of stories, histories, timelines, and especially the geography. He drew the now-famous map of Middle Earth that accompanied the 1954 publication of “Lord of the Rings,” giving shape to the world that helped form his imagination, and in turn shaping the imagination of millions.

    It is not too much to say that without Christopher Tolkien, we would not really have J.R.R. Tolkien or the fully realized world of Middle Earth. “

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  7. Hoist ’em high…..


    “Progressive Petards

    When the Left has to live according to its own rules, it will rue the loss of the civilization it destroyed.”

    “Since at least 2016, CNN has mostly ceased being a news agency, but that hasn’t stopped it from being an active participant in #TheResistance. The network is so caught up in the fervor of this movement that many of its guests and regular hosts have been fired, reprimanded, or apologized for threats to the president or general obscene references (e.g., Reza Aslan, the late Anthony Bourdain, Kathy Griffin).

    Many of its marquee reporters have resigned, were fired, or reassigned for fake-news bias (e.g., Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris), or came under fire for false reporting (Jim Sciutto, Marshall Cohen, and Carl Bernstein) or have had to offer retractions and/or apologies (Gloria Borger, Eric Lichtblau, Jake Tapper, and Brian Rokus.)

    Its anchors have apologized for obscenity (Anderson Cooper) or simply making up false statements (Chris Cuomo), while analysts have been caught in a number of contradictions about their own role in on-going scandals (James Clapper).

    The common denominator has been the new journalistic ethos that aborting the Trump presidency justifies any means necessary to achieve such noble ends. Throughout CNN’s descent into parody, progressives still smiled at the usefulness of CNN for the larger project of delegitimizing the Trump presidency. Few understood the Thucydidean concept that once nihilists destroy norms and protocols of ethical behavior for perceived short-term advantage, they usually rue the loss when they themselves become victims of their own biased zealotry and are in dire need of the civilizational help they recently ruined.

    So it was last week, when CNN moderator Abby Phillip warped the recent Democratic presidential primary debate by not asking, so much as accusing, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) about a claim that he said a woman such as Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) could not be elected president—in the fashion of a “When did you stop beating your wife?” question: “Senator Sanders, CNN reported yesterday, and Senator Warren confirmed in a statement, that in 2018 you told her that you did not believe that a woman could win the election. Why did you say that?”

    Leftists were outraged at the CNN host’s flagrant bias—as if there was gambling really going on in Casablanca, as if CNN’s own Candy Crowley had not attempted to hijack the second 2012 presidential debate to aid favorite Barack Obama, or as if CNN’s Donna Brazile had not leaked a debate question to aid Hillary Clinton in 2016.”


  8. Project Veritas strikes again.

    CONTENT WARNING!!!!!!! for foul mouthed leftists.



  9. I haven’t been following this closely, but it seems the House is asking the Senate to do it’s job. And the Senate is asking the House to do it’s job.
    Seems like nobody knows what is going on.

    Only some of them want Trump out. I detect fear, verging on terror, here.


  10. Exactly Chas.

    We rushed this and did it half-butted, so help us out and do the work for us please.


    Just like the clown on now. Someone please explain to this poor excuse for a lawyer the legal concept of “executive privilege” since she appears to have missed those days in law school.

    They could have had all this info had they done their job and challenged it in court. They didn’t, so don’t bail them out now. You want it, see you in court. If theat prevents campaigning, tough tacos.


  11. Truth, for a change.



  12. A known liar and perjurer makes idiot out of himself and his complete lack of self-awareness.


    Let’s hope so.


  13. I want a name.

    Which @#$%^%$ was the one?

    Somebody’s got some mail coming……


    “The Captain is officially headed to Cooperstown.

    Derek Jeter, the greatest shortstop in Yankees history, was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday, the BBWAA announced. He fell just short of joining former teammate Mariano Rivera as a unanimous selection, but Jeter will forever be enshrined among the game’s best nonetheless. Jeter got 396 out of 397 votes.

    Jeter is joined by former Rockies outfielder Larry Walker in 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame class.

    Jeter was in his first year on the ballot, five years after retiring in 2014, which capped off a 20-year career spent entirely in pinstripes. The 14-time All-Star, five-time Gold Glove shortstop, five-time World Series champion and 2000 World Series MVP was a lifetime .310 hitter and finished with 3,465 career hits — good for sixth all-time.

    The Yankees’ No. 6-overall pick in the 1992 MLB draft arrived to the big leagues in 1995 for 15 games before winning AL Rookie of the Year in 1996. That season, which he began at the age of 21, he hit .314 with an .800 OPS in 157 games before winning his first World Series that October against the Braves.”


    The Captain.


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