19 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-17-20

  1. Lock him up! Lock him up!


    “DOJ Looking At James Comey For Possibly Having Leaked Classified Information”

    “You realize we’re never going to be rid of this guy, right?

    The wormhole that opened in the fabric of time and space in 2016 sucked us all into an alternate dimension in which, among many other weird and frightening things, James B. Comey is a permanent recurring character. We just need to accept it.

    Sounds from this new NYT story like his next cameo appearance might be as a federal prisoner. Probably Michael Avenatti’s cellmate, if I had to guess, because that’s just how this dimension rolls.

    You’ll recall that Comey has already been investigated twice before for leaking, each time in the context of feeding his memos about conversations with Trump to journalists via a friend. The first probe, a criminal investigation by the DOJ, resulted in no charges. The second, by DOJ IG Michael Horowitz, lambasted Comey for violating FBI policy — but also didn’t create criminal jeopardy. Maybe third time’s the charm. The Times reports that the U.S. Attorney in D.C. is looking at the revelation in 2017 that Comey was driven to go over the head of Loretta Lynch on the Hillary Emailgate probe because he feared that Lynch wasn’t impartial — or at least wouldn’t be perceived that way by the public. The reason for his concern was a strange document purporting to show Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then the head of the DNC, emailing a lefty operative to say that Lynch had told her she’d make sure Hillary wasn’t prosecuted. When Comey saw that he flipped, expecting that if Lynch cleared Clinton of Emailgate charges the document would leak and the decision not to prosecute her would look utterly corrupt.

    Wasserman Schultz denied writing the email. Both she and the guy to whom it was supposedly addressed say they’ve never communicated. To this day, notes the Times, it’s an “open question” if the document is real. So how’d Comey get hold of it? Per the Times, it was given to the FBI by Dutch intelligence, who lifted it off of … Russian computers. That is, the whole thing may have been a bit of Russian disinformation concocted with an eye to leaking it publicly if/when the DOJ announced that Clinton wouldn’t be charged, in order to sow suspicion of that decision. From Comey’s perspective it may not have mattered if the document was real or not: Whether Lynch really was corrupt or was about to be smeared as corrupt by the Kremlin, he had to get her out of the process so that the investigation didn’t end up looking crooked. So he resolved to announce the results of the Clinton probe himself, to make clear that it was his conclusion not to prosecute rather than Lynch’s. Both the NYT and WaPo wrote about Comey’s thinking on this in early 2017, right around the time he was fired by Trump.

    Which brings us to today’s story. How, exactly, did the media find out about that strange document at the time?

    Hackers working for Dutch intelligence officials obtained the document and provided it to the F.B.I., and both its existence and the collection of it were highly classified secrets, the people said…

    Prosecutors are also looking at whether [Comey pal Daniel] Richman might have played a role in providing the information to reporters about the Russia document and how it figured into Mr. Comey’s rationale about the news conference, according to the people familiar with the investigation. Mr. Comey hired Mr. Richman at one point to consult for the F.B.I. about encryption and other complex legal issues, and investigators have expressed interest in how he operated.

    Mr. Richman was quoted in the April 2017 article in The Times that revealed the document’s existence.

    Richman is the same friend who told the media the contents of Comey’s memo about his chats with Trump.”


    Traitor. Plain and simple.


  2. This one is your required reading for the day. If you only read one thing today, make it this.

    This is what they did, without warrants, without cause, and with malice.

    Sharyl Attkisson has refiled her lawsuit. A govt. favoring judge tossed it last time because she had no names and the Obama admin Deep State refused to disclose them.

    But she has them now.


    “National news media figure and multiple award-winning, straight-shooting investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has refiled a lawsuit against the federal government for illegally and unconstitutionally hacking her computers and trespassing at her home. It’s a whopper of a lawsuit, naming high-profile Deep State officials including Rod Rosenstein of Trump Spygate fame, the high-ranking Justice Department official who told colleagues he’d wear a wire to surreptitiously record Donald Trump at the White House when the Deep State coup was in its earlier stages.

    Attkisson’s first lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice for failing to expressly name the government spies and conspirators who hacked her computers and remotely planted classified materials, obviously to set her up. The Department of Justice, where Rosenstein worked, had repeatedly obstructed Attkisson’s attempts to get information through litigation discovery. The court dismissed nevertheless, and even gave immunity to former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, whom Attkisson did name in her first lawsuit.

    One federal court of appeals judge even called this dismissal of her lawsuit “Kafkaesque” given how well-nigh impossible it was for her case to proceed under our justice system’s rules and judicial interpretations rigged in ways that protect government lawbreaking. Sharyl described her first lawsuit and some of the shocking roadblocks used by the government to American Thinker readers here, and has even written a best-seller, Stonewalled, describing these events in greater detail. But as anyone following the news knows, the lawbreaking Deep State can’t even be shamed by exposure of its illicit deeds.

    In her lawsuit refiled on January 10, Attkisson relied on a whistleblower who was actually involved in hacking her computers. He identified some of the other government officials complicit in the very disturbing spying on her. The refiled complaint quotes government forensics experts as being “quite shocked,” demonstrating some within the government Intelligence Community thankfully have consciences.

    The spying occurred after she crossed the Obama administration with her unrelenting reporting on the gun-running scandal called Fast and Furious, then continued through her reporting on the Benghazi disaster, where a United States ambassador and three others stationed at the embassy in Libya were murdered while Obama and then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton failed to respond with help and protection.

    The refiled suit meticulously describes the nightmarish facts of how her computers and home were electronically and physically invaded as if she were a real “enemy of the people” and the government was playing Mission Impossible. Forensic details were derived from numerous investigations, leaving the conclusions unquestionable. The spying was conducted using government proprietary spyware and a mysterious United States Postal Service Internet domain. The latter fact is highly relevant, as government experts explained. A multi-agency government spying unit in Baltimore under Rosenstein’s supervision used these techniques, and they were even employed without court-ordered warrants.

    The new suit alleges that Rosenstein ordered the spying on Attkisson after directives — later exposed by Wikileaks — showed Obama officials John Brennan and Eric Holder were neck-deep in targeting journalists who were reporting on leaks about Obama administration scandals and lies. Holder’s press secretary even went to Attkisson’s then-employer CBS News complaining that “she’s out of control” with her reporting on these Obama administration scandals.

    And it’s a small world, as they say, when it comes to Deep State corruption and spying on Americans. Another Defendant named in the lawsuit is Shawn Henry, who worked under Robert Mueller at the FBI and is now president of CrowdStrike Services. CrowdStrike is the company hired to review Democratic National Committee servers in a well-reported email leak scandal. Without actually examining the servers themselves, Mueller and the FBI curiously and negligently deferred to the findings of CrowdStrike that Russians hacked the servers despite assertions and evidence to the contrary.”


    And it turns out she’s only one of hundreds of journalists and citizens they did this to. The press should be livid.


  3. The Democrats are still trying to hide their many misdeeds. Here’s yet another attempt.


    “Top Democratic senator warns FBI against giving Republicans records from ex-DNC consultant”

    “A top Democratic senator discouraged the Justice Department and FBI from complying with a Republican demand for information about a former Democratic National Committee contractor.

    Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden warned that complying with the records request related to Alexandra Chalupa, who is alleged to have sought dirt from Ukraine about then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election, would have dangerous consequences. Chalupa is a private citizen who claims she was the target of a state-sponsored cyberattack.

    “The Senators’ request will have a chilling effect on the victims of nation state cyberattacks, and would discourage them from seeking law enforcement assistance, thereby jeopardizing our national security, limiting our ability to respond to sophisticated cyberattacks, and undermining the civil liberties of American citizens,” Wyden wrote in a letter to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday.

    Chalupa, a Ukrainian American activist, met with Ukrainian Embassy officials during the 2016 campaign to dig up Russia-related dirt on Trump’s then-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, according to a 2017 Politico article. Chalupa has denied being an opposition researcher for the DNC, telling CNN in 2017 that “the DNC never asked me to go to the Ukrainian Embassy to collect information.”

    Around this time, a Yahoo report said Chalupa suspected that she had potentially been the victim of a “state sponsored cyberattack,” after which the FBI interviewed her and took computer forensic images of her laptop and smartphone.

    Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin cited these reports in a November letter to Barr and Wray, requesting interview notes and material related to the forensic images of Chalupa’s devices.

    “If this reporting is accurate, it appears that the DOJ and FBI have in their possession material relevant to our Committees’ ongoing investigation into collusive actions Chalupa and the DNC took to use foreign government sources to undermine the Trump campaign during the 2016 election,” Grassley and Johnson wrote. The Senate Republicans also sought interviews with Chalupa and others connected to the alleged collusion effort.”


  4. Sad trombone music please……

    Meet the new “whistleblower” that lies just like the last one.




  5. CNN, almost always wrong.


    “CNN Contributor: Media Mistakes Are Why People Should Trust The Media”

    “During a segment on “Reliable Sources,” CNN contributor David Frum said Sunday that factual errors in reporting stories are precisely why people should trust the news media.

    Frum then launched into a bizarre metaphor about astronomers and reporters. The gist is that journalism is “a process” and that mistakes “occur in the process of exposing the lies that the liars then complain about the mistakes.”

    You can watch the whole exchange yourself here. It’s something.”


    Here’s a running list of the big ones.



  6. It’s about two things, the last election they’re still sore about losing, and the next election. Period. Full stop.

    Everything else they say is the reason is a lie.



  7. Like Chas says, the issue is never the issue. 🙂


    “If you listen to Republicans, the impeachment of President Trump is a “bizarre strategy,” a partisan political blunder by the Democrats, doomed to fail in the Senate, and already backfiring. As evidence, the “hit job” has energized the Republican base, boosted GOP fundraising and, come November, will cause House Democrats in Trump districts to lose re-election.

    To think House Democrats actually believe Trump committed impeachable offenses grossly underestimates their political acumen. The Democrats regularly run circles around the Republicans. While the latter jumps pieces on a checkerboard, the Democrats are thinking three steps ahead, looking to checkmate the king.

    The Republicans mistakenly believe the issue is always about the stated issue. They ignore political strategist Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, who stated, “The issue is never the issue.” For Democrats, impeaching the president has never been the issue. The issue is the 2020 election.

    Here’s the political map facing the Democrats. The economy is roaring, unemployment is at an all-time low for black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and women – key Democrat voting groups. Trump is hugely popular with his base, attracting enormous crowds at rallies. He’s moving his agenda forward, getting trade deals done, expanding the economy, building the wall, destroying terrorists.

    What do the Democrats offer voters in response? High taxes, open borders, gun confiscation, abolishing ICE, uprooting the electoral college, restricting free speech, a Green New Deal, free health care for illegal aliens, scrubbing bail for crimes, and more – all loony left issues that scare the bejesus out of middle America. Making matters worse, the leading Democrat presidential candidates are a bust, uninspiring talking heads who can barely muster a respectable crowd in far-left districts.

    So how do Democrats hope to win in November? By making Trump the issue. By demonizing the president to such an extent that voters will turn against him despite his successes.

    The impeachment of President Trump is the key component of the Democrat game plan. It gives them a powerful talking point to feature in attack ads pillorying the president.

    The strategy is already playing out in campaign ads. Democrats are wrapping themselves in the American flag, while thrashing the president for “putting politics ahead of our country.” They’re urging voters to “hold the president accountable for abusing his office and risking national security for his own gain.” In short, kick him out of office to safeguard the nation.

    Trump’s campaign is on the defensive. Instead of attacking the Democrat’s agenda, he’s doling out millions on ads, arguing the impeachment “is a coup intended to take away the Power of the People.””


  8. No, the Conservative Woman’s Future Is Not Bleak


    “Last week, the New York Times published an editorial declaring the seemingly imminent extinction of Republican women at multiple levels of government. Largely crediting the rise of Donald Trump, the article ends with a discouraging statement — and thinly veiled wishful thinking — that the “future for Republican women in politics looks very bleak indeed.”

    While unquestionably there are strides to be made when it comes to increasing our ranks, evidence suggests that the prospects for American conservative women are looking up.

    For starters, GOP women have not been dissuaded from running for office. Fully 170 Republican women have filed or are expected to run for the U.S. House of Representatives. That’s more than 2 ½ times the 67 candidates who were running at this point in the 2018 cycle. In Texas alone, the number of female Republicans running for Congress has more than doubled since 2018. Republican women are tired of being overlooked and underestimated, and are stepping up to do something about it.

    The real threat to conservative women’s political success has more to do with the left claiming to speak for all women, leaving right-of-center women feeling increasingly frustrated that their voices are diminished and that their views are left unrepresented. When they do speak out, brilliant, accomplished, and inspiring women are accused of being “gender traitors” who make “standing by the patriarchy a full-time job.” Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright even said that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” implying that women who did not vote for Hillary Clinton are deserving of eternal damnation.

    The decidedly leftist event (and organization) the Women’s March self-appoints itself as a spokesperson for all women through its very name. Glamor magazine honored a gun control advocate, an abortion rights activist, and a city council member inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in their list of 2019 College Women of the Year, but neglected to include a single woman who happened to espouse conservative values.

    In a culture that increasingly bemoans the fact that women don’t always feel comfortable speaking up for themselves, conservative women are often hushed into silence because of the prevailing narrative that the liberal left represents the interest of women in general. If you’re a man who is pro-life, activists claim that men should not have a say in so called “women’s issues.” Yet, if you are a woman who is pro-life, your opinion is also not deemed worthwhile. Which is it?

    And while we’re on the subject, the women I know are tired of being pigeonholed as only caring about abortion. Women are people too. And people care about economic policy, national security, education, health care, and infrastructure, to name just a few areas of concern. But limiting women’s visibility to a narrow range of issues undermines our input in a vast array of other areas.”


  9. More winning for women.


    “”Women are winning in the Trump economy.” That’s a headline that should be emblazoned on the front pages of every major newspaper in America today and dominating TV newscasts from Boston to Seattle. Yet, isn’t, thanks to the impeachment circus Democrats are using to distract the nation’s attention.

    Don’t let them. Employment records are being shattered in real time — elevating our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and neighbors with life-changing economic empowerment.

    Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that for the first time in almost 10 years women, have overtaken men in the workforce.

    “Women held more U.S. jobs than men in December for the first time in nearly a decade, a development that likely reflects the future of the American workforce,” Amara Omeokwe reported Jan. 10. “The share of women on payrolls, excluding farmworkers and the self-employed, exceeded the share of men in December for the first time since mid-2010, Labor Department data released Friday showed.’ Adding, “Women held 50.04% of the jobs last month, surpassing men on payrolls by 109,000.”

    Thanks to President Donald Trump’s leadership and smart moves with the economy — cutting taxes and job-killing regulations — in addition to other capitalist, free market principles long supported by the Republican party, millions of women across American have now been lifted out of poverty and are no longer reliant on government assistance.

    Instead, these women are experiencing hope and the opportunity for brighter futures, a renaissance of the American dream.

    Not surprisingly, this is one of the driving forces behind the Democrats hate-filled “resistance” and never-ending persecution of the president, saddling him and his administration with one partisan-fueled investigation after another including the latest impeachment charade. It’s because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and her comrades at the Democratic National Committee know that without the powerful female electorate in their corner come November, Trump will be reelected.

    Hence the radio silence on the campaign trail from Democratic presidential contenders, including candidates Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and their allies in media. You won’t hear any of them touting the record-breaking unemployment numbers for all Americans, especially the historic low of 3.2% for women.”


  10. And yet people continue to justify freeing these criminals.

    I hope to live long enough to see the day when we finally say enough of this, and end it.

    Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. Sanctuary cities don’t make anyone more safe.


    “DHS: Illegal Alien Raped and Murdered 92-year-old After NYPD Failed to Honor ICE Detainer

    Ken Cuccinelli: “Why do DHS and ICE care more about protecting NYC residents than” NYPolice Commissioner and Mayor?”

    “An illegal alien has been arrested in the rape and murder of a 92-year-old woman in New York City. The suspect had been detained by the NYPD but was released prior to the crime despite an ICE detainer.

    The NYPD disputes that it received the detainer from ICE, but DHS is adamant that they did receive the detainer and chose to release the illegal alien due to New York City’s sanctuary policies. The NYPD denials resulted in ICE releasing publicly the faxed confirmation that the detainer had been received.”


    NYC is lying.


  11. In California it’s a two-income economy per household for the most part now.

    Interviewed a social worker this morning who told me the story of a couple (she’s 70, he’s a bit younger) who wound up living in their car. He worked for a company all his life that up and moved out of the state, they were renting an apartment and looking at possibly his retiring, but after a couple medical bills they wound up having to live out of their car.


  12. She’s on SS, he’s almost at the end of his unemployment payment period, looking for other work with no success yet, and find themselves very stuck at the end of the line. Scary.


  13. I saw that, too, Kizzie. I made me feel a little better 🙂 But not much. And sorry for you. 😦 Winter heating bills in snow country must be high, it’s something we’ve been spared here in the mudflats of coastal LA.

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  14. Just got my Chewy dot com order delivered today, three huge, heavy boxes. I ran out of dog and cat (prescription) food all at the same time, never a good occurrence financially. Almost $300 as you have to buy the really big bags and cases of the canned food.


  15. DJ, I have a friend whose husband is looking for a new job, and she keeps telling me that if they move, they’ll rent and probably never own again; her husband doesn’t like the responsibility of being a homeowner. I keep reminding her (probably pointlessly) that if you own your home, at some point you stop making payments, that rent can and will continue to go up, and that owning builds equity.

    I don’t think rent is “throwing money away.” Most of us rent at some point in our lives, and there are reasons to rent instead of owning in some circumstances. In Chicago I rented in a poor neighborhood and a friend whose family “owned” a home in a gentrying neighborhood (a home that was falling apart) paid more in property taxes than I paid in rent. That told me two things: (1) It made more sense to rent than to own in Chicago and (2) I needed to save money and get out of Chicago. 🙂 Realistically I’d have actually been better off financially staying in Chicago, but there were other reasons I needed to leave, and I’m glad I did.

    One of my brothers spent some time as a real-estate agent, and he told me the reason he started selling real estate was seeing our neighbors evicted. I was a little girl at the time; I remember the neighbors, but didn’t know they got evicted. See, it was the late seventies and their rent had gone up to $300 or so a month, and they couldn’t afford that. We sold our own house five or six years later at a nice profit (sort of . . . we had to repossess it, but theoretically it was worth a lot more than we originally paid), and at the time we sold it, we had a mortgage of only $107 a month! Now, rarely are the benefits of home ownership so starkly obvious–but people who rent into old age are at a decided disadvantage!


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