Our Daily Thread 1-16-20

Good Morning!

Today’s header is from DJ.

There’s a lesson here too. Good seals get fish and swimming pools. Bad seals get jailed under the watchful eye of Warden Longneck. 

Don’t be a bad seal.



Anyone have a QoD?

44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-16-20

  1. WOW!
    I need to learn to behave so early in the morning!
    Never fear. My rambling days are long over.

    We had a long discussion last night that would be amusing if it weren’t so sad. She wondered that she and I had the last name. I tried to explain to her. But she was all confused about who I was.
    It went on for over an hour and she did agree to get into bed with me.

    everything is b back to whatever is normal now.

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  2. Praying for you here, too, Chas.

    AJ, haha.

    I’m up early, woke up with a headache and those overall anxious feelings about everything I sometimes get first thing in the morning. I prayed for a while, which helped, but then couldn’t get back to sleep. So I got up, did some chores in the kitchen, let Cowboy out, fed the cat — and so it looks like I’m up for the day, like it or not. I have a ‘state of the port’ speech to cover today at noon and need to clarify a story with the editor that came out of the conference call on homelessness coverage yesterday — and left more than me confused, I think.

    Sometimes editors get these ideas and then try to build a story around it when it just isn’t going to work (in my view). When you can’t clearly explain it to the reporters who will have to execute the idea, seems better to abandon it. But it’s not been abandoned yet so I need to try to dig out some more direction. When I’ll have time to do it (deadline is tomorrow), I don’t know. The other reporter from our sister paper sounded equally unclear about our marching orders on the call.

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  3. Don’t be a bad seal 🙂

    Praying for you both, Chas.

    It was -40 this morning – who knows what the windchill was – we can’t measure it at our house. I thought of Janice’s friend, Karen, and her global warming. I’ll gladly trade her a few degrees. -40 is 30 degrees Fahrenheit below ‘normal’ for us.

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  4. Morning! It was 13 degrees in the forest this morning and there is supposed to be a high of 35…the wind is blowing too 😳 That’s a funny penguin example DJ…if we all took that advise perhaps fewer falls to be had but we’d all we waddling around in a most unusual manner!! 😂
    Continual prayers for you and Elvera Chas…I like what AJ had to say…and I agree. ❤️
    Kare…and that is why ya’ll keep the snow on the pines for so long eh? Lasting beauty!!
    Rk how much longer to get that degree? Continuing to pray for endurance for you!

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  5. Video was from a few years ago, the rehab center regularly releases the recovered sea lions & elephant seals on one of our local beaches. There was a release a couple days ago, we had a photographer there but photos haven’t run yet.


  6. Christianity came into the world at a time when it was uniquely possible for its message to spread rapidly.

    · There was a common language (Greek), which was the language of trade, business, and literature.

    · There were virtually no frontiers because of the vast nature of the Roman Empire.

    · Travel was comparatively easy. It was slow, but relatively safe because of the security that the Roman Empire brought to roads and sea routes.

    · The world was largely at peace under the pax Romana.

    · The world was uniquely conscious of its need for a messiah and savior. “There was never a time when the hearts of men were more open to receive the message of salvation which the Christian missionaries brought.” (Barclay)

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  7. Thanx for the prayers everyone.
    I really need them today. She has been busy all morning. Which means that I have to follow behind and undo everything.
    I understand her problem. I can’t imagine sitting in a recliner all my life,, watching nothing happen on TV.

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  8. H, Chas. 🙂

    DJ, one morning when I awoke from a disturbing dream, the thought came to me: I wonder if those mornings that I wake up feeling despondent and/or disturbed are moments that I awaken just as such a dream finishes, but with no conscious awareness of the dream?

    This morning, for instance, I woke with knowledge of a dream I had just had. For background, a couple of times my sister has accused me of caring more about Misten than about her children, and her illustration is this: It seems that one time I was at her house, with Misten and her kids and I in the backyard. Misten ate some grass and one of her children, seeing that, offered her a handful of grass. I yelled at him (or so the story goes) and hurt his feelings. He told me she was already eating grass. As I explained to his mother when she told me the story years later–but she isn’t a dog person, so I don’t think she understood, or at any rate she only recently repeated the story again to make the same point of my caring more about Misten than about her children–this same exact incident actually happened with children multiple times. Foster kids did it, kids from church did it, neighborhood kids did it, and I guess her sons did it too. Misten would eat a bite or two of grass (actually ingesting very little, since dogs aren’t grazers and their teeth just aren’t made for cropping grass), and the child would “helpfully” offer her a whole handful. She’d gulp it down . . . and later she would throw up the grass, and maybe some dog food too, and make a nice grass stain on my carpet, or at least a pile of dog food and grass on the back patio. I didn’t “yell at him” because I was angry, but to say “Stop! Don’t give that to her.” In those instances, it is helpful if the parent talks to the other adult right away, because there just might be “more to the story” that the child doesn’t understand.

    Anyway, last night I dreamed that I looked out the window, and in a tree just too far away from the window to get good photos, there were three species of warblers I’d never seen. I decided to grab my camera and go outside. Just inside the front door, my sister’s two youngest children (younger than their current ages) wanted to go out with me, but I told them, “No, stay inside, and in a few minutes I will come in and get you.” I went outside and saw that my sister and the three oldest were in the yard already, so unintentionally I had kept the youngest away from their family. I took a few quick photos and then went inside to get the other children as I had promised them, to find the two youngest crying. I told them, “I’m sorry, kids, I didn’t know the rest of your family was outside. But we can go out now, and I’ll go out with you.” And as I told them that, I thought, “My sister will probably say now that I cared more about getting those photos than about her children–but I didn’t know she was outside, and it made more sense based on what I did know of the situation that they stay inside rather than come out with me. They’d scare the birds, and I wasn’t prepared to watch them until I got my photos. But she won’t understand that–she’ll only know that I kept her children inside when I went outside myself, with my camera.”

    Had I awakened after that dream was over, but not still remembering it, it probably would have been with a sense of misgiving, loss, and sadness (I’d made kids cry), but without any awareness of why I felt that way. Since I remembered the dream, I was able instead to know that I had taken an old situation and “reworked it” in my mind.

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  9. I’m very thankful my husband is working from home today because, finally, the new computer is ready to go.

    But, while the 68K files are here, somewhere, on the computer, they are not easily accessible except by request through “search.”

    I didn’t label 99% of my photos.

    Trying not to despair–I can see they are there, somewhere.

    But I’ve lost nearly two weeks, now, of work on my book.

    My heart is racing.

    I’m going to go work on my Bible study prep for next week and let the Lord minister to my heart.

    It’s a cozy, rainy day here in northern California. We have nowhere to go until choir at 7. Time is here, I’m just so impatient . . .


  10. It’s like 45 here. We’re supposed to get our first measurable snow this weekend, 2-4 inches. Perfect for trying out my new shovel. 🙂


  11. 45° is downright balmy! It’s 3° here, with a feels-like temp of -12. Brrr, but not as brrr as Kare’s. 🙂

    The big sore throat that hit me this weekend went away after a couple days (thanks for praying), but left laryngitis in its wake. I tried preserving my voice, having the kids do the reading aloud that I usually do, but that didn’t work the greatest — I’d fall asleep while they were reading! I suppose that’s a good opportunity for them to narrate what they read so they can inform their tired mother what she missed. Oy.

    Yesterday I decided I’d just take the day off from homeschooling and do nothing but rest. It helped, and by evening my voice was much better, my cough had greatly diminished, and I began to feel normal again.

    I’d canceled all my piano lessons, except for the two I have tonight, and didn’t have any problem with falling asleep while the kids were reading aloud today so far. So today is going much better.

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  12. I just got home from taking Karen to the eye doctor. I was able to shop at Walmart during her appointment time. I bought a mini food processor which will be helpful in our diet prep. I had hoped for a four cup capacity but only found a 21 ounce mini-processor. I decided to go ahead and get it and hope it meets our needs. I mostly want to use it for making pesto and hummus at this point.


  13. The weather is in the 60’s and maybe 70’s today here but will be cooler tomorrow which will be good for the workers on the roof. I need to make a hide-out downstairs for Miss Bosley. For me, too! I need to find some earplugs at the least.


  14. Sent out emails and texts to several people, heard back from two, who are willing and available (at some point to be determined before tomorrow afternoon) for homeless stories I still have to do, including the fuzzy one from yesterday’s conference call. (Reporters from our sister paper also are working on those stories, I take the lead on one, another reporter is the lead on the other one, so that helps.)

    I do have to find a homeless person to interview, however. That’s always easy and fruitful (not).

    But for now, it’s off to the state of the port address which will keep me occupied (covering and writing) for most of the rest of today. I really don’t like trying to do so many different things concurrently, it’s a mad rush this week.


  15. 6th Arrow, out of the blue, told me this afternoon, “Today is one year since [2nd Arrow and SIL] told us about [Dear Grandbaby] on the way.”

    I hadn’t thought of that, but smiled that 6th remembered that today was the anniversary of the announcement. She loves her little niece so, and is so motherly toward her when we or they visit.

    A week from tomorrow we’ll be traveling there again, to babysit DG next Saturday. Always such a sweet time when we can do that. ❤

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  16. I see on Facebook that my aunt passed away. Her son, who lives in another state, made it to be by her side before she passed away. This was not a surprise, but her passing does make me sad. That is as it should be.

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  17. Well, apparently, I am a whole day behind (almost two days now) on reading the threads here. I started reading yesterday’s, thinking it was today’s, until DJ mentioned that it was Wednesday. I thought she was mistaken, but took a look at the date on the post, and realized that I was the one who was mistaken (about which thread I was on).

    So anyway. . . Jumping in here with this.

    Remember I mentioned a Facebook friend whom I know in real life, who often shares false memes and such about liberal politicians he dislikes or about Muslims? Several times over the past few years, I looked into a claim, and then commented that So-and-so did not say that particularly egregious thing or whatever, with a link to back it up. He does not reply to those comments, and despite my repeated and gentle urging to check things out, doesn’t seem to bother. Seeing a fellow believer bear false witness again and again really bothers me – probably especially because I know him (although we don’t see each other in person anymore), and Hubby was a friend and mentor to him.

    He did reply one time, when I informed him that the video he shared that was supposed to be of a huge group of Muslims protesting and chanting “Death to America” in some U.S. city, did not portray that at all. (The video was taken from overhead, so no actual words could be made out, only crowd sounds.) He accused me of being “politically correct”.

    Today, just a week or so after sharing the last thing I had commented on that was not true, he shared a supposed quote by Elizabeth Warren which made her seem heartless and clueless (about a young woman’s murder by an illegal immigrant). Looking into it, I found that she did not say it (at least not the way it was presented), and felt that I had to say something. So I did. (In next comment.)


  18. I wrote:

    “This is not a direct quote, but someone took three different phrases from a larger paragraph and strung them together to make her words sound especially egregious. (FTR, I don’t like Warren myself.)

    PLEASE don’t continue to share these false memes without checking them out. There have been several times that I have commented that a post was not accurate, and often completely false. Spreading false stories is one way of bearing false witness.

    And even while googling them, make sure that the sites that seem to verify a story are not all conservative sites. (I would say the opposite to a liberal.) When I looked into that video that supposedly showed Muslims attacking Christian ministers (but was actually edited to make it seem that way, when in fact it was the “ministers” who were stirring things up), the first several links on Google seemed to say the same thing, but I noticed that they were all from conservative sites. I finally found the whole story at a Christian site, whose link was further down the page.

    When we dislike or disagree with a politician (or other public figure), these things give us a visceral reaction and “seem” true to us, because we think the person is capable of saying this or that egregious thing. Please be more careful. Btw, I am saying this with love and concern.”

    I see that he has posted more in the hours since I commented (and tagged his name to make sure he sees it), but he has not replied. This makes me sad, to see the contempt, almost hatred, a fellow believer has for his political opponents and for Muslims. Not a good witness to write about how wonderful God is in one post, and then bear false witness and stir up bad feelings about a person or group in the next.

    This was all probably too much and too long to share here, but it was on my mind, so I dumped it on you all. You’re welcome.

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  19. The lady who is sending me the gift bag I won sent me a message to tell me that she was told that it was stopped by postal inspectors and opened. She explained that apparently coffee (which is one of the items) is used there in Colorado to try to mask the smell of pot being mailed out of the state.

    The funny thing is that she mailed it from the distribution center, where the inspectors are located. 😀


  20. The speech story is in, more than 400 in the audience. I love it when they send you a copy of it later, it helps so much in pulling out full quotes (as opposed to trying reconstruct and translate them from your hastily taken notes).

    I have 3 phone interviews set up early in the morning, some of them kind of around the same time, so I’m not sure how that’ll work out.

    I’m really tired and sleepy after getting up so early this morning, so I probably should try to go to bed earlier than usual tonight.

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  21. I am dreading the noise tomorrow will bring. But I look forward to seeing the results of all the racket.

    Art is watching something about hippopotamuses (is an es on the end of that correct?) on PBS. I never know what will get his attention. I need to make something for dinner. It is a challenge tonight. He did ask recently for me to use some Beyond Meat crumbles to make something similar to my previous roast beef hash. I am not really up for the experiment tonight though.

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  22. From Merriam-Webster.com:
    hippopotamus noun
    hip·​po·​pot·​a·​mus | \ ˌhi-pə-ˈpä-tə-məs
    plural hippopotamuses or hippopotami


  23. How long will the roof take, Janice? I think mine took maybe 4-5 days or a week? What kind of roof do you have, pitched? Shingles?


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