Our Daily Thread 1-13-20

Good Morning!

Today’s header is from Kare.

And it’s been confirmed that today is in fact Kizzie’s birthday

She turns 31 today. 😉


Anyone have a QoD?



70 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-13-20

  1. Morning! Up early praying for many…trusting all is well Chas and Kim 😊
    That is a beautiful snowy photo up there. How I love the snow covered pines!
    The moon shadows in this forest are amazing this early morning. I think these are my favorite moments sitting in the living room, have my first cup of coffee and drinking in the beauty of the forest. Even though it is dark it appears almost daylight with the brightness of the moon. Cherishing the little things in life. He is good and worthy to be praised….

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  2. Good morning. I see I need to take more time with my writing to make myself clearer. On asking for prayer for my former sister-in-law I meant she was unconscious, not outside her apartment.

    Cheryl, I wasn’t talking about extended warranties in my comment the other day, but of the advertisements for insurances covering all your homes appliances, furnace or what not. I cannot imagine those paying out enough to cover all the premiums over the years. Yes, things break down. If you are going to put so much a month into a payment, you can put it into your own savings account. Then you have the money when something breaks down. If nothing breaks down or you have more than you need to cover it, the money is yours. I also cannot imagine all the fine print on such warranty plans. I am sure the businesses don’t thrive by paying out buying wonderful new appliances for most of the people buying the insurance.

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  3. Ah, Kathaleena, I haven’t seen those. I do know that when people buy a home, they sometimes ask the seller to pay for an insurance policy for a year. But we don’t get TV in this condo, so I have barely seen any since we moved. (My husband finds a way to watch his sports teams, but we don’t even get basic local channels unless we can get them through the internet.)

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  4. Home warranties during a real estate transaction are there for the peace of mind of the seller- you can walk away without having to be bothered after the sale that you “knew” something was about to go out. For the peace of mind of the buyer so that if anything goes wrong you can did it fixed for a copayment on service call. For the peace of mind of the agents so they don’t get sued. E&O Insurance looks like the jackpot to many people.
    As an agent if no one else will provide you with a home warranty I will make it my closing gift to you.

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  5. I’ve seen those ads for insuring home appliances. I agree that it would be a waste of money. Put it in savings. Actually, if all of us were responsible enough to “put away for a rainy day” we wouldn’t need any insurance.

    I’ve also seen ads for insurance to repair your car. “A new motor costs $5,000!” they scream. If the motor gores out on my car, I’m getting another car, not a new motor.

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  6. I survived the weekend! Kare’s pictures from Saturday and Sunday, while pretty, do not show the kind of rain/freezing rain/ice pellets/snow combination the area got over the weekend. I was working, so guess what I had to drive in. It rained so hard Saturday that low lying roads were under water. Then the freezing rain and ice pellets turned that wet to caked ice, then the snow covered everything. The weather changed so quickly that when I started for home Saturday evening, it was still pouring raining. About 10 minutes later, it was freezing rain. In another 10 minutes it was pouring buckets of ice pellets, so that when I reached the town that marks the 30 minute mark of my drive home, I knew I dared not go farther. Youngest In-law’s parents had offered me a place to stay in that town if ever I needed it, so I contacted them. They put me up, fed me, and even cleared the heavy ice caked on my car in the morning, so I could go back to work. By the morning, the snow had added to the mess, so it was like driving through sand. I have mentioned before that the highway I have to take to work is merely a series of sharp curves and steep hills – not a fun drive with that kind of surface, but I made it (despite the people in big cars who had four-wheel drive and would pass me, spraying my windshield with flying snow and ice). And I survived another grueling 12 hour shift on top of it, as not that many people actually canceled due to weather. This is the second ice storm in less than a month and they happen because the temperature keeps hovering just around the freezing point. Give me colder temperatures and snow. That is much easier to drive in.

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  7. Beautiful snow. 🙂 Loved your devotional thoughts, NancyJill, on forest life on winter mornings. It sounds so quiet and peaceful.

    I’ll have to work up some devotional thoughts about my morning sounds and views. I wake up to the sounds of early commuters driving by (I don’t live on a main street, but there is enough traffic that I’ve concluded it’s something of a cut-through street going north/south in our neighborhood. Backing out of my driveway always requires a pause to see if there is traffic coming in either direction (and often there is).

    I am grateful I don’t live on a truly busy, major street, that I wouldn’t like.

    And sometimes, when I’m awake, up and alert enough at that hour to look outside (not often), there is a glorious red-sky sunrise to the east over the harbor.

    I had the one-year policy for new owners when I bought this house but I wasn’t able to use it much. I was sure it would cover the bum wall heater but no, for some reason that’s something they didn’t cover. ??? Oy. I was able to use it only once, to replace an electrical outlet, as I recall. And that was it, rather minor. But it was peace of mind to have it. I still don’t get why it didn’t cover the heater. But I’d checked with my real estate guy at the time and he confirmed no, it wouldn’t cover that. I forget why.


  8. Janice, you have a busy week ahead amid some rain, from the sounds of it. Surely they can’t put on a new roof while it’s raining, right?

    Wishing a happy and successful move for the raccoon.

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  9. I forgot to tell y’all about winning a gift bag in a drawing.

    In the Moebius Syndrome Facebook community, there were a couple or more gift bags that were awarded at different times within the last few weeks. To enter, one needed to comment on the post, answering the question, and all the names of those who commented would be entered in the drawing. I hadn’t bothered entering until the last one, when the whim to do so came upon me. (I don’t know if this was the Holy Spirit or what, but I had a strong feeling that I would win. And I did!)

    I happened to see the video of Andrea, a dear lady who is active in the Moebius community (her niece has Moebius), drawing my name shortly after it happened. How exciting!

    When I receive the bag, I will let you know what is in it.

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  10. Michelle, 🙂 I have now lived in sub-Arctic and sub-Saharan conditions. I am well seasoned.
    The Gambia weather could be brutal in its own way. The constantly blowing dust of the dry season meant you could sweep up in the morning and by evening, everything was covered with sand, while the intense humidity of the wet season meant you could be sitting absolutely still and the sweat would still be running down your face and neck.
    The Gambia seems not like a dream, but like a different dimension in which I have also existed. Often, when I remember The Gambia, I remember it vividly, like a flashback or like Tolkien’s description of elvish memory being like a waking dream. Everything – sights, sounds, sensations, comes flooding back. After those memories, I will gasp a little in pain when it comes to me that I cannot return.

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  11. I broke down and made an appointment for someone to come over Wednesday morning to link my wireless printer up to my computer again (it’s a network problem that happened after getting some bandwidth added to my existing router — the two devices decided to call it quits and go their separate ways after that; I’ve been unable ever since, despite several tries, to get them speaking to each other again, the computer refuses to recognize that there’s a printer in the house). My last effort was trying to download the drivers from the printer manufacturer’s website, but that wasn’t working either.

    So I surrender.

    It’s costing $80 (and I’m guessing it’ll take the guy 2 keystrokes to do it), but I need to get a printer back in use here, it’s been probably close to 2 months now without one. I really do need it for working from home.

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  12. In a conversation yesterday, I gave Nightingale a good laugh. She had been telling me about a family she knows, who are very fit and trim, and had donated a box of the little “serving size” bags of Doritos to the Cub Scouts, because they wouldn’t eat them all and they’d go to waste. Well, we love Doritos in our house, although we rarely have them, and she and I agreed that they’d never go to waste in our house (only to waist, haha).

    It happened to be an extremely windy day, and in fact a net-type goal of Boy’s ended up flying into the neighbor’s yard. I joked that on day like this, that thin family could easily blow away, but I wouldn’t. Referring to my bad balance, Nightingale said I would blow away.

    “I would blow over, but not away,” I replied, and Nightingale burst out laughing.

    I realize this may be one of those things where you had to be there to find it funny, so trust me – it was very funny, and we both laughed. 😀

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  13. Happy Birthday Kizzie!!!! You are a treasure to us all and we celebrate our Lord’s gift of YOU this day!! 💕
    When we moved into this home 10 years ago the owners had a warranty thing for us. The first day we moved in the springs on one of the garage doors broke…nope…not covered. Then the old dishwasher leaked all over the floor…they came at no cost and ordered a part for it which took two weeks…and then we were told “by the way this is just a band aid fix…you will need to replace this thing”…ok….
    Then the oven went out a couple months later…yep…no fix..it needed to be replaced.
    Now the kids who purchased our house in town insisted upon a warranty. Everything in our old house had been replaced. All new flooring, kitchen counter tops, new toilets etc. Furnace and air conditioner were a year old and under manufacturers warranty for 10 years. All kitchen appliances were brand new under warranty. All windows were brand new under lifetime warranty. Water heater…new under warranty. New garage doors and opener..under warranty. We left all the paper work with them but they still wanted the 1000 dollar home warranty…which they never had to use….and we paid their 5000 dollar closing costs…..and some sort of 1000 surprise cost we had to pay due to the type of loan they had on the house. The title agent told us not to sweat that surprise cost because we would recoup it on the house we were buying…but then we weren’t taking out a loan so no…we did not. I don’t like selling houses….. 🙃

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  14. Yes, it’s telling me that too Kare…….

    Be right back……

    See this is what happens when folks don’t give me their info. She’s not on the list.

    Well, she is now, like it or not. 🙂

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  15. NancyJill – The lady Andrea I mentioned earlier also has your last name and lives in Colorado, although originally from Indiana, I think, and had also lived in Ohio a few years ago.

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  16. While driving into work yesterday, both my phones (personal and work) suddenly went off, alarms blaring. One of them (not sure which one) actually dictated the alert to me. There had apparently been an incident in one of southern Ontario’s two nuclear power facilities. The alert stated that no radiation had been released, but for residents living within a 10km radius should remain alert. Well, no radiation had been released, and neither I nor my family were within 10km of that plant, so I just continued on to work. Partway through the morning, my phones went off again – this time to state that there had been no incident at the nuclear station. I had other things to attend to, and life carried on – no one who came into the clinic even mentioned the alert, although everyone with a cell phone would have received it. Looks like alert might have been sent out accidentally during a training exercise: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-ontario-launching-full-investigation-of-the-pickering-nuclear-power/.


  17. Maybe this shoulda gone on the news thread, but I’ll put it here. It’s probably under the category of weird news.



    Dogs poop in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field, study finds

    Dogs use the Earth’s magnetic field when they’re relieving themselves. Not only that, but canines choose to do so in a north-south axis, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology says.

    The study suggests that dogs are sensitive to small variations in Earth’s magnetic field. After examining 70 dogs — made up of 37 breeds — over two years, 1,893 defecations and 5,582 urinations, researchers found that under “calm magnetic field conditions,” dogs preferred to “excrete with the body being aligned along the north-south axis,” avoiding east-west altogether. Dogs were observed in a free-roaming environment, meaning they were not leashed and not influenced by walls or roads that would influence linear movement.

    Why do the dogs prefer the north-south axis and avoid east-west? That was unclear, according to the study:

    It is still enigmatic why the dogs do align at all, whether they do it “consciously” (i.e., whether the magnetic field is sensorial perceived (the dogs “see”, “hear” or “smell” the compass direction or perceive it as a haptic stimulus) or whether its reception is controlled on the vegetative level (they “feel better/more comfortable or worse/less comfortable” in a certain direction). …

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  18. Just plain weird, DJ.

    I am not sure why I seem to get no birthday notices on fb anymore. 😦

    Happy birthday, Kizzie. I hope it is a great new year for you and yours!

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  19. Serious question:

    That English prince (forgot his name) decided to abandon royalty and live a private life.
    Can’t blame him.
    What I wonder is. How is he going to make the living he and his bride have had and expect to continue;.
    I presume any financial aspects of royalty has disappeared.
    I wonder if they thought of that?

    She could get a job ringing up groceries in Harris Teeter if they want to come to NC.

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  20. The royal family was supposed to be meeting today to iron out some of those details. Meghan was an actress before she married Harry. I’m sure they’ll be fine.


  21. Thanx everyone. I was really worried there. I could see them moving to LA to join the homeless crowd.

    I read the Bible through each year. Janice.


  22. Almost afternoon here. I stayed up too late reading a good book from the church library. I got the rest of my things from my daughters yesterday and found my key to the church library. I suppose that is good and bad!!

    I need to get to it on some of the busyness. Some trim disappeared on my rental vehicle so have to call them. My brand new fitbit inspire won’t turn on. Yes, I charged it and synced it. Have to find a gym to join and then call the dentist, etc. to make appointments.
    And my daughter asked if she could bring by the 1 and 3 year old. A privilege and a chore.

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  23. ok, I had a chat with fitbit and they tell me to take it back to the store. Which is a half an hour away in heavy traffic. Sigh…. This first world life is demanding. I am out of my little one square mile.

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  24. Harry wouldn’t be the first royal to cease from royal duties. His great-great uncle, Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. The two, using the title the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, lived in comfort for the rest of their lives. Harry is only sixth in line to the throne, after: his father, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales; his older brother Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge; and William’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. It really is not much of a deal. The headlines have been all over the place while scrolling through FB, and I am tired of seeing them. If the plan was to get out of the public eye, the plan backfired horribly.

    Apparently, according to the headlines I couldn’t help seeing, they are going to live in Canada. A good choice, if the intent is to live wealthy private lives. I was discussing with Second the other day how there are two sections of Canadian society who are invisible to the rest of us, and one of them is the extremely wealthy. We have a handful of family dynasties in Canada who own much of the wealth, and few of us have ever seen them, much less the places that they live. There is so much land, that it is possible to own a very large section of it and go entirely unnoticed. We have, not that far from us – near enough that my mother and I once attended a summer concert there – an extremely exclusive private boarding school for the children of the extremely wealthy that the now repellent Prince Andrew (uncle of Harry) attended for several years in his teens (and to which he has since given large donations). Unless you know it is there, you would miss it driving by. We only entered the central building for the concert, but the building (the tiles, the paneling, etc.) displayed the kind of wealth that can afford to get exactly what one wants to build, exactly the way one wants to build it – something that even places like the well-endowed public university that I attended, and whose Ivy League-style buildings I have shared pictures of, do not display.


  25. I think the real issue would be security. Think how many devious people would love to get their hands on any member of that family. 😦

    QOD—Why don’t any batteries in my house work?

    Or, will I be plagued with computer issues my entire life?

    Or, why has it taken me three hours to get to my Bible study prep?

    You can see how my day is going.

    I would like to express gratitude that I slept well last night. 🙂

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  26. Baseball season is coming.

    Yeah, Harry & Megan will be fine, she’s already signed a contract with Disney I believe. Sounds to me like she didn’t take to the limited and controlled royal lifestyle all that well — and he may still have unsettled feelings about it all affected his mom, who also had to fit in as an “outsider” when she married Charles. Look how well that (didn’t) turn out.

    Interesting read:



    Linsanity, A Botched Headline And An ESPN Editor’s Journey To The Priesthood

    On the night of Feb. 17, 2012, Anthony Federico was working his job at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. Federico was an editor for ESPN’s mobile website.

    Around 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 18, Federico published a new headline.

    “A headline that I had used myself many times before, and that sports media sites had been using for years,” he says. “And, about a half hour later, I realized that it had been going viral for the wrong reason.

    “When I realized how the social media world was taking that headline, I got up from my desk, and I went to the bathroom. And I threw up several times, because I was aghast and horrified at what was going down.”

    The headline was quickly changed. Federico spoke to his boss, who tried to console him. But when Federico left the office, he says he was still distraught. He drove to his parents’ house.

    “And woke them up — maybe, like, 4:30 a.m. — and I told them what happened,” Federico says. “And they were like, ‘OK, this’ll blow over.’ And it did not.”

    That became clear a few hours later when Federico got a call from his boss.

    “He’s like, ‘Don’t turn on your phone. Don’t look at the web. Don’t look at anything. It’s bad,’ ” Federico recalls. “And I asked, ‘How bad is it?’ And he said, ‘It’s bad.’ ” …

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  27. I always felt sad for William and Harry losing their mother so young – I share the same birth year as Harry. But I never, even though I vividly remember all the new reports of the scandal and divorce and accident, blamed it all on the Royal Family as many did. I suppose the influence of my mother’s side of the family’s English origins has given me some understanding of the British cultural attitude of “private lives, public service” when it comes to the upper class in Britain. My mother’s family has a slender link to the upper class through a great grandmother on the paternal side who was disowned by her upper class family after marrying a man from the ‘colonies’ (the full story is more complex and involves a stepmother); and my grandfather, the only surviving son of his mother, was both an intensely private man and also very generous and hospitable. Thus, I have limited sympathy for those who married into the royal family who both invite the public eye into their private lives and then curse the public when it pries too much. I do not have much use for the media feeding frenzy that goes on either, of course, as I am not really interested in knowing about the intimate details of the lives of other human beings whose hereditary job happens to include head of state. But there are enough members of the Royal family, the Queen being foremost, who have sufficiently demonstrated the private life and public service balance to know it can be done if one has the maturity to do so.

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  28. Thanks for sharing that link, DJ. I’m going to give a bit more of the story for people who skipped over it. They’ll have to read the rest to see how it turned out well in the long run.

    After a very good basketball player had a bad night, the reporter wrote the headline, “Chink in the armor”, a phrase used in sports headlines many times without being taken as offensive.

    Except that in this case the player was Chinese. The Internet went crazy. The writer got fired.

    So many people have no sense of perspective, humor, forgiveness, or grace.

    But God…

    Read the rest of the story.

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  29. I admire Queen Elizabeth very much for the balance you described, Roscuro.

    I don’t pay a lot of attention to the royals, though in the 90s it was hard to miss all the craziness around Charles and Diana. When Diana died I hurt for William and Harry, and prayed that they would rise above that craziness to a godly life of service. I don’t know what spiritual influences they have.

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  30. I wrote a note to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a few months ago. Their staff responded with proper appreciation. In the note, I encouraged them to hold on to their love for each other as they build their family and reminded Harry to love his brother. It was encouraging to hear them come out with a joint statement explaining this was not William’s doing. Brothers matter. And some other stuff. And let them know they are being prayed for. May God continue to work out those prayers for His glory.

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  31. Watching the weather report. 65 degrees and going down to 64 overnight. Flash flood warning with only a slight chance of roofing tomorrow.

    I have a meeting at church tonight. I need to drink some English/Irish Breakfast tea so I can stay awake.

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  32. Had a spontaneous coffee meet up with my friends. I was in the grocery store when I received the text…can anyone meet at 1:45? I didn’t read the rest of it before replying that I could meet at 2 because I had to drive home first. Rushed home put groceries away, unplugged the crockpot that was cooking the chicken for tomorrow nights small group meal. Rushed back into town to our regular spot where we meet and sat there for an hour before texting them asking if I was sitting in the wrong place…yep…they had named another coffee shoppe to which we never go! So I get in the car and drive across the interstate and there they were. Switching things up on me doesn’t go well with my brain. I am a creature of habit and if the location is changed it better be in bold capitalized letters in the text or better yet call me and tell me! Oy’!!!! 😜

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  33. An impromptu visit with the sea lions (tagging behind the county supervisor) and tour of the new, still empty shelter building surrounded by a homeless encampment. Busy afternoon that wreaked havoc with my deadlines.

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  34. I just realized that the picture is sideways – you can see the trees on the right hand side. This was a branch of our pine that I was looking up at – covered in so much frost.

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  35. While Boy was with his dad, and then at wrestling, Nightingale made for me a delicious birthday dinner of steak, baked potatoes, and broccoli with cheese sauce, which went on the baked potatoes. She did an excellent job on the steak, and the potatoes were delicious, too, as well as the broccoli.

    Nightingale will pick up Chickadee mid-to-late morning tomorrow, and we will have lunch and watch a movie together. (And Nightingale is making Deviled Eggs to go with our lunch. 🙂 ) A little while after Boy gets home from school, we will go out to eat dinner at Basil’s, a local restaurant. They’re doing a fundraiser for the wrestling program, with a certain amount from the cost of each meal going to the wrestling program. Since Boy is in wrestling, and we were wondering what to do for my birthday celebration dinner, that seemed like a great idea.

    Basil’s is a very good, popular restaurant with Italian dishes as well as American cuisine. They often do these fundraisers for youth sports or the schools.

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  36. This week is going to be busy, the county’s annual homeless count is early next week so we’re all going to be busy doing advance stories and preparing for the actual coverage. I’ve covered a few of the counts now. Seems like not that long ago we were out on the 2019 count.

    I have two stories I need to write quickly tomorrow morning (on other issues — was going to get those done today before the sea lion assignment & shelter tour came up late in the day). Then I’ll have to ‘cover’ (via live stream) the county board meeting where the new shelter will likely be approved. Thursday is a ‘state of the port’ (not sure which port) speech somewhere I’m supposed to go to.

    Kizzie, that dinner sounds scrumptious.

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