50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-16-19

  1. Morning all. Tomorrow is the last day of school. We walk across Ukarumpa, Kinder escorted by the fifth graders and have a joint assembly with the high schoolers in the Meeting House. We will present to valley pastors all the food and other things that we have collected. We also have a shouting contest to see which class can say Merry Christmas the loudest.

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  2. then we will all walk back to the Primary Campus and have a joint recess for grades Kinder through twelfth. Something we have never done before. Should be interesting.

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  3. We call this on Maddie’s tree. She has her nativity set under it and plays with it. She brings the animals over to show Papa. We don’t know what a 🐫 says yet. We have goats and sheep and a donkey. A donkey says something close to “hee haw” but with a much more nasal sound.
    The few presents we have so far are under this one.

    So men, what would you think of a guitar pick that says, “I’d pick you all over again” and prepaid guitar lessons as a Christmas present? Mr. P is difficult to buy for. This is the best I’ve got so far. That and Little Miss is going to get her first fishing pole. All he has talked about since I met him is taking grandchildren fishing. Now he is one close enough to do that.

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  4. Good evening, Jo. That shouting match sounds fun and loud!

    Good morning, to those reading this in the a.m.

    That is another beautiful tree, Kim. It has a lovely soft glow that makes a person want to linger with it even in a photo, but even more so, I imagine, in person.

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  5. I like the guitar pick and lessons, Kim. That sounds like a perfect gift to me. If you could find something matching that both he and his young fishing buddy could wear when they get to enjoy that, he might like that, too.

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  6. I was posting before I saw Kim and Janice.
    As for presents for men? All men are difficult to buy for. I, and I think most men, don’t care much about presents. We generally buy what we want ourselves and are not particular about what someone else gets us. We want to see “ours” having a good time.

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  7. Good morning to you, Chas. I think some men are particular about gifts and others are not. My brother is particular and very difficult to buy for. Art is not. Wesley might be about clothes but not other things.


  8. On Saturday I went to a luncheon at the Intercontinental hotel in Buckhead with my Word Weavers group. Mercer University Press puts together a luncheon each year which I knew nothing about. They have been doing it for thirty years. Although Buckhead is only twenty minutes from where we live, I think it’s been years since I have been there. The area is like a second downtown with all the tall buildings, and it is an upper crust area. The governor’s mansion is not far from there. The landmark mall from my childhood which was the major attraction is Lenox Square. It has been dwarfed by everything else. I stopped going to Lenox Square when it became apparent that one must dress up to shop there. I am sure standards are relaxed now.

    We had an excellent lunch. They featured authors of four books as speakers. The last of the four was the pair of authors who wrote the book about Richard Jewell, the suspect in the Atlanta Olympics bombing. I bought the book and stood in line to get it signed. This was also my first experience taking Lyft with the other two ladies. One driver hardly spoke, and the other driver was very personable. Polar opposites.

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  9. It is difficult to know, Kim. Will he follow through on the lessons? Some people say they want to do things they really won’t. Others benefit from a push.

    I was going to do a new guitar case for my husband. However, after looking at all the choices, I decided he will have to do the shopping himself. The one he has is around 47 years old. It has served him well, but showing its age. He has one of the old Martins and definitely needs a good case. Especially since he usually plays a few times a week out and about. He needs a push to get one I think.

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  10. I think someone is trying to get lessons as a Christmas gift for their child. My father answered a call from someone who had just bought a violin for their child and was looking for a violin teacher and had been given my name by the local music store (I have not been in that store for over a decade). It has been years since I taught (my last students were in West Africa). My schedule is so irregular that I am not sure if it is possible for me to teach the child. Still thinking it over… I have had the experience in the past of a child wanting to learn and then never coming after the first lesson; and my youngest sibling, who also plays violin, had a similar experience of a child who quit after a few lessons. On the other hand, I have observed from FB that the MK from South America whom I taught violin to in West Africa has not forgotten my lessons.

    I got my father a new wall map of the world that we can put up in the dining room. The one there now has been there nearly two decades, so it is time for an updated version. My father used our dining room map as unofficial geography lessons when we listened over supper to the world news. He has always loved maps, and now travels the world on Google Earth.

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  11. I’ve got an “Upsidedown” wall map near the dining room table and consult it regularly, particularly when guests describe places they’ve been. I always have to see a map.

    I tried to buy ice skating lessons for 4 Adorables, it by the time I got to it, they were all sold out.

    I’ve got four girls, I’m wondering if I can just hire someone for a private lesson once a week for a month?

    Must I quite.

    Thinking about teaching them piano, too. Music lessons are very high.

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  12. Morning! Pretty festive tree Kim!
    We have some snow and slippery ice out here and it seems the Springs received much more that us which is quite unusual. Daughter let her boss know that she will be in later as the plows are just now getting to our area and the news is asking everyone to stay off the roads for a while until they can get them somewhat cleared. Schools are closed and most businesses are on a 2-4 hours delay in operations. I am staying home today! 🏡

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  13. I think the guitar lessons sound like a great present, very creative, bravo. And I’m assuming he has the guitar and the interest in playing the instrument (either learning or improving on what he already knows).

    It is, indeed, Monday. But I’m (still) on vacation (my last day) so I don’t really care. 🙂

    I was up early to finish clearing a wide pathway in the patio and pulling the Jeep down to the curb for parking so when the guys get here with the new hot water heater they can park in the driveway and have plenty of room to maneuver old and new appliances in and out. We didn’t set a time, but I’m thinking they’ll probably be here sometime in the morning, he’ll likely text me when they’re coming.

    Of course I’m hoping it all goes smoothly and that it can get done without any unforeseen added problems or complications. But I’m mentally ready for those if they occur. More parts may be needed to connect it and there’s the possibility also that the old metal cabinet may not fit the new appliance, but based on the measurements, it should. We will find out.

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  14. Michelle, we used to have an officer from Australia assigned to our unit. He had a wall map we would think is not centered and upside down.
    Australia was at the center.
    Think about it for a minute. Why should the Western Hemisphere be the center of the map? He had Australia. It looked weird to me. But it made sense.

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  15. What Christmas trees used to look like:



    What Christmas Trees Looked Like 100 Years Ago (20 Photos)

    The Christmas Tree didn’t become a popular tradition in the U.S. until the mid 1850’s. At that time, many of the trees were lit with actual candles. After quite a few fires, people shifted to tinsel, ornaments, and eventually artificial lights. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, there wasn’t wide-spread agreement on exactly what a tree should look like, which made for lots of creativity. Here are a few of our favorite photos…

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  16. This report from World gives a larger perspective on Chick-fil-A’s giving.

    “Chick-fil-A’s lack of explanation left more confusion than clarity, and it did not return requests for comment on this story. But tax documents show a bigger picture. It appears that the company’s foundation has shifted larger gifts to Atlanta-based organizations that aren’t currently targets of groups like GLAAD. The company itself, however, hasn’t appeared to change its Christian-heavy giving.

    The company in the last few years doubled its contributions to the Winshape Foundation, which comprises the vast majority of its charitable giving, and nothing indicates that relationship is changing. WinShape, a creation of Chick-fil-A’s founders, the Cathy family members, runs a bevy of Christian programs from foster homes to marriage retreats championing “Christ-centered teaching” to summer camps to college ministry training. WinShape also gives about $600,000 a year in scholarships to the Christian liberal arts school Berry College in Mount Berry, Ga.”

    More info in the article.



  17. It always seemed to me that the most sensible map arrangement had the Americas on the left, Europe and Africa in the center, and Asia and Australia on the right, since you can divide through the Pacific without breaking any major land masses.


  18. Kizzie, thank you for the World link. I haven’t read it yet (I’m about to), but a couple of weeks ago I googled “world, chick fil-A” to see if they had written about the issue yet, and they hadn’t.

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  19. Dj the church we attended while I was young was an old German EUB church. I recall the candles on the live tree being lit before service by the alter boys. We had taper candles in the windows surrounded by fresh pine wreaths. One Sunday the pine in the window caught fire and the pastor rushed over and beat it with his vestment….the alter boys were instructed to snuff out the candles on the tree…that was the last of lit candles on the tree and in the windows 😊
    Kizzie your town looks so welcoming and charming….very New England! We have a few coffee houses around here like your Cider house but they are becoming more and more crowded and noisy with more people moving to our area 😢

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  20. I’ve never seen real candles on a Christmas tree. But my church in Nashville did an annual Maundy Thursday service, and among other things it had a table with real napkins and lit candles. My pastor somehow dropped a napkin onto a candle, and continued reading Scripture without seeing what he had done. At least one person in the “worship team” behind him saw, so initially there was some discreet discussion behind him trying to get his attention. Someone finally gave up and yelled “Fire!” just as the whole napkin went ablaze. It got put out pretty quickly then, but for one or two seconds it was a fairly memorable scene. If it had gone any longer it could have been pretty bad.

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  21. We, the small choir, sang on Sunday close to the lit advent candle wreath. The lady beside me had to move forward a bit to not be in line to get a quick halo. Had her hair caught on fire, my hair would have been next. I am considering the juxtaposition of singing Silent Night while someone yells, “Fire!”

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  22. NancyJill – We also have a nice local coffee shop, where Nightingale and I met Kevin and Mrs. B. One of Nightingale’s friends makes some of the sweet goodies they sell.


  23. My husband bought his guitar when he was in the AF. He traded a twelve string to someone and then added in some cash. It was a good deal.

    He also has had young students who were excited to learn an instrument, but then learn they actually have to work. He no longer does any lessons. There was too much time preparing and waiting for students who never showed up.

    I am particularly peeved with church family who cannot let their yes be yes and their no, no. I spent Saturday morning completely wasted because of several who have no problem doing that. It is far better to just tell someone you do not want to (or just will not) do something. If you cannot commit, admit it and everyone can plan accordingly. I am not talking about occasional times that one must miss for sickness or other emergencies.


  24. Kizzie’s town is indeed welcoming and charming. Mrs B and I had a long drive ahead of us and couldn’t stay long enough to explore, but the bit of downtown we saw with Kizzie and Nightingale was very nice. So was the coffee shop food and the company!

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  25. That was interesting to read, Kizzie. Do they happen to do anything to make apple cider vinegar in water taste better?

    I went out to put something more tantalizing in the trap. I made some “granola” of cat food dry bits with raw sliced almonds. I really hope I don’t catch a wandering cat though. It is difficult for me to get to the trap with my leg being out of full commission. I don’t think I could pick it up and carry it if I did catch a creature. Getting older is not for wimps! And Art is in no condition to be of help.

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  26. I had a critter in my overhead crawlspace some years ago, but he came and went. I called a trapper, he went in there and saw evidence but no animal so he blocked up the openings and that was that.

    Craft breweries are the big rage here, haven’t heard of the cider trend. Interesting. And yes, your town is adorable. I love places that have retained their history and old look.

    I used to get the GLAAD newsletters in the 1990s at work, they were very radical. Again, I don’t blame the chicken company owners for wanting to get out of the crosshairs by dropping some of the particular donations. Too bad, but it’s where we are. There was no winning for them there.

    I stopped to get a take-out In-And-Out lunch today; their red-and-white bags read: Merry Christmas / Feliz Navidad / Happy Holidays. That covers most everything.

    The hot water heater is installed and working. Yay.

    And I found a baby Christmas Tree at Lowe’s, it’ll sit on a small table in one of my front room windows. But for now it’s resting on the patio table in the backyard in some water. It won’t take long to decorate. lol

    It’s back to the front porch for me to finish up out there. My house decor isn’t as glitzy as the neighbors’ on both sides of me, but I think it will be cute.

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  27. I have been celebrating sadly today as our Utah Beach survivor, and fellow heir and outspoken brother, went home to glory.. He had been basically sleeping for the past month or two.

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  28. Mumsee, sorry for your loss. I lost a friend in the last week, too, though someone I hadn’t been in touch with since I married and moved.


  29. I had a friend who did battle with a family of raccoons that took up residence in her backyard some years ago. Her 3 dogs, springer spaniels, would give chase, corner them and get thoroughly beat up.

    After about the 3rd expensive vet visit, she decided to set a humane (“live”) trap.

    But they managed to get the food (I seem to remember maybe peanut butter and granola?) without setting off the trap or getting caught.

    More vet bills ensued.

    I can’t remember how she finally got it resolved. But the lesson seemed to be that raccoons are very tenacious opponents not to be easily vanquished.

    Sometimes that whole “dominion over creation” thing is a slippery thing to grasp.

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