42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-14-19

  1. Today is the day!!!! Today I will become a Grand Dee. Miss Eden will make her debut sometime today. Please say a prayer for my niece(s) and for Nephew. He is so proud he is about to pop. He will be the most doting of uncles 💕

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  2. I will pray about it Kim, but I don’t understand any of the above post.
    What is a Grand Dee?

    I missed the funnies yesterday, (I saw them last night but didn’t have time to read them. Later). Yesterday’s Friday was altered because It was raining. I usually take Elvera to the Adult Center on Friday and I have about four hours to do what is necessary or what I want to do. But it takes about two minutes to get her into the car. So? Even a little rain changes the plan. But it’s back to whatever is normal around here and I will catch up later.

    It is still raining, BTW.


  3. When they started inducing labor. 🙂

    It’s a thing…… 🙂

    Show up at the doctor the night before, they give you something. In the morning, you show up at the hospital, and bam, baby’s ready to pop.

    They do it when the baby is late and some other reasons. It’s actually quite convenient. This is how Elizabeth’s birth was. 🙂

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  4. Good morning! My time is slipping away and I feel like I am getting nothing done. I have goals of things which need to get done prior to the start of the new semester. I have done not a single one of them yet. :(.

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  5. Lol. It was not convenient for me. I ended up with a C-section. It was convenient for the doctor who scheduled one right before the new year way back when. That was a nice tax break for us that year, as well. Lots of angles for that ‘convenience,’ I guess.

    I am rethinking my California comment. I am glad our daughter and family moved back to MN. This state isn’t much better than California, however. I was reminded while reading the newspaper. 😦

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  6. Morning! That is a sweet photo up there Cheryl. I have some “faux” stems in an antique box on my front porch that look very similar but there truly is no substitution for His real creation! You have captured the loveliness perfectly!
    Excited for you Kim!!
    Rk you are one of the busiest gals I know and I just don’t know how you do it but you do! Praying for you this day ♥️
    Kathaleena sometimes I think to myself that I am glad I live in Colorado..then I think again when I read the news of what is taking place here. Thankful that He is our Hiding Place…

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  7. Niece and Nephew call me Dee. They weren’t exactly sure of the due date so the doctor was going to induce labor on the 26th. Miss E had other plans and decided today was the day.
    Niece was the first baby I ever fell in love with. I am her godmother. Now she is having a baby.

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  8. Congrats, Kim.

    Today we’re going to D2’s to exchange gifts and celebrate the 10th birthday of oldest granddaughter. Also both sons-in-law have birthdays around now. And tomorrow SIL1 (D2’s husband) is to be ordained as a co-pastor, along with one of my nephews. We believe in a plurality of elders, and the mid-sized, growing church needed more elders, as the the 2 they have are busy with family and jobs. All 4 are “young” men in their 30s and 40s, and all are bi-vocational. There were two men who were the original pastors of the church for over 40 years, but they have both retired recently.

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  9. My prayer partner Rachel is here for, now, two nights, closing up her life in our town. They closed on their house sale yesterday and they can now, finally, find a house and settle into Boise.

    Well, she can, her husband has been faithfully ministering to his new flock while she has traveled around solving family problems for the last two months!

    It was splendid to sit with tea and tell our stories last night.

    But it really be “so long” early tomorrow morning.

    Unless there’s more poor weather on I-80!

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  10. Christmas tree is finally here. My engineer has had to play games with the stand and finally went and bought a new one.

    It’s an engineering marvel that I don’t understand but the tree is erect and he is happy.

    Bring on the lights and ornaments!

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  11. Did my upstairs exercise, aerobic and bowflex, and am now downstairs waiting for children to come in from chores so we can get started on Saturday morning cleanup. Then hold the granddaughter for the day.

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  12. More fog here, I don’t think the pavement has been dry at all in the last few days. But that also means moist dirt for the plants and trees, and that’s all good. There’s a possibility of “showers” in about a week, but that’s it, only a possibility. Temperatures remain very cool, however.

    I’m dealing with a website that provides rebates for a couple of the expensive meds my dogs are on (Trifex for fleas & heartworm and Galliprant for Cowoboy’s arthritis), but I am missing 2 invoices/receipts from my vet from over the past 6 months that I will need. So I think I’ll drive up there this morning and see if they can just print those out for me, though I hate bothering them on a busy Saturday. Then I’ll have to take pictures of those and attach them to the online rebate form.

    The rest of the day will be decorating, I *may* buy a small (2- to 3-foot) tree. Or not. But the wreaths have been located and retrieved from the garage so I’ll be able to finish off some kind of look on the front porch.

    It won’t be the Chevy Chase Christmas house, but I have enough battery light strings to do some accents at least.

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  13. DJ, thanks for asking. I don’t feel any better, but maybe not any worse. I’m missing a Christmas party, though, and the only one I’ve been invited to. 😦

    Inducing babies can indeed be “convenient,” but it can also be risky. More C-sections, as has been noted. My sister had her first baby induced because of all sorts of scary stuff about how big the baby was (he was actually considerably smaller than predicted, a healthy weight and not too big). Then she had her second baby induced, for different reasons (including not wasting my availability to be there for two weeks–I had to fly in, in those days–and her husband’s work schedule). She was surprised they were using a different method than they had used two years before, for her first baby . . . and then she heard the rest of the story.

    It seems that the method they used with her first baby was experimental, and quite a few women ended up not just with C-sections but with emergency hysterectomies! They quickly lowered the dosage given (she had the high, dangerous dose, and with it extremely difficult labor–for those who understand such things, she was stuck “in transition” for two hours), but even then it turned out to be a dangerous drug and they ended up replacing it. But no one had told her she was on an experimental, off-label use. She actually chose to be induced partly to reduce her risk of a C-section by making sure the baby didn’t get much bigger. But they were wrong about the size of the baby, and unknowingly by submitting to induction she was also submitting to a much higher risk of C-section–or worse. (She didn’t want a C-section, especially with her first baby, because she wanted a large family.)

    I gently discourage induction when I get a chance to do so without scaring the mother-to-be. Doctors like them, because natural birth is inconvenient in its timing, but unless there are real medical reasons, they’re best avoided.

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  14. Michelle, you’ve made me feel dumb, of course I could have just done that. Oh well, they’re picked up now and I had a couple other stops to make this morning anyway.

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  15. Yesterday I just kept going around my place packing up. From one thing to another. Then I would read a book inbetween. I went over to the guest house to dry an load of wash as knit shirts turn out without wrinkles that way. My old friend was there having his lunch so we visited a bit. He is 82 and still coming to PNG and working in a village. Now he has returned here and will go home to Melbourne tomorrow. He is sharing in church tonight about the early days and I will record it on my phone.

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  16. He sounds like an interesting person worth knowing, Jo.

    I’m going through the stacks of (paper) catalogs that seem to surge in for the holidays still — ripping off labels, tossing the rest in recycling. I have a fair amount of picking up to do, I see. I can ignore it for a while. Until I can’t. 🙂

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  17. That catscan I had yesterday was interesting. First they did the scan normally, then I had an IV of “contrast” and they did the scan again. The lady warned me of how it might make me feel, and I felt all three of them – got hot quickly, felt the heat in the back of my tongue and throat, and felt a warmth down below that can feel like one is peeing. 😀 It was all very quick, though.

    Have I mentioned that Nightingale’s Christmas gift to Boy is redoing his bedroom? From Ikea, she bought a bunk bed, which she is staining (some parts) and painting (other parts), and she is also painting an old dresser to replace the one from when he was a toddler that is now not large enough.

    Before she started painting that dresser, though, she had been stripping the paint off another old dresser from my mother-in-law’s old house that she had first decided to use for him. But as she got past the paint, she found the original design on this antique dresser, that somehow did not come off with the paint stripper. It is a beautiful, but faded, design of flowers towards the middle of the front of the drawers, and a curly-cue-ish kind of design on the four corners of each drawer. So she decided she couldn’t paint over that, and will refinish it to keep elsewhere.

    Wondering why anyone would want to paint over that lovely design, especially in what we considered an ugly green color, we figured that after several years, the design would be considered “dated”. But now it has passed “dated” and is a lovely antique. 🙂 Kinda funny, isn’t it?

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  18. Kizzie, yes indeed, funny. In my house someone had put up some window curtain boxes. When I had them taken down, lo and behold, it revealed the classic Craftsman-era woodwork molding topping off the frames. I kept asking, who would want to hide that workmanship?

    But “new” is always better at the time, I suppose. I love the classic old woodwork, which is why I have saved so much of it from my mom’s childhood Iowa house.

    I remember getting bunk beds, pretty sure they were picked up used, when I was probably around 12 or 13 years old. Loved them, my mom insisted I sleep on the bottom bed but I loved hanging out on the top bed all the rest of the time, it had a little ladder attached to the side. Sounds like the room makeover is a great Christmas idea.

    I received emails from the doggy-med rebate company that my forms (3 of them) had been received and were being processed.

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  19. No tree purchased today. Maybe tomorrow, but smallish one, maybe 3 feet.

    I’ll finish up the front porch decor tomorrow after church. My neighbors on the north were out today putting up Santa’s Sleigh and the reindeer along with all the icicle lights. I really do need a *little* more than the soft, battery wreath lights, I think, so I may do some outdoor plug-in lights around 2 of the 4 windows. I could probably do the other two, too, but … I would have to figure out hooks & routes to get it all over the front door so they could all connect and trail into the mail box slot to be plugged in inside the house.

    So complicated.

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  20. We finished wrapping Trey’s presents. He and Miguel went to bed, so I was able to wrap some gifts for them. Sunday will be a busy day. First chores and church, the to middle daughters for her birthday and Christmas celebration. Then back home to process a deer . I was also given a hog head, so need to get it cooked with a couple of roasts to teach a couple of young ladies how to make tamales . We should do that on Monday or tuesday.

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  21. I have never cooked a hog’s head. That must take a big pot to cook that with a couple of roasts. Do you just remove all the meat off it like you would a turkey?

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  22. Morning! It is cloudy and cold here with anticipated snowfall this afternoon. I am hoping it holds off until we get home from church…remember people around here do not know how to drive on dry pavement let alone in the snow!!


  23. My daughter-in-law posted video of my son cutting down the Christmas tree. It was adorable hearing his 6 and 8 year-old giving a countdown, “3-2-1! Oops, 3-2-1.”

    Waiting for the three foot tall tree to tumble . . .

    “3-2-1. Timber!” As he picked it up with one hand . . .

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  24. Baby and I stayed home from church. We had enough snow, husband thought we should take two cars rather than the van. I figured one truck and we stay home also works.

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  25. Went to bed and then got up again to take some zicam and continue packing. Even packed some more as soon as I got up. This is a never ending job. Two more days of school. May today be sweet for each child.

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  26. Eighteen year old snagged a bunch of notebooks from the school supplies. That is off limits for her for various reasons. They were removed from her possession, though she wrote at least a squiggle on every page of every one. So she thought it made sense to take some of my money to the store to buy loose leaf paper to replace what was removed that she had taken.

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  27. Snow. We made it home safely, even though it’s been snowing most of the day. It took 20 minutes longer than usual because I was going slower than most others. But it isn’t a heavy snow as predicted. However, I hope to get a call tonight or tomorrow telling me I don’t have to go to school.

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  28. At our elevation it is snowing tiny glitter sized snowflakes. At my daughter’s home in the Springs just 30 minutes away she says they have fat wet flakes falling. We are enjoying this winter’s evening… 😊 🌲

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  29. Nightingale and Boy brought home their live tree today, set it up in a corner of the dining room, and decorated it. It looks lovely. (I put on two ornaments. 🙂 )

    I am feeling very disappointed that the girls and I won’t have time to get together before Christmas to watch It’s a Wonderful Life together. (Last time we saw Chickadee was for Thanksgiving.) I was really looking forward to that time together before Christmas – our own little ladies’ Christmas party.

    But Nightingale is so busy with her usual busyness along with holiday preparations and stuff, including all that time-consuming work she is doing on the bunk-beds and dresser. She also needs one of her days off to go down to Ikea for some more things, which is a three-hour round trip. Since next weekend is her weekend to work, she only has two days off next week before Christmas Eve (when our family celebration begins).

    Boy will be picked up to go to his dad’s family Christmas celebration (and spend the night with his dad) around 1:00 on Christmas afternoon. So I am hoping maybe the girls and I can watch the movie together then, but Chickadee may be getting picked up by the McKs sometime in the afternoon. (I don’t yet know what her plans are. I sent her an email telling her that we won’t be able to get together before Christmas, and mentioned my idea. We’ll see what happens.)

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  30. All I want for Christmas is a tree. I checked out the 3-4 foot noble firs at Home Depot but they were all crooked. Guy there says crooked can’t be fixed.

    I was going to try putting up some outdoor lights today but it’s been crazy windy, palm fronds are flying across the streets. So I decided to postpone it until tomorrow, which is when the water heater gets put in but that should take that long.

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  31. Our 1930s art deco movie theater shows “It’s a Wonderful Life” before Christmas every year. I haven’t seen that film in a while now but saw it numerous times through the years. An old favorite of everyone’s.

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  32. It’s been a busy weekend. I have enjoyed catching up on what everyone here as been up to. My brother came by and we set up a trap to try and catch the possum or raccoon that have been hanging out in our attic. We have to deal with this before getting the roof done.


  33. I’m up, because I’m sneezing. In the evening, I had hopes the cold was over and it had mostly passed me by. No such “luck,” apparently.

    We had snow, too. Supposed to be 3-7 inches by Monday night, but we hadn’t known it was coming when it started Sunday afternoon. I was tentatively planning to go out in it and get some pictures, depending on how I feel when I get up, but I guess that has been answered.


  34. Hog head goes in a big water bath canner. Yes, you pick the meat somewhat like a turkey. It is on the stove cooking, along with a couple of pork roast to make more tamales. We put up 14 quarts of green beans this evening. Had a nice time with the grands. Emily gave us a flute concert.

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