Our Daily Thread 11-27-19

Good Morning!

Today’s header is from Elizabeth, who insists on tormenting our cats. 🙂

But who doesn’t love a cat in cat ear muffs? 🙂


Anyone have a QoD?

41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-27-19

  1. Morning! That kitty would be well prepared for this cold snowy morning in Colorado!! ❄️
    The plow came through last night and husband is finishing up the clearing of the driveway…he will be ordering his new snow thrower this week!
    Now off to bake some pies, make jello salad and clean this house for tomorrows festivities! 🦃

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  2. That poor cat. Ear muffs to drown out the sound of turkeys on the cutting board?
    It’s a good day to be vegan! Tomorrow, not so much. I just had my barley with kidney bean salad for lunch. Thankful that I like such foods.

    I have been outside raking wet leaves off the lawn. I could hardly believe that gnats are swarming. It is back up to the 60’s in the wakeup hours here. I hope we don’t have mosquitoes for Thanksgiving dinner or should I say I hope they don’t have us. While I was out raking I considered how everyone else is inside the grocery store or their homes fixing for tomorrow. It is another chance to practice contentment with what we have.

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  3. The cat just looks like she is listening to something on those. 🙂

    We had to leave a day early, but are off visiting the grands. Will have a full house tomorrow. Got here in time to enjoy watching the dress (somewhat) rehearsal of “The Christmas Story,” which three of them will be in on Saturday night. My SIL also got drafted a few days ago to do the narration, since that person had emergency eye surgery. He did well for the short bit of time he had to study the play.

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  4. Miss Bosley would never let war muffs stay on long enough to take a photo. Your kitty is very nice to only have a scowl and evil eye look. If only people could contain themselves so pleasantly tomorrow while feasting with those who do not share their thoughts in various arenas.

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  5. The M marking on her head could stand for Muffy. I think her eyes are squeezed out of shape by the muffs so they really aren’t scowling and evil looking. Miss Muffy is beautiful and sweet. Thankful for all the animals God gives to us as our beloved pets.

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  6. Kitty looks surprised. 🙂 What we do to our animals for our amusement. I believe I’ve put reindeer ears and a Santa hat on my dogs from time to time.

    It’s raining which is a glorious thing for us, of course. It’s also windy. No complaints here. I have a 10 a.m. interview, though, so I need to get moving on out of here shortly. I’ll need to write that up afterward along with a brief, but the idea today is for everyone to finish early so we can all be off the clock asap, including our poor editor who’s always the last one out, of course.

    I also need to pick up my new glasses today and am hoping to get to the credit union before they close for the long holiday weekend. And feed the fish.

    Guess it’s time for the boots and the hooded jacket, at last.

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  7. The M stands for Mouse, her name. She also has the number 16 on her left side, and the exact same thing, but backwards like in a mirror, on her right.

    She’s quite unique. 🙂

    And she doesn’t have evil eyes Cheryl. 🙀

    Her left eye has a condition that may eventually lead to blindness and having the eye removed. The right just looks overexposed and milky from a flash on a cheap phone held 6 inches from her face.

    She’s also my stress reliever and has helped me enormously when my PTSD was raging. There’s nothing evil about her…… unless you’re not me. 🙂

    Seriously, even Cheryl and Elizabeth know, Mouse is Daddy’s baby. She might let you pet her, it’s just best not to linger. 🙂

    But she’s not evil, just picky. 🙂

    Or maybe ornery is probably a better word. 🙂

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  8. The lawyers are still trying to hash out a new custody agreement to last until January, when the guardian ad litem (GAL) will have her report (or whatever it is). X is insisting on keeping Boy until 4:30 on Saturdays (after the Friday night sleepover), while Nightingale would like Boy to be home at 1:00 on the alternating Saturdays that she has off. She made some other concessions for that, but X is taking the concessions and still insisting on having Boy till 4:30 on Saturdays.

    The GAL chimed in and suggested a 3:00 drop off time. We’ll see if he goes for that. X is also getting Boy for more time than usual on Christmas and New Years.

    I finally got around to ordering my new living room furniture from Ikea today. It will be delivered next week. Our neighbors are making a run to the dump with their truck on Saturday, so they are going to take the old furniture with them. So I’ll be without couches in the living room for about five days, but I’ll make do. I have an office chair with armrests at my desk in my room, so I’ll probably bring that in for those days.

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  9. I had a chance while in Waco to visit in the Magnolia store that was all fixed up for Christmas. I will send some tree pictures after Thanksgiving to AJ. Wesley and I did not stay long in the store because Art was waiting in the car. I always feel sad when he can’t do things with us. At least I could show him photos of what we saw.

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  10. More merriment in my little neighborhood.

    Every week we take the trash cans up to the top of the lane, and put them off to the side, and the garbage men come along and empty the cans. Last week, they did not do so for one that had an old mop sticking out of it, and no top on it. From previous experience Nightingale knows that what they won’t take one week, they may eventually take, so she is leaving it up there.

    Today, Denise brought up some old Christmas decorations her mother-in-law had left behind, that she had intended to throw away. She and Tonya “decorated” the trash can with silver-and-red garland and shiny ornaments. Denise managed to tie something to the top of the mop. 😀

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  11. Oh I had the same thought as AJ…never! My sweet mother-in-law loved those Brussel Sprouts and I could just gag at the sight of them!! 😂
    When I saw Mouse with the ear muffs on I initially thought she was giving us a Cheshire grin!! I love the M on her forehead!

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  12. Denise shared a photo of it on Facebook, and Tonya tagged me in a comment, saying that I was giving them ideas. I replied, “Wait! What? I was an innocent bystander!” Then admitted, “Oh, I did have one idea, didn’t I?” 😀

    My suggestion was to put a Santa hat on the top of the mop, but none of us had one available.

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  13. Mouse! 🙂

    Hi all! Thought I’d come over here and wish you an early Happy Thanksgiving! (For the Canadians among us, your Thanksgiving greetings are coming wayyyyy early, ha ha.) 🙂

    Regarding Brussels sprouts — hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever had them. I’m not sure if I should try them, given the mixed commentary here. 🙂

    Tomorrow we’re taking a salad to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, and will make the mashed potatoes and gravy while there. 6th Arrow helped me shop for the ingredients yesterday after university choir rehearsal was done. (She comes along with me to be my page turner and book holder — my copy of Handel’s Messiah is rather unruly, meaning it doesn’t lie flat on the music rack, but would rather close itself up in some parts. 6th is awesome at keeping the score in check and turning pages for me!)

    Speaking of Baroque music (Handel is from that era), Peter, thanks for the Vivaldi music you posted the other day. I love Baroque, so enjoyed listening to the video you posted.

    Time to get back to wrapping up school for the week. We did quite a bit already today, but have a little left to finish up before the Thanksgiving Eve service tonight at church. Then tomorrow we’ll go to my parents’, as I mentioned above, and celebrate with all of my siblings, including East Coast sister and family, who headed here Monday and will leave again Saturday.

    Friday we (Hubby and I and 5th & 6th Arrows) are going to 2nd Arrow’s and spending the night so we can babysit Dear Grandbaby while her parents are at work Saturday. 3rd and 4th Arrows will be handling things here around their work hours Friday/Saturday.

    And then we’re to December! I sat down this morning and wrote on a piece of paper all our church and outside music activities (plus piano lessons at home), and I see I’ve got somewhere to go every day from today through December 18. (And that doesn’t include the new Monday studio teaching I wrote about on the prayer thread yesterday, which begins in January.)

    Actually, though, after I saw the December 19 space blank, I remembered that my dad is turning 90 that day! So if the weather permits, we’ll be going to see him again that day.

    Busy, busy, busy! It’s a good busy, though. And I’m not ever gone all day on the December weekdays before Christmas, so can keep up the homeschool routine through it all. An exciting time with lots of joyful things going on!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and a nice November-to-December segue. 🙂

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  14. A big commotion in NC about Stephen F. Austin beating Duke at the end.
    I say SAF should not have been that close to Duke. Duke disserves to lose.
    NC State did that ot Frank McGuire’s Gamecocks many years ago. Shouldn’t have been that close.


  15. I was scrolling through my word processor, trying to find a list of things for which I am thankful. I have too many to mention. But in doing so, I came across a poem I wrote several years ago. It was in Hendersonville. I decided to copy and past it here. You may get a laugh from it.
    The Truant Dental Floss

    Last night I went to brush my teeth
    The way I always do,
    And then I have to work the floss
    Before the job is through.

    But Lo, it isn’t there I see,
    Now, just where could it be?
    I know, it’s with my shaving stuff,
    I’ll find it easily.

    I fumble through the drawer below,
    Stuff for my face and hair,
    But vainly for my dental floss
    It plainly isn’t there,

    What now, sez I, what can I do?
    I must call nine – one – one.
    Some thief broke in and stole my floss,
    Though nothing else is gone

    In panic now, my floss is gone;
    Oh my, what can I do?
    I know! I’ll just use my wife’s Glide,
    ‘Cause every piece is new.

    It puzzles me, I just can’t sleep,
    All night I turn and toss,
    What could have happened to that
    Stupid roll of dental floss?

    Come dawn, now through bleary eyes,
    Say! What is this I see?
    That truant roll of dental floss,
    Just staring back at me.

    That Earhart girl, Virginia Dare,
    Did Oswald act alone?
    Those statues now on Easter Isle,
    Gigantic blocks of stone.

    The Stonehinge, and so many more
    That puzzle mankind so.
    But how that floss got with my socks.
    This world will never know.

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  16. Enjoy your Thanksgiving in advance. I have four days of work coming up, so will not be by for a bit.

    I got a new (to me) chest of drawers today. I have had some trouble fitting back into my tiny room, and with six other people in the house, with two married couples and two small children, I am reluctant to store much outside my room. The chest of drawers alleviates some of my space issues (still have work to do on that), and it is a well made antique which I got cheaper than I would buying the same size and number of drawers brand new.

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  17. Sounds like a good purchase, Roscuro!

    Chas, my husband heard that the game was tied as they finished the second half, and he found it online and turned it on (he has his laptop connected to a small TV for such occasions), and we got to watch the victory. That last possession by Austin was really good, and the interview with the kid who won the game (who’d from the Bahamas) was touching.

    Two weeks in a row the #1 team has been pulled under by a much lower rival. IU remains undefeated with one more game to play before they begin playing other Big Ten teams. Watching to see how far they can go, and how many wins they’ll have before they get ranked. Last year they had a lot of injuries and they were overlooked, but this year they may well be able to show again why Indiana is known for basketball and why the Big Ten is worth watching.


  18. Mouse is special and I can’t believe Cheryl was teasing her about her unique eye condition.

    I had a whirlwind day, met up this morning with a guy for what became a 90-minute interview (thanksgiving day feature I was asked — just late yesterday — to find and do), then picked up my glasses as the eye doctor’s office since they were closing at 1 p.m., then dashed home and wrote the story with the editor nagging me about when it would be done (*ding!* *ding!* *ding!” goes the office instant msg signal ever time he asked); I turned it in by 1:45 p.m. (it was “due” at 2 p.m.) but then spotted a couple typos after he posted it so those got fixed; he reminded me (actually informed me, I hadn’t been told about this before) that I still had to write an advance copy block for the local holiday parade that we’re shooting on Sunday so I did that. I’d still like to get to the credit union but am waiting to make sure no other issue pops up with my story that had to be done so hurriedly. Hate having to interview & write things on the fly like that, it’s always ripe for mistakes. I also tend to write too long, ironically, when I’m rushed like that — no time to really craft it or pare it down.

    The rain has let up for now but will return this evening and it’s set to pour through much of tomorrow.

    I use ‘segue’ quite a bit. I like it.

    The Jeep is only semi-clean, it needs some more rain.

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  19. I bought a large bag of Craisins at Sam’s for our trip and now I am snacking on them every day. I had forgotten how much I like them.

    This evening I cooked a dish I use to make, Beef Lomein, but I substituted chick peas for the beef. It is quite tasty to me. I hope Art will like it. He does not care for plain chick peas but I expect he will find them tolerable when mixed in with the other flavors.

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  20. In our county ‘Neighbor’ paper the secondary headline reads, “Historical markers to recognize lynchings.” Let’s just keep things stirred up and give justification for more violence. We live in a fascinating area.

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