30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-26-19

  1. Morning. And the local news of the day “Sorry Folks Colorado is closed”!! We have a foot of snow on the ground with an 18 inch drift up against the garage doors….we aren’t going anywhere! And we have yet to replace the broken snow thrower…it’s going to be a long day of digging out of here…they predict another 3-6 inches to fall by late afternoon….but again…it is so amazingly beautiful in this forest!!! ⛄️

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  2. I just got up. Read until 1:30 last night . . . . not because I wanted to be awake. Sigh.

    I’m off for a walk with a friend this morning. She asked, “Let me know if it’s too cold for you.”

    I told her my cutoff was 30. It’s 38 right now, so we’re a go. 🙂

    Rain expected sometime today. A relief, for sure.

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  3. We are having the ‘Should we/can we get to the kid’s for the holiday?’ discussion. There seem to be windows to me. Prayers for wisdom appreciated.

    I hope our snow blower will work again this year. My suggestions of testing it out early were not appreciated. I sympathize, Nancy Jill. Enjoy the beauty and what coziness you can.

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  4. I pulled the heavy hall floor grate (it’s black wrought iron, vintage style and very heavy with a wire ‘undercarriage’ attached with the tiniest screws to trap more dust and pet hair), cleaned everything out, replaced the filter below that with a new one, got everything back into place and turned on the heater for the first time. The cat instantly found a floor grate to lie on, the hot air blowing up and warming her tummy. The heater grates are her favorite spots during the colder winter months.

    I’m always relieved when the house doesn’t blow up the first time I turn the heater on for the season. It was installed a while ago now and I figure it might just be my old-house luck. But so far, so good, another winter and the heat is working.

    Former co-worker who lives around the corner found a 1924 newspaper ad online for her apartment courtyard which was then called Frederick Place — “New and Attractive Homes” — “Designed to furnish small families with attractive living accommodations, ready for occupancy.”

    It’s a courtyard set up, the architecture looks very much like my house, actually, in style — Spanish mission — and it would have been built just one year after my place. “12 units, each of which has 3 rooms and a bath. Every modern convenience suitable has been included in the bungalows, and built-in features … ”

    It looks just the same now, such a cute place; the windows are like mine, the tall casements with wood ‘prairie’ trims.

    We were texting about it all (she’d sent me the copy of the ad she’d found online) and I said I always wondered about the people who lived there in those early years.

    So she sent an old article saying “Well, this man did” — it was a short piece she’d also found in connection to her residence, headlined “Arrested for having undersized barracuda.” … “Frank Acalin, 25, a fisherman living at 951 W. Ninth St. (the courtyard’s address — newspapers used to always print people’s addresses), was arrested this morning at Fish Harbor on a charge of having undersized barracuda in his possession. The arrest was made by Deputy State Fish and Game Commissioner Miller.”
    Well, our rain is set to hit by Wednesday night. Thursday and possibly Friday should be a wet mess on our freeways, we’re getting 2-3 inches of rain which is a pretty good drenching for us. But it’s supposed to clear out before Saturday (sure wish my cousins would switch the date for our little road trip south back to the original plan, but seems like they’re locked in now to do it all on Sunday; sigh). Looks like another rainy day on tap for early next week.

    Up to 24 inches of snow out of this system is expected in our mountains.

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  5. Rains actually start early Wednesday so tomorrow and Thursday will be the heaviest — but then it’s showing showers throughout most of the week following.

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  6. Yes. Undersized fish are illegal to have in your possession in every state where it’s regulated.

    If 12″ is the minimum size for harvesting, having a 10″ will get you a citation. Size varies by fish species.

    They also regulate the season you may take them in as well, so we don’t interfere in the breeding cycles by removing spawning sized fish. Around here bass season is closed from April to June 1st, for the spawn. Again, a citation.

    Smart conservation is what I call it. 🙂

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  7. Some fish are considered “garbage” fish. Too plentiful, and everywhere. There’s usually no limit or season on these types. Catfish, carp, what not.

    It’s the sport fish especially, like the ‘cuda mentioned above, and the expensive, tasty ones like bluefin tuna they really are concerned with. Stocks are way down in them worldwide.


  8. Kathaleena – Your suggestion to test out the snow-blower early was a wise one. Hubby would start getting all the winter stuff ready in October, or early November at the latest, so as not to be caught by surprise if an early snow came and something wasn’t working. He’d also set out the snow shovels right outside the front and back doors, with containers of sand or salt. His elder daughter takes after him. 🙂

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  9. Chilly and clear here this morning. I can see some clouds resting on the mountains in the distance. For the last week we have had fierce winds that die off at sunset and no rain. The roads are very dry and all of the rocks have come up out of the ground. I am so grateful for the loan of this small suv.

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  10. Nightingale set her alarm to get up in the middle of the night to set up those Christmas lights outside our neighbors’ side door. Then she made sure she and Boy went out early for the bus stop, so she could see them when they came out. The wife took a look at the lights, then saw Nightingale, pointed her finger at her, and yelled, “She did it!”

    They say they’ve been “Christmas bombed”. 😀

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  11. Three weeks from today!!!! I leave here on the 18th and am planning on arriving on the 20th. with two overnight stays. Since I fly standby, I guess I fly with a wing and a prayer.

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  12. Art had an x-ray of his kidneys this morning to see how his kidney stones are looking. Maybe I will start calling the kidney stones his “pet rocks.” Because he has no pain, infection, or bleeding from them, the doc thinks he can wait for surgery. We will see after she evaluates the x-ray films.

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  13. Kizzie, one of my all-time favorite practical jokes, I never got to see the recipient’s face, and don’t even know who it was. 🙂

    I went to college in the days before cereal bars served dry cereal from big clear containers. We had the miniature boxes. It was five or six kinds, always the same ones. One day I saw a package of miniature boxes being sold at the drugstore, realized they were the same kind as the ones we had at school, and got an idea.

    The drug-store package included Lucky Charms. Our school variety did not. My cleaning job sometimes put me on kitchen rotation. So I waited till next time I cleaned the kitchen and dining room, and I was already prepared for that day. I had claimed a box of Wheaties from the dining room and pulled out its little bag. Then I tore open the Lucky Charms very carefully from the bottom, inserted the Wheaties inside, and glued the box back together.

    After break was over, I took my “Lucky Charms” (really Wheaties) to the kitchen with me and hid it in among the other boxes of cereal that were ready for breakfast the next morning. (I didn’t want some kitchen employee to find it and remove it.)

    I never got to see the scene, but I have often imagined it: One and only one very lucky student got a box of Lucky Charms, and others in line looked in vain for another. He or she got to the table, opened the little box of Lucky Charms . . . and poured out Wheaties. That student might or might not have looked at the box and realized it had been reglued. I do hope I didn’t ruin someone’s entire day!

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  14. I have been taking in the yard for the past two days. I have done about a quarter of our small front yard. So.Many.Leaves.

    It’s getting dark so early. That cuts down on the amount of yard work that can be accomplished. I had planned to ask my brother for help, but his tax prep school changed meeting days because of the holiday.

    Is anyone making any kind of craft type gifts to give as Christmas gifts?


  15. I found some beautiful Christmas cards today at Sam’s that I can work on in the afternoon of Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to doing that. I will have a pen in my hand instead of a fork.😆✍
    Save The Turkeys!🍽🔪

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  16. Long day and yes, so dark now when I get home. I grabbed the neighbors’ mail (they left today for the desert until Sunday); I’ll feed the fish in the morning, otherwise it’s a flashlight excursion into their very dark backyard where the pond is. I’m guessing she fed them this morning before they left.

    I wondered about the barracuda, too, thanks Kare & AJ. I suppose that was the big crime news back then, though I know there was at least one mysterious death in the harbor of a port commissioner that never was solved; they ruled it a suicide but he was dressed in his suit with his hat on, so something seemed fishy. Family members are still in town (Italian or Dalmatian, can’t remember which) so it’s always been a touchy issue to revisit even this many years later.

    There was a staff meeting today on all the digital analysis being done by our digital editors (which stories are prompting “subscriptions” and the like). Development and crime stories do especially well, apparently, but it’s an ongoing analysis with more to come.


  17. My favorite greeting card site (a Christian artists’ endeavor) went out of business this past year — I have enough extra cards ordered through the years to get me through for a while, this year at least (provided I can find them in the garage); but I’ll really miss those guys. 😦

    I bought some cards for Carol to give out at the local charity Christmas boutique but still need to buy some Christmas stamps for her.

    Rain starts tonight! I have a 10 a.m. interview in the morning at a local breakfast cafe & also need to pick up my new glasses before that. The Jeep should get washed in that time. I met a local for breakfast a few weeks ago to catch up and he needed a ride back to his place (he has Parkinson’s and has given up driving); I apologized that the Jeep was so dirt-covered on the outside and he said that’s OK, my kind of car is meant to look dirty, it looks like I’ve been somewhere exciting or adventurous. So I’ll go with that. 🙂

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  18. So Colorado is snowy and we’re under a tornado watch until midnight with temps in the 50s. Tomorrow night it’s going to be in the low 30s. Must be autumn in the Midwest.


  19. Yep, autumn in the Midwest. We began November with ridiculously high temperatures, I forget what. (My husband is always more impressed by fall to spring highs than I am, as I grew up in Phoenix where 80 in late November wouldn’t be unheard of.) The 11th we still had a lot of leaves on the trees when we got snow that ended up being still on the ground several days later. Yesterday we had 55 degrees and a lot of rain.

    It’s a sampler. You get to try a little bit of everything, you just can’t say, “I like that one, and I want a whole package of it please.”


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