19 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-23-19

  1. πŸ™‚ Cinnamon toast made with raspberry or apple bread is also very good.

    πŸ™‚ Bathroom renovation is almost finished. (After almost a year and a half) This is not a pleasant experience. Like birth I think I have to let the memory fade before attempting more. OTOH, it should last for years, so we should not have to do it again in this house.

    πŸ™‚ The painter did a wonderful job. I have a difficult time doing the line between ceiling and wall with my no line bifocals. He did, however, talk our ears off. We discussed a lot of politics and religion and while we did not agree on everything we were all very civilized about it. Doesn’t happen often anymore. We need the whole house painted outside and a whole lot inside. Not sure I could take all that talking to have him here for a couple of weeks to do the outside. We shall see.

    😦 Heard of the death of a ten year old who died after choking on her own vomit. The same person who shared that on the prayer chain then posted that her sister was having emergency surgery to remove half her foot, because of a bone infection. She is on two powerful anti-biotics and more meds to reduce vomiting. She is mid-forties. She needs 2-3 months off the foot and near perfect blood sugars to heal. Pray for her spiritual and physical health when you think of it.

    πŸ™‚ Our grandson, who is in high school, is playing for the school band, community band and now another men’s group asked him to play with them. He is normally alto sax, but they offered to loan him a tenor sax to play with them. He practices much and I am glad he is using his time to do it rather than so many other options.

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  2. πŸ™‚ Closest I can come to Kim’s breakfast is frozen toaster waffle. But that’s better than cold pizza leftover from last night.

    😦 Threw away a container of romaine last night, it was the 2nd bag of greens to go into the trash in 2 weeks due to frantic e-coli recall notices that seem to come so regularly now.

    πŸ™‚ Saturday

    πŸ™‚ Kim, I sometimes have the opposite issue with my friend Carol who insists on calling-calling-calling (never ever texting) — the other night she left 4 or 5 voice mails in a row while I was covering a night meeting; I’ve told her in cases like that when I don’t pick up she should text, I can usually respond much more easily that way.

    😦 I do miss being able to take Carol out, she’s essentially been shut in at her place for a year now. Her pain seems to be increasing in her legs (they’re trying to get her a hospital bed that might help as mornings are especially bad for her). She’s had quite a physical decline in this last year, which I hate seeing. But she’s still able to walk w/her walker and generally her attitude is good, considering. Sure wish there was a way for her to get to church (the MSL congregation she transferred to is very close to her residence), but all of that now seems too complicated.

    πŸ™‚ I picked up my new prescription sunglasses on Friday. I’ll use the old ones (a couple prescriptions old) for working in the yard, will leave them near the back door; now I can keep the new ones in whatever bag I’m carrying so I’ll always have them with me. My old ones usually just stayed in the car as that’s when I mostly used them, but eye doctor said to absolutely wear full sunglasses every time I go outside. It’s a hassle and I’m having trouble getting used to that.


  3. DJ, Carol didn’t come of age in the day of texting, nor was she in the workplace during the texting era. I’m happy enough not to have a smart phone and to have a good “excuse” not to text–but if I got access to texting tomorrow, I still wouldn’t want to do it. And I’m probably at least a couple of decades younger than she is. Maybe because I see so many people around me glued to their phones (and once had a housemate who was engaged and could not do five minutes of conversation without stopping to text her fiance at least once), but texting seems like the most impersonal communication method. The problem, it seems to me, is that she phones as obsessively as some people text, not that she doesn’t text.


  4. Cheryl – I’ve only been texting for a little over a couple years now, but it really is a great way to communicate without interrupting a person’s day. Many do overdo it, as they may overdo scrolling social media all day, but many others find it a useful tool.

    Nightingale and I can exchange texts during the day when she is working (not that we do this every day), and can then look at and respond to them when we have time. When Hubby was in the hospital, we would talk a little on the phone, but exchanged texts and Facebook messages (kinda like texts) throughout the day.

    Chickadee does not like talking on the phone, so texting works well for her. (Not that she does much of that, either. 😦 )

    If Carol were texting instead of calling, DJ could read and respond (or not) when she had time. (But yeah, Carol shouldn’t be doing too much of either.) Phone calls seem more “demanding”.

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  5. I agree with Kizzie. I can text my husband knowing it won’t interrupt anything important but he will see it the next time he checks his phone. Also, if I don’t want to be interrupted, I can ignore a text until I have time, but a phone call/message requires a either an instant response or time to get into the voice mail and then listen. A text is just so much quicker. You can also group text. Our full time staff use it all the time for things like changing the staff meeting time or letting others know not to park in a certain area.

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  6. I tell my agents that if they call me and I don’t answer DO NOT leave a voicemail. I will NOT listen to it. I tell them to send me a text and if I can answer that way I will and if not I will call them back. And I DO

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  7. Kizzie, I get why people like texting. But DJ already knows that side. My point is there are also reasons not to like texting, and the chance of getting a person who’s over 70 (?) to text seems remote. Not that no one over 70 ever texts, but between the unfamiliarity of it and the dexterity needed to do it, it’s a bit like expecting a senior who has never ridden a bicycle to start doing so–most won’t, so there’s no point in even wishing for it.

    For me, e-mail offers most of the same benefits as texting, but it doesn’t require using a telephone for a purpose other than telephoning, and I don’t have to press a key three times to get the third letter on that key to show up. My husband occasionally texts someone, but even he will only text a single word or maybe two because it’s such a hassle to do it. Smart phones make it easier, but texting isn’t for everyone.

    BTW, one reason I don’t like the idea of texting is that in my experience it’s actually much more of an interruption for most people. People who text tend to do so multiple times a day, people who e-mail usually do it at most once a day, and people who talk on the phone generally call less than once a day. I’d rather pick up the phone and have an actual conversation than receive texts every five minutes for two hours. Yes, people can wait and read a text later, but I don’t think most people actually do that–it’s basically being “on call” all the time.


  8. Our relative calls too often, too. He does not just do this to us, but a whole lot of people. Often he does not even care if he talks to the person he is calling. For example, when he is calling my husband and my husband is not available immediately, he will gladly just talk to me and then hang up. It is simply a bad habit. He does it when bored. He does need to call people and living alone means he does need someone to pass ideas by. However, this goes way beyond this. He has no concept about the inconvenience. He will stop when someone tells him to stop calling so often (like the person who had just had a heart attack!) but then resumes. Now that he has our cell phone number, it can be quite annoying when out and about. He will call our house phone and hang up if we don’t get there fast enough. Then we know he will call our cell phone right away. It is a balance of us having patience and yet reminding him that he needs to think of others, too.


  9. Carol has always been very tech savvy so texting shouldn’t be a problem in that sense; she had a computer long before any of us did and uses her smart phone to read, keep up on the news, entertain herself (with mind games). I think typing on a smart phone is a challenge for her, she has to use a stylus (which I would find very cumbersome, I’m a two-thumb person). So that may be part of it.

    I have told her if it’s during work hours for her to text rather than call — but evenings are different and she calls almost every night so we talk a lot, she likes to run down her day with someone and I’ve been “it” for a while now, which really is sweet and an honor. But I have to agree that often times texting just is far less intrusive during a busy day — and even in spare hours, it allows for a conversation to go on back-and-forth for a while, at each party’s convenience. I’ve had friends with whom I text off and on like that.

    It’s definitely best for relaying quick information to people and at work we all use it almost exclusively.

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  10. I should add that Carol’s not a “long-winded” talker, our conversations are about 10-15 minutes long at most. I think it (talking) is just a better way for her personally to connect with people, it’s a personal preference. But at one time a couple years ago she was calling me at work and that’s when I had to tell her to text if it’s during work hours and she’s been good about doing that when she needs to tell me something (which isn’t often, most everything can wait until evening).

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  11. Speaking of the elderly and technology. . . I knew a woman who was my mom’s age, who was involved “online” before the internet came to be, on what was called ARPANET. I thought that was pretty cool.

    Also am reminded of a discussion on one of the local Facebook pages. Someone had posted about the latest scam targeting the elderly. One woman said that if the elderly get scammed, it’s their own fault, and they deserve it for not keeping up on things. She said that her parents were in their 80s and were very tech-savvy, so other elderly should be, too. I was shocked by her harsh attitude.

    More fun on local Facebook pages. . . For years folks have been complaining that we need more business in town – for one reason so we don’t have to travel out of town for most of our needs, and also to hopefully ease the tax burden on homeowners (our mil rate is pretty high). Well, a new business opened in town on the main drag (a ways up from Main St.), and now some are complaining that there is going to be too much traffic in town. πŸ˜€

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