41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-16-19

  1. Good morning. Awake since 4:45 and it’s been a good “alone” time.
    I have a lot on my mind and have been sorting through it all.
    It’s been a long, long time since I posted “Life is good. It isn’t always great, but it’s always good”. It feels GREAT to be able to say that and truly mean it again.

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  2. Morning! Yes dear Kim life is good… ❤️
    I had a night filled with various dreams…now contemplating how to sort them out as much has stuck in my brain! Two involve confronting an issue…I am keeping them as a matter before the Lord as He directs how to proceed…or not to proceed. Yes…life is good….

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  3. Life is good. Today I will be creating natural centrepieces for our annual fundraising dinner along with two of my coworkers’ wives. We will be having good conversation and fun while doing so. I am really looking forward to it. http://www.campkadesh.com

    I am so grateful for the full time staff family we have at Kadesh. It is truly a blessing.

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  4. Good morning, all, here in the states of being which are all sounding pleasant today! Yes, life is good because Father God gives good gifts each day. Today he has given me the gift of hemming up suit trousers and the sleeves on a suit jacket Art is suppose to wear in a concert tomorrow. I am thankful we had the money to buy a suit (separates found at a deep discount), I can thread a needle and sew, and he is able to sing with a community group. I know tailored alterations would be preferred, but I think what I do should work out since it is not a lot of substantial change that involves the lining, etc.

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  5. Leaving soon to buy ink at Office Depot and then a day of laundry, writing, reading, walking and visiting with my husband. It’s another beautiful day in California . . . but we’ll take any rain.

    Unfortunately, the only person whose weather is headed my way–someday–is Jo . . .

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  6. Today is the first of two baby showers for D2. This is family at the church in our “home” town (where all 3 of our children live). Next Saturday is at D3’s church in the city where D2 lives. Either one requires travel for us. Oh well. We get to see grandchildren.

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  7. Peter – I realize my illness is messing with my mental processes, but your comment confused me. You mentioned that all three of your children live in one town, but then mentioned the city where D2 lives.


  8. Sorry to hear that, Kizzie; can you check in at an urgent care clinic?

    I feel very rested after 9 hours of sleep. I wasn’t even able to finish Blue Bloods last night, turned it off half way through I was so tired. And then I slept late. 🙂 Yes, Saturdays are different and they are wonderful for us working folk.

    I have spent considerable time buying printer ink at Office Depot since working from home. I’m trying to get better at not printing so much. Office Depot does have an ink recycling program, though, so you can bring as many as 10 old ink cartridges in each month for credit/discount on your next purchase. It helps.

    Well, I’m off to the vet’s office to pick up a refill of Cowboy’s arthritis meds; they only give those out in 30-day supplies so I can’t get my usual 90-day refills on those. Then I have very high ambitions for the rest of the day, maybe some painting in the patio, clear-coating the other gate and finding “Christmas” in the garage so I at least can be ready to decorate when the time comes.

    We’ll see how much of all that I actually get done.

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  9. DJ – You can finish the episode online if you’d like. I recorded it and will be watching it sometime today.

    Nightingale spent the night at Virginia’s house and is not home yet. She spends the night there when they get together on a Friday night, since they stay up late talking. (Boy is with his dad.) But I wish she had come home sometime this morning, as I assumed we would be going to the clinic in the morning.


  10. Kizzie, I use the “on demand” channel to catch up on things I’ve missed. Those 10 p.m. shows are getting harder to watch on some nights! I’m officially old.

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  11. I don’t think I’ve ever had a recorder — or at least have never used the ones that may (or may not, who knows) have been included in the boxes I get from the tv folks. Don’t know why, but the online and on demand options are just easier for me I suppose.


  12. Last night Hubby and I were both trying to stay awake until a somewhat reasonable time to go to bed . . . and when I mentioned that we went to bed at 9:00, that should show how weary we were. Anyway, at 6:00 or so I suggested we watch a movie. (I was no longer in any shape to edit, and I figured a movie would require little of us but would engage us enough to keep us awake.)

    We ended up watching the 2019 Lion King, which I really enjoyed. I’ve always loved African animals, and they did a really good job making the characters appear lifelike. Has anyone else seen it? The first one came out on my birthday quite a few years ago, and I had a friend take me–I’ve only seen two or three movies on opening day–and then I owned it on video and watched it several times.


  13. What an afternoon!

    On the prayer thread, I just commented that I have pneumonia. But before we got around to going to the clinic, we had another problem with X. I was concerned that we might not be able to get to the clinic before it closed.

    They keep coming up with these temporary custody agreements, tweaking each one a little bit here and there. (It feels like this is getting ridiculous.) According to the current agreement, when X has Boy overnight Friday, there were two or three specific dates when he could have him until 4:30 Saturday, and the last one was November 9. (There was supposed to be another court meeting a few days after that, but the guardian ad litem asked for more time for her investigation.) Other than those dates, he should have him home by 1:00. So Nightingale had figured that when Boy got home at 1:00, we would go to the clinic (about 20 minutes away).

    Well, X can’t seem to remember these details, and will fight to the death to prove he is right. He did not have him home by 1:00, so I was texting him what Nightingale told me about the agreement, and he was arguing with me, getting sarcastic and a bit nasty. He refused to bring him back.

    Nightingale screenshot his texts on my phone and sent them to herself to send to her lawyer. After sending an email to her lawyer, we got in the car and went to the clinic. We were able to make it back in time even with stopping to pick up my prescriptions.

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  14. Earlier I said something about my illness messing with my mental processes, and it really is. With one of my prescriptions, I was supposed to take two for the first time (only one a day after that). The package is even marked as such. I took one, thinking I would take the other one later.

    My intrepid nurse Nightingale double-checked, and saw that I had not taken the second pill, and brought it to me. 🙂

    This also has me not so stable on my feet, as my head is kind of fuzzy/lightheaded. And right now I am fighting the worst fever I have had so far with this.

    Okay, I’m finished blabbing about my symptoms now.

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  15. Forgot to mention that Nightingale had made a big pot of chicken noodle soup for me yesterday. I think it’s the best chicken noodle soup I’ve ever had, but I still can’t eat much of it at a sitting.

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  16. Understand about the mental processes. Mine are not in great shape, though I do not seem to be sick (beyond a headache that gave me waves of nausea). Spent another two grueling days of 12 hours at the end of the week and had to stay for a couple of more hours at the end of the second day (that also happened last weekend) to finish up paperwork. They just switched systems for recording the paperwork, making it more chaotic.

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  17. Hopefully, tomorrow you will want more soup. I remember only being able to sip a little after an emergency C-Section I was so weak. It always makes me laugh to see dying or very sick patients act so strongly as they lay on their beds in a movie.

    With the meds you will, hopefully, be back to normal soon. Lots of rest will be a good thing, if you can get it.

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  18. Well, I didn’t finish the 5+ things on my to-do list today.

    But I did get Cowboy’s meds picked up this morning and I got a clear coat stain/sealer on both sides of the newer, south side fence next to the house this afternoon. Feels good to get that done. Some of it was a challenge to my shortness and required some tippy-toe stretching. A sufficient amount of the sealer spray wound up on my face, glasses and T-shirt.

    And on a swing through CVS for some aspirin and I found a compact Nativity decoration for Carol; she’d mentioned she wanted a Nativity scene for her room, but their space is limited. I found this one which is probably 8×8 inches all in one piece for $9 that will fit OK on her little table or on the wide window sill. It has a little built-in battery light for the star (the star isn’t real stable in it’s slot, but it should stay put as long as it’s not moved around a lot).

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  19. Nightingale has set it up with our daycare neighbor to have Boy and get him on the school bus the three mornings this week that she works. I appreciate that.

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  20. I can’t say that I am “glad” that I have pneumonia, but I am glad to have the diagnosis. Although I try not to complain much about aches or pains or colds, I was trying to get across to Nightingale how awful I felt, but I had the feeling that she thought I was being a big baby about a cold. The diagnosis confirms that I really feel as awful as I said. 😀

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  21. Ok, I’ll stop now.

    Since I slept through the afternoon, I feel wide awake at 10 pm. on the west coast.

    Spent a couple hours hauling out some of my old purses and workbags to clean them up with saddle soap, now it feels like I have 3-4 new bags to use (that I hadn’t used in many years).


  22. DJ, a fox cub that has been taught to use a doggie door . . . what could possibly go wrong with that?

    BTW, re my new green purse: this morning I wore one of my new skirts (green) and a plaid blouse (mostly red but with several other colors). I was looking for a slip when I found a sweater my mother-in-law gave me that I hadn’t worn yet, a green heather, and I figured it would go well with the skirt, so I put it on. On the way home from church this morning, my husband told me that the sweater went with the skirt perfectly–and that the purse looked perfect with them. Tonight after church I was talking to two women, and one of them commented that the three pieces looked stunning together, but also that she isn’t used to seeing a purse match a sweater and skirt. 🙂 The other lady agreed that the outfit worked beautifully.

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  23. Nice to see you all. This no internet stinks. They are turning off all of our home internet from 8 to 5 so the departments can function. I’m at school most of that time so it is not too bad.


  24. I probably won’t be first in the morning, since I’m still up tonight . . . and since in the morning we intend to go looking for sandhill cranes. 🙂 We’ve been told of a wintering flock numbering thousands, and we have only ever seen four at a time. Wish me luck on getting some good photos! (I’m not sure I’ll be able to get a photo showing vast numbers, but I’ll get what I can, whether individuals or groups. Birds in flight would be great, and courting birds would be really wonderful–I’m not sure if they court in fall at all, but they have a lovely dance, and I’d really like to see it.)


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