8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-5-19

  1. 🙂 No doubt about my rave today; Thanking the Lord my husband’s cancer seems to have been stopped by the radiation. Continued prayer that it remains that way.

    😦 Those we know who are still fighting a difficult battle with that, including those who have glorified the Lord throughout it all while suffering so much.

    🙂 Our granddaughter should be in the Target ad next week (I think) dressed as a butterfly.

    🙂 Our former pastor left and the church is healing. I hope the division will leave as well. This has been a sad experience, but lots of people learned needed lessons. Praying for a good shepherd for this particular church should the Lord want it to remain open. I am thankful for those who work so hard to keep it going.

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  2. If you ever damage your back, rest it and take good care of it for three weeks, and then get the opportunity to lift a large crock filled with brining turkey, because you just sent thirteen year old muscles out with the chicken bucket, don’t. That would be stupid, and we don’t do stupid.

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  3. When we went to Goroka last week, we had to meet an aviation van at the guest house at 6am. As several of us stood there waiting, I looked over and saw an suv all packed and ready to go. It belonged to my friend Rob, who is 82. He was leaving for the village that day. So I went over and laid my hand on his vehicle and prayed for his trip. Last time he broke down three times before he made it and had to leave his vehicle here and rent one from the autoshop. I felt a little odd, but I called over to the other gals and asked if they wanted to join me in praying for Rob’s pajaro. They came over and we all quietly prayed. I haven’t heard from Rob, but no news is good news.

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