9 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-5-19

  1. Judicial Watch has a pried lose some hidden emails from Rod Rosenstein. It provides a window into corruption at the highest levels of the FBI. They continue to stonewall efforts at accountability.



    “1) Rosenstein was a darling of the Democratic Party news media. His email exchanges with reporters from the New York Times and the Washington Post, who fawn over him, are striking. He gets to review news stories in draft form so as to correct any misimpressions the reporter may have formed. Stories are modified per his off-the-record input. Suffice it to say that this is not how reporters treat conservatives!

    2) Reading emails to Rosenstein about the imminent appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump campaign conveys a sense of how pretty much the entire establishment has been arrayed against President Trump from the beginning. The self-righteousness–over a purported issue that we now know to be entirely fabricated–is nauseating.

    3) This laughably pretentious email by Rosenstein, to a lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis, says it all. I would love to cross-examine Rosenstein on what he means by Mueller “sharing his view.”

    4) Rosenstein acted as a political operative, behind the back of his putative boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. No doubt he would say this was appropriate because of Sessions’ recusal. Still, this is childish at best, sinister at worst. You get the sense of Rosenstein and Mueller scheming together. Again, click to enlarge:

    It is a very small window on to a very corrupt culture.”


  2. Brennan is being exposed as well.


    “Chaffetz: John Brennan ‘frightened to death’ over Barr-Horowitz inquiry into Russia probe’s roots”

    “Jason Chaffetz commented on onetime CIA Director John Brennan’s “concern” with Attorney General William Barr’s role in investigating the origins of the Russia probe? Why? He says Brennan feels as he does because he’s “implicated.”

    “The Trump administration … under A.G. Barr had been able to uncover there is a lot of evidence more than … smoking guns, there’s actual evidence out there,” Chaffetz said Thursday on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

    “This is Attorney General Barr doing his job. It’s President Trump doing his job to get to the bottom of this.”

    Chaffetz added: “Up all of a sudden then pops up the Hunter Biden stuff along the way, but Brennan, in particular, has been implicated indirectly.””


    “The former congressman said Brennan and Clapper are “frightened” of the investigation, and he maintained that Barr is doing the right thing by digging in personally.

    “I think Brennan and Clapper have both shown their political bias. I think they’re frightened to death that Michael Horowitz report is on the verge of coming out, that Mr. Durham has been on their tail, that the truth is going to be exposed,” Chaffetz said.”


  3. We’ll stick with corrupt govt. employees…..


    “The CIA’s involvement in the Steele dossier fraud and its use of college professor agents against the Trump campaign were cartoonish. The dossier reads as though it was written late in the evening after a few drinks.

    The current CIA whistleblower operation is dramatically more sophisticated. The written complaint was obviously put together by teams of experts. It’s all nonsense, but it’s excellent nonsense. There’s sloppiness — the inspector general got caught altering whistleblower procedures to grease the wheels for this operation, as discovered by Sean Davis at the Federalist. But the CIA is evolving and becoming better at operations against American political targets. I give the agents a tip of the hat for their professional improvement.

    The CIA is far from being the murderous threat of a KGB or Gestapo, and its tactics so far have been weasely, assaulting our democratically elected leadership with sneakiness and innuendo. Nevertheless, its attacks on President Trump have been the most significant attacks our president has faced. CIA employees have no intention of assassinating Donald Trump, but they do seek to assassinate his presidency.

    The CIA’s founders would be horrified. They insisted as a condition of the CIA’s founding in 1947 that it was not to be a KGB or a Gestapo that preyed upon its own citizens. The CIA was forbidden from targeting Americans or running operations in the United States. Yet here we have the unthinkable: a CIA officer working an intelligence operation against the president, within the White House.

    Today, the CIA is overwhelmingly a domestic organization. The reason for this is its massive growth and presence in the Washington area. More than 90% of its employees never leave the D.C. area, and the idle hands of its legions of bored employees do the devil’s work. Its foreign targets are far away and hard to get at, so it naturally turns to spying upon Americans.

    Whenever CIA employees become public figures, their biographies reveal a near total lack of foreign espionage work. John Brennan has zero experience and is a pure Washington creature. Valerie Plame, despite the movie starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, had nearly zero foreign experience. She had the talent to do good work, but the CIA kept her in Washington. The Intelligence Community inspector general is just a D.C. lawyer. The current whistleblower will prove to be a person whose only spying has been against the White House.

    CIA employees in Washington don’t get to zip around the world on exciting missions. The CIA’s overseas stations control foreign turf and don’t like headquarters people stumbling around.

    Socialists once perceived the CIA as a right-wing, swashbuckling gang that deposed communist dictators such as Salvador Allende and attempted the assassination of Fidel Castro. In the last couple of decades, though, the left has figured out that the CIA is on its side. The CIA is just tens of thousands of donut-eating Big Government employees in Northern Virginia whose votes have turned Virginia blue.”


  4. But don’t you dare call them @#$%holes.


    “Democrat Cities Are Sanctuary Nightmares

    Politicians who push for sanctuary laws should not be tolerated when they obfuscate and smear those who disagree. Instead they should be held to account for the violence and misery that come from their faux compassion.”

    In the age of 24-hour news cycles where virtually everything has been politicized, a strange phenomenon has developed. Propaganda—described more accurately as “lies”—believed by many and challenged by few, is carrying the day. Only after a preponderance of evidence to the contrary accumulates over time does the public begin to question whether, let alone realize they have been sold a bill of goods.

    Examples of this are ubiquitous, and nowhere seen more clearly than on the immigration issue.

    Anti-borders politicians loudly proclaimed that there was no crisis at our southern border, until the undeniable facts caused them to reverse course and admit the obvious. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) once suggested that even members of the notoriously violent Central American gang MS-13 have “the spark of divinity” in them and hence deserve a chance here. We haven’t heard that talking point in a while, as details of the gang’s penchant for rape, drug trafficking, and murder have become known.

    The latest talking point to wither and die in the light of truth is that sanctuary policies make communities safer, and that they protect immigrant communities. This can no longer be stated with any credibility. Sanctuary laws are poison for communities, and immigrants disproportionately are suffering as a result of them.

    The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) recently compiled a list of America’s Worst Sanctuary Communities, and the details that emerged should act as a disturbing wakeup call to all Americans. Illegal aliens given “sanctuary” and protected from deportation have been charged with heinous acts.”


  5. What our pastor posted about the judge who gave her Bible to the police officer sentenced to 10 years the other day:


    “She could have handed her a book by Camus, Sartre or Bertrand Russell, espousing their immaterial convictions (religion) without conflict. But the Bible contains the offense of the gospel. It will not be suffered by a dying and apostate culture.”

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  6. From the young black leader conference at the White House….

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  7. I have to say, it’s a bit surreal to wake up to the news that a rock drummer (Cream) you remember from your college years has died — at the age of 80!?? Yikes. How is that even remotely possible?

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