7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-7-19

  1. I have never, before this week, heard of VAPING.
    Now, I hear that people are dying from it.
    I have a hard time feeling sorry for them, from what little I know about it.
    Like playing Russian roulette. Someday it will get you.

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  2. Yes, but they do not realize it. At least one of my grandsons has been discovered vaping. It is a time of life when it seems important to fit in for many teens. The ramifications are not something they think about at all. One can only pray, hope they actually hear the warnings and heed them.

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  3. Many of my children vape. It was supposed to help smokers quit but the advertising and taste are designed to hook children. Very effective. A lot of young people vape.


  4. Last night’s attempt at sleep was bad even by my poor standards, with a long day of emotional land mines to traverse in uncomfortable shoes and clothes today.

    There are a lot of people here to chat with— I count 45 relatives and many old family friends and business colleagues of my father’s, who also work with my brother.

    (Actually, it’s fun to talk about the characters who raised me. I miss them).

    Just my maiden name provoked conversation, not to mention I hang out with a flock of charming girls, and adorable toddler or a sweet baby—sometimes all at once.

    Oh, and then there are the British outlaws I keep tabs on and, of course, my 89 year old uncle.

    My husband will be wearing his dress blue uniform with medals and gold cummerbund, which draws even more attention. He’ll be fine.

    The next week is very busy and I will be talking even more than usual. Could you pray I sleep at night?

    It’s not good to go into a ministry trip exhausted.

    Or, at least I don’t think the Lord needs to use my weakness to prove His strength. I really get it. 🙂

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  5. Michelle, I empathize. I went to bed at least three times last night, but note that I posted on here at 4 a.m., when I had not yet been to sleep at all. And I have work that needs to get done and the need to support my husband during the next few days in a time that will be stressful to him, but I’m barely plodding.

    May the wedding be sweet and the time with family and friends good, and then may you sleep well tonight. (Me too!)

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