35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-6-19

  1. Morning! Oh what a glorious photo up there!
    A sweet friend in Myrtle Beach said her house was “rockin’ and rollin’” last night. She said she thought the roof was going to fly off…and I haven’t heard from her yet this morning. 😞
    Off to a coffee meeting this morning then to a Phil Keaggy music gathering tonight. 🎸 ☕️
    Sleep well RK…!

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  2. It’s another hot and dry day in Atlanta. It was 95 yesterday for the above normal high. 92 is the predicted high for today. My brother is mowing the grass while it is still cool. I just finished my Bible study. I think my brother and I may take Karen to a doctor appointment later.

    Glad to here where you are is safe, Chas.

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  3. Our south wall was covered in moths this morning. I left the light on for eighteen to come in after her trip with her HI worker to watch the football game. She did not think to turn it off. There must be a couple hundred moths on the wall, mostly one kind. We only found two that did not look like the others.

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  4. And just think, I’ll get to see that cut grass!

    First wedding event done. It’s off to the LaBrea tar pits later this morning, the beach for lunch, the white party for dinner. (We all come dressed in white clothes. Mothers of young children are not optimistic).

    Had a fun dinner with some British relatives recently discovered. The wife grew up in Finland.

    Honestly, I’ve never given Finland any thought until three months ago when we agreed to take the foreign exchange students.

    Now, Finns keep turning up in the most unlikely places!

    In the middle of the dinner party, my brother discovered his furnace, located under the house, was covered in water. He was a wreck waiting for plumber to arrive.

    Imagine the bill. The plumber arrived after we left at 8:30.

    My brother texted later it was believed to be a leaky pipe. “Well, the furnace needed to be replaced anyway.”

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  5. Today is one of Nightingale’s days off. After running an errand, she went to the local coffee shop and bought us lattes and scones, and brought them home. Then we sat at the table, enjoying our lattes and scones, and talking for a while. It had been a while since we’d done something like that, and I enjoyed it very much, and was grateful to God for that time.

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  6. Forgot to mention that while Nightingale was out running her errand and going to the coffee shop, I cleared off the dining room table, and put on the fall-themed table runner. We had already done a little fall decorating in the dining room and living room, and the fall wreath is on the front door. We both love this time of year.

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  7. Fall is the best season. Probably time to change the door wreath here, also. But I’m kind of waiting until this heat spell goes away, can’t quite get myself into the ‘fall’ mood here yet until that happens. It’s supposed to start cooling off a little this weekend with the return of the cool/moist, ocean air flowing back onshore.

    It never really cooled down much last night, felt in the high 70s or even 80ish. The fans save me on those nights. Late last night it didn’t even feel like it had cooled down outside very much and there was no breeze, just still, very warm air.

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  8. If it cools off at night your body at least has a chance to recover from the daytime heat. But when it stays warm, that doesn’t happen and you’re just dragging the next morning as the temperatures ramp up again.


  9. There’s a renovation planned for the pits:



    Future of La Brea Tar Pits’ Mammoth Uncertain as 3 Design Teams Propose Revamp

    Three architect-led teams have unveiled conceptual approaches for reimagining the famed La Brea Tar Pits, an active Ice Age excavation site in the middle of Los Angeles. …

    More than 400,000 people visit the Tar Pits annually, which have yielded millions of fossils including saber-toothed cats, dire wolf and mastodon skeletons, as well as samples of plants, small animals and insects that give insight into 50,000 years of history.

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  10. This is Boy’s night with his dad. Nightingale and I are soon going to have a late dinner (because she forgot to put the pork – for pulled pork – in the crock pot on time), and watch a movie.

    X was supposed to take Boy to football practice this evening. He did not. 😦

    Please see the prayer request I’ll be putting a request on the prayer thread after this.

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  11. Besides cutting the grass and taking Karen to the eye doctor, we went to the hardware store and got a new toilet seat since the old one was looking quiet worn. Nothing like having company to justify such a decorative item for the household. That’s a big clue as to my interior decorating skills!

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  12. I have also been trying to complete a corporate request for a vacation package for a silent auction for Christian Library International. Since I can’t write as small as my brother does, I had to get him to rewrite the application to fit all my words on the available lines. When working beside him in the tax business I use to try to encourage him to write larger so I could read telephone messages and such. Asking him to use his skill at writing small today was a joy.

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  13. I can report that I achieved my goal for today. My plan was to go sleep a couple of hours at my daughter’s house, then drive down the mountain to home and sleep there. I never woke up until 3 pm, and then went back to sleep until 5:30. Got up and got ready to head back to work. Good thing I had a bag packed with extra.

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  14. Anonymous @ 6:00 – Is that Chas saying “Boo” or someone booing Chas?

    As for redundancies like those mentioned, doesn’t it irk you to hear someone say “ATM machine” or “PIN number”?

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  15. Then there is this one. Cheryl might remember the ancient volcano between Phoenix and Tucson called Picacho Peak. Yep, you guessed it.


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