24 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-5-19

  1. The president’s detractors are now hung up on a sharpie, because reality isn’t to their liking. 🙂

    And I can see why. They’ve been wrong on everything! Here’s even more.


    “Russia probe reckoning? DOJ facing rising pressure to release surveillance documents and more”

    “The Justice Department is facing a new wave of pressure, in court and on Capitol Hill, to release key documents pertaining to the origins of the FBI’s Russia meddling probe.

    With a batch of internal and inspector general reviews already beginning to shed more light on the bureau’s handling of that politically explosive case, the push for documents marks another avenue for those seeking a full accounting of the investigation. Most recently, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., released a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr seeking the declassification of numerous files related to evidence also sought by former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s attorneys.

    And late Tuesday evening, President Trump jumped back into the fray with a tweet that quoted activist Charlie Kirk in an interview with Fox Business Channel’s Trish Regan: “To declassify is so important because if this were a Democrat President or a Democrat Candidate, that was spied on the way President Trump was spied on, this would be a scandal that would make Watergate look like nothing.”

    Trump earlier this year gave Barr the authority to declassify documents related to 2016 campaign surveillance. A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment Tuesday on the request from Graham, which was expansive.

    In his letter, Graham detailed a wide range of documents he’d like to see declassified including Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants obtained concerning anyone associated with the Trump campaign, as well as “all documents the inspector general identifies as appropriate for declassification as much as possible, without harming national security.”

    Graham also formally requested “documents and communications related to the defensive briefings given to both the Clinton and Trump campaigns.”

    “In order for the inspector general to be able to present the most complete results of his investigation to Congress and the American people, certain documents will need to be declassified and released to the public,” Graham said.”


  2. While I’m sure the Deep Staters will run interference at the DoJ, it’ll be harder to do here.

    The man Ricky and numerous others falsely slandered has filed suit. Discovery should be a blast. 🙂


    “Rep. Devin Nunes is suing Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Steele dossier, and a liberal watchdog group.

    The Republican accuses Fusion GPS and Campaign for Accountability of working together to derail his investigation into Fusion GPS.

    Campaign for Accountability paid Fusion GPS nearly $140,000 for research last year. The group also filed three ethics complaints against Nunes, including one that accused him of leaking information about Fusion GPS.

    Campaign for Accountability official Daniel Stevens has denied hiring Fusion GPS to investigate Nunes.

    Rep. Devin Nunes filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against opposition research firm Fusion GPS and the Campaign for Accountability, accusing the two of smearing him over his investigation into Fusion GPS’s and the Steele dossier.

    The complaint, which the California Republican filed in federal court in Virginia, alleges that Fusion GPS and Campaign for Accountability (CfA) worked on a “joint and systematic effort to intimidate, harass, threaten, influence, interfere with, impede, and ultimately to derail” Nunes’ investigation of the dossier, which he directed as chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).

    In the lawsuit, Nunes draws a link between CfA payments to Fusion GPS and a string of ethics complaints that the watchdog group filed against him last year.

    The Daily Caller News Foundation reported Aug. 1 that CfA’s 2018 tax filings show the group paid Fusion GPS nearly $140,000 unspecified research activities.

    CfA filed three complaints against Nunes with the Office of Congressional Ethics. In a Jan. 25, 2018 complaint, CfA accused Nunes of leaking sensitive House Intelligence Committee information about Fusion GPS.”


  3. Like I said, the DoJ still has issues. and DSers to weed out, like those responsible for this clear misconduct.


    “On Friday, while most of America prepared for the long Labor Day weekend, things exploded in the Michael Flynn case. What began with an intriguing status report, which exposed the chasm between Flynn’s new powerhouse attorney Sidney Powell and prosecutors, culminated with Powell’s filing of a 19-page brief detailing prosecutorial misconduct and seeking sanctions against government attorneys for withholding evidence.

    Flynn, who pleaded guilty in late 2017 to lying to FBI agents about conversations he had in December 2016 with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, awaits sentencing before federal Judge Emmett Sullivan. In Friday’s status report, prosecutors told Sullivan that Flynn’s “cooperation has ended” and that the case is ready for sentencing.

    Conversely, Powell argued “the case is not ready for sentencing,” first because new counsel still needs “a significant amount of time” to review the mountainous file. But it was the additional reasons for a delay Powell detailed that piqued the interest of pundits.

    “There are serious issues to be addressed by the Court before we can proceed further,” prosecutor-turned-defense-attorney Powell wrote. “First, the government continues to deny our requests for security clearances,” and the impasse requires court intervention, Powell argued. Among the classified information Powell sought clearance to review are “the transcripts and recordings of the phone calls that supposedly underpin the charges against Mr. Flynn,” and “the original or first draft of the FBI 302 of the interview of Mr. Flynn on January 24, 2017,” as well as “any records or documents that show everyone who made changes to that 302.”

    Powell’s status report position ended with a note that Flynn’s defense team “expect[ed] to identify more issues for the Court promptly, and we will file the appropriate motions to address those issues as soon as possible.”

    Powell soon proved to be a woman of her word, when hours later she filed a “Motion to Compel Production of Brady Material” under seal, and an accompanying brief in support of that motion, which was filed on the public record. (Under Brady and its progeny, the government must turn over material favorable evidence—called exculpatory evidence—as well as material evidence adversely affecting the credibility of a government’s witness, known as impeachment evidence.)

    In her brief in support of the motion to compel, Powell pulled no punches. “The suppression of Brady evidence by the government here is ripe for a finding of contempt of this Court’s Standing Order,” Powell pronounced, referencing the order Judge Sullivan entered shortly after the case was transferred to him in December 2017.

    That order required the “the government to produce to defendant in a timely manner—including during plea negotiations—any evidence in its possession that is favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment.” Sullivan further ordered the government, if it “has identified any information which is favorable to the defendant but which the government believes not to be material,” to “submit such information to the Court for in camera review.””


  4. Cutting off your nose…..


    “Former Foster Kids Show What Philadelphia Loses By Defenestrating Catholics Over Gay Marriage

    Around the country, the goal of ideological conformity appears to be far more important than helping desperate children. What will the Supreme Court say about this anti-religious discrimination?”

    “More than 25 years ago, three-year-old Brittany prayed for someone to play with as she watched the children at the Our Lady of Victory Catholic School playground across from her grandmother’s house in Philadelphia. Brittany’s grandmother is Sharonell Fulton, one of the foster parents now asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up their case against the City of Philadelphia for freezing foster care referrals through Catholic Social Services because CSS refuses the city’s demand that it violate church teaching and certify same-sex couples as foster parents.

    While Brittany was praying for a playmate, Wayne Thomas and his brother Sean were living in a dilapidated house with a drug-addicted uncle and aunt who fought viciously. During one fight, the boys’ uncle mistakenly threw boiling water on them. Wayne thinks a neighbor called the police after hearing their cries. An ambulance was soon rushing the boys (age 5 and 7) to the hospital for medical treatment. Upon their discharge, CSS placed Wayne and Sean in foster care with Fulton.

    It turns out Wayne Thomas was the answer to Brittany’s playmate prayers, but Wayne’s prayers were answered too, through Fulton. Wayne stayed with Brittany and her younger siblings in the Fulton home until he was 19. Wayne and his brother consider Brittany and Fulton’s other two grandchildren their siblings. And Fulton? Wayne calls her “Meme.”

    Now 31, Wayne says, “Meme was like a mother to me.” He credits her and CSS for his success in life. While he was an Our Lady of Victory Catholic School sixth-grader, Wayne represented the school at the World Youth Day in Germany in 2005 — an honor Meme talks about to this day.

    Following graduation from middle school, Wayne went on to study at Mercy Career and Technical School, a private, Catholic vocational training high school. After this, he accepted a job as an HVAC technician. He has worked at the same company for the past 12 years. “I look at my life and the lives of my other siblings who did not go to foster care,” he says. “I think that my life is better because of what foster care gave me.”

    Philadelphia Denies Children Excellent Foster Parents

    “Meme” is, by all accounts, an exemplary foster mother in a city that desperately needs foster parents. Meme opened her home to more than 40 other foster children over the years. Wayne remembers that he and Meme would plant a tree whenever a new foster child came to live with them. “She said that the tree represented new growth, new opportunities,” says Wayne. “Now when I visit Meme’s home, I see those trees. I think about my life — still growing, still thriving.”

    Meme is still ready to take in more foster kids through CSS in a city desperate to find foster parents. Philadelphia is desperate, but not desperate enough, apparently, to continue working with an organization that placed needy children in loving Philadelphia foster homes for more than 100 years.

    When the City of Philadelphia assumed exclusive control over foster care 50 years ago, CSS, a part of the Philadelphia Archdiocese, and other private agencies partnered with the city’s foster care program. Since then, CSS has certified and supported countless foster care parents opening their homes to children. The archdiocese considers CSS’s work part of its ministry, just as many of the CSS-certified foster parents, Meme among them, see fostering children as an expression of their faith.

    In early 2018, however, the city demanded that CSS agree to endorse same-sex couples as foster parents. CSS refused, citing centuries-old Catholic teaching on marriage and the family. It proposed referring same-sex couples to one of the other 29 foster care agencies partnering with the city. But the city’s commitment to longtime foster parents such as Meme Fulton and foster children such as Wayne was less important than political grandstanding.

    Unwilling to accommodate CSS, the city refused to refer any more children for foster placement to the agency. It was the beginning of a brutal campaign against CSS. One city official had the audacity to instruct CSS leadership in the teachings of the Catholic Church, while the mayor initiated a human rights investigation of the agency. “Times have changed,” the city declared.”


  5. They’re the fascists they rail against.


    ““This Is Insane”: Leftists Begin Blacklist In Pittsburgh To Get Trump-Supporters’ Businesses “Closed Down””

    “Debra Messing would be proud, eh? The effort to destroy the livelihoods of those who do not accept The Approved Groupthink has expanded outside of Hollywood all the way to Pittsburgh. Either oppose Donald Trump in 2020 or get run out of town on a rail, small business owners!

    To quote Steely Dan, ironically — What a glorious time to be free:

    Local social media is abuzz over efforts in Pittsburgh to identify and boycott businesses owned by supporters of President Donald Trump.

    “I think it’s important because people have a right to know where their money is going,” Pittsburgh blogger Brian Broome told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Tuesday. …

    “If there is a specific ideology that you don’t support, you are well within your rights not to hand that money to someone who supports that ideology,” says Broome. “Trump supporters have boycotted everything from Keurig to Nike, so I don’t know why, quote-unquote, the other side can’t decide not to give their money to businesses as well.”

    Except that it’s not just a boycott, even by the terms of the now-suspended Facebook post. The boycotts that Broome cites are a withholding of personal custom, aimed at large corporations. This effort takes aim at small businesses, and it’s not to deprive the businesses of personal patronage. They want to chase these people out of business altogether:

    The new website promises to include, “a database of Trump-supporter owned businesses in the Pittsburgh area, as well as tips for how to get those specific businesses closed down.”

    That’s not a boycott. It’s a manifesto for street action against political opponents, no matter what the cost. Too bad about all the lost jobs, I suppose, but ya gotta crack a few eggs to make a socially acceptable omelette, people.”


  6. Georgia and the Carolina’s are being hit by Dorian.


    “Inland flooding a threat as Dorian advances
    Torrential rains are expected along and near Dorian’s path as it moves up the Southeast coast. The NOAA/NWS Weather Prediction Center has placed most of coastal South Carolina and southernmost North Carolina under a high risk for excessive rains leading to flash flooding from Thursday into early Friday morning.

    The very heaviest rains may not extend quite as far inland from Dorian as with some other recent hurricanes that hammered the Carolinas with catastrophic inland flooding, such as Matthew (2016) and Florence (2018). Dorian is not being steered by a strong upper trough, and the hurricane will not be crossing a strong preexisting frontal zone, two factors that can enhance rainfall. Extensive dry air may also limit inland rainfall. Still, inland flooding along and near the coastal zone will remain a serious threat, and it could exacerbate any storm surge flooding in estuaries and coastal rivers. We can expect widespread 6 – 10” rains within about 100 miles of the coast, with localized totals of 10-15” or more.

    For those interested in monitoring Dorian’s rainfall and river flooding in detail, the U.S. Geological Survey has created a Dorian-focused tool that provides a real-time look at how various stream levels compare to various percentiles, ranging from normal to all-time daily highs and lows. “


  7. Huh. And here all this time some people have insisted that this guy was a good, loyal Republican.

    Just one more thing they got wrong.


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  8. Looks like the outrage mob’s victory was short lived. 🙂


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  9. It started with Trump making an honest mistake. However, instead of admitting he goofed or dropping the subject, what followed was Peter Sellers level slapstick comedy.

    I am going to miss that comedy. The stern-faced reaction of The Cult is a big part of the show.

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  10. Hey maybe you should call for his impeachment again Ricky.

    Like I said…..

    Anything to distract from how wrong you were……. about everything.


  11. Democrats are finally taking off the mask…..



  12. Even turncoat SE Cupp calls him on it.


    But then she got called out too.


  13. —————


  14. Who said religion is dead? 🙂




    (post is quoting from a tweet by Greta Thunberg who said:

    “… I had no energy, no friends, and I didn’t speak to anyone. I sat alone at home with an eating disorder. All of that is gone now, since I have found a meaning in a world that sometimes seems shallow and meaningless to so many people. “)

    “I have found a meaning.”

    Never mind the legitimate observation about how climate activism has become a substitute religion; the problem with finding your profound meaning in a particular cause is that it makes you commit to the apocalyptic version of that cause, such that you are unwilling to modify your views in the light of changing facts or circumstances. This is a large part of what makes it nearly impossible to have sensible deliberations about either climate risk or climate policy. The true believers turn everything up to 11, and brook no dissent.

    The immovable stances of the climate change advocates always intrigues me. By its very nature, science is a moving pursuit, open to new and changing information as it becomes available. It’s not cast in stone, it’s not ‘settled,’ in that sense. But advocates have wedded themselves in the deepest possible way to a particular scenario and expected outcome that nothing will move them, not even new evidence I suspect.


  15. I am still not going to vote for Trump or any Democrat in 2020. That would just be too embarrassing. However, the last few days have convinced me to root for Trump. If he loses, it will be as bad as the day when King of the Hill or Get Smart was cancelled. I can only watch A Shot in the Dark or Young Frankenstein so many times. Trump is a modern day Mo Howard.

    Wrecking the Western Alliance, the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement is a small price to pay for four more years of world class slapstick comedy. Make America Guffaw again! Trump 2020!


  16. Solar,

    I actually find some of the Trump/Sharpie tweets funny.

    What I don’t find amusing is a guy who was wrong about everything Trump related being the one making fun of someone else being wrong on something so minor, while ignoring the lumber sticking out of his own eyes.

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