44 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-28-19

  1. Panic and run time!

    There’s about to be a bacon shortage.


    “The world is looking at a potential shortage of bacon and other pork products as African Swine Fever, nicknamed ‘Pig Ebola’, has spread through Asia.

    Last August, a farm with fewer than 400 hogs on the outskirts of Shenyang was found to harbor African swine fever, the first ever occurrence of the contagious viral disease in the country with half the world’s pigs. Forty-seven head had died, triggering emergency measures including mass culling and a blockade to stop the transportation of livestock. Within days, a government notice proclaimed the outbreak “effectively controlled.”

    It was too late. By then, the disease had literally gone viral, dispersed across hundreds of miles in sickened animals, contaminated food, and in dirt and dust on truck tires and clothing. Nine months later, the contagion has spread nationwide, crossed borders to Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia, and bolstered meat markets globally.

    While official estimates count 1 million culled hogs, slaughter data suggest 100 times more will be removed from China’s 440 million-strong swine herd in 2019, the Chinese zodiac’s “year of the pig.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast in April a decline of 134 million head — equivalent to the entire annual output of American pigs — and the worst slump since the department began counting China’s pigs in the mid 1970s.

    Thailand has now banned the import of pigs from Myanmar, in hopes to stop the spread of the highly contagious virus any further in Asia.

    There is no vaccination for African swine fever, which causes pigs to internally hemorrhage until they die.

    The only option to contain the disease is to kill any contaminated animals.

    Some estimates say that in China up to 200m animals may eventually be slaughtered.

    The virus can last for several weeks on anything from clothes to vehicles. Allowing for it to easily travel long distances.

    Eastern Europe has also been battling ‘Pig Ebola’, with the most recent cases being reported in Serbia.

    While most affected countries in the region aren’t major pork producers, they remain in close proximity to key exporters further west. African swine fever has leaped into the global spotlight, as China — home to half the world’s hogs — and other Asian nations lost millions of pigs from outbreaks that began a year ago.

    “The outbreak situation in eastern member states remains pressing,” Rabobank analysts said in a July report. Risks of the disease’s spread have spurred “pessimism” among producers in northern Europe and discouraged herd expansion.

    If there is any good news to be had in this story, it is that American farmers may benefit from meeting the global pork demands.”


  2. Quid Pro Joe.


    “Execs claim Biden’s brother offered Biden’s help promoting business venture

    New allegations tie the former VP directly to his brother’s private dealings.”

    “Joe Biden’s younger brother told potential business partners that the former vice president would help their firm land business with court systems and would incorporate their health care model into his 2020 presidential campaign, according to new allegations made in a court filing in Tennessee.

    The allegations are consistent with others made over the years that relatives of Biden have sought to enrich themselves off of his public service. But they go further, representing the first explicit claims that James Biden offered to have the former vice president use his clout to further private business interests.

    The allegations come in sworn declarations made by executives at firms suing Biden’s brother that were filed in federal court on Friday. They do not allege any wrongdoing by Joe Biden or indicate that the former vice president had knowledge of his brother’s alleged promises.

    Neither George Mesires, a lawyer for James Biden, nor Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, immediately responded to a request for comment on the new allegations.

    The firms, Azzam Medical Services and Diverse Medical Management, provide rural health care solutions. They sued James Biden and his business partners in June, claiming that, beginning in 2017, the group offered disingenuously to partner with the firms as part of a fraudulent scheme to bankrupt them and steal their business models.”


  3. This explains a lot.

    Omar the homewrecker.




    “Report: Ilhan Omar is a Home Wrecker Says Jilted Spouse of Political Consultant

    Rumors swirled earlier this month of a possible affair between Omar and political consultant Tim Mynett.”


    “According to Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett, her husband Tim Mynett told her in April of his affair with the congresswoman. He also “made a ‘shocking declaration of love’” for her.

    From The New York Post:

    The physician, 55, and her 38-year-old husband — who has worked for left-wing Democrats such as Omar and her Minnesota predecessor, Keith Ellison — have a 13-year-old son together.

    “The parties physically separated on or about April 7, 2019, when Defendant told Plaintiff that he was romantically involved with and in love with another woman, Ilhan Omar,” the court papers say.

    Beth Mynett told her husband that she still loved him and was “willing to fight for the marriage” even after his admission, according to the court papers. The pair had been living together for six years before marrying in 2012, the filing said.

    But Tim Mynett told her he was through, the suit says.”


  4. Oh, and along with immigration, tax, and various other frauds we can now add more campaign finance violations, so she could fly her boy toy around with her.


    “Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Funded Travel For Man She’s Alleged To Have An Affair With, Records Show”

    “Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign has disbursed tens of thousands of dollars in “travel expenses” to the company owned by the political strategist whose wife accused him Tuesday of having an affair with the Minnesota Democrat.

    Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveal the Omar campaign began making travel reimbursements to Tim Mynett’s company, E. Street Group, LLC, on April 1, about a week before Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett said her husband admitted to having an affair with the congresswoman, according to a divorce filing the New York Post first reported on.

    Omar’s campaign funded $21,547 in travel for E. Street Group starting in April, FEC records show. Tim Mynett is a partner with the company, according to his LinkedIn profile.

    Beth Mynett said in her court filing that Tim Mynett’s “extensive travel” with Omar is likely unrelated to his work with E. Street Group.

    “Defendant’s more recent travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with Rep. Omar than with his actual work commitments,” the document states.

    Government ethics watchdog Tom Anderson of the conservative National Legal and Policy Center said Omar may have violated campaign finance law if she used campaign funds to pursue a romantic affair.”


  5. Good.

    Illegals have no 1st Amendment rights. They also have no right to openly work against our govt. and to continue to flaunt our laws.


    “According to Vice News, the Department of Homeland Security appears to be targeting foreign nationals who are engaging in political activity in the United States while being here illegally.

    Since President Trump took office, ICE has arrested at least 20 undocumented activists. As that figure continues to rise, advocates across the country increasingly worry they’re being targeted because of their activism — not their immigration status.

    Marcos Baltazar, an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala who sits on the board of the Alabama-based immigrants’ rights group Adelante, was arrested during a routine check-in on Thursday. He and his 18-year-old son are being held at the Etowah County Detention Center, a facility plagued by allegations of human rights abuses.

    Though Adelante has been hesitant to accuse ICE of detaining Baltazar because of his advocacy work, he’s not the first high-profile activist the agency has arrested. The next day, Francisco Silva, a volunteer with the Chicago-based Organized Communities Against Deportations, was also arrested during a bond review Friday even though an immigration judge released him on bond in 2015. And in May, immigration officers arrested an undocumented college student just three days after he read a poem criticizing the agency.

    Up until now, these foreign nationals have utilized the U.S. political system to advance their interests in the U.S. and actually viewed that activism as a sort of protection from any enforcement action on their illegal status. Lawmen would be afraid of bad press, so the logic went, if they arrested a politically vocal illegal immigrant, which of course created an incentive to being vocal. Self-interest is as applicable to illegal immigrants seeking protection as it is to capitalists trying to turn a profit through free market mechanisms. And there was some truth to this view as illegal immigrants staged church sanctuary showdowns to avoid deportation and then escaped any enforcement action that other illegal immigrants didn’t.”

    But there’s something astonishingly wrong about foreign nationals engaging in political activity in the U.S. to advance their own interests, given that the U.S. has laws against foreign interference in its internal affairs and rightly busts nationals from nations such as China, Russia and Iran for violating them. Those people know the laws and engage in their nefarious activities in secret. Illegals, by contrast, make themselves and their lawbreaking as shamelessly public as possible. So much for ‘living in the shadows.’ Less shadow, more protection.

    A secondary bad effect of this is that their activism actually acts as an incentive to encourages more illegal immigration. After all, if you are a would-be illegal migrant in a country that’s developed the criminal networks to profit from illegal immigration and you see open activism advocating your interests in the states, the first thing you’re going to think is not that illegals should be legalized, but that illegal immigration itself is a zero-risk proposition. It’s so poorly enforced that even illegal immigrants can partake in the political rights of U.S. citizens in their own country no less.

    A third problem with this scenario is that you’re also going to think that living in opposition to U.S. laws, engaging in rage against the U.S. — instead of just learning to assimilate and adjust to U.S. laws — is the best way to benefit from life in the U.S. That’s a heckuva bad way to get started on life in America, and it’s self-contradictory to boot. Immigrants historically have been grateful for their new lives in the states, not screeching ingrates breaking U.S. laws and then screaming about ‘injustice.'”


  6. Things are about to get very interesting in Great Britain.

    Like certain other people we know, the Brits appear to be losing their capacity for self-government.

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  7. Principles?

    Pfffftttt….. you forget who we’re talking about?


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  8. The Squad is now parroting terrorist orgs on the House floor.


    “‘The claims made in the bill originate mostly from a group that could be described as the propaganda arm of a terrorist organization.”

    “Many Americans now know that Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar—two members of “the squad” of far-left congresswomen so much in the news—were recently barred from traveling to Israel to agitate for the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement. Fewer know all four members of “the squad,” including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Pramila Jayapal, have co-sponsored a bill that accuses the Jewish state of torturing children. Fewer still know the claims made in the bill originate mostly from a group that could be described as the propaganda arm of a terrorist organization.

    The so-called “Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act“ was re-introduced in the House by Rep. Betty McCollum, whose congressional district neighbors Omar’s in Minnesota. Until recently, McCollum was considered a supporter of Israel, but a critic of its government.”


    “McCollum’s invective prompted Mark Mellman of the Democratic Majority for Israel to respond that Netanyahu “came to office in a fair and democratic election in which every Arab citizen of Israel had the same right to vote as any Jewish citizen.” Mellman added that “by suggesting that Jews have disproportionate influence on U.S. elections, the Congresswoman exploits an anti-Semitic trope widely used by far right forces from Czarism to fascism.”

    McCollum’s bill, while not directly exploiting the anti-Semitic trope of blood libel, trades on the accusation that Israel treats non-Jewish children cruelly and inhumanely. The bill claims Palestinian children detained by Israeli defense forces suffer torture and physical violence, are deprived of lawyers and parents, not informed of their legal rights, and so on.

    It ultimately aims to prohibit “U.S. assistance to Israel from being used to support the military detention, interrogation, or ill-treatment of Palestinian children in violation of international humanitarian law.” As federal law already bars U.S. aid to foreign security forces who commit gross human rights violations, the bill is an exercise in singling out the Jewish state.

    The accusations presented as “findings” in the bill are cribbed—occasionally verbatim—from inaccurate claims made by several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that lead BDS campaigns in the United States and abroad. The bill’s claims largely come from Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P). Historically, DCI-P officials, employees, and board members have had links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is considered to be a terrorist group by Israel, the United States, the European Union, and Canada.

    The PFLP has a long record of terror attacks, dating back to the Lod Airport massacre, which killed 28 people in 1968. The PFLP may be best known for the 1976 hijacking of an Air France plane, which was ended by the Israeli raid on Entebbe Airport. In 1980, PFLP attacked a kibbutz, seizing a nursery and murdering a two-year-old. Since 2000, PFLP has executed more than a dozen suicide bombings, shootings, stabbings and even ax attacks, notably in the 2014 Jerusalem synagogue massacre that killed four and injured seven.”


  9. Omar continues to prove she’s just another American politician not a some Muslim foreigner trying to infiltrate and terrorize the republic.

    Fudging travel expenses to carry on an affair? With those actions she should be welcomed into the Republican party.

    Homewrecker? Couldnt we more accurately apply this term to a man who carried on an affair in the tabloids while his wife stayed home with the kids. This gentleman was well on his way to becoming a serial adulterer. Three wives and countless affairs later, he leads the party of family values. As I said, Omar would fit right in.

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  10. Young people working to bring change and improve their community. Such a civic minded youth are rare and you would think a nation would keep such a valuable resource. Instead the US rounds them up and deports them. Perhaps the American governing elite doesn’t want grassroots comminity leaders and instead wants a complacent working class. Stick your neck out and you will be punished.

    Instead they are encouraged to keep quiet, pluck chickens, and put up with exploitative management. After the recent ICE raid in Mississippi taught us what happens when migrants become politically active. After winning a multi million dollar award for occupational health/labour violations and criminal/sexual harassment, ICE arrived to punish them and deport them. Be quiet and pluck chickens is the message here.

    American workers have also been sent a message; the Mississippi plant have lost their jobs. Don’t complain and don’t unite with the migrants. You may not be deported but ICE will close your plant. Put up with the exploitation and pluck chickens. Blame the migrants not the boss who broke the laws and exploits you.

    Stop migrant activism and create a chilling effect among the American working class.


  11. Oh good HRW, now you leftists have your boogeyman.

    Besides, it’s all BS, but hey, it’s what we expect from the left.


    It isn’t entirely a fraud–there are indeed fires in the vicinity of the Amazon rain forest. But the hysteria that has been induced by those fires, which occur every year at this time, is ridiculous. Wildly exaggerated claims have been repeated uncritically in the press, and celebrity ignoramuses and politicians have avidly circulated photos of pretty much every forest fire that has occurred anywhere in the world over the last 20 or 30 years, claiming they were taken yesterday in the Amazon region.

    The controversy has reached the level of high diplomacy (or rather, low comedy) as European countries have leaned heavily on Brazil to do a better job of controlling fires, threatening among other things trade sanctions, while Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro declined European offers of aid, while pointing out that French president Marcon wasn’t even able to prevent a foreseeable fire at Notre Dame cathedral. Relations between Brazil and France spiraled downward to the point of a Facebook comment by Bolsonaro on the relative pulchritude of the countries’ first ladies.

    Hysteria and low comedy aside, what is actually going on in the Amazon region? This column by Dr. Ryan Maue of the Cato Institute, at the Tennessee Star, is a good summary: “Everything You’ve Heard About the Amazon Fires Is Wrong.”

    The international news coverage of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest fires has been a complete disaster. News outlets published inaccurate yet easily verifiable “facts” about the number of fires, declaring the situation “record-breaking” and “unprecedented.” Social media lit up with misleading claims about the loss of planetary oxygen supply (20 percent, said French President Emmanuel Macron) threatening to asphyxiate us all. …

    The dry season in Brazil typically runs from August to November, as farmers use these months to burn dried-out timber previously cut during land clearing operations. Ranchers also prepare the land for cattle grazing.

    An important point to remember about these fires…is that the rainforests themselves are not entirely or uncontrollably ablaze. Natural fire does not typically occur in these tropical forests due to suffocating humidity, wet dense foliage, and daily thunderstorms. What is burning right now is land near the forests where farmers and ranchers have cleared hundreds and hundreds of acres of trees. This is easily seen in satellite imagery, which scientists finally examined and compared to the past two decades.
    The Brazilian state of Mato Grasso has been transformed into an “ocean of soybeans” the size of Iowa. On the periphery, the land is cleared at the rate of 2,500-square-miles annually.

    This deforestation peaked in the 1990s but lessened significantly over the past 10 years.
    The number of fires and cumulative area burned so far in 2019, on the other hand, is on par with previous years and described as “near average” by NASA.

    Hysterics (like President Macron) robotically describe the Amazon rain forest as the Earth’s “lungs.” And it is true that over the years, there has been some deforestation in Brazil and other countries in the Amazon region, as they continue to develop. But what liberals never mention is that overall, the Earth is getting greener. Forested areas, worldwide, are growing, not shrinking, in large part due to the increasing concentration of CO2–plant food–in the atmosphere. (CO2 is great for the environment.) You can see this easily in satellite photographs. Deserts are shrinking and vegetated areas are growing.”


  12. The Queen says do it.


    “STOPTOBER The Queen agrees to let Boris Johnson shut down Parliament and thwart Corbyn’s anti-Brexit plot”

    “THE Queen has approved Boris Johnson’s bombshell request to suspend Parliament and stop Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to block No Deal Brexit.

    Her Majesty met with members of Privy Council today at Balmoral and an order to prorogue Parliament between September 9 to October 14 was given the green light this afternoon.

    While the Queen’s decision is a boost for Boris it would have been unprecedented for her to refuse the request of a sitting PM.

    No10 would have expected this step and will now look towards fighting a Corbyn no confidence vote in the Commons.

    Boris’ bold move to block MPs from sitting in Parliament for around five weeks over conference season will give rebels less time to launch new plots to stop us leaving on October 31.

    MPs would come back for a Queen’s Speech on October 14 under the plans, just two weeks before we’re due to leave the EU.

    That would leave just days for a possible vote of no confidence in Boris, or for rebel MPs to pass a law to push back the Brexit date.”


  13. This new poll is sure to enrage Dear Leader and the cult and send them searching for “traitors”.


  14. Surprise! The “traitors” have been found at Fox News! Is Hannity now under surveillance?


  15. Why would it matter to anyone what the polls say?

    Did you forget how wrong they were last time? Nate Silver is still searching for his lost credibility.

    Yet here you are going all Charlie Brown, ready to let Lucy disappoint you again. 🙂


  16. Just gonna leave this here…….

    The media should be the last ones criticizing.


    “Our Tawdry, Untrustworthy Fourth Estate

    The McCabe-CNN hookup is the latest in the long-running fling between the Obama Justice Department and the media.”


    “They Literally Know Nothing”

    Once upon a time in America, journalists embraced their role as the nation’s whistleblowers; the so-called Fourth Estate could usually be trusted to expose government corruption and name names. A generation of J-school graduates strived to be the next Carl Bernstein or Bob Woodward, digging for their own Watergate moment.

    But that all changed in 2008 with the candidacy of Barack Obama. The press served as a bodyguard for the 44th president, overlooking major abuses and failures during his tenure; suggesting that any legitimate criticism of Obama or his policies was rooted in racism; and regurgitating any administration-fed talking point as fact.

    Ben Rhodes, Obama’s “mind-meld” advisor, admitted as much when he told a reporter how the White House brainwashed the media: “The average reporter we talk to is 27-years-old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns,” Rhodes bragged to the New York Times magazine in May 2016. “That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.”

    Then along came Donald Trump.

    The same outlets that shielded Obama for more than eight years have partnered with partisan government bureaucrats to attack Trump from every angle. And nowhere is the nefarious pact more intertwined than between the Obama Justice Department and the news media. ”


    ““We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters,” Horowitz wrote in his June 2018 report. “We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review. In addition, we identified instances where FBI employees improperly received benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events.””


    “A poll released last week showed that a majority of Americans not only don’t trust the political news they receive, they think the media actively is trying to block the president’s agenda. At the same time, there is a widening trust deficit in the federal government. Republicans’ favorable view of the FBI has dropped significantly, from 59 percent in 2014 to 48 percent this year.

    The Left and NeverTrump Right whine daily about the alleged damage Trump is inflicting on the presidency. But the real and lasting damage to the media and government institutions once held in esteem by Americans will be far worse. CNN’s hiring of Andrew McCabe just dug that hole a little deeper.”


    But hey, just keep digging.


  17. Stuff like this is why they’re distrusted.


    “White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham blasted liberal MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell on Wednesday for running with a singled-sourced, unverified report that President Trump had loans co-signed by Russian oligarchs.

    “This is one of the reasons that a majority of Americans have lost trust in the media. Instead of applying ethics and standards to their reporting, journalists and left-wing outlets have weaponized the media, using it to attack and harass people with little to no regard for the truth,” Grisham told Fox News.

    It all started on Tuesday night when O’Donnell and fellow far-left MSNBC host Rachel Maddow were discussing how Trump was “able to obtain loans when no one else would loan him any money” when he threw out the unverified speculation.

    “I may have some information, in this next hour, which would add a great deal to their understanding of that, if true, and I’ll be discussing it here,” O’Donnell said. “I stress ‘if true,’ because this is a single source who has told me that Deutsche Bank obtained tax returns… this single source close to Deutsche Bank has told me that Donald Trump’s loan documents there show that he has co-signers. That’s how he was able to obtain those loans and that the co-signers are Russian oligarchs.”

    A stunned Maddow leaned back in her chair and responded, “What? Really?”

    O’Donnell added “that would explain every kind word Donald Trump has ever said about Russia and Vladimir Putin” if his information is accurate.

    “I stress the ‘if true,” O’Donnell said.

    O’Donnell later doubled down that his single source claimed, “Trump has obtained loans with co-signers and he would not have been able to obtain those loans without co-signers.”

    “The source close to Deutsche Bank said that the co-signers of Donald Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans are Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin,” O’Donnell said. “If true, that would be a significant factor in Vladimir Putin’s publically stated preference for presidential candidate Donald Trump over presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.”

    NBC News did not immediately respond when asked if O’Donnell’s report met its standards.

    Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson slammed MSNBC for the reckless report.

    “Even if tempered with an ‘if true’ caution, there still needs to be a solid basis for believing it is true. Otherwise, pure speculation and wishful thinking takes the place of news reporting,” Jacobson told Fox News.

    “The damage MSNBC has done to journalism is enormous. Trump hatred has so overwhelmed MSNBC primetime that it has turned a flagship NBC News brand into Alex Jones,” Jacobson added.”



    But yeah, Trump is the problem….. right…. sure….. 🙄


  18. “If a liberal is in office, all is well—therefore, it’s time to use the Coexist sticker to remind people that we can all get along despite our differences,” said Lou Panderson, CEO of Mandatory Tolerance. “Once a Republican gets into office, it’s on: flip that baby over to RESIST! to show people you will not stop screaming at the sky until peace and order is restored in our land.”

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  19. Homewrecker? Couldnt we more accurately apply this term to [Trump]? Three wives and countless affairs later, he leads the party of family values. As I said, Omar would fit right in.

    Riiight. When the guy/gal *you* like does it, it’s a matter of him/her resembling the group you don’t like. It could just as easily (or lazily) be said that with Trump’s marital offenses, he would fit right in with Omar’s party–the one whose policies damage families.

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  20. Solar,

    Just for the record, homewrecker was the term used at the link. It wasn’t mine, although it is accurate according to this guy’s poor wife.

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  21. Posting this without comment. mainly because I don’t have time right now.


  22. I did Peter.

    So far, here’s my favorites.

    “The Republican Party is enabling white supremacy in our country. As a lifelong Republican, it pains me to say this, but it’s the truth.”

    “We’ve abandoned core tenants of our philosophy and substituted them with racist dog whistles to get votes.”


    So I looked a little further too. Here’s what I found from a quick search.

    Also rated 41% lifetime (pretty bad) by the American Conservative Union.

    Endorsed by the states Teachers Union (red flag)

    Endorsed by the Sierra Club, because he believes in climate change.



    And his own state party says he should just change party affiliation to Democrat.


    “Sen. John McCollister of Omaha on Tuesday declined Nebraska Republican Party executive director Ryan Hamilton’s invitation to change his voter registration to Democratic in view of his comments suggesting the GOP is “enabling white supremacy in our country.”

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  23. File this under “Things you’ll never see when a Democrat is president.”


    “FBI, IRS raiding UAW president’s home in Canton Township”

    “A raid was conducted at a home in Canton Township Wednesday morning.

    It is a joint raid between the FBIm the IRS, and the Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General, the FBI reported, and was among several being conducted across the country today.

    Raids were also conducted at the Black Lake Retreat in Chedoygan and at the Corona, California home that is believed to belong to former UAW President Dennis Williams.

    The raid is being carried out at what is believed to be at the home of UAW President Gary Jones.”


  24. 1:23 I had to feel sorry for Brit Hume when I read the responses to his Tweet. Few supported Hume. About half disagreed with his statement, contending that Fox News has long been a Propaganda and Disinformation arm of Trump’s cult. The other half attacked Fox News and Hume for being disloyal to Trump.


  25. I agree DJ. Homewrecker is an antiquated term which has sexist connotations. Why is the “other” women the homewrecker not the husband? Hence my comparison to Trump, a real pro at home wrecking. I am mildly amused that Omar is continuing to demonstrate she’s not some radical Muslim fundamentalist but just another politicians

    with similar morals.

    As for family values, beyond opposing abortion, where is the family values? When your leader is a serial adulterer, what value is he putting on family and marriage. When a party opposes free maternal and natal health care, what value is put on a family. The US continues to have a higher maternal death rate than most of developed world at 14 deaths per 100 000 mothers or mothers to be. (Canada has 7, Poland leads at three) It continues to be the only country without paid maternal leave. To be the party of family values you have to do more than oppose abortion. Incidentally the legality of abortion has very little effect on the actual abortion rate. The US rate at 19.6 per 100 000 live births is quite high. Canada which regulates abortion only in the same way it regulates any other medical procedure is at 15. Looking at the European stats, its the traditional Catholic countries which have the lowest rate, at about 5-7.

    Poland claims an abortion rate of zero (some abortions do occur so its between 0 and 1) It has the toughest anti abortion rules in the EU. The real rate will never be known since many girls go to western Europe.

    Poland has a near fascist political party with policies I detest but I must admit they are pro life and pro family (for Polish Catholics only). Besides banning abortion, they support families financially. If you have more than two kids with an average income, you not only don’t pay income tax, you are subsidized. It funds health care esp for pre and post natal. There’s a generous paid maternal leave. They have excellent public schools. As long as you are a law abinding Polish Catholic family, the state is generous.


  26. I’m not surprised Trump is losing money while President. He couldn’t make money operating a legal casino. Speculation he only got loans from DB with Russian help may need more proof but its logical. Russian oligarchs laundered money through New York real estate (the Chinese do it in Vancouver). The Russians invested heavily in Trump’s real estate ventures not caring if it turned a profit, only to clean the money.

    The DB was fined heavily by the EU for its role in laundering Russian money. Its interesting that DB was the only bank willing to loan Trump money. And Trump Jr once said they get all the money they need from Russia. Of course, Trump could end the speculation by sharing his “beautiful” tax returns.

    Meanwhile, the enoulement clause continues to be violated. Trump now suggests the next G7 conference be held at a failing Trump gold resort. Trump Hotel in Washington continues to welcome foreign dignitaries who praise the hotel when meeting Trump. If he’s still broke, he can’t even do corruption well. He might want to ask third world dictators for pointers.


  27. First they came for the Muslims, they they came for the refugee and the migrants, and now they come for the unionists…….


  28. Like

  29. HRW,

    Yeah, about that “logic” you said you used……


  30. O’Donnell got sent to the office and d had his knuckles rapped. Its a logical assertion just not enough proof.

    Polish is a difficult language to learn. Probably the hardest of all Slavic languages. The grammar and pronunciation is difficult for English speakers and must be perfectly correct or the meaning changes.

    You’d (Ricky) like Poland….the most American country in Europe. In small towns, chivalry and paternalism is still present. Its a strong unitary culture based on religion, patriotism and tradition. Its on that basis a right wing govt supports massive social spending….it benefits just Polish people. I’m far too urban Canadian to live there but I understand the appeal.


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