41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-10-19

  1. WHAT IS IT?
    It’s prettier than yesterdays, but I could identify yesterday’s.
    Thanks again for the nice words everyone.
    It was really eneventful. The way 62nd anniversaries should be.

    Good evening Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    It’s Monday!. Time to get to whatever “it” is.

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  2. Time to end the day with some sleep.
    Morning, Chas.
    Four days left of school.
    Someone has come to visit nd will be visiting my class. Just need that little bit more energy.

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  3. Morning…or evening…or whatever it might be! Didn’t sleep a wink last night…I don’t know why but I have nothing pressing today so I am certain I will try to get in a nap! 😴
    There is a lovely sunrise peeking through the pines this morning and the air is autumn crisp! It smells amazing out there!!

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  4. Good morning. I didn’t sleep a wink either, but that was because I am working. Congratulations on the new grandbaby. I understand my youngest is almost walking.

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  5. Chas, I went back and reread his announcement, because I hadn’t noticed he said whether the baby is a boy or a girl. He didn’t. They probably don’t know yet (and some still choose not to find out until the baby is born–my daughter chose to wait to find out, as I would have done).

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  6. The picture is a damselfly, basically a smaller, slimmer version of a dragonfly. This one is waving its abdomen around, and I didn’t notice until I pulled up the photo on my computer that it’s also waving its rear legs in the air. And I got a sharp enough shot of this tiny little insect that I was able to crop it. If you look closely, you will see that part of her eye is green.

    I wasn’t sure what it was doing, but someone on Flickr was able to tell me the insect is a female and to say she might be laying eggs into the plant. I just thought she was pretty, especially against the green plants, and that the pose was interesting. This is from a little patch of grass on the trail where a lot of them hang out. It’s perhaps a mile from my house, and 20 feet or so from a small pond. (The third of the three ponds within an easy walk from my house.)

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  7. We’ve been together so long I remember when Peter’s first child got married and now she’s got, what? four children?

    My babes will all be in town in about three hours. We’re headed to Clearlake tomorrow to spend five days at a rental house.

    I keep shaking my head. Perhaps Mumsee can understand the best. You fall in love with a long haired engineering student, get married, turn around and there are now 15 of you!

    Miserably hot out here, but beautiful. We survived the weekend. The one fire was about 45 miles north east of us. Didn’t even smell or see smoke.

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  8. Great close up, Cheryl. I need to try to get more photos with insects. They are not as pretty as birds, but they are fascinating. I’d like to find a young praying mantis or an older one. Wesley was great at finding them when he was young.

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  9. Good Morning, Afternoon, or whatever is appropriate.
    I am hanging out at home this week. I have been to the ophthalmologist this morning and have either bacterial or allergy related conjunctivitis. Since I can’t wear contacts and I can’t drive wearing glasses….well I have already cleaned the exterior of my kitchen cabinets today. Maybe by the end of the week, I will have a fully cleaned house.
    I have already talked to 3 of my agents this morning to solve their problems and will have a call to listen to at 1 pm. I can certainly do all this from home…

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  10. Two more days of studying to go. One of my friends at church yesterday asked me whether there was an area of weakness that they could pray specifically for in the exam. I told them it was remembering medications. The practice test questions, of which I have done thousands, will have a question something like: “The patient has such and such symptoms. Which of the following medications would you be concerned about?” Then you have to choose one or more medications from the list of possible answers that could cause or worsen such symptoms. There are so many hundreds of possible medications that it is impossible to memorize them all, so it is better to concentrate on classes of medications, which are often indicated by the ending of a medication name. For example, medications ending in ‘-pril’ are ACE-inhibitors, one specific type of blood pressure medication that inhibits an enzyme that the body uses to increase systemic blood pressure; while medications ending in -lol are beta blockers, another type of blood pressure medication that blocks certain types of adrenaline receptors. But even using that technique, some medication belonging to one class can have a name resembling that of another class, for example, metronidazole is an antibiotic to treat infections, but omeprazole reduces production of stomach acid to treat or prevent stomach ulcers. In the real world, a nurse becomes expert with the medications that are routinely used in the setting in which they work, and have to look up any medications that are new to them before giving them.

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  11. Squirrels are at play along the top of the back fence and up and down the power poles. The dogs are refereeing.


  12. So there are two grandchildren on the way for blog people, which is exciting. Now that the youngest of my parents’ eleven grandchildren have past their first birthday, I find myself wondering if there will be any more. I am glad Youngest sibling seems to be taking a pause, as she had her four within five years and she was developing some concerning health issues with her frequent pregnancies (she had at least two early miscarriages in the same time period). I hope that Second will be able to have at least one more. She is currently exhausted, as Sixth Nephew is still very wakeful at night, but both she and Second In-law enjoy their two children (which both of them were uncertain that they could ever have) and I think more would bring them joy.

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  13. Feeling like I may be asked to cover the local pride event Saturday which is a bit of a dilemma for me personally. My plan all along, if asked, would be simply to say I have plans for that Saturday (which I do — ‘plans’ to putter and water and work on my weather vane).

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  14. I am going to be a Grand-Dee in January. The baby is due January 2nd. My birthday is the 6th, the true grandmother’s birthday is January 17th and the Grand-Uncle’s (George) birthday is January 20th. The uncle to be’s birthday is December 17th. One way or the other we are going to have a stubborn little one.

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  15. Got an email this morning from my property managers office. I emailed them a month ago about the problem and no one responded. You see they were to have some work done on my house and asked for the funds. I paid them. Then, when it was the monthly payment time, they sent my funds back. I was not going to send them again without some communication. So today the bookkeeper says that she has been trying to call me.
    I emailed her. There should be some of this month’s rent to take care of it. We will see.

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  16. Happy Birthday, Michelle!


    It is easy for me to remember Michelle’s birthday, as it is the same as my lovely Chickadee’s. (My “baby” is now 27.)

    Nightingale has today off, so she picked up Chickadee this morning for us to spend the day together to celebrate her birthday. With our Chinese food for lunch, we watched the movie A Quite Place. What a good, well-done movie!

    It is the rare scary movie that actually earned critical acclaim. This one is very tense and well-paced. If you like an intense movie now and then, I would highly recommend this one.

    Nightingale had, of course, made a birthday cake for Chickadee. It was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cake, with chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting. Over the top is a layer, that drips down the sides, of chocolate ganache. On top of that were chopped up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Reese’s Pieces were pressed in along the bottom of the sides. My Facebook friends can see a photo of it on Facebook.

    It was a very delicious, rich cake.

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  17. Wait…what?! It is Michelle’s Birthday?? Happy Birthday to you!!……

    And to your youngest Kizzie…sounds like ya’ll had a wonderful time celebrating….may she know how deeply loved she is by our Creator of all life…. ♥️ 🎂

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  18. What? We missed Michelle’s birthday?? Happy Birthday! & to Chickadee!

    Filed a cruise line pollution settlement story, but I still have to go to a night meeting that starts at 6 p.m. And lots of homeless angles we’re trying to work on right now.

    It’s also about 90 degrees outside but so far my house is staying at around 80 degrees — so I think the work on the windows along with the new one in the back where I’m working (and the new sliding door in the kitchen adjacent to this room) might be making things a *little* more comfortable inside my house than it has been in past summers. Gardeners were here early and gone quickly.

    Those wings in the photo, so delicate! Beautiful, creation is.

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  19. Well, my phone temp for local weather says it’s 84 — and heading down from there the rest of the week, back into the high 60s in just a couple days.


  20. Yes, it is intense, but not gory.

    The tension comes in knowing they can’t make any sound, and also knowing how easy it is to make sound when you are trying to be quiet, like when you’re trying to do something without waking someone up.
    Is there a site where we can look up whose phone number has called us? Occasionally, I will get a missed call from a number I don’t recognize. I usually figure it was a case of them calling the wrong number, so I don’t think twice about it. But today, someone seems to have “butt dialed” me, which resulted in a muffled voice mail. I could tell they were talking to someone else and didn’t realize what they had done.

    But can you “butt dial” someone whose number is not already in your phone?

    When I have tried googling a number, as I did with this one, it seems that the sites all need to be joined – for a fee – in order to find who the number belongs to. It would be great if we could find that out more easily. (I’m not gonna pay for the privilege.)


  21. The new photo is an immature male pondhawk dragonfly, not sure more specifically the species. I wanted to go out with my husband to one of the many “nature” places near us, and he chose this one because it was one of the closest. It turned out not to be that great a site–they are more interested in it being a good place for animals than for people, and so people are restricted to an area really far from the water and you can’t see much of the water. But this dragonfly was in the grass near the parking area and it gave me some good photo chances.

    This shot won a “contest” on Flickr week before last, and it’s the one that allowed me to pick the theme for the photos in that group this week. The theme that I won with was “back view.” A lot of people were taking shots from behind that clearly they took for the theme/contest, shots that you would normally take from the front (e.g., runners in a race). So I thought this one had a good chance (and the other ones I entered, too, like birds from behind that were looking over their shoulders), and it ended up winning.

    I like it because the entire photo is green, different shades of green, and green is my favorite color.

    For those who think it is tricky to identify birds or butterflies, dragonflies are (in my opinion) particularly tricky. They don’t sit still long and they fly quickly, so they aren’t easy to photograph. (They do often come back to the same perch several times, though.) But they also have lots of similar species, the males and females within a species are often colored differently, and the males are often marked like the females at first, and then they mature sexually and change colors. In other words, they aren’t full adults yet when they first emerge. Anyway, according to people on Flickr who know more about such things than I do, though this one has the coloring of a female, it has the body of a male, and so it’s an immature male.

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  22. I’m wondering too. Is this Michelle’s b’day?

    Facebook told me before it was, doesn’t now, yet that’s what I have written down?

    I’m confused. Let’s go Michelle. Spill it.

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  23. Long night meeting, couldn’t escape until nearly 8:30 p.m. and it was still going.

    Question: Why do people like hot weather? The sweating when you walk form your car into work? The tossing and turning at night ’cause it’s just too hot to sleep?

    😦 😦 😦


  24. I once watched (on our newspaper weather page, when we had a print newspaper with a weather page & map that I could see every day) the daily temps in a Northern California coastal city called Eureka, sort of a hippie center, up near the Oregon border; never, even in the dead of summer, did the daytime temps seem to pass the mid-60s. I figured THAT would be the place for me …

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  25. My question has always been why people like cold weather. Yes, I know, you can bundle up, but only to a point. And then you have to take clothes on and off all day long. To me, being cold is simply a miserable feeling. But feeling hot (to a point) makes me feel alive. And I don’t mind sweating if I don’t have anywhere I have to be. When I take a walk down to my pond, for instance, I just figure the shirt gets tossed into the laundry basket as soon as I return home, no big deal. I use a cooling wet washcloth if I need to rinse off the sweat, but sweating is healthy.

    The only time I like a breeze is if I am actually hot. If I’m warmish, I still dislike a breeze. But if it’s hot, and my hair is blowing behind me, there are few things that feel more peaceful than that.

    Years ago I said 75 to 95 was perfect. I’d revise that lower today, especially if the humidity is high. But 80 degrees with humidity of 50 percent or higher, lovely.

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