8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-1-19

  1. I looked all over for my glasses.
    I couldn’t find them. Then, after a while-.
    I put my hand on my shirt pocket and there they were.
    When you get old and senile, that’s how you get your exercise.

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  2. 😦 What X did yesterday. He did it to get his own way and to hurt/harass Nightingale, but it was his own son he hurt. (Emotionally, not physically.)

    🙂 The Boy didn’t cry about it, and he got into the mode of looking forward to spending the night with his dad. (But even so, spending that extra quality time with his mom was something that he had wanted all week.)

    🙂 Nightingale and The Boy are going to the Crossover Camp-out for their Cub Scout pack tonight. They will both enjoy that, and then have some time to spend together “just the two of them” tomorrow.

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  3. 🙂 Today I got to talk to a(n almost) 90-year-old uncle and a 20-year-old nephew, and both are doing well.

    🙂 I took 6,000 photos in May–yikes! But it’s June now and so I’m starting over, and shouldn’t be taking nearly that many.

    🙂 It was a really fun May, with lots of new-to-me wildflowers.

    🙂 My husband and I keep hearing of yet another place within 30-40 minutes, or an hour to an hour and a half, that’s a must-see (wildlife and scenery). Seems we have landed in a real hotspot of natural beauty. Multiple state parks, state forests, parks, trails, you name it.

    🙂 They wouldn’t stick around for paparazzi, but I saw a brief glimpse of a mother wood duck and at least three babies yesterday. (The babies were at the side of the creek and the mother shooed them even deeper into the shadows at the edges, so I really have no idea how many there were.)

    🙂 That makes at least six species of juvenile birds the last couple of weeks.

    🙂 My editing schedule keeps filling up as I near the end of my workload. That’s good.

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