60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-31-19

  1. I don’t see no hedgehog. I really don’t
    I see a bird perched on something
    Good evening anyhow Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    I got an e-mail saying USPS cannot make a delivery. They want some information.
    When I looked out the front door, there was an Express Envelope from UPS. I haven’t opened it. I presume it’s another credit card.
    Point is: Be very careful. There are bad guys out there trying to look like good guys.
    I don’t give any information to anyone if I haven’t initiated the conversation.

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  2. Good morning. Beautiful sliver of moon that rose on the way to work. The sun has just peeked over the mountain. Ponies seem to be in good form this morning.

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  3. Morning! The sun is shining and the air is brisk…that kind of weather gets the ponies kicking up their heels does it not rk?! 😊 🐎
    I first saw what I thought was a mouse…then the bird sitting on top…so it is a petrified hedgehog with a hitchhiker? 😊
    I am so sore this morning after taking a nasty fall night before last. In the basement taking bedding off the clothes line due to the broken clothes dryer…one of those moments when you lose all control falling backward with nothing to grab to stop the fall. Hit my head hard on a door and prayed nothing on this body broke. Bruising and a headache is what I got…now soreness on my right upper hip area. Guess I am going to have to be more careful! Now to look for new washer/dryer….then there are the house projects….I am entering the world of Dj!!! 😳

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  4. 😦 Sounds like a nasty fall.

    We went from cold weather to hot. No in between.

    We have a few recitals for grands this weekend. One of the grands who will be dancing hip hop is one who likes to climb anything he can find. I was a bit surprised when I asked my granddaughter why our shed door was open. I was concerned one of the children walked off with something to build a fort in the back in the trees. I wanted to make sure it was returned. No, she said, they opened the door to see if they could climb up it to get on the shed roof. Well, then. Ask a question get an answer, which may surprise. As a sister whose brothers used to play on the roof of a bear den at a local zoo, I wasn’t too shocked. That roof was fashioned with large man-made ‘boulders’ and they considered it a great place to play hide and seek. I was too chicken to join them. That was years before they charged for the zoo and put up a big fence.

    I have a hedgehog with bristles for cleaning the bottoms of shoes. Unfortunately, he is losing all those bristles. He is tucked under the deck steps with his head just peaking out. He is quite lowly compared to this high and mighty hedge hog. Still, I like him.

    I missed the bird, too. That Chas must have eagle eyes.

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  5. Beautiful day here. Overcast with birds singing and roosters crowing. Supposed to be getting into the eighties the next few days with thunderstorms continuing. I love this time of year.

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  6. NancyJ, et al.
    Avoid falls. Not kidding here.
    I have often said, seriously.
    “When you are 24 and someone knocks you down, you jump up and run back to the huddle. When you are 84 and you fall, someone calls an ambulance.’
    I know none of you are 84 but you all are at the age where you want to be careful
    Every bad incident in my family started with a fall. My mother fell in church, they called an ambulance. It, somehow, affected her mind.
    Elvera fell twice. she went to the hospital both times. She has, to be fair, fallen other times without incident.

    I don’t know if falling created the condition or the condition created the fall. But the correlation is perfect.
    I am able to get around well, but I hold onto something when I’m walking up steps, or other situations. If there’s something to hold and I am moving, I hold it.
    Don’t be paranoid, but anticipate “falling possibilities” and avoid them.

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  7. Feeling old this morning, Adorable #1 graduated from elementary school. There we were, up in the packed bleachers with lots of people and an 8 month-old who wanted to escape.

    I’d forgotten about this graduation and had to make do with a silly card I bought years ago for someone else. I just cut off the back page and scribbled my note on the back side of the clever picture.

    In a moment of inspiration–what do you say to a 6th grader finishing elementary school?–I scribbled, “Your great-great-grandfather only completed third grade!”

    Adorable #1 loved it–and pointed it out to his friends and relatives.

    Adorable #2, sitting in the stands explaining why everyone is hugging Adorable #1: “He’s very popular because of me.”

    Really? Why?

    “I’m popular and everyone knows me, so they like him.”

    Funny kids. Adorable #1 is at least as tall as I am at 11 1/2.

    I’m 5’9″.

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  8. I’m with you Michelle.

    My baby takes her last exam of her Junior year of high school today. She’s ecstatic, and I’m feeling old. πŸ™‚ 😦

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  9. And today is the last day of public school for us. Seventeen year old may or may not have been going the past few days but he was not here. They have some sort of test schedule that has everybody testing then those who are failing testing again and special projects for those who failed the failing tests so they can all pass. Usually they ask if son will be needing a bus sent out. They did not ask this time and I don’t know if he rode his bike or bussed, but this it our last public school day, I hope, forever! We are ecstatic. He, on the other hand, has at least one more year to complete but he won’t be living here so it will be on him to figure out. He will probably be in town so the bus will no longer be an issue. We are so done with the challenges of dealing with public school. Of course, something may come up and we will be forced to deal with them more, but that will be God’s doing so we will deal with it.

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  10. In the school districts in the towns we lived in when I was in school, the only graduation was for high school graduation. Here in Stafford, they still have 8th grade graduation, which I think is a hold-over from back when not everyone went on to high school.

    Nowadays, kindergarten “graduation” is a thing. Sorry if this offends anybody here, but I think that’s just plain silly. (And sorry, Michelle, but I think that 6th grade and 8th grade “graduation” seems silly, too.)

    Do I sound like a curmudgeon?


  11. I saw the bird but missed the hedgehog first time around. What does all that mean about our personality types? Is it a test of some kind? Although you do learn to look for birds first on this page πŸ™‚

    Nancyjill, hope you loosen up soon. When I slipped on the door mat & fell while on my way out to put up Christmas lights on the front porch last year, my knee really got slammed so after a couple days I decided I should get checked out, just in case, at urgent care. Xray showed nothing broken or fractured (though he said knee caps are vulnerable to that so it was good that I came in). After giving me the hot/cold treatment lowdown and a brace, he added, “And try not to fall again.” I laughed but he said, no, seriously, sometimes a fall can be the start of a series of falls for people; he just wanted me to be cautious and aware of that tendency that sometimes comes on later in life.

    Meantime, it’s probably a good time to shop for washers and dryers, I got my pair on a Memorial Day sale 2 years ago now. But yes, Nancyjill, beware of house repair doors opening … My neighbor was commenting yesterday on how extensive my projects turned out to be. Tell me about it, I said, I’m still somewhat in shell shock over it all.

    I was frustrated yesterday trying to do what should be the simplest of tasks — unscrewing my old leaky hose from the front yard spigot. Long story, but the thing just turns without coming out. I just wanted to replace it with one of those lighter weight hoses I bought (along with the old leaky/ugly hose “wheel” which also is unsightly now in front of my nicer looking house — I found a decorative metal hose barrel or bucket at Home Depot that’ll look much nicer and will hide the hose when not in use). Lately when I’ve watered I’m getting as wet as the plants. Tired of the leaks.

    Chas, open your credit card, you should be able to feel it through the envelope.

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  12. We had a modest 8th grade graduation in the dark ages as I recall, it marked the end of what then was called “junior high” and launched you into the grown-up world of high school. But no K or elementary school “graduations.”

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  13. I definitely didn’t make myself clear.
    I opened the card I got delivered.
    It was the e-mail I didn’t open.
    I initiated the deal about the credit card.

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  14. Good news on two fronts! The school has thrown in the towel on seventeen year old son and think there is no purpose to him going back next year. They are pushing for the Youth Challenge as is the Sgt. He has to go volunteer but Sgt is expediting to get him in this July. If he does the work, he will graduate from high school five months before his classmates and be free to join the mil or whatever besides moving back here.

    Other one is that it sounds like the other seventeen will be able to be placed in a facility. Not the one we had wanted, close by, as they don’t take her level of difficulty. But one in Moscow, where my brother works as the repair guy. A huge stress relief on both counts.

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  15. No, I agree with you Kizzie. I wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t expected of me–thus the reason I hadn’t any card, etc.

    I missed the bird the first time, so yes, I guess it is some sort of test. But what does it mean?

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  16. Busy day today — interviewing a sculptor at 1 and trying to get the details about next week’s much-anticipated release (on Tuesday, June 4) of the new, 2019 countywide homeless numbers. Hearing they’re going up — and probably substantially — from 2018.

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  17. I agree with you, Kizzie, about the younger grads. Except for my son’s grade 9 grad. That was special and meaningful for the very small class who had lost a classmate in a MVA the year before and they were leaving their school and all going to separate schools. It was a particularly close group of young people. That one I understood, but not my daughter’s even though it was the same school 3 years later. πŸ™‚

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  18. Yes I’ve been giving you all a sort of Rorschach test this morning.

    Here are the test results.


    If you saw the bird, and not the hedgehog, you’re the focused, detail oriented type, but you sometimes miss the big picture.

    If you saw the hedgehog, but not the bird, you’re good at big picture, but often miss the finer details.

    If you saw both, you’re the management, boss type, who sees it all.

    Personally, I noticed both right away. That’s why I took the shot. πŸ˜€

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  19. I leave work at lunch today (Friday’s are my short day during the school year) and will be setting up the pump and fountain in our canoe pond. (We made a pond out of an old canoe so the dogs will always have water available to them) It’s sort of tacky with a tacky turtle spouter, but I’m going to embrace the tacky.

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  20. The bass player in my husband’s jam group fell last year and has not quite recovered. A mandolin/banjo player fell last winter and only manage to return a couple of times to join the group at the jam. Then he fell again and hasn’t been back again. My neighbor tripped over her dog and almost died. She will probably never recover completely as she has brain damage, but she is close to normal. She has adapted well. However, she was a life-long dog lover and now has PTSD if one is around. Falls are very serious as we age, for sure.

    I agree about all the graduation ceremonies. Pre-school ones have even gotten ridiculous with real gowns and hats. So silly. My children made hats and had a little picnic. That I understand. It was a good way to finish a season of life for both the children and parents.

    I never had a graduation party. I now think that was wrong, but I did not think it was special to even graduate high school. I honestly only knew one young man who did not do so. He went in the military and was quite a nice guy. My mom was burnt out from two graduations before me. She had another the year after me. She would have given me a party, but clearly did not want to do so. Water under the bridge now. Having a seasonal business made it quite a stressful time of year for her, too.

    My current philosophy is to celebrate any time you can. However, it does not have to be elaborate as our celebrations seem to be nowadays. Nor does it have to mean gifts. I shudder at how entitled so many of our young people seem to be.

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  21. Well, Heidi’s Spa Day at Home has been postponed until Chickadee can be here. Nightingale said what I was thinking – that I probably would not hold Heidi as firmly as needed. I was already a little nervous about it, but was willing to try, and then Nightingale expressed her doubts, and I agreed. Both she and Chickadee are available next Tuesday, so that’s when we will do it.

    If Heidi knew what we had planned, she would be relieved to get out of it today. πŸ˜€

    As I type this, Nightingale is making pizza for a late lunch / early dinner. (The Boy is home early from school.)

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  22. So what if you looked at the photo and saw the logs and assumed that was the subject of the photo, then scrolled down more and saw the hedgehog, the bird,and the greenery? Does that mean you’re an editor and used to looking at the big picture and the details?

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  23. I graduated from kindergarten, and have a couple of photos to prove it–with my diploma being handed to me by the same assistant pastor who had baptized me a few months earlier, so I’m glad I had a kindergarten graduation.

    I had an eighth grade graduation, and that made a lot of sense. We were all going off to different schools. The following year my sister graduated eighth grade, the last class to do so–the school would henceforth be K-6 only. We were waiting only for her graduation to move; my dad had turned 65 the month before and was retiring. Our little brother had to do junior high in a different town. My sister and I moved on to high school by correspondence, and if I hadn’t had an eighth grade graduation, I wouldn’t have had a graduation at all, but I graduated from the school I had attended for eight years (I did kindergarten at a private, church-affiliated school) and moved from the house where I had lived for 14 years–graduation was really the end of an era.

    I had a college graduation, but not till I was nearly 26. High school “graduation” consisted of me going out into the living room with a big grin and saying “I’m finished!” My mother said, “Congratulations!” My sister said, “Boy, you’re proud!” And that was it.

    I think kindergarten graduations are done because the children are cute. Pre-K graduations have the same reason, but I think they’re silly. Sixth grade and other such graduations seem silly, too. But graduating into high school doesn’t seem silly.

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  24. That sounds like great news on the 17yo front, Mumsee. Also sounded like older one was having an honest moment too. Praying that good things continue to happen in your home.

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  25. What happened to the Friday comics?
    WE are under a tornado watch. We are in as safe a place as we can be right now.
    We had a huge hailstorm. Hailstones larger than marbles, smaller than golf balls.
    When it stopped, I went outside. I had gone about five feet and remembered my lecture on falling. So? I grabbed a banister rail and came back in.
    It’s just foggy now. I can hardly see across the street. I don’t care about that.

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  26. I got a few graduation gifts. The gift from my parents was entirely unnecessary and I love it. A sibling and two friends gave me cash gifts, which I will use to pay my registration fees. I did not expect gifts, but I was very grateful for them. After all, I have never married and thus never had showers and wedding gifts to help me start out in life.

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  27. Chas,

    Peter has been having some pretty nasty weather down his way. He sent me a pic last night which I’ll post tomorrow showing some flooding. He may have power issues.


    Mumsee, RKessler, Chas, and Cheryl.

    About your test results…….

    That means you 4 need professional help. πŸ™‚

    Or maybe just glasses……. πŸ™‚

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  28. I had an eighth grade graduation. We were a country school and the high school was quite large. We had only 15 of us and some of those we never saw again.
    Kinder graduation silliness goes right along with sports trophies for everyone on every team.

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  29. I graduated from Kindergarten. I was Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells and pretty maids all in a row. It was quite traumatic. It was still the 70’s so my mother had the beautician do my hair. It was bouffant-ed and full of hair spray. It was a big ordeal to resize my cut-out flower that was supposed to go over my head. The next morning I got in the shower and had to keep washing my hairdo get the mess out. Thankfully, no photo evidence exists.
    I graduated from 6th grade. My friend R’s mother made us white eyelet long dresses. R’s was trimmed in yellow ribbon and mine was trimmed in blue. Unfortunately, photo evidence of that one does exist. Luckily my hair was “natural” but I did have braces on my teeth.
    I graduated from high school as well. It was on June 4th. I don’t know why that date sticks.
    I have graduated two more times since then. With both of them, I finished my classes in December and by the time graduation was happening the next Spring, it just wasn’t that important anymore. I have only one of the diplomas. Not even one of the two that matter most. I am among the lucky. I had a debt-free education. I cannot imagine the debt people have these days. Papa left BG a college fund. She can use it for trade school as well. He would be disappointed that she chose not to go to college, but I know people with $100K debt from a Master’s program that are working for $30K per year. She says she will never get it paid off.

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  30. But what if you saw a mouse…huh?! 😜
    I had coffee with on of the three friends I gather with every Friday…the other two could not make it…we had a delightful time..just the two of us. We talked about being more careful the older we get…I do hold onto bannisters now. I never ever did that before…I would run up and down the stairs ..no problem!! Oh me!
    Husband has been messin’ with his computer…no time for the dryer yet today…but he said he would get to it soon…he fears I will put wet clothes in his dresser as a hint to him sooner or later! He knows me well!

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  31. AJ, how does saying that I saw all of them suggest I need glasses? I thought it was a photo of logs since they are far and away the most predominant item in the photo, but as soon as I scrolled down I saw everything else.


  32. On the prayer thread, I mentioned that The Boy has been emotional the last couple weeks, missing his mommy when she is working (and she had to work three nights this week). So their plan for today was to have some cuddle time after an early dinner after he got out of school early.

    Since he is going to spend the night with his dad tonight, Nightingale requested for The Boy (it was his request) that X not pick him up until 6:00. (He usually picks him up right after school on a school day, or earlier on a non-school day.)

    After our early dinner, just as they had finally been upstairs on their couch, cuddling and watching a children’s show for a little while, X texted me, complaining about that request, and saying that he was on his way, and would be picking up The Boy around 4:00. 😦 (He probably couldn’t believe that The Boy would actually request that.)

    Not wanting to make waves, with the next court date coming up in a couple weeks, and needing him back by 1:00 tomorrow, Nightingale decided to acquiesce, but she was none too pleased about it. I felt so bad for them.


  33. As for the flooding – I was sitting at the computer this morning when I got a text saying the cave would be open because the water level receded. It was supposed to be rising, but two levy breeches North of us caused our level to fall. SO, several gas stations and other businesses had to close so we could be open. The state evacuated a small town across from Quincy, IL because of the breech and the possibility of that area flooding.


  34. 13+ hours on the clock today. Got home and helped boy finish the chores. Ready for a hot shower and bed. This was the first of six shifts in a row.

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