37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-29-19

  1. Good morning everyone.
    Except Jo.
    Good evening Jo.
    We got up half an hour early this morning so she could potty.
    Otherwise, we are just sitting around now. I will fix breakfast soon.
    I hope everyone has a good day.

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  2. Morning, Chas. Welcome to Wednesday. I got sick this afternoon, not sure why. Feeling better now and ready for some rest.
    It was a good day in kinder. We studied the properties of water. As part of the lesson I teach them how to use an eye dropper and we study a drop of water. Then I give them a small, one toea coin, like a penny. I ask each of them how many drops will fit on the coin before they spill over. Then they try it with a partner counting. It is amazing that such a small surface will usually hole 20 drops. They learn about surface tension and how it is like holding hands.

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  3. Good Evening Jo. Sounds like a nice day.
    Sorry about the potty talk. That’s what happens when I get up too early to think.
    I got an e-mail alert about my credit card. Seems there was an unauthorized charge at an Arby’s on it.
    There are o Arby’s around here. I need to check on it.’ Only $29, but I have to check o it.
    Seems like always something.’
    If it ain’t this, it’s that. Then something else.

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  4. Morning! Such a drizzly damp day here in the forest! 35 degrees and I do believe as I rolled the trash tote down to the road I felt snowflakes hitting my face!
    Is that Kim’s bird in a nest up there?
    I had the house to myself yesterday and I cleaned this place top to bottom. As I was preparing to dry my last quilt, the dryer died! Yes Chas if it isn’t one thing it’s another! I looked up the flashing code and it appears it is the circuit board. Then the knob on the bathtub upstairs fell off while I was cleaning it….the Mr just had a couple things added to his honey-do list! 😊

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  5. Today’s lesson from the farmlette:
    Trying to release a goat from being stuck in the fence (the grass is always greener..) is challenging because the goat is resistant to being told what to do and wants to release by going forward. So as you begin to get it out, it pushes and tends to make the situation more difficult.
    Sheep, on the other hand, get stuck and know they are stuck. They may flail a bit but then they are resigned. Our sheep are a particularly leery type but they know the shepherd. This morning, one ewe had put her head out for grass, back in through another hole to her pasture. One leg through and back in to her pasture. She was stuck. She and the ram waited patiently. As I guided her head back out and then back in, she allowed me to do so and even almost cooperated. Same with her leg. No point in fighting and demanding our own way, let the Shepherd guide us. I love farmlette life.

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  6. We were up at 4:15 to get Wesley to the airport for a 6:30 a.m. flight. He got a return flight with Spirit for only $50. He is there but has a distance to drive from the airport. I went back to bed and now I am ready for coffee. I’ve done Bible study but that’s all.


  7. Rain, rain and more rain. Flooding is the problem we’re having around here. It’s so bad that a major 4 lane US highway in central MO is closed in a low lying area around a small river that’s overflowing. And the Mississippi is predicted to crest at its 3rd highest level here, higher than 2008.

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  8. Last night we went to Downwind Restaurant and sat out on the deck overlooking the runways. The weather was lovely with a bit of breeze. I always have the feel of being at the beach while there because of the wide open spaces. Because of the expansive pale blue sky overhead I was able to see at the top of my vision field something that should not be there. I will think about it tomorrow.


  9. Good Morning Everyone. No, that isn’t my nest. We have Cardinals. I didn’t get an update on them last night. Mr. P won’t have much time for them today. Little Miss will be back keeping him in line. She can now say Gan-pa. Mommy, Mimi, and Maddie confuses her a little. I think right now we are all one name. It works for us.

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  10. Janice – When you say you saw something in your field of vision that shouldn’t be there, did you mean something in your eye, not in the view? Could it be a floater? I had floaters in my right eye after my cataracts surgeries. I think they have mostly faded away, but I do still notice something now and then. Floaters are pretty normal. Hoping it isn’t anything more than that.


  11. Mumsee @ 9:59
    I have known people like that during my days. I’ve known people to push when they should b e pulling. Then blame someone else when it crashes.
    Not many, thankfully. I think most are in Washington now.

    I had a credit card problem. Someone in California charged $29 on my credit card. They noticed it, notified me and I’m getting another card.
    Must be a mix-up. If I were going to do something bad, it wouldn’t be $29.00 at Arbys.

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  12. Kizzie, it may be floaters. It was at the edge at the top similar to a little netting that would move as I looked in different directions. It was only when I turned my eyes straight up and it was only at the edge. It was not terrible. At first I thought it was my eyelashes, but it wasn’t

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  13. Banks are quick to catch credit/debit card irregularities now. But yeah, seems like they could have done something more fun than go to an Arby’s, right? Maybe they were doing the test run with the card # to make sure it would work. Thieves often will do a quick test somewhere, maybe a gas station, to make sure the card is live. Then it’s on to bigger and better things. Or maybe these guys were just really hungry for fast food.

    I have to finish yesterday’s story plus find another one. Yesterday I had what was an easy feel-good story about an animal shelter volunteer group in town starting to raise money to buy those specialized pet oxygen masks for the LA Fire Department. After interviewing a few folks and doing some online research, I finally connected w/a Fire Dept spokesman who did some checking for me on his end and now says they may not be able to accept the masks due to training and liability issues. Oy. Supposed to get a final answer today when he talks to one of the deputy fire chiefs who knows about it. There goes the “easy” feel-good story, killed by city bureaucracy. But maybe that’s the “feel-bad” story it’ll now turn into.

    Yes, always somethin’.

    Speaking of which …

    I have a tall vent pipe that fell off my roof in the recent winds. I will need to find someone to put it back up for me. Real Estate Guy says “not urgent” so I’m thinking I can maybe time it to where the old weather vane will be ready to put up by then, too. Maybe in a few weeks …

    Fixes around here always cost money which is getting to be the hard part. 😦

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  14. Everything old is new again.


    Megachurches Discovering Liturgy & Traditional Christianity?
    MAY 29, 2019 BY GENE VEITH


    The Church Growth Movement led to a surge of megachurches–congregations of 2,000 and more–built on the principle of updating Christian worship and church practices to make them more attractive to people today.* But now a number of megachurches–including some of the most trend-setting–are offering liturgical services and are bringing back elements of traditional Christianity, such as creeds, the church year, and other historic practices.

    So reports Anna Keating in her article for America, a Jesuit publication, entitled Why Evangelical megachurches are embracing (some) Catholic traditions.

    She doesn’t quite grasp all of the issues she writes about. Roman Catholics do not have a monopoly on liturgical worship, creeds, the church year, or historic Christianity–as Lutherans and Anglicans (two of the largest Protestant movements), among others, would demonstrate–so what she describes as “Catholic” applies only in the “universal” sense of the Apostles’ Creed. Interestingly, she seems rather taken with the casual “seeker-friendly” style of megachurches and is sympathetic with the charismatic movement.

    But what she reports is fascinating and important for Christians on all sides of the church growth controversies–including veterans of the “worship wars” that tore many conservative denominations–to understand. …

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  15. I was going to comment on all of the broken limbs I saw on the way in today from our crazy wind last week, but I think PeterL has me beat with all of their flooding. How terrible to have to clean up after and have your treasures covered in mud.

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  16. I had to bring my car in to have some work done on it. I work tonight, so have a day to kill. My plan was to fill out the FAFSA, as that is a requirement for enrollment at the nursing program. I had not done it before, as they wont give me any money anyway, so felt it was a waste of time. I am spending the day at daughter’s house alone. Big girls and daughter are working, little girls are at my house, and Connor is at his other grandma, as they had a death in the family. The internet here is super slow, and I discovered I only brought my state tax return. I thought the folder had both. At least I can get started.

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  17. Peter–does all the rain affect the caves, like with flooding?

    Someone charged a dollar to my credit card at a gas station in CA while I was in Charleston. The card company found it, we canceled and were glad we have more than one credit card (2)!

    Once I returned home, it was here and then I went into awful spasms trying to get it updated in several places.

    It’s done now, or at least until the next account discovers the credit card won’t work.

    They probably had lunch at Arby’s to see if it would get through a restaurant. It didn’t. You’re in good hands, even though it’s a pain to update everything.

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  18. Wonderful shot, AJ. The last robin nestling? Or is there more than one in there and I can’t see the others?


  19. Yesterday I was “out of commission” since I did something I don’t think I have ever done before: took a five-hour walk. I drove down to a trail a bit farther from home, intending to do just part of it. But I was finding so much interesting I kept going. At one point I was ready to turn around and realized to my surprise I’d reached the end, so now I had to backtrack the whole way. The last mile was difficult. It was about five miles; I walk slowly, taking photos. But five hours of walking, squatting, standing is a lot.

    But in those five hours, I saw and photographed three fledglings (American robin, brown thrasher, and Carolina chickadee) and lots of butterflies and dragonflies. A few pretty wildflowers were out, and the weather was perfect. It was, however, 86 degrees by the time I finished, and I only took eight ounces of water with me, and so I was quite thirsty and tired by the time I finished. But it was worth it for a lovely day. I’m sure I’ll send AJ photos at some point.

    The brown thrasher was on the ground, and a parent was on the ground with it, urging it to hide itself and so forth. When a fledgling is on the ground alone, or with a parent a long way from it, sometimes I will get too close to it on purpose and send it toward a tree; that’s usually enough to get it to flutter up into the tree. But brown thrashers are noted defenders of their young; I’ve read that they will even draw blood. Having been attacked by a robin once for handling its fledgling (I caught it to put it into a tree, as it was on the brick on my college campus), I’m respectful of guardian parents. When I looked at the photos later, I was quite surprised to see a snake in several of them! No wonder the adult brown thrasher was so perturbed–human on one side, snake on the other, and stupid Junior won’t fly into a tree or at least hide underneath it!

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  20. That sounds like a fruitful hike, Cheryl! The heat and lack of water would have done me in so you are pretty hardy. I look forward to seeing your photos.

    I am having trouble transitioning today. The day after Wesley goes back is always a bit of a downer for me. He did leave a beautiful Mother’s Day card for me and a Birthday card for my brother which I found a little while ago on his desk. I ordered a rolling clothes rack on which to hang Art’s clothes so I can easily move them because we keep them in Wesley’s room now and it will be easier for me to move them out when Wesley visits and needs space. I should have thought of that before now.

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  21. Michelle- All the rain affects the caves, but it only flood if the underground water table rises. It has done that a few ties in the past, but none of the tour route passages floods. Some get water on them, but never enough to close the cave. However, the formations that grow with water are dripping like crazy this year. It’s beautiful!

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  22. Cheryl,

    There’s 2 in there….. allegedly…. 🙂

    It’s hailing and heavy rain as we speak. Tornadoes hit the area last night and the same conditions are expected tonight and tomorrow as well. 😦


  23. I had a detour and speed bump in my day, I had almost completely forgotten about a homeless event at the Methodist church I was covering today. I was preoccupied with other stories and it just had slipped my mind (when I work from home now I’ll have to get into the habit of keeping an updated work calendar right IN FRONT OF ME so that doesn’t happen again). I managed to get myself and a photographer there in plenty of time, thankfully.

    Carol texted me a ‘selfie’ photo a little while ago — showing off her new and very short haircut. 🙂 She’s smiling. No more lanky, fly-away gray hair in her face. Now it even looks more like her natural (brown) color, less gray.

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  24. Meanwhile, it’s 86F both outdoors as well as inside my office. I’m glad I have a fan. Husband got the pool filled today, but I won’t be jumping in until the water is a whole lot warmer. We are very, very dry with and extreme fire hazard right now.

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  25. Yes, the snow left at the end of April and the ice was off the lake shortly after (although we did get another snow fall later). It is unseasonably warm, but it’s pretty awesome.

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  26. May here in Connecticut has been unusually cool. We have had maybe three hot days, and several warmish to warm days, but also a lot of cooler days, and a lot of rain. We usually have at least a week or two that feel like summer is bursting in uninvited, but not this May.

    Btw, I am not complaining! (I prefer the cooler weather.)

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  27. I had a good day, but rather funny. When I got to school I put my whistle on my lanyard that I wear around my neck with the school key. I knew I was on duty first recess. Well, I had a very nice first recess, but didn’t remember that I was on duty until I was walking up the stairs to my classroom after recess. Then we did the Bible story about the angel rescuing Peter in jail. Afterwards, I listened to each one say the memory verse. We were all finished when I remembered that it was Thursday and we say our verse on Friday. That was two forgetful mistakes in a row. Too much going on. I did make it to the weight room today, though.


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